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Xenonauts 2 - Free Public Builds

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Xenonauts 2 is currently available as a free public build on GOG Galaxy. We have made these versions of the game free because we want to gather as much feedback on the basic mechanics and the stability of the game early in development, but we do not believe the game is sufficiently advanced enough to warrant us charging for it. Please download the game if you want to support the team and help shape the development of the game rather than because you want a polished and fun game.

To be clear - the game is currently free because we don't think it is good enough to charge money for. Don't expect too much!

You can download the game by visiting this page and adding it to your cart (you'll need the Galaxy client to download it): https://www.gog.com/game/xenonauts_2_demo

This free public demo of the game will not grant you a copy of the final game, and it will be deleted from your accounts when the game enters the paid phase of Early Access on both Steam and GOG. At that point you will need to purchase the game normally to continue to receive builds of the game. It is possible to pre-order the game before this point (i.e. if you want to support the developers) but there's no advantage for doing this; the only change is that your access to the game will not be cut off when the game enters the paid stage of development.

To pre-order the game, please follow these links:

  • GOG: <coming soon>
  • Steam: - sadly we can only start selling Steam keys via our website once we start selling the game on Steam Early Access (which I guess is an entirely reasonable position), but this means it'll be a few months until we can start selling Steam keys :(


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