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Xenonauts-2 Version 0.9.1 Hotfix Released!

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We released Xenonauts V0.9.0 on Tuesday and we're pushing out a hotfix for it today as there were a number of crashes / hangs in it. Some of these are already fixed, but we're still trying to track down others and part of the purpose of this release is to allow us more detailed bug tracking data.

Please note this version of the game will trigger the standard Windows Firewall permissions window, but the build will work fine if you refuse the game firewall access (however the error reporting won't work if you block the firewall access).


  • We've fixed some crashes and hangs in the game.
  • We've enabled a more detailed type of error reporting which gives us specific line numbers in the codebase for where these errors occur - this should make it much easier for us to track down where crashes and other bugs are happening. However this requires providing "developer builds" with a few unforseen consequences; more on that below!
  • We're also including an update to the way line of sight / line of fire works on corners and doors, which was meant to be in the last build but was accidentally left out.

So, what's going on with the "developer build" stuff and this error reporting? Essentially if you choose to opt-in to our online error reporting tool, whenever the game encounters a code error it will automatically send an (anonymous) dump of the information to raygun.io. This is really helpful in general (although only about 25% of players enable it) but some of the more recent crashes and hangs require a bit more information to debug, so we've updated the system to provide us the specific line number in the specific code file where the error occurs - you can probably understand why that is even more helpful to the coding team!

Problem is Unity processes and merges the codebase of the game in a particular way when we compile the release versions of the game that we send out to you guys. This improves performance but also means the ability to track errors back to specific lines and files is lost, so if we want access to that functionality we need to create "development builds" which do not have the codebase merged together.

Unfortunately these builds always have "Development Build" printed in the bottom right of the screen, and they don't run as fast as the normal release builds. The coding team tell me that they are also set up to allow remote debug access from other programs on the same computer (e.g. Visual Studio) and therefore they will always trigger the Windows Firewall warning irrespective of whether the game is set up to report errors to Raygun.io or not. The game will work fine if you disallow firewall access, but doing so will also prevent the Raygun auto-reporting. So if you want to give us information on any crashes / errors you're experiencing (either automatically or through the menu bug reporter) then you'll need to allow the firewall exception.

I'm not sure how long we'll be using these development builds, but it's not going to be a permanent thing.

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(( I noticed this new built also creates a "output.log"-file, so I have attached it just in case. ))

At least the lose-condition is in place; I got my team completely wiped out primarily not only bug the AI-exploiting bug but also due the lack of grenades since they employed the super-camping-tactics at the entrance of the UFO.
So really hoping the next build includes the grenades to give us players a better fighting chances.
(( I know, I know, I shouldn't "test-to-win", except I kinda also have to in order to find rest of the possible bugs. ))


- Seemingly the "If I can see you - I can hit you"-bug is back, and yet once again only the Alien-Intelligence is able to take advantage of this.
Observe first a wall in which I personally can see but not shoot through:

2017-05-12 20_15_15-Xenonauts 2.png

And now we have a situation in which the alien was able to see and shoot the wall while my (highlighed-)token was not able to see them:

2017-05-12 20_29_43-Xenonauts 2.png


Here is another solider "spotting" the same alien that shot through the wall:

2017-05-12 20_32_07-Xenonauts 2.png


In this screenshot we only not are able to see the "Bleach-Splatter"-but mentioned earlier in previous version-thread. But also see Sebillian having shot the solider behind the corner while the solider at the corner was not able to see or shoot them:

2017-05-12 20_32_39-Xenonauts 2.png


Here are couple of images showing that yes, you can also spot the aliens in similar fashion. But you indeed are not able to hit them at all:

2017-05-12 20_25_59-Xenonauts 2.png

2017-05-12 20_26_09-Xenonauts 2.png

2017-05-12 20_27_32-Xenonauts 2.png


- I have also now figured out the "Overwatch"-bug: It isn't that Sebillians / aliens wouldn't have increased view / spotting-range.  But that the Overwatch is "delayed".
This means that even if I have already moved my soldier tokens away from the spotting-range, they are stilled to reaction-shot my solider.

Observed / analyzed in this image: I had spotted with this solider (on the right), and I moved them back to this corner. Either of the aliens (Drone or Sebillian) behind the cactus (highlighted with mouse-cursor) attemted and reaction-shot (without hitting) the solider when he had already gone to the corner.
The projectile itself seems to the almost go half-way-through the stone-wall; there indeed are some nasty "holes" apparently.

2017-05-12 20_13_57-Xenonauts 2.png



- Some more spotting oddities: I have the same tile highlight / "seen", yet the Sebillians stays hidden

2017-05-12 20_30_35-Xenonauts 2.png

2017-05-12 20_31_07-Xenonauts 2.png



- And, well, combine all the exploits aliens use with overpwoered-camping tactics, you end up getting this quite a impossible flesh-wall to penetrate.
Yes, I probably should have just first taken first the folks blocking the door way far behind enough (+3) squares thus use the "door-opening-exploit".
But at this point I was simply not enthusiastic enough / was tired.

2017-05-12 20_37_17-Xenonauts 2.png


- I looked funny though to stack a corpse-pile though

2017-05-12 20_41_29-Xenonauts 2.png


- In the end they just broken the wall next to my last solider with whom I tried to "chip" to victory

2017-05-12 20_45_04-Xenonauts 2.png


- Had my machine-gunner been a plasma-magnet yet once again alongside the aliens exploiting the bugs a little bit less, I could have win this battle

2017-05-12 20_45_14-Xenonauts 2.png



- Removal of self-shooting has also removed the possibility to apply first-aid / bandages by themselves

2017-05-12 20_21_39-Xenonauts 2.png




And that is my report for this version; I doubt I would be able to discover any other bug under these majour-issue-bugs, so back to waiting until the next update.
I might do another run at some point to try to get the win-conditions triggered. But it indeed would be super-hard on this current version of the game (obviously some people are going to have easier-times; I am not one of those people).






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@Pave thanks for the report - one thing though, when you next play the game could you try not using the manual overwatch setting (i.e. go back to the default way of handling overwatch where the units just shoot automatically) as I'm not sure the manual overwatch mode has been kept completely up to date and potentially it could be causing issues. See if it makes any difference for you?

We'll have a proper look through your post on Monday and try and reproduce the various LOS / overwatch issues you're experiencing.

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Hi everyone!

I've been playing Xenonauts1 (really liked it!), although I've completely missed the developement of X2. Today I've just bumped into this site and tried the game. So I hope I can provide somewhat of a fresh opinion on the gameplay. And sorry for my bad English)))

I was kinda surprised by how fast and smooth the game works (and loads) on medium graphical settings. I believe it loaded even quicker than Xenonauts 1. And I have experienced no fps drops/freezes/crashes throughout the mission on my average computer. Well done!

The free camera rotation is nice. Although I would like more advanced camera control (e.g. zoom, angle to the horizon). I think just a slider in the options menu for adjusting theese values should be enough. 

[Map and terrain]
I liked the multi-level terrain: nice idea and implementation. The trees sometimes made it hard to see the enemy/soldier, so I think there needs to be somewhat of "not showing anything above the active level" button, or semi-transparent objects. However, I didn't quite liked the implementation of semi-transparency to the ufo walls. Well, it works, but it focuses too much of attention. May be the "radius of transparency" should be bigger? And the walls around all spoted eliens/soldiers should be transparent? I can't quite recall how exactly it was done in X1, but I liked the way it worked there. If it was done the same way, then I believe the problem automatially dissapears in the later states of deverlopement.

[Everything else]
1. Sometimes it is hard to determine the direction the soldier is facing. Not a big issue, though...
2. As the actions cannot be performed simultaniuosly (I mean movement/shooting with different soldiers), I would like to speed up all the animation.
3. The enemies bodies are too highlited IMHO. (screenshot #1). The enemy on the right is dead, but he looks just as alive as the one on the left.
4. Once more, on the same screenshot, If I can see the enemy, I would like to see him clean and colored without doing anything.
5. LOS issue: I can see the enemy, but the terrain under him is not highlited. (screenshot #2). I believe it is caused by (4.), but that looks bad and should definetely be fixed in some time (IMHO).
6. The doors' icons really mess up the shooting. I think they should be just removed. (like in OpenXcom)
7. The enemies spoted during the turn should remain highlited when the soldiers look away. Or at least there should be a marker for their places.
8. I would like to be able to pick up the weapons (maybe I just don't know how to do it though).



[Some litttttttttttle bugs spoted]
1. The soldier is crouched. I want him to move. I click the location. It sais that he wil remain, for example, 20 TU. I confirm. And then, when he stands up (during the animation), that number decreases by 4 (crouch TU cost), so it shows 16 TU till the end of the animation. When the movement is done, the soldier has 20 TU.
I hope it is possible to understand what I am trying to say)))
2. At the end of the mission, when I have spoted the alien inside the ufo, clicking the red alien button on the right of the screed did not center the camera on the alien. Unfortunately, I did not error report this moment. 

The gameplay is good, the feeling of the X-COM:UD and X1 is present. It is already fun to play, and that is a great result for so early build. Some changes are to be made, some bugs to be fixed and, of course, the strategical part to be implemented, but you are going in the right direction, so the results will be great.

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On 5/13/2017 at 6:37 PM, ToNo said:

Hi everyone!

I've been playing Xenonauts1 (really liked it!), although I've completely missed the developement of X2. Today I've just bumped into this site and tried the game. So I hope I can provide somewhat of a fresh opinion on the gameplay. And sorry for my bad English)))

Thanks for the reports - it is always useful to get a fresh opinion on the game, yeah :)

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Finally could play a game of 0.9.1, did not have time for 0.9.0.

So as usual:

When switching weapons with X, soldiers occasionally clip halfway through the floor. Either they come back by itself after some time or when switching again. Also sometimes when switching, the soldier goes to a half crouched position for a split-second. In general change of weapon need an animation, not the abrupt change...but this is my opinion.
Shotgunner Ok here                                          Ok here                                                     And its retarded...
LMG and Rifleman have the same "problem"....

Wall error still there. Shotgunner moved along the outer wall and interior became visible.
wall error.jpg

Ok this was strange, only Reaper visible. Soldiers moved in and died in alien turn (2x one-hit). Didn't see a shot animation but heard it. Got the impression the Reaper killed without moving, as it didn't at all and none other alien visible. There was a fight with two other aliens in that room before.
Next round, a Sectoid stands behind structure (yellow position).
reaper madness.jpg


No bug but, the UFO design looks so familiar....is it an homage to Space Invaders or some other classic slot-machine-video-game?
space invaders.jpg


And the log file: recording_9.rec

And also as usual I forgot somethings:

  • During the initial alien contact outside the UFO and while it was not revealed yet, the map panned into the black area when in hidden movement. I suspect an alien moving around. This shouldn't move the map.
  • Self-healing with the Medipak doesn't work :(
  • On one ocasion, I rotated the map (E) while a soldier was moving. The soldier triggered reaction fire of an Alien. Then the map continued rotating by itself. Only pressing the opposite rotation button (Q) a couple of times stopped that.


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14 hours ago, thixotrop said:

No bug but, the UFO design looks so familiar....is it an homage to Space Invaders or some other classic slot-machine-video-game?
space invaders.jpg

The UFO design(the above one) is refer to the oldest XCOM game series(X-COM UFO Defense,you could check that up on STEAM.),even with interior design.
(Although I haven't played much of the oldest XCOM,because the UI is too complicated to be adapted to me in the present.)

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Yeah, at the moment the UFOs have random shapes that the 3d artist came up with - I've not actually started designing them yet. He's come up with some slightly weird ones but we'll rework them as time goes on.

Quite a few of the bugs reported in this post will be fixed in the next build tomorrow!

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