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  1. The game crashed again when the soldier with a machinegun killed his teammate during overwatch. output_log.txt
  2. The cursor looks creepy on uneven ground IMHO. Weird damage destribution. (I threw a grenade under the tree). Shadows jump around the soldiers instead of moving smoothly. I am playing on 'simple' quality. The game crashed when the soldier naded both himself and his teammate. I don't know where to find crash reports, so here is the log. output_log.txt
  3. Here are some bugs I've spoted: 1. As someone mensioned before, the camera free rotation buttons sometimes 'stick', so the camera starts spinning non-stop. (reported) 2. The red-marked area should not have any chance to be hit from that position. (assuming bullets fly straight). Or, if the rifle is considered to be higher then the red area, the blocking chance should be equal to zero. Self-healing seemes to work fine. I like the new camera zoom. This time I tried a better graphics quality and on low/average fps the camera is 'skidding' too much for me. No crashes expierenced.
  4. Hi everyone! I've been playing Xenonauts1 (really liked it!), although I've completely missed the developement of X2. Today I've just bumped into this site and tried the game. So I hope I can provide somewhat of a fresh opinion on the gameplay. And sorry for my bad English))) [Performance] I was kinda surprised by how fast and smooth the game works (and loads) on medium graphical settings. I believe it loaded even quicker than Xenonauts 1. And I have experienced no fps drops/freezes/crashes throughout the mission on my average computer. Well done! [Camera] The free camera rotation is nice. Although I would like more advanced camera control (e.g. zoom, angle to the horizon). I think just a slider in the options menu for adjusting theese values should be enough. [Map and terrain] I liked the multi-level terrain: nice idea and implementation. The trees sometimes made it hard to see the enemy/soldier, so I think there needs to be somewhat of "not showing anything above the active level" button, or semi-transparent objects. However, I didn't quite liked the implementation of semi-transparency to the ufo walls. Well, it works, but it focuses too much of attention. May be the "radius of transparency" should be bigger? And the walls around all spoted eliens/soldiers should be transparent? I can't quite recall how exactly it was done in X1, but I liked the way it worked there. If it was done the same way, then I believe the problem automatially dissapears in the later states of deverlopement. [Everything else] 1. Sometimes it is hard to determine the direction the soldier is facing. Not a big issue, though... 2. As the actions cannot be performed simultaniuosly (I mean movement/shooting with different soldiers), I would like to speed up all the animation. 3. The enemies bodies are too highlited IMHO. (screenshot #1). The enemy on the right is dead, but he looks just as alive as the one on the left. 4. Once more, on the same screenshot, If I can see the enemy, I would like to see him clean and colored without doing anything. 5. LOS issue: I can see the enemy, but the terrain under him is not highlited. (screenshot #2). I believe it is caused by (4.), but that looks bad and should definetely be fixed in some time (IMHO). 6. The doors' icons really mess up the shooting. I think they should be just removed. (like in OpenXcom) 7. The enemies spoted during the turn should remain highlited when the soldiers look away. Or at least there should be a marker for their places. 8. I would like to be able to pick up the weapons (maybe I just don't know how to do it though). [Screenshots] [Some litttttttttttle bugs spoted] 1. The soldier is crouched. I want him to move. I click the location. It sais that he wil remain, for example, 20 TU. I confirm. And then, when he stands up (during the animation), that number decreases by 4 (crouch TU cost), so it shows 16 TU till the end of the animation. When the movement is done, the soldier has 20 TU. I hope it is possible to understand what I am trying to say))) 2. At the end of the mission, when I have spoted the alien inside the ufo, clicking the red alien button on the right of the screed did not center the camera on the alien. Unfortunately, I did not error report this moment. [Conclusion] The gameplay is good, the feeling of the X-COM:UD and X1 is present. It is already fun to play, and that is a great result for so early build. Some changes are to be made, some bugs to be fixed and, of course, the strategical part to be implemented, but you are going in the right direction, so the results will be great.