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UFO landed - time = 5sec

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Isn't 5s speed already slow enough? lol. I guess there's no reason to not include a "pause" feature too, is there? Why have 1s when you have 5s? Might as well make it a pause. Personally I don't care, just expanding on it with my thoughts.

Toggles/ticks options for notifications of certain circumstances (such as UFO landing) would be awesome! Sometimes you bump up the speed so your interceptors get to the target quicker and it lands and it takes a second to react to slow the game-time. That second, two hours of in-game time goes by and just before your chinook gets there, the UFO takes off.

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I also like the option to either press "OK" and stay on the same speed or "5sec OK" slow it down to 5sec like in X-COM. Sucks that on X-COM you didn't have that option when certain projects finished, so if you were at 1day speed, and research finished, you would have to be quick to press 5 sec speed after pressing OK.

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preplaced explosives on submaps! for booby trapping alien bases and cause cave ins makeing certain paths in the base randomly inaccessible.

Is this possible already? to place equipment or "interactive objects" on the submaps?

Hmm this could be fun. If it's not possible already I might have to expand on the idea to make it more attractive.

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