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  1. Just add PSI defense. Kinda reminds me of remote viewing since continued practice is supposed to make it harder for others to read your mind or give you unconscious suggestions, at least that's what I saw in a video on YT. RV seems legit, so make PSI defense possible at least ;D
  2. Hehehehehe yep, specifically getting supply ships helped a whole lot though.
  3. Wow, you're right. I'm sure they'll fix it once game development is going in the direction they like. I'm sure they'll balance everything.
  4. I also like the option to either press "OK" and stay on the same speed or "5sec OK" slow it down to 5sec like in X-COM. Sucks that on X-COM you didn't have that option when certain projects finished, so if you were at 1day speed, and research finished, you would have to be quick to press 5 sec speed after pressing OK.
  5. That's silly, I never said that, but do it in whatever order you want, I'm not gonna come up with the name or abbreviation. Just explaining why some users here might not like Xenonauts. They might want an X-COM like name. I don't mind the name, just need to start earning so I can be playing alpha soon, I'm having dreams about it already, lmao.
  6. The name could be The Alien Hunters From Hell, as long as all the UN leaders agree to it. I'm more curious to know if Xenonauts is a top secret organization, or a known organization that you can't just join. I wanna know details of how your soldiers are recruited and what tests are done to make sure they're 100% human, etc, etc. I wanna know everything as the commander of Xenonauts. Anyways, I think some of you want an even more unique name to the organization, like X-COM. X-COM stands for Extraterrestrial Combat Unit and since we're a military organization, we abbreviate it as X-COM. The Military loves his abbreviations and acronyms. Maybe add more to Xenonauts so that we're able to abbreviate it.
  7. I've never played any real time games, unless you're talking about the RTS genre, I live in those games. I'll check out those classics you mentioned when I start making money soon.
  8. So these soldiers come with experience and are the best of the best from the nations supporting the Xenonauts Organization? I certainly hope not. If that's the case, I do hope they'll still shoot for sh*t when going against alien terror. I rather have rookie seeds to plant them myself and watch them grow to become commando trees. If you go with giving our soldiers past experience, do it to the few that would have good stats. Like in X-COM I always separated the good reaction and firing accuracy stat soldiers from the rest of the crew. You can give those bad boys the green beret status.
  9. I rather have my base in the sea floor instead of having it on a boat where any UFO can spot it quickly. Underwater Base
  10. Fair enough, I thought it was a serious article I like Murphy's laws though hehehehe
  11. Yep, it's really cruel, but that's X-COM. Would be shameful if Xenonauts went without them
  12. I just finished reading this very interesting article. I highly recommend you guys to click the link below if you don't know about Murphy's Laws on X-COM. I'm wondering if Xenonauts will have the exact Murphy's Laws on X-COM and if so, hopefully some more will be added to the list. Thanks.
  13. Are you the guy who brought in that squirrel?
  14. It's ok, most of the time those files have some malware that the freeloaders would have to deal with.