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[XCE 0.30 HF1]New Car Mod

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New Cars v0.5

This mod adds several completely new car props and more variations to already existing vanilla car props. Correctly installed the modded gfx show up randomly in the game. Tested with X 1.09/XCE 0.30 HF1/Skitso's maps

All new car types based on free 3d models from DMI.


Just install as mod using the launcher's modding tools. Pls. note this needs XCE 0.30 HF1 or later to work, otherwise the new gfx will not show up in-game.



1. adds several new color versions of vanilla car props plus pickup and wagon versions for vanilla Mazda prop

2. adds several new car props, divided into town/industrial and soviettown additions; the first has only "western" cars, the latter two Soviet-era types; all new cars in three states "normal", "damaged", "destroyed"

3. I left the vans in that have text like "Pizza", "Service" etc, but they are only assigned to town/industrial tilesets. People who don't like them at all can always delete them, but as others liked them I see no reason to "throw them away" so to speak

4. As noted in the discussion thread, the new cars are not 100% consistent to vanilla gfx. The viewing angle is identical, but there are other differences, which are simply a result of the fact that it's difficult to reproduce somebody else's style exactly when you don't have access to the same models, methods, tools, etc.

There's one point that bugs me more though which is the size of the vanilla Lada in the soviet set - it's too small compared even to the other vanilla cars. So the new additions stand out more in relation to this one. Personally I even thought about replacing all the vanilla cars at some point, but that would need a while, and for now I haven't decided about that finally.

I found no prob during testing, but I did not test each and every car/version incl. all of it's three states yet, so if there's a prob pls. post it.





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Thanks so much, its amazing how much this actually adds to the game experience.

The Mini is so Cool.

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