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  1. Nope! its fine. Sorry for this Post. Looks Like there must be corruption in my file that's why its not reading it.
  2. Been a few years but thought while I was waiting for xenonatus 2 I would have a quick play through of my old XCE bods. I downloaded the latest Community edition version on steam, but noticed with that the _basebuilt.lua settings no longer work when starting a new game. This really destroys my mods. Not sure if anybody is still active on these pages but thought I would give it a shot. Does anybody have a work around or solution for the _basebuilt.lua no longer being read at startup?
  3. Hi aajs, did you publish your dropship mod anywhere? I´m particularly interested in the russian tier 1 helicopter, the one that could not carry any vehicles.

  4. Glad you had fun. Its funny just fixing all the exploits you told me about has pretty much solved everything. On my version 3.0 playthrough now, I don't run out of research because, I had so much money that I could research everything real fast. In fact I will probably get to the end of the game, with loads of research project not completed. Which was kind of my aim from the beginning. So looks like only things left to do for me now is to fix the building upgrades and then I am done.
  5. I am playing a little xcom2 but mainly focusing on getting this mod finished and all the bugs out. I have an Intel I-7 superfast gaming laptop and it keeps crashing on xcom2 due to overheating. The good news, is that I am concentrating on finalising this mod.
  6. Just catching up on the logs reactocore and they are as action packed as usual. I am currently on a different branch to you play testing version 3 with the crazy manufacturing for profit issues sorted. And I must say I am not having any lack of alenium or alien alloy issues. this is basically because I don't have the kind of money now to build so much ahead of the curve. which means there is more than enough alenium and alloys. My challenge is now paying the monthly rent. This feels much more balanced now, and makes you think a little bit more strategically, which I guess is what we want. I must apologise about the missing sprites, Its the first time I have ever play tested this far as previously I was adding and fixing content. So Hopefully I can get all the missing sprites handled as I get nearer to where you are currently playing in the time line.
  7. Yep that's a good idea. Hopefully I am nearly at that point in a new version 3 playthrough, soon as I get there I will fix and post up version 3 of my mod. It should be able to work as an upgrade and allow anybody who has not researched the medical centre upgrade to then do so. Hopefully will not be long.
  8. Ah ha, thanks. As soon as I get this fixed I will move to version 3 and repost all my mods.
  9. Well played a whole bunch of missions now and every single one is improved and enhanced by your mod. I thought I would make a short list of any sounds that did not quite fit, however on conclusion I think they all work. I especially like the piercing cry of the panic stricken cow. Very nice touch. It not very often you crack a mod first attempt, however I must say I really like what you have done.
  10. Hi Drages, Welcome back, we have been missing you. Did not see you post for a while and thought you had given up. Nice that you are back again
  11. Well here is the first bit of feedback. Well done, and thank you so much for you effort. Most things have now been modded and a lot of the new modders seem to be following the same loop and recreating what other modders have already done. Fun for them, but it does not draw people who have already played the more established versions several times over already. So its key to try and find something that has not been modded extensively before, and looks like you found something. So I have to take my hat of to you for that. I have just downloaded it and was very excited to test it out. I could not download from that site using my edge browser as it seemed unsupported, but switched back to IE and it downloaded fine. First Mission: farm yard mission, and have to admit I was impressed. As Xenonuats vanilla is definitely about creating extra suspense through the sound effects, your mod kind of needs to do the same to add that extra excitement. Less is definitely more, as they say and I think your mod keeps the suspense nicely, its not flooded with extra sounds but just a few here and there. I liked the sound of a fighter craft flying past in the distance at one stage, would be nice to hear the occasional air to air combat too, but you may have already done that. My only constructive feedback I can think to offer, is any cute and cuddly sounds like spring chicks and lovely robins chirping will kill the atmosphere dead. When birds are scared, the don't sing mating, or happy songs, they just tend to chirp warnings. Right cant wait to go try another exciting mission. Thanks so much for you effort in producing this. I love it, and think you could really take this somewhere. [EDIT] The crickets in the night missions are epic, that is such a nice touch. Well done for that.
  12. I think, I can see the issue here. Basically, the unit sprites exist for the converted pistol in both in choices part2 (where the pistol originates and part4 (where all the armours are) The log is complaining because its being told to overwrite the values in part4 but does not have the modmerge replace value present. If you delete the folders mentioned in the log from the choices part2 folder, this may well fix the issue. Unfortunately, I cant test it as I am now running choices version 3.
  13. Ahh this weapon is in my choices part1 mod. its a quad rocket launcher. Not sure why its breaking stuff. maybe it has a missing graphic.
  14. Okay got a bunch of things to answer so one at a time. I have steam so my log files end up here: C:\Users\aajs\AppData\Roaming\Goldhawk Interactive\Xenonauts Hope that helps
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