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  1. Hi LordJulian, I wanted to ask for permission to use your assets of your Dragoon Tank in my humble Xenonauts 1 mod. Would give you full credit for creating these renders and anything related of course in mod description and anywhere else you want me to.

    The mod I´m making is changing later dropships to allow 2 vehicles (besides some other mionor tweaks) and would have the turtle tank based on your Dragoon with different stats and slightly changed shading levels so it fits your garage render better in my opinion. I´m also trying to achieve a bigger size (the 3.5 trick) so it looks bigger in ground combat and if that´s a success another weapon variant...

    If you decline I would use the work I´ve done just for my own enjoyment and not publish it, but I think it would be a shame if your great work would not be played more :rolleyes:

    Thanks Casaubon

  2. LordJulian

    Disposable rocket launcher

    Choices are great, but they must be in a way balanced and also have a different role that compliments your squad tactics. Suppose the slot inventory is still there in X1, whats stopping me from loading all my troops with LAWs? If not, what makes me want to take the LAW compared to a normal RPG?
  3. LordJulian

    Xenonauts 2 July Update

    Looks like alot has been happening, can't wait to try out and even mod up X2 If I'm going to put my 2 cents onto this, I've think I've preached countless times that Xenonauts felt like a proper turn based tactical. X-COM seems like an arcadey branch out of the old 1993 series while Xenonauts felt that it gave me a more rewarded complex combat system. Xenonauts is the closest thing that satisfied me is it's 1)TU system and 2)Scriptless approach to missions. XCOM has style, Xenonauts has substance, simply put. But that being said, I still feel that Xenonauts still could do with more depth in it's combat system. I can understand the concern of competing games like Phoenix Point(mainstream. I would say that Xenonauts caters towards the niche crowd that prefers a more in-depth combat style close to the old games, given that Xenonauts 2 is an improvement, it's can stand out in it's own as one of the more complex, rewarding Turn Based Strategy games. Haven't been the forums for awhile so I'd probably rambling without reading too much at the state of things, and I'm typing in the wee hours, still, quite eager to see what X2 offers this time so I can jump back to modding, and pray tell that it's much easier to mod than X1, heh.
  4. Chris, that looked so 80s badass, a shame that you had to scrap it.
  5. LordJulian

    Super Farmer

    Non-scripted organic strategy at it's finest. Even some random dude with a peashooter can take on an alien invasion. Or the Xenonauts aren't the only secret organisation to exist....
  6. LordJulian

    AAAArrgh Blender Troubles again..

    Ok, here's the thing about blender, if your model isn't as consistent as a sphere, it cannot unwrap automatically without having serious UV errors, and I can tell you that the UV mapping picture that you have isn't very optimal. For the UV mapping, try to instead imagine that the medipack is like a square, highlight the whole model (pressing l butoon while the cursor is on the mesh, unhighlight the rest until one side of the mesh is highlighted, and unwrap or project from view, and follow suit for the others, that is provided that your model consists of one fully connected mesh. Scale the UV maps as much as possible to the borders. Regarding not getting the texture to show up, I'm not clear about what you mean that the texture does not show up. Is it the render of the model itself or you don't see the texture on the UV mapping screen? I assume that you want to make it in 3D and take a picture of it, and you have a single texture of the whole medkit itself, and would like to seperate the UV mapping evenly to fit those textures? Your question strikes to me as odd as its usually the methods to apply textures is through Adding several materials and textures with it, applying the various materials to each of the faces of the model. I take it that you're fitting the model into one texture?
  7. LordJulian

    Xenonauts 2 - Update

    I would say that a sequel is usually an improvement and adding new things on the original game, while still maintaining on things that what made the original great in the first place. Although I find the sebillian shoot-it-to-death concept rather dodgy. It seems like it would take a different combat mechanic to kill off a seb, and that means making sure that the ground combat structure as a whole does not misstep and creates new problems. But I like the idea, I just feel that killing a corpse to death will alter the combat differently into something ironically comical to scorch-earth policies in ground combat.
  8. LordJulian

    3.5 x 3.5 Vehicles

    *Whistle* Wow, I didn't know people are still working on new things in Xenonauts. '3.5' vehicles definitely sounds fun, and helps to simulate 'tougher' vehicles. Anyway, I'm not sure if this helps, but when I was doing my first vehicle mod, the Rhino Heavy Tank, the cannon barrel was too long in certain angles, mostly northwest and northeast. (I still don't really have a grasp on the maximum vehicle borders since all vehicle sprites in the game have no uniform size) So I sort of 'cheated' by shortening the barrel in blender and the solution is solved. Glad to see some fresh new faces on the modding community.
  9. LordJulian

    New Tileset Art discussion

    Considering that I'm Out of Action for about 2 months, and with alot of other priorities to rummage through, I'd say that Xenonauts has been a rather low for me due to the frustrations of very unfriendly coding, lack of fellow compatible modders and the rather small forum community. As much as I have almost no motivation to continue on my game mods, I still hold interest in making an Asian tileset. What I need is perhaps someone to work with that can code all these things for Illunak's XCE V0.31 compatible support for adding new tilesets. If enough people still show interest in this tileset update and someone can volunteer to help then maybe I can make a comeback at this. If not, well, there is always Chris's Next game.
  10. LordJulian

    What Do You Think is the Best TBS Game of All Time?

    1st: Silent Storm mainly for the mass destruction that I can organically sneak in the back of the German Testing Site then storming in and silently knifing down every sentry guard at their watchtower and executing a 1-round elimination of the rest of the guards where my soldiers are strategically placed to be able to pop the heads of even a hard to reach enemy in a small window With a tactical rocket launcher opening into the radio tower interiors just to take out the last guy standing with a sniper in full unrestrained 3 dimensional physics. Reason why I chose this first 2nd: X-Com for the honour of it's creation of this hate-love relationship with TBS games. Definitely would play this game if I was a born in the 80s but being a 90s kid sort of burn my eyes and brain with the graphics and un-streamlinilyness. 3rd: Jagged Alliance 2 fits on this list. It deserves a place in this list for being the most in-depth TBS game, but again, I feel ashamed to be a graphics whore against this otherwise wonderful gold-star game. 4th will be Xenonauts Of course, all of this are turn-based tactical squad RPG (mygodthatislong) that I deemed best of all time. Max, you have to take care of the invasion of the spamfest synthetic morons. Last I remember when I was in another forum, they just launched a porn link spamfest with lots of blood. Not pretty. @Trashman I get the feeling that sudoku part came from a commenter in a medieval Feudal Japan Hack-and-Slash game. Damn hilarious.
  11. LordJulian

    [X:CE]Project Dreamfall V0.15 - Arsenal Expansion

    Ugh, I need to just step back and ask again before I jump and gnaw my teeth like a predator, that would be a mistake on my part, but I'm not going to dwell on further from this, as you know where it leads to.
  12. LordJulian

    [X:CE]Project Dreamfall V0.15 - Arsenal Expansion

    I was not pointing out about you stealing my assets, but more of the words that you've said. If it was a friendly comment, what's what that "pathetic moral issues" line? You would not have taken up that topic if you're offended by the reaction that was expected. I take it that you're not happy with something, so I am not happy with that comment, fair enough? I declined your offer to help me, I did not say that I'm unwilling to share the mod to anyone, but nor should anyone pressurize other modders to give their assets to others just before they've been guilt-tripped to give out assets to people just because they don't want to. Regardless of your argument that modders should share their work to everyone, the modders have their say whether they want to share it, it's their work. My behaviour that is not nice is because you need to work on your words when you make a reply. Throwing out subtle words like 'pathetic "mortal" rl issues' and then try to blame me for being a nasty jerk isn't going to help your case. I've said all I have and will stop on this post., if you want to take this on further, do so on PM.
  13. LordJulian

    This game is incredible - thank you developers!

    As much as I'd admired X-COM to be the firstborn turn based tactics squad game, I find myself unable to play it, it having a horrible UI and *ahem. 1993 game. Thankfully Xenonauts is a somewhat pleasing sweet of the current generation that has enough depth to satisfy even the most hardcore nitpicking nerd ever found on the dwellings of their mother's basement. The second game better be a giant gummy bear though.
  14. LordJulian

    [X:CE]Project Dreamfall V0.15 - Arsenal Expansion

    Ok......... I sense that you find that my choice of words in the PMs wasn't that too friendly for some reason?..... ok. what I meant was that Id prefer to have the mod to have original materials and not taken from other sources so as to minimize complications as found back on the issue of modders being accused of stealing other people's work without permission. If you have an issue with my moral principles, I don't mind a thread troll fightfest, but that gets us nowhere. And as much as I could clap for your honesty, or if it is, because I have no idea whether you're pissed off or just joking, you sound like a prick, just because that I (politely, mind you) declined your offer to assist me in the mod, I just don't feel that the art stuff that you sent me are coherent to the mod. Now, I have gone through hoops of fire(not literally of course) to figure out how to get this released hassle and bug free and the mod has been a pain in the arse to get things right. I don't think your arrival to butt things in will help, and I'm not in the mood to entertain myself so go ahead, make my day.....
  15. After so many trial and errors and fixing things around, I've only so managed to make my mod to be at a playable state and the frustrations and bloodied face expeditions I have so much to tell-gurglegulrgla............ Well, Project Dreamfall has reached it's first release and will be labelled as a Weapons/Aircraft/Vehicle Expansion(All of it are originally designed from scratch ), note that this version only adds new things into the game and would likely make it slightly unbalanced. The next release will tweak the vanilla stats of the Xenonauts Arsenal to have more dynamic strategic considerations in the game. Credits: LordJulian: Modeller and Artist SkaianDestiny: Scripter and Xenopedia Editor Features: - 4 New weapons for the Xenonauts Armoury - 2 New vehicles from the Vehicle Expansion Mod - 1 New Aircraft designed to be a Reconnaissance fighter Future Releases: - Reworked Xenonauts weapon techs for laser, plasma, MAG - New armours - Tweaked vehicle stats to equalize the decisions to use the suitable vehicles for each mission - Tweaked Aircraft roles to allow aircrafts more utility in the Geoscape e.g: Heavy Assault, 'Bomber' - Expanded alien armoury and new alien variants for the more neglected alien roles like the Reaper With all the real life work that is piling up my doorstep It took me alot of my time to be able to release this mod, but now that I've understood the dreadful wastelands of the Xenonauts engine I might make the next releease slightly faster than before. Hope that I'll be able to finish the mod to a better playable state than it was before reality engulfs me into a sewer tunnel. P.Dreamfallv0.15.zip P.Dreamfallv0.15.zip