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  1. Almost every combat mission I fight, I will encounter this bug. During the alien movement phase the foot step audio for an alien will start looping, and continue looping until that specific alien is killed or the mission ends. It is not limited to a specific alien type, and could be the sound of walking or running (if there's a difference) I cannot reliably reproduce this, or predict it. And there is nothing specific I've noticed that might be a cause or co-symptom. System: Win 7, SSD, running in Steam. Intel Xeon E3 cpu, Intel DZ77RE-75K mobo, 8GB DDR3 ram, EVGA GTX 970 video card, on-board motherboard soundcard using 5.1 speakers via 3 phone connector audio cables.
  2. I have played many hours of xenonauts and I have never realized that you can knock out local soldiers and steal their lazer weaponry until pretty recently. You can make some extra money by smacking these soldiers and selling their weapons, which is a pretty corrupt move all things considered. So my real question is can you steal weapons in xen 2 and do you agree with how it has been implemented? Should this mechanic still be allowed in xen 2 or should it be removed entirely? It would be a pretty cool mechanic for you to be able to steal weapons from knocked out soldiers, but you would be directly punished for doing it. It would be pretty great game design if you stole weapons from local forces and then your payment from that particular region gets cut in half for a month. Maybe you can have a secret ending where the xenonauts drive off the aliens and rule the world through violence and corruption, even putting down the efforts of both NATO and the Soviet block. You would obtain this ending by whacking enough local forces and civilians.
  3. I don't have images or footage for all of this, but my best understanding of the sequence of events: Two Foxtrot interceptors caught up with a Scout UFO and air combat began. A popup appeared reporting that a ground combat team had reached their objective, offering a choice between abandoning the mission and starting it. I started the mission. The air combat mission was frozen with the ground combat mission drawn on top of it. (Edit: I think the "Paused" box would toggle whenever I hit the space bar - including while making my save file - but I don't think it actually ran when unpaused. I wasn't watching carefully but my screenshots and my video show the aircraft in the exact same places throughout the ground combat.) The ground combat mission proceeded as normal, with audio for both playing simultaneously. See Xenonauts - simultaneous air and ground combat 3.mkv. The ground combat mission was completed, resulting in the game returning to the geosphere with the air combat still in the background. See Xenonauts - simultaneous air and ground combat 4.mkv for this and the next. The fighters, without any player input, took down the UFO and the air combat ended. I'm not entirely sure what the non-buggy way would be to resolve these events - or two simultaneous air combats, if that should happen to someone - but I figured it was (a) pretty funny and (b) an issue y'all would want to know about, if y'all don't already. Edit: I just realized that I also hit "save" during this - I'm not sure what would happen if somebody loaded the save but here it is: 2021 easy casual 5 simultaneous air-and-ground combat.sav Edit 2: I checked the folder and grabbed the autosaves too: From eleven minutes before the above save file: Autosave1.sav From around the same time as the above save file: Autosave2.sav From shortly before my post-this-resolving save file: Autosave3.sav Post-this-resolving save file: 2021 easy casual 6 simul resolved.sav
  4. I've been suspecting this was happening for a while now, but I just managed to confirm it 100%. When a soldier is hiding around a corner from the enemy, that corner counts as 100% block for that soldier shooting the enemy. The same enemy can shoot the soldier (don't know if there's any block) without moving, however. This makes no sense to me. As a clearer explanation, see below: X-Xenonaut A-Alien. The alien hit my soldier no problem without moving, while my soldier couldn't even target the alien. X|__________________ A
  5. While this is my first post to this forum, I am a huge fan of this game and have enjoyed it for a long time on my 2009 Macbook pro. Recently however, I have build a custom PC with windows installed. Upon starting Zenonauts I noticed that certain sound effects, like footsteps, weapon fire, and injuries of both mine and alien units did not play. Some other sounds like the sound played upon research completion did not play. Strangely, the music files and a select few sound effects like doors did work properly. Originally, when I opened them in media player I realized my computer did not have the software to play these .ogg files which are used for Zenonauts. The sounds that were not being played by Zenonauts could also not be played by Windows Media Player. After installing the necessary codecs these sounds were able to played by Windows Media Player, however the sound effects in Zenonauts did not play. For some reason the game seems to be playing the sounds using either another audio player or simply with Windows Media Player without the codecs. I have tried almost every fix I could think of. I have already tried reformatting and changing the sound effects XML files to attempt to play these sounds as mp3 files, but this has resulted in game crashes. As I mentioned before, installing codecs did not work. This issue affects both the primary build and the community version. Uninstalling the other media player on my computer did not help. I have yet to poke around in the application. If I cannot resolve this I will probably install a second drive to use for dual booting because this problem does not seem to occur on Mac OS. I have looked for people with similar issues, but was unable to find one which was able to find a fix. If needed, I can give my specs and hardware I use. I will attach a guide for a solution if I find one.
  6. In all three of my intro missions, when civilians run, their hats are disjointed and move a step behind(? They move fast, so it's hard to tell sometimes if the hat is leading or trailing.) them. It's difficult to capture in a screenshot, my skills are not that great.
  7. I can issue movement commands to multiple Xenonauts that have them end up in the same square, and they will then proceed to stack up there. So far, I've gotten 2 Xenonauts to stack, I have not attempted a third. I will test further and add screenshots. Initiated starting mission. Moved units simultaneously off the skyranger into the same square. Soldiers can freely unstack unpeded. Soldiers in the same square each block LOS appropriately, and it stacks. (I.E. If I have two Xenonauts standing, with each blocking 25% of the LOS, I can have a third shoot past them with a 50% chance to hit the intended target, and a 25% chance to hit either.) Burst projectiles calculate independently and can hit either Xenonaut. Xenonautsv3-Soldierstack.bmp
  8. There s some stuff i would like to see to make the game more modern probably a lot of stuff have been saId. This is basicly about ground combat but it ll eventlually overflow on other aspects.of the game. Weaponry wise: - (yes i know dev are looking into it) Weapon add ons (No need to make a ton of them: just RIS). Scope (better long aim lower reflexes) or red dot (improve reflexes only "short" aim) for upper Laser marker Grenade launcher (HE only is ok) diferent kind of bullet: AP bullets (less damage/more penetration), Shredders/expanding bullets,....(So we can choose and load clips of them, exactly as grenade works in Xeno1.) Antimateriel rifles, submachine guns, and other categories that weren t included in Xeno 1 Personel equipment: Some kind of IR/NVG - even if it comes as advanced earth tech. - More nades funcionality "Cooked" explose on impact Not "cooked" explose at end of turn. Nade can be thrown at doors or object (wasn t able to throw C4 at ufo doors, had to be a near square) Gamewise improvements: - Before we reach exotic tech, or alien tech i would like to see a development advancement in these lines: availiable tech / Secret tech (advanced non exotic tech) / exotic earth tech/ Alien tech adapted. -------------------/ Use of alien weaponry collected (can use but not manufacture)/ Combat features: - Take a corner peep without full body exposure, alien can still have reaction fire - Take a corner shot exactly as above put some nasty penalty but leave it open - Possibility to lay down, decrease exposure, increase time shooting. and move layed down - Possibility to move crouched. - Possibility to thrown object someone else (like a medikit to someone cornered) Another thing i miss is Panicking Alines....yes in TFTD aliens could panic it wasn t easy but it was always a pleasant fun surprise. I think if "just" those are present i ll be happy,
  9. Share your stories and tales of your ground combat missions!
  10. Hello everybody, I have a strange situation with game. I have many times won the ground battles, and now with large ship it crashes. My crashdump is here: https://yadi.sk/d/je7ZUTqFhaudW (Yandex Cloud). Situation: i have 3 bases, alien takes 3 continents. Five UFO's found at my area, all of them was shot down by my aircrafts. I get new point on the map with massive UFO. My aircraft with 10 soldiers came to the UFO and i get a dialog what i decide - to attack or not. I choose to attack, and game crashes. It is first time ever, i have won 60+ battles in ground mode before. Please, help. I love this game and want to play more. Thank you.
  11. I've been on three missions with it and the last mission it could only get one space out the skyranger because (wait for it) there was A TREE THERE. So if maps randomly prevent use of this vehicle why take it?
  12. Hiya My hunter managed to spot a sebillian on the second level of the landing ship from the outside:
  13. Hey there The hunter appears to be paying a very high penalty for moving across wheat fields: My guess is that is is paying the higher move cost for every piece of wheat across the frontage. Moving diagonally is much worse, as you will be paying 5 penalties, while moving orthogonally you only pay three.
  14. Hiya I know this has been mentioned in some of the other release threads, but I thought I would put one in the bugs forum as well, so other people experiencing the bug can find it easily. I had a Caesan who I could not auto-target, and did not get injured by an alenium grenade at his feet. I did manage to get a crosshair to show up on him at one point, but my mouse pointer was not over his square. I tried hitting him with a stun baton (by clicking the UI pic and hitting the square) to no effect. One of my guys reaction fired at him, and I got the "miss" pop up. Finally I tried throwing a stun grenade, and it worked! I lost two guys to him, but got him in the end. I don't know if it would have made any difference, but the stun grenade was thrown the turn after the reaction fire.
  15. Quite a few changes to the formula in V21 Experimental 6. The big ones are the new LOS mode and the ability to shoot around corners much better than before. Please post your thoughts here, but note that we are aware of the issues with alien psionics! CHANGELOG: Shoot path calculation has been changed so that it uses the "best" part of the target tile to aim at, rather than the central section. Previously there were circumstances where you were unable to shoot at a target even if you could see part / most of it, but many of these are now fixed. PersistentLOS mode has been activated for further user feedback. This makes LOS update in real time; as soon as you turn a soldier (or they die etc) you immediately lose vision on the area you are no longer looking at. This applies to both humans and aliens. Various AI updates, including a fix to them being able to see through walls. However they're still acting weird in a few situations and we'll look into that in more detail for the next build. Alien Leaders / Officers have been moved one UFO earlier in the progression to make the research tree less compressed in the late game (this means Caesan psions now appear in Light Scouts). Bleeding now does 5HP damage per turn, per wound (remember soldiers can use medikits on themselves now) Damage numbers are now shown by default on Veteran difficulty too Assault Shield is now the same size as the Combat Shield Alien Plasma Rifle has gained 10 damage but lost 10 mitigation (a relative Jackal buff)
  16. Concern: There seems to be no reason to take a vehicle on a mission instead of 2 troops. Reason: (Reasoning based on experiences up-to but not including the late-game) Vehicles take up valuable workshop time that could be better spent making planes Rookies are cheap and replacable at near zero cost. Rockets are free, turrets take up workshop time Troops can carry more than one type of rocket. Troops are more survivable (well, at least they can take cover and rocketeers usually aren't on the front line). Tanks fail at tanking, they attract fire and can easily be destroyed by 3 or so enemies. Troops improve, vehicles don't. Missiles upgrade for free, turrets don't. And the list goes on. Suggestions: Reduce cost of vehicles or make them recoverable. Give vehicles armor upgrades as aircraft or troops get them Give tanks a secondary weapon. Include a tech upgrade that allows a single vehicle to be carried to missions for free (it's strapped to the bottom and is dropped next time the dropship). Give tanks smoke cannisters (infinite zero range smoke grenades). Bailout! Destroyed vehicles spawn two privates with pistols.
  17. Now that we are in beta, it's time to drag up all those suggestions you guys have made over the years on minor improvements for the ground combat interface which Chris replied to with "Remind me again in beta" Obviously, no balance change suggestions here, there's already a thread for that. What I'm looking for is the kind of small tweaks or new features that would make the ground combat interface more powerful to use and/or would make it easier for the player to engage with the game; these could be things only a crazy pro would use, or stuff to nudge new players in the right direction. A couple of mine to get started: Reserved AP bar shading - this would make it so that when you reserved some AP for a soldier, a portion of their AP bar would be coloured differently (gold perhaps?) to indicate this. This would occur both on the "big" AP bar visible when the soldier is selected, but also on the small quick select soldier portraits just above the UI. This will make it clear at the end of a turn if a soldier has AP left because you just forgot about him, or because you reserved it for reactions. Display explosives radius - as it sounds, just show the blast radius of explosive weapons as some shaded tiles when you are aiming them. So let the ideas flow! Really simple changes can often make a huge usability improvement so don't be afraid to suggest things that sound trivial.
  18. Been playing for 2 days now, keep up the good work. I'd like to see a return to simpler and smarter controls in combat. An example of this is the TU reservation panel. Instead of a slider showing all options in the game with some greyed out, how about the mechanic used in X-com with buttons. And you only see the buttons for those options you have. Clicking is a lot easier than positioning over the slider, holding the mouse and then moving up or down. The analogy I can give are games you play where you have to log in and on the title screen you have to click on the password field before you can type it in instead of having the cursor already there. It's a small step, but when you do it hundreds or thousands of times it adds up. Imagine a game you log into 4 times a day, it would get annoying fast. Thing along similar lines for all other controls. Oh, and make the scroll bars wider too. Mousewheel doesn't work too well, it scrolls down the list and changes the selected soldier/item. And the current bars are so thin (I play at max res) they are hard to catch.
  19. Meaning the new red icons in V20. I would like to have these icons either above or next to the small unit sign with the number (1-8) and the three colored lines (life, TU and the other). Don't make them too small.
  20. Don't get me wrong, I really like this game. But while I initially liked all the improvements in the ground combat, the more I play it the more I dislike it, to the point of now finding it worse than the combat in the OG. It's not that it would be bad as such, but I find several issues which make me see the ground combat as much worse than it could be. As I'm fairly new to the game, I'd like to check which of these are intentional, which are known/unknown bugs and which are just me still thinking a bit in terms of the OG. To give you a picture, I occassionally still play the OG even nowadays and I can handle quite easily even Superhuman with xcomutil's altered research (which noticeably prolongs the time before getting armor or plasma weapons). In Xenonauts I play veteran (the plan is to eventually try playing insane, but forced Ironman makes testing hard), I can take down about 4 out of 5 UFOs that I detect and in ground missions I have like 1 casuality per 4-5 missions. I've never really gotten past November as I restarted several times for various reasons. I can't quite give just a short description as it's several problems that all seem related to each other, but I'll try not to make it too long (and I'll leave out the few problems that I don't find so serious that can be kept separate). Aliens are way too passive and although they come across as intelligent they in fact perform worse than the dumb OG aliens. In short, the game feels like turkey shooting rather than desperately fighting off an evil alien menace. Most of the time aliens stay put in cover or run around like chicken and don't even shoot back much. In the OG the aliens just walked some path, if they saw a soldier, they started shooting, then retreated and repeated the same the next turn. Once one gets the hang of it, it's not that hard to beat them, but they still feel dangerous, because they keep shooting if they can, and they can show up somewhere out of sudden. But I don't get this much in Xenonauts: If I keep my soldiers in cover, they almost don't get fired at. I think the AI maybe computes the chance to hit as too low and decides it's better to do nothing at all, rather than at least give it a shot (pun intended ). So I can snipe a Harridan with a precision rifle with just one soldier with a normal rifle, if the soldier is in cover. Or a soldier behind a picket fence can, after several turns, kill an alien behind a rock, even though the alien could wipe out the soldier's cover quickly. The only time aliens at least somewhat fire back is reaction fire (which I guess is automatic). Aliens pretty much don't move during fight in any way that'd matter. I first thought it was because my battle line wasn't giving them much choice, but I even tried with the in-game editor and if I put two soldiers behind cover and next to them 2 'aggressive' aliens behind their cover, they'll just mostly sit there and take the beating until they die. The most absurd case of this I had was when I encountered a group of 2 Sebillians behind a rock and 3 Sebillians inside a building behind a window, and spent more than 20 turns with almost everybody in my squad firing at them until they all finally died. I don't know how the AI works and how much can be realistically expected of AI, so I don't know how difficult it can be to make them flank me, split up or whatever, but they should have done at least something. One exception to not moving seems to be when inside UFOs - there aliens just run back and forth (and mostly don't fire). My soldiers can stand outside, use e.g. a shield and flashbang to take a peek, unload all they can and step aside again. If there's a suitable cover near the (light or normal) scout entrace, I can put somebody there and wait until reaction fire wears down everybody inside. [*]Alien stats seem to be needlessly high. Ok, I play on veteran and aliens have a technological edge, but on the other hand I start against supposedly non-combatants, and moreover the high stats feel more like nuisance rather than threat. This is probably just because the AI doesn't handle the case well, as described above, but the high stats just make sniping passive aliens behind cover take needlessly long. I don't really care how much beating the aliens needs to take, I can usually deliver it one way or another, it's just that from a certain point up it doesn't make any difference. Saving TUs for reaction fire seems to be pointless. I don't think I've seen a single or pair of soldiers even stop an aliens from doing whatever it was about to do, unless it had already been softened up. In the OG saving TUs made sense, because it was possible to kill an alien on a comparable level with one or two shots, even a Superhuman Sectoid could die after a single hit from a standard rifle. It wasn't nowhere certain, but it was a fair chance, good enough to bother with saving TUs. Here, what's the point, if even the fraillest Caesan cannot be stopped by the supposedly powerful sniper rifle? Reapers are terrible, but for the wrong reasons. They can take so much damage that they need either a load of explosives or at least half the squad firing at them. Which means that once a Reaper zombifies a single soldier, it's time to run, even zombies are so tough that there doesn't seem to be a good way to stop it. Actually, there is one and that's abusing the AI. Since Reapers run straight for soldiers, it's enough to stay around the Chinook whenever Reapers are suspected, wait for them several turns and put them down (the remaining aliens, as already said above, will not really interfere). It was scary the first time Reapers got me, but I can't how I could be scared again - from now on I expect to be either annoyed or upset, depending on whether I manage to kill them during the first rounds or not, and after that I'll know the area is clear of them. The Chrysalid, which wandered on the map, felt like a bigger threat despite being weaker (especially in the zombie form), and I'd find Reapers much more scary if they could show up anywhere, even if they'd be noticeably easier to kill. Thinking of it, it's possible that I would find the high alien stats less of a problem if I advanced my soldier weapons sooner, but if I can usually do the job with ballistics, I don't feel compelled to do so. Especially given that manufacturing weapons feels so time and resource expensive (or maybe at least the time problem is a bug - laser rifle reportedly needs 40 man hours but actually needs 40 man days). [*]I often feel understaffed during ground missions. Maybe 8 soldiers do the job for players who somewhat carelessly walk towards the UFO and play on difficulty where they can get away with it, but I like sweeping the battlefield properly. Farm or desert are easy, but e.g. middle east or especially industrial are way too complex maps. Given that aliens are so tough, I don't want to send anyone without backup, so I sometimes have even to resort to leaving somebody watching a chokepoint and having most of my squad running back and forth, making the missions needlessly long. I can't quite imagine to bring the scout car with the squad and have only 6 soldiers (HWPs are the mainstay of my force in the OG and here I don't even bother researching them). Or, if the aliens managed it, have several soldiers killed and finish the mission with a smaller number - it's not enough to clear the map, and it's not enough to breach any UFO and have back covered at the same time. I remember from the demo that there the Chinook could carry 10 soldiers, so I expect this was reduced for some reason, but I don't know why. If it was in order to make the game feel faster, then it actually makes it slower for me. And, by the way, I'd actually like it a lot if the aliens managed like 1-2 kills on average per mission, to give them the right feel. So I'd much rather have a few more soldiers and aliens capable enough to wipe some of them rather than require almost perfect play which would be nothing like the desperate fight it's supposed to be. There are few more things I don't like about the ground combat (maps feel rather repetitive, grenades always blow up everything upon kill despite being actually weak), but they are nowhere near as bad as these, and I think this is already long enough. Now, is there anything in the list above which seems incorrect for some reason, hard to do, me doing something wrong, being intentionally different from the OG, or similar? I've seen some of these problems pointed at in various places in the forums, so I think I'm not the only one. The game shows a lot of promise, so I hope, if it's agreed that these things are problems, that these could be balanced/fixed.
  21. Greetings I have occasionally noticed an alien appearing where I was sure I had seen the area in the odd game here and there. This time I am sure that this sebilian has spawned after my first turn. Either that, or he can walk through walls. Here is a save game: sneaky sebillian Disembark from the charlie and get a good look at the building just to the north. A sebillian is going to spawn near the south west door during the first alien turn.
  22. Yeah, like the title says: Also in this picture: the alien grenade does not have a picture in the grenade quick slot.
  23. Hiya The andron room in the small base has a bunch of square you cannot path through. The slim looking barriers are not so slim, I guess. I skillfully marked each of the squares to be clear. Cheers
  24. G'day Here is an action shot of what I mean: If I was trying to do the same shot, it would definitely tell me 100% block chance on the wall. It is not just that wall, it happens all over the place. Not just that map either.
  25. This is for v19 Stable hotfix version. Let me begin by stating that I absolutely love this game. Got early access via steam after completing X-COM:EW and was left wanting more. So I started on Veteran (which defaults to ironman, which was fine for me, didn't expect to get far anyway on first try). Well, 17 hours later turned out I did get quite far. Then a crippling bug struck, on a terror mission in January I think. The mission started normal, no issues. But a couple of turns in (I think it was turn 2->3) the game got stuck in alien turn. Tried waiting for a while and then reloading, to no avail. When reloading, the game loads at the start of the alien turn (I think), and I can hear a couple of alien movements/shots, then nothing. Just freezes. I could press escape and abort the mission and continue playing, but losing all but 2 of my soldiers and millions worth of equipment made it an unrecoverable situation. Oh well, it's beta. I'm reporting this in the hopes it will help flesh out these kinds of bugs from the release version, as I do love to play ironman. For now, I'm going to start a new (non-ironman) game!
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