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  1. Wow. That can't be real? Your guys only do reflex shots when armed with shotguns (short range only) and pistols (basically useless). So riflemen or snipers are useless? Is there a mod to give your troops more reflex?
  2. I'll have three, maybe four guys all set up, crouched, 100% of their TU, the aliens pop out, shoot them, leave. AND NOT ONE OF MY GUYS TAKES A SHOT. What's the deal with this? If my troops won't shoot what good are they?
  3. I'd like to see a game where we take the fight to the aliens on their home planets.
  4. The game is telling me I need to capture an 'officer'. How can I tell an officer from a soldier or support class alien? Different color uniform maybe?
  5. Is there something wrong with steam? When I go to the download page it says 'downloaded 0 bytes of 0 bytes, time completed 10:06'.
  6. Great news. And I'm looking forward to shooting through windows.
  7. So. How far CAN you throw a grenade underwater?
  8. I've been on three missions with it and the last mission it could only get one space out the skyranger because (wait for it) there was A TREE THERE. So if maps randomly prevent use of this vehicle why take it?
  9. Congrats on the release! I just ran a mission where I lost every single soldier. I tried it again and lost not one. So it's not always the same thing, that's for sure. Also - I'm pleased to see ALIENS COME OUT OF THE SHIPS NOW. I was down to the last one and setup my guys and just waited.... he pops out and took a shot from the next tile. Awesome moment.
  10. So, in ten days it will be 'game breaking bugs' only. Most companies do minor tuning in patches, I hope if that's necessary it will happen.
  11. Just have the last alien drop his weapon and walk dejectedly into your troops. Suicide by Xenonaut.
  12. I'm done until there is a release version. I hope it's not more than a month or so.
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