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  1. Step 1) Put a base in the middle east to cover Europe, much of Africa, and western Eurasia Step 2) Put a base in south-east Asia to cover much of Asia, western Eurasia, and much of Australia Step 3) Put a base in center America to cover both Americas moderately well. Every time. The order may be different, but to min-max your bases you got to have as little of them cover as much ground as possible. In Xenonauts where your money can be quite tight, this is imperative. Maybe you can put your Asian base a tad bit north to cover all of Russia and build an Australian base, or maybe you can have a dedicated north and south American base, but having more than 4 bases (at least in my experience) is really pushing it, financially. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad thing; having people new to the genre figure this out on their own is kind of like a rite of passage, but it isn't really all that thought provoking once you figure it out. It's not even the game's fault, we were just born onto a planet that, through all it's positives, fails miserably in adding strategic and thought provoking decisions when it comes to base placement in the XCOM like genre of games. Now I'm not saying we gotta change the geography of the Earth for Xenonauts, that would be silly, and spit in the whole "cold war" aspect of the game, but what if as like a new game plus option there was randomized land masses and continent lay-outs. Nothing crazy or lore changing, just randomly changing how Earth looks so that when I do decide to play this game again I have another interesting decision to make instead of following the same basic steps. Or you could just remove the base placement mechanic. That would work too.
  2. Hi team! I’d like to submit you a minor feature improvement: a cool feature would be to graphically display for how long a crash site will be accessible from the Geoscape. Not necessarily the exact amount of hours but maybe a colour coding (green - lot of time, yellow - half of the time is over, red - will disappear soon). There is nothing more frustrating than a crash site suddenly disappearing without having a chance to at least airstrike it, shorting the player from much needed money. What do you think?
  3. Rebalance mod created to make base building less straightforward and bring some depth into the geoscape part. Funding rebalance provided to make more starting positions viable: - Cut off funding from the North Africa/Europe/Middle East/USSR region - North America starts with higher relationship value and yields a bit more of money - Indochina and Australia now yield significantly more money and their funding is much more relationship-dependent Economy and radar/aircraft tweaks to force the player to build more bases: - Radar range has been reduced from 800/1000/1200 to 600/750/900 - Buildings upkeep (except labs, workshops and medical centers) was halved - Storeroom and garage building cost was halved, hangar building cost was increased 2x - Condor/Foxtrot/Corsair/Marauder range reduced 1.5x, upkeep reduced to 50k/50k/50k/75k - Charlie range reduced from 48k to 18k Upkeep prices reduced to match the increased necessity in building new bases. The mod is not supposed to make the game harder or easier, just more deep. If you've seen something broken by the mod, please let me know. It's possible to load old saves (see Known bugs section), but you'll probably need to start new game due to the geoscape changes. Known bugs: - Sometimes it's not possible to interact with the map or base layout after the save loading. Solution: close and reopen the game, start a new game, place the first base and load an old save. The bug is not unique, it may depend on mods you are using. Possible issues: - It's possible, that mod may break balance on Veteran/Insane levels -- reduced radar range at your only base increases the element of "bad luck" in UFO's first rolls, and keeping relationships first month may be noticeably harder. This moment needs further testing. If you've played with the mod and found, that the game balance was broken -- please, let me know. Possible further changes: - I'd like to decrease radar range more (down to 500/625/750), but I doubt that it will bring more fun due to the complications with the UFO's tracking and interceptions. If you have any suggestions -- share them here. Steam Workshop Bases Revamped.zip
  4. I wanted to start an alien infiltration mission. but I only had one soldier left. I started this mission anyway. After some time another mission (recruit staff) was over. I thought to myself: maybe I could send two more soldiers as reinforcements and to my amazement it worked without lengthening the arrival time. I see it as a logical mistake. The arrival time should be adjusted for such a procedure, because the first soldier has to wait for the reinforcement.
  5. Swapping xenonauts in Armory view leads sometimes to visually stack the green circles. I reproduced it a couple of times, did also inventory reassignment (just as info). If two are visually stacked, rearranging the slots further leads to weird behavoir swapping other xenonauts not intendet. Looks like a an index missconfiguration in some for loop or something. Was also happening in V4.0 offtopic: are you developing with unity and c# or java? Keep up the good work! : )
  6. When you start a new game and click to place a put down a new base, the menu appears to name your base. Hit Cancel and the base is placed still, you get no radar circle either.
  7. AHOY Brand new player to Xenonauts but have played XCOM since Amiga and I am glad to meet this game's acquaintance - something about it just feels right. I'm half-way through intercepting UFO-02 and there's one item of feedback I wish to share immediately (whilst it's fresh - for either persuasion or information purposes). Within seconds of hitting the geoscape for the first time, one of my impressions were: Why the hell can't I zoom in further? For some reason, I wish to be able to. Badly enough to mention, it seems. Is this perhaps one of those very-easy done things - to address? It's arguably negligible to game-play, but it wouldn't be a bad idea if you could zoom in further and watch your blips flyby quicker across the terrain. What kind of difficulties might be involved in adding further resolution to the geoscape? If there be a suggestion area move this there if you wish. I advocate the ability to use the scroll wheel to eventually zoom 'all the way' into your scape (at least to the point where you would struggle to pan across with clicking and dragging or cursor keys to keep up with even your slowest blips).
  8. I know this was discussed back in 2012, but I feel I would bring it up again: The 2D map used results in some very unfortunate consequences: Normally, you'd be able, and even quite interested in flying over the North Pole. Many Russian and American bases in the cold war were specifically built because of this feature (Greenland and Alaska being two great examples). A base in Greenland should be able to cover the US, northern Europe and Northern Russia, which would make it a worthwhile location (as it should be). South America, Africa, and everywhere else along the equator is ridiculously small as a consequence of the specific type of map used. The antarctic, an otherwise great place to land if you were an alien force trying to establish a foothold, is unfortunately left-out (note the same is not true for the north pole - we humans have bases on the south pole and not on the north pole for a reason). My proposed solution is to measure distances in radians or degrees and trying to accurately project our influence onto the used 2d map, or to scrap the 2d map used because it is contrary to the setting (cold war & x-com) and either use a 3d globe or a different 2d map that is more useful from a military point of view.
  9. Still plowing through my first game, on Veteran, and Australasia remained onboard by the turn of December despite relations dropping to Bad during November. So when do continents abandon the Xenonauts project? Is it random depending on relations level, or is it fixed, happening only when their funding's been hammered down to zero? I ask because even though I was expecting to lose Australasia, relations with North America, site of my second base, suddenly deteriorated to Bad as well despite their funding level's around $200k.
  10. Hi there I was reading a bunch of Xenopedia entries after I had Heavy Plasma pop. Once I exited the Xenopedia and hit full time acceleration, a whole heap of alien craft turned up and wiggled all over the screen, but time did not pause. I desperately hit space bar and slowed things down. Now I could not click on any of the ships, and I could not open the game menu by hitting escape, either. After playing around for a bit, I hit ALT Tab to get to the desktop, then clicked to go back into the game. As I went back in, and saw the layers of info coming up (my HDD is not super fast) I saw the info box that new production was available. So the pop up had been hidden from me somehow, and the rest of the game was kind of unresponsive. I could still go to base screens I think. Not sure how it happened. Maybe it was looking at other parts of the xenopedia after the pop?
  11. Hiya It is a pretty minor one, but the transfer cost column does not show the transfer costs of each item. The total cost does still work though.
  12. I don't know if this is a bug or what I'm asking is a feature, but here it goes: Back in the day, clicking on the geoscape to select anything was difficult because the targets were really small - Fitt's law and all. Later it was implemented a wider selection area where you choose from the nearby objects. That was great, but now I want a little more. I want to be able to, for instance, select a squadron, have it change targets, and when I select a near-by object the squadron I previously selected does not appear in the list. I mean, if I'm about to select a new target for this squadron, one should think it couldn't be itself. Right? Click on group of geoscape objects Select Squadron 1 from the list Assign a new target for Squadron 1 Click on the same group of geoscape objects Squadron 1 should not be on the list provided for target selection. Reason: Squadron 1 cannot target itself. I imagine there might be other scenarios where this might apply, but solving this would make me happier.
  13. Small one: An ufo sighting in Luanda, South Afica is shown at central african west coast. Developer version as of today.
  14. Tiny improvement, but could we be please get "aircraft resupplied" message when a plane has been rearmed and refueled? I occasionally have several bogies to intercept with one wing of fighters. In those cases, it would be nice to know when exactly they are ready for a new fight. Even a message in the log would be better than nothing.
  15. i went thought the old manual and i have a question.... is there still a panic button?
  16. You really should add some borders or distinctive colors/style to all the "clickable" action text and frame some of the information sections a bit more. Sometimes it's hard to tell that "clicking" on some text will actually do something. Also, the colors look too "white" to me and too much alike. Everything is so close to white or grey that it "washes" out the screen and makes everything look the same. The layouts are great though.
  17. Since I've gone beyond the character limit in the Mod List thread, I've decided to archive some of the older Mods here. If you feel they should still be on the main list, please let me know. Aircraft/ Interception [table=width: 730, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td] Name [/td] [td] Author [/td] [td] Compatible [/td] [td] Date [/td] [td] Comment [/td] [td] Forum [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Kabill's Air Combat Balance Mod [/td] [td] Kabill [/td] [td] v0.19 [/td] [td] 21/08/2013 [/td] [td] Reduces Foxtrot air dominance - Redundant as of v19.1 [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Mod Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Aircraft Loadouts [/td] [td] Gazz [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 09/09/2012 [/td] [td] Alters missiles [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Adding more scouts and less fighter craft [/td] [td] Max_Caine [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 07/07/2012 [/td] [td] Reduces large numbers of fighter craft. [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Details in forum post [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] More aggressive Fighter [/td] [td] Amiga4ever [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 04/04/2012 [/td] [td] Alters fighters so they use missiles from distance more often. [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download - DOWN [/td] [/tr] [/table] Battlescape [table=width: 730, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td] Name [/td] [td] Author [/td] [td] Compatible [/td] [td] Date [/td] [td] Comment [/td] [td] Forum [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Window Vaulting 0.2 [/td] [td] dJm [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 06/10/2012 [/td] [td] Allows vaulting through windows [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] More Realistic Gunpowder Weapons v 1.0 [/td] [td] StellarRat [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 22/08/2012 [/td] [td] modifies pistol, shotgun and assault rifle [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Details in forum post [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Fix for xenonauts using weapons [/td] [td] craftomega [/td] [td] 9.4 [/td] [td] 25/04/2012 [/td] [td] prevents the game crashing when using an alien weapon. Note: BUG NOW FIXED [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download -DOWN [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Cursors in 3D [/td] [td] Gauddlike [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 02/02/2012 [/td] [td] Alternative cursors for people and vehicles. [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Details in forum post [/td] [/tr] [/table] Soldiers [table=width: 730, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td] Name [/td] [td] Author [/td] [td] Compatible [/td] [td] Date [/td] [td] Comment [/td] [td] Forum [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Extended Female Names & Strings [/td] [td] eltharion [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 23/07/2012 [/td] [td] Increases number of female soldier names. [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download - DOWN [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Face Mod [/td] [td] anotherdevil [/td] [td] All [/td] [td] 05/03/2012 [/td] [td] Breaks up NoIdidnt’s face into component parts (ouch) [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Israeli Soldiers [/td] [td] TheTuninator [/td] [td] 8.61 [/td] [td] 18/01/2012 [/td] [td] Adds Israeli names and backgrounds. [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td]Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] ANZAC Soldiers [/td] [td] Pinetree [/td] [td] 8.5 [/td] [td] 30/12/2011 [/td] [td] Adds Anzacs into the game – Now part of the Extended Soldier Background Mod [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [/table] Vehicles [table=width: 730, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td] Name [/td] [td] Author [/td] [td] Compatible [/td] [td] Date [/td] [td] Comment [/td] [td] Forum Post[/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Hunter with primary and secondary weapons (Rocket Launcher/ .50 Cal Machinegun) [/td] [td] XenoNut [/td] [td] ? [/td] [td] 22/04/2012 [/td] [td] Provides Hunter with both primary & secondary weapons to use. [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [/table] Weapons & Equipment [table=width: 730, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td] Name [/td] [td] Author [/td] [td] Compatible [/td] [td] Date [/td] [td] Comment [/td] [td] Forum Post[/td] [td] Download [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Weapon Balance Mod v1.0 [/td] [td] Belmakor [/td] [td] 8.5 [/td] [td] 28/12/2011 [/td] [td] Alters details of base Xenonaut weapons [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Details in forum post [/td] [/tr] [tr] [td] Modding the Machinegun's ClipSize for 5 Bursts [/td] [td] Quartermaster [/td] [td] 8.4 [/td] [td] 13/12/2011 [/td] [td] modifies machine gun to 5 round burst, instead of 3 [/td] [td] Forum Post [/td] [td] Details in forum post [/td] [/tr] [/table]
  18. There is any way to play with the old Geoscape ? I really don't like the new one..... it ruin the horror/dramatic atmosphere for me
  19. Some people adore the air minigame. Chris seems to hate it. But you have to agree that it has a "cool factor" to it that breaks up the monotony of dozens of scout missions. Unfortunately, mundacity arises in the geoscape because EVERY week, EVERY ship (except for the ones that are trying to kill you) does the same random walk around one little corner of the globe. A little variety in the air combat would go a long way. Anyways, I don't think the development team would want to radically change the game at this point, so I'm making suggestions that would be very easily to implement and would not impact the geoscape balance. These features are just meant to make the Geoscape more "interesting." 1. Make Alien Bombers priority targets (i.e., air combat terror sites) Bombers are this unique type of alien ship that don't really go after you and can't be recovered, but are designed solely for ruining your relations with the host nation. Given that host nation funding is far more important now, bombers could have a more prominent role in the game. Instead of just milling about like every other alien craft, what if they circumnavigated the Earth on global bombing runs. They would be detected independently from Xenonaut radar similar to terror sites or alien bases (as they're just dumping plasma bombs on everything, they're fairly easy to track). In fact, a message pops up that says "Alien Bomber Detected" just to let you know how important this is. The bomber travels in a path resembling a straight line, across the globe (so that you can easily intercept it) and every hour it stays alive, it bombs something and costs you about $2000 in funding from whatever nation it bombed. Depending on the stage of the game, the bombers could have an escort fighter wing that trails them, or there might even be two bomber groups at once. It's essentially like an airborne terror site that can cost you up $50,000 or whatever in relations funding depending on how long it stays alive. This isn't really too different from how bombers act now, but it's just more advertised and more "fun". 2. Alien radar jamming stations (i.e., air combat alien bases). Another thing that's kind of messed up about the current geoscape is that radar ranges are gigantic and you can build two bases and see just about everything on earth. (It's even more amazing that a radar dish is operating while buried underground but whatever, it's just a game). To counteract this, the aliens have developed this radar jammer that blocks the Xenonaut radar and cloaks any alien ships under its protection. You can determine its location by how it distorts your own radar range circles (or maybe the Xenonaut operatives just stumble upon it as soon as it pops into existence). You have to take out the dish with your interceptors, BUT, there are alien fighters (and maybe even a SAM site or two) defending it. Essentially, it's just the same as an ordinary alien fighter wing, but instead of tracking you down and disappearing after a while, it persists forever and blocks your radar vision.
  20. Currently, I know only one way to send aircrafts to an area. That is to order them to go after another target (therefore the target has to be present, like alien base you haven't destroyed yet) and when they are in the air, manualy alter their destination. That solution is clumsy at best. In addition, what could be concidered a bug is that you can't send your fighters exactly where some alien manifestation occurs (abductions, naval ship bombarded, UFO sighted, etc) - you have to click with the altered destination nearby, or it won't work. Probably the easiest way to do it is using RMB which ATM doesn't do anything else then LMB. RMB -> select aircrafts to patrol this location. Easy, fast, minimal imput from players side.
  21. Though there haven't been many major changes to the Geoscape and Air Combat balance since the last experimental build, I think the introduction of the interceptor recovery is probably a big enough change to warrant a new thread to discuss it and its consequences. There have also been some tweaks aside from that - percentage based repair/refuelling for interceptors, and extra fuel for aircraft missiles. So let's get down to business.
  22. Since our radar can identify the number and sizes of UFO's, it would be nice to have some sort of graphic indication for when multiple flights start appearing so they can be easily visually distinguished at a glance rather than having to hunt through and click all the generic UFO icons. Discuss!
  23. I guess it wasn't in the original X-Com, but I quite like the display of your status with each of the other countries (as coloured bars) in XCOM2012. I see that Xenonauts does have a status indication if you hover over a specific country, but I'm wondering if it wouldn't be good to have the list/bars type display off to the side (or colour code an outline around the country or something), so that you see everything at a glance and at once, without having to hover over each one, one at a time. Is this something that was decided not to have, or not considered important? Just curious... I do like the tension caused by seeing all the statuses at once, in front of you... constanly reminding you of the tensions and urgency. I imagine the actual mechanics (country diplomacy, urgency, etc) IS present in Xenonauts, but a display like this simply brings it forward, from 'under the hood' to 'in your face'. (I suspect this might start a heated discussion! But, I'm just curious... although if given the choice, I think I'd like to see this kind of display, for the reasons outlined above...)
  24. I think that would more in keeping with the tone of the game. I'm not sure if other countries have a different word for quick take-off of aircraft. Might be nice if the after clicking the button the jet "whoosh" or helicopter sounds were made once (depending on mission type of course.)
  25. Allow me to introduce what may well be the very first globe mod for Xenonauts: The timelines. I'm going to open by telling you guys that it's not, honestly, that cool. It's a simple change to help commanders plan battle times by adding 24 evenly spaced "hour" lines on the globe. How does it work? Well, it takes a little work on the commander's part (like all good things in Xenonauts, this requires skill!) Let's say you want to clear a crash site, but it's night there and you really hate playing night missions. So you just need to find out how long it'll take to get there (which Xenonauts provides already in the form of a dropship ETA), and then count that number of hours eastward. 4 hours = 4 lines. As soon as the terminator has passed the noted point, you've got a day mission. Now, I know that everyone has a version of this they already do. We ballpark it, estimate how many hours it "looks" like. However, using this would dramatically increase the accuracy of your ballparks. Although I admit it wont give you 100% precision, it's a big improvement. I was clever enough to not do this all by hand, but set up a set of autocommands to do it for me. (If you've never looked, the Geoscape earth picture is split into 80 separate image files ) One advantage of this method is that now that I've done all the legwork I can make variants really quickly. So if you've got a color request, I can oblige. I'll admit, this currently suffers from a kinda major problem that I don't know if I can fix: The lines are very visible at day but nearly invisible at night. It has to do with the way everything's built in, and it would take a better image editor than I to play with things like color masking. I will see if I can find a particular color and line thickness that finds a sweet spot between being visible at night and not being super-annoying during the day. Gray lines: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/10o855t9c7if0oy/HourLinesGray.zip Teal lines: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qyvajw1v093pdg0/HourLinesTeal.zip White lines: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8pwemuaasme3h80/HourLinesWhite.zip Double thickness (2 pixels) teal: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e04hezjj8djtzow/HourLinesTeal2px.zip (The difference is a lot clearer when you open the image in a new tab) To install, download your preferred color and find your Xenonauts\assets\earth directory. Backup the 80 geoscape images there, then extract the mod packs there. IMHO the teal lines are probably best, because the white ones are somewhat annoying and the grays are nigh-invisible. Feedback in the form of compliments, criticism, and requests/suggestions is very much accepted. Feedback in the form of death threats is less so. If you want to issue a death threat against me, find a better reason. There's plenty, you just need to look a little bit. Post edited to add screenshots as requested, white version, and 2 pixel teal version.
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