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  1. Well that’s not a reason to not improve on this point, right?
  2. That would be new to me, but if it’s the case, that would also be fine.
  3. Hi team! I’d like to submit you a minor feature improvement: a cool feature would be to graphically display for how long a crash site will be accessible from the Geoscape. Not necessarily the exact amount of hours but maybe a colour coding (green - lot of time, yellow - half of the time is over, red - will disappear soon). There is nothing more frustrating than a crash site suddenly disappearing without having a chance to at least airstrike it, shorting the player from much needed money. What do you think?
  4. Jul

    New UI preview!

    @Thothkins: sadly no, these are the old concepts :-/
  5. Jul

    New UI preview!

    OK so is there a thread where I can see the new screens, or are they still secret? :-)
  6. Hi! I started a new game with the latest V19 to see the changes compared to V18. I am just at the beginning and did 2 ground missions where the Scout UFO landed, i.e. no damage and full crew. I was surprised to get each time 7 enemies in the mission, whereas the Xenopedia for this UFO entry clearly states "up to 4 soldiers", which was the case in V18... Not sure if it is a bug or not, so I report it anyway. Thanks in advance for your reply!
  7. Jul

    New UI preview!

    Hi ! I like the new UI screen so far, I find the style quite matching the ambience of the game :-) A little remark though: I didn't see any women characters in the screens, only a male scientist, male soldier, etc. Was it done intentionally ?
  8. OK, good to know that it is a known issue It pissed me off pretty bad because, hey, planes don't grow on trees...
  9. Jul

    French Translation

    Glad to be of help if I can I don't live in France anymore for 2 years but I've got a pretty decent French, being born there and lived for 30 years "on site" Hello to the Québec friends !
  10. Aliens will use grenades too? Oh boy, that was the one only advantage we had... That'll be tough ! As for airplane combat, I have the same issues : beginning of November, it seems really unfair ! These UFOs are tougher, there are much more of them than before at the same time and their weapons get through the plane's armor as if it were thin paper >_< Plus you need an insane number of Elenium rockets to shoot a MEDIUM UFO down... I'm afraid of what happens when the large ones show up
  11. It totally worked for me, thanks for engineering this fix !
  12. Not sure this is really a bug, but it looks like one to me, so here it is. On the Geoscape, a flight of 2 Foxtrots got engaged by a Cruiser. These 2 planes are out of ammo due to already shooting them on another Cruiser ; they got engaged on their way back to base by a second Cruiser. On the Air Combat screen, I execute a "disengage" command and both my aircrafts escape safely : the cruiser can't catch up with them on pure speed level. However, the Cruiser keeps re-engaging them several times, even after several successful (and easy) escapes until the Foxtrots crash because of lack of fuel. From my understanding, if these planes (without using the Afterburner boost) can outrun the UFO, why does this UFO keep catching up ? Thanks for your analysis ! Julien
  13. Terrific ! It totally worked Thanks ! Do you know if a definitive fix is planned for this specific ZF bug?