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    Friendly alien, likes human music, dislikes xenonaut scum rebels and politics.
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    somewhere over europe
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    shooting xenonauts, planting flags and trees
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    target practice for xenonauts in the first mission
  1. There seems to be an issue with the xenonauts targeting system within the screener base. If they are next to a screener base door (the large one) and their target is across the door, they bug out and shoot the ceiling instead. Happend also to a grenade launcher (heavy xenonaut) shooting up - the projectile simple vanished. Hope that helps.
  2. There is something off about the story telling. Reading the screener interrigation (or biopsi; can't remember which one) I've noticed the wording beeing something like: ~'to our surprise it was just a human'. To me this feels off. I imagined the narrative first us beeing unaware of aliens, but the story telling initiates with us beeing surprised the humanuid enemy just beeing a human. I hope you catch my drift. I'm not saying it's bad and possibly I've just missed some information early on but if I haven't, the story should start with us not expecting anything else than just humans behind every enemy attack (cleaners). Of course, I as a player who bought a game about aliens do expect to figth them but the introduction shouldn't expact that. This is not a rant. I just want to piont that out. Looking forward to the first reply telling me that this is already planned and I've simply missed that info or skipped it. Gameplay is intense and I like it : ) Update regarding performance. I've switched visuals from best two steps down, and have transferred the local files to my ssd. Loading times got better but seem still too long. I've a Ryzen 5 3600 and Radeon 570 and they still are notable in noise. Maby there is a debugger/logger running in background which cuts away additional resources I imagin. Have a nice day, Michael
  3. Hello there! Since my last game was back in 2020 I was curious about the ingame progress. So I've installed it yesterday and gave it a go. And man, you guys and gals worked hard. A lot has improved and as far as I've catched up from the monthly dev updates, there is still things beeing changed. I would like to give some feedback. The game seems to be a bit resource demanding and loading times from my HDD for both Missions & Geomap are surprisingly long. While loading one of the first missions, windows asked if I'd like to close the unresponsive game window. I'm sure these kind of performance improvements will be focused on later. Fighting the first few encounters was fun and the atmosphere is already pretty intense. The intro sequence looks good as well. The writing felt a bit generic. Somehow I expected a bit more mistery. Well, but don't listen to me, I couldn't do it better anyway. Thank you for your contribution and regular updates!
  4. Description: Inferior human computer has bad performance. Further information: Loading a new game or a new ground combat mission feels like taking (approx 30-50%) more time since V11.3. Fast forwarding at max speed on Geoscape decreases FPS < 1. Tested with a new and relative empty game (just two ufo encouters - both already cleared up). Ryzen 3600 & loading from SSD. I guess that the developers are aware and the performance hit is due to newly added code/stuff but I felt to at least mention it. Have a nice day!
  5. Description: Loading save file leads to crash. What happened: Loading the first autosave of the missions start crashes to desktop. Save attached. Further Information: This was my first mission with these "robot" enemies. Ground Combat mission start (autosave groundcombat-162.json file created) Shooting (with three different xenonauts) on the first enemy sighted (Andron). First time that Andron accured. Killed it, it blew everything around up - BUT the body remeined there (screenshot). Wanted to reload the game to do it better Loading goes up to 98% then the music stops and the crash happens Loading groundcombat-162.json crashes every time, reproducable Everything above was just in the first turn of the mission. Both, the ground combat file that leads to crash is attached as well as the latest strategic save before entering the GC. output.log content_manager.state groundcombat-162.json strategy-62.json
  6. Tested your save and no matter how you kill/stund it, just before it should make the death animation, instead it crashes. Tried with other weapons, shock batons & frag grenades. 2020-03-10 01:19:55,336 [FATAL] (D:\Jenkins\workspace\X2 (Build)\hotfix-0.57.3\Assets\Code\Screens\XenonautsMain.cs:560) [INITIAL CRASH] System.NullReferenceException: A fatal error occurred during Update[] - - Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Xenonauts.GroundCombat.Animation.Acts.DeathAct.CauseDeath (Single deltaTime) [...] in D:\...\Animation\Acts\LifeStatusAct\DeathAct.cs:88 at Xenonauts.GroundCombat.Animation.Acts.DeathAct.UpdateActive (Single deltaTime) [...] in D:\...\Animation\Acts\LifeStatusAct\DeathAct.cs:51 at Common.Boards.System.Act.Update (Single deltaTime) [0x00143] in D:\...\GroundCombat\Systems\Animation\Acts\Act.cs:304
  7. Description: The target projectile path rendering is a bit off/distorted when viewing from a different viewing angel. What happened: Nothing Further Information Change Viewpoint rotation from 90° to 30°. Rotate and target some area. The visible projectile path is beeing distorted depending on the camera viewpoint. Possibly also happens to waypoint rendering and explotion radius rendering but not tested.
  8. Thx, i thought so. Hm, some kind of bugtracker would be a nice to have.
  9. It does also hide visible (LOS) actions (movement, shooting) and is quite annoying
  10. Description: There is some texture missing inside the scout ufo. Sceenshot and save attached user-18.json
  11. Description: Was not able to heal downed & injured (bleeding) civilian. What Happened: A (armed) civilian was shot by an alien in "alien turn". The civilian ran during his turn behind cover and fell into downed state as he lost more blood. I was not able to heal the civilian with my medkit (standing next to in from three locations, and on top). Further information: Please load the attached save file. The civilian is on the ground next to the second, healthy civ. user-8.json
  12. That's what's happening if you ignore the cookie disclaimer or forgot to properly Opt-Out Had a similar bug just now where a crisis popped up in the ocean. Was also by accident selecting it and got the option to track the ufo down. There is also a missing location name variable missing in the message console. I guess here are a couple of bugs visible.
  13. Nice catch! That was lucky I'd say. : D It's nice to know that those Radar Anomalies are generated if a "real" Ufo Object is nearby and not just randomly somewhere on the map.
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