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  1. How about a simple function allowing us to decommission bases, perhaps getting a fraction of the setup cost?
  2. Fantastic, Solver! I'll be following this like a hawk.
  3. Shadow86

    Balance and starting options

    The UFO wave system needs a fundamental rework, but I very much doubt it'll get one via official means at this point. The trick is to increase player agency without diminishing challenge too much. Closer to the original X-COM, random UFO appearances wouldn't be so crippling if all ground missions increased relations, and if such standing naturally increased after a certain period of time of no alien activity over a given region. I'm not sure if Xenonauts' moddability would allow for such changes, but with proper balancing, it would be a good way to stop the strategic layer from feeling so luck-based during the first few months without depriving it of difficulty.
  4. Shadow86

    Xenonauts V1.06 Update Released!

    Hmm. The manual says destroying an alien base is supposed to give a funding boost. But in my experience, it doesn't.
  5. Shadow86

    Terror Missions: 2 Questions

    There's something wonky about map reveals. I hit an alien base the other day, and before long the map was revealed, along with the implied positions of three aliens (spotted with orange icon). Everything was covered in fog of war, but I could see the entire layout of the base. According to the briefing, it's a bonus I'm supposed to get once I reach a special room (the command room?), but my soldiers were very far from it when it happened. They were barely through the corridors connecting the entry elevator to the rest of the facility.
  6. Shadow86

    Xenonauts V1.06 Released!

    So far, no post-1.0 patch has broken savegames.
  7. Terror missions tend to be quite hard, and if there's no loss nor reward related to them if they happen within a forsaken country, I'm not about to risk valuable soldiers for them. Not for the paltry 35-50k I'd get from selling alien things I'd salvage from it. Overall, they're rather pointless, but I'm not sure the possibility needs to be removed. Unlike in the original, nations which abandon the funding council don't necessarily sign a pact with the invaders, so their continued attack makes sense. It'd be a newbie trap, though, I suppose, if they expect significant gains or significant losses from ignoring it. Counter-intuitive, at least.
  8. Shadow86

    Balance and starting options

    If you'll pardon the harshness, the problem is Xenonauts largely has one geoscape strategy, with minor variations. Stray too far from the optimal and you lose. Funding's too tight to have any reasonable kind of freedom. At least perhaps before the late game. Haven't made it there yet on my first playthrough (Veteran).
  9. Sure, if you want to read the post that way. But there was no such moderation in it. He seemed to be more strongly advocating no accordance to reality whatsoever, if nothing is "real" except what we have experienced (or determined) ourselves directly and all that matters is connecting different experiences. Pointlessly philosophical. It's so out there it equates all fiction (and therefore all games) to whimsical fantasy, completely disregarding pretty much everything.
  10. That's right. I haven't encountered large UFOs yet (landing ship is the latest class), but so far all I've needed to know to determine which type I'm dealing with is size and speed. And you can tell which contacts are fighters simply because they have a unique icon on the geoscape.
  11. This post is just a mess. "This is just a game" and "This is fiction" are monumental non-arguments liberally used to handwave just about anything and dismiss any piece of criticism. Might as well just add sparkling rainbow unicorns to every game and work of fiction if nothing matters and there's no implicit rules anywhere. That said, Chris understood Hobbes' point, and that's all that matters.
  12. Shadow86

    Low Fuel in Air Combat issue

    Ultimately you're complaining about something really minor, a very rare situation with no definite solution. Even if you had an extra 1% of fuel to pull off that kind of maneuver, the same scenario would repeat itself whenever that extra percent isn't enough. It sucks when you can't shoot down a UFO due to fuel concerns, sure, but you have to draw the line somewhere, and that somewhere is not always going to be enough.
  13. Shadow86

    Positive Random Events

    The effect isn't constant. Check this out, from gameconfig.xml. <!-- GEOSCAPE EVENTS PENALTY --><!-- Penalties applied to the region relations of the continent (or nearest continent, if over sea) when one of the following events happens --> <eventsPenalty><Abduction land="12" sea="12"/><AirlinerShotdown land="15" sea="15" /><MinorCivilianAttack land="15" sea="15" /><MajorCivilianAttack land="35" sea="35" /><MajorMilitaryAttack land="40" sea="40" /> </eventsPenalty> In theory, adding a minus to any of those values would make the effect negative damage, and therefore a positive impact on funding forecast. In theory. Needs testing.
  14. Shadow86

    Positive Random Events

    Negative relations damage = relations boost. Unless the game doesn't like it and crashes instead. But the intent of my last post was to ask about the possibility of UFO-unrelated events boosting relations/funding (via scripts, if nothing else), mentioned only in the event log as opposed to spots on the map. For example, after several days without alien attacks, "Clear skies over South America. Local governments pleased with Xenonauts." Local forces doing things to deter UFOs wouldn't really be something that'd encourage governments to fund Xenonauts further.
  15. Shadow86

    Positive Random Events

    There is perhaps something wrong with the funding system in that random events tend to be negative (exclusively so for Veteran and Insane, apparently), and you can only reverse that damage actively inflicting losses upon the aliens. However, in the original X-COM, countries were also happy simply not having UFO activity in their airspace, and I can't see why that couldn't be the case in Xenonauts as well. It's probably too late to implement something like that officially, but would it be possible, through modding, to create positive events which provide a funding forecast boost in a given continent periodically, every X days of no incidents? I mean, just like alien attacks are blamed on Xenonauts' ineffectiveness, a lack of them in a given region over a certain period of time could improve the local government's opinion of the organization. Even if they aren't explicitly seeing Condors shooting down UFOs over their territory. No news is good news, right?