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  1. Well, I didn't have any problem switching from experimental to stable back in the V20. It did require me to download part of the game files. I've tested it now, and I was able to reproduce this, like so: Open Steam Client, check library and see Xenonauts marked with [Experimental] Go into properties -> Betas e select NONE. See that Xenonauts is not marked with [Experimental] Immediately close Steam by clicking the close button on the window. I opened Steam again and saw that Xenonauts was marked with the [Experimental] tag. I redid the steps above, but this time I close Steam through Steam -> Exit. And let it close gracefully. This time upon relaunching it, Xenonauts was not marked with the [Experimetal] tag. One observation, I'm using wineskin to have the Windows version of Steam on a Mac. And I use a symbolic link on the Xenonauts wineskin so that I launch whatever version I have downloaded from Steam with the same wineskin from Desura. However, I hope what I described solves your problem as well.
  2. I haven't got this far in the new V21 stable version, but on V20 the base structures panel had no scroll bar indicator (or a any other visual indicator of hidden content). The last entry seemed to be Laser or Missile Defenses, but if you scrolled more entries would show up. I don't know if this has been addressed in the V21 version, but his description seems to indicate that it's still hard to notice that you have more options if you scroll down the list. The same is less prominent on the research topics, manufacture items, panels because they have a bar on the right. But I would argue that it's still too subtle.
  3. I wouldn't be so sure. A one sentence like "Research reports contain valuable info on alien tactics" while the user is forced to stare at the loading screen should help a lot. It would give a "Oh, so that's why." moment. The research reports can be dismissed, maybe because you want to deal with other things first.... loading screens, on the other hand, cannot.
  4. I've been playing V21 Stable Candidate for a little while, and so far it seems quite stable indeed. One odd thing happen after a crash site mission. The geoscape loaded and I wasn't able to use the base buttons. They were unresponsive and in order to get to the base I had to click on the base icon in the geoscape. I reloaded the autosave the and the buttons worked again. So far I have not experience any of the glitches I've reported for V20 Hf2 and V21 Exp5. And this I tested with the wrapper I've used when I originally reported problems, as well as the official wrapper downloaded from Desura.
  5. Alien Base attack. Few turns in. Psionics seems to be in use by the aliens as Dread messages have popped up when mission began. Crash happens during hidden movements. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9jxl961obpr6ur9/2014-03-10_23.55.18.sav.zip I tried a few times and it seems to follow a sound similar to drones moving. Don't know for sure. I'm using the Xenonauts-mac wrapper recently provided on Desura.
  6. Cmd + Shift + 3 does not work when in full screen, but, if I Cmd + alt + A and leave full screen I can use it. Once the situation happens again I'll report using screenshots.
  7. I forgot to say, but I'm using the mac version. I wonder if Cmd + Shift + 3 would work, I'll try later on today. I remember very early on, I had issues with taking screenshots in full screen, but being able to do so in windowed mode. And, maybe that's why it's defaulting to full screen, I'm playing at full resolution 1080p.
  8. How do I take a screen shot in fullscreen? I always select to play windowed mode, but it inevitably goes full screen.
  9. The latest wrapper seems to be very similar to the one I was using before, upgraded from the previous Wineskin wrapper. The only difference I can see is that new wrapper uses Engine 1.7.13 instead of 1.7.12 I was using. I'll need to reload a previous save, as I'm experiencing a bugged Alien Base Attack. It keeps crashing during the hidden movement screen. Using this wrapper or my custom on does not seem to make any difference in this regard. This however, is a new bug, and it does not seem to be related to the symptoms I've described. Once I've put in a couple more hours playing with this new wrapper, I'll respond whether I notice the symptoms I described that preluded an imminent crash.
  10. I haven't tried the latest wrapper recently uploaded to Desura. I'll try using it and see if the glitches I reported continue to happen. The thing is, the glitches are sporadically and sometimes takes a long while to happen on V20hf2, if you copy the V21Experimental files to the previous Wineskin wrapper this happens a lot. Have you tried to replicate this using V21Exp5? I'll report if anything changes using the newer wrapper.
  11. @ko2fan yes, it happens on the latest stable build of V20. The one currently found on steam. The symptoms I describe are worse on V21 patch 5. I haven't tested on the latest V21 patch 6, yet.
  12. It's just like Skitso wrote. I also noted today on a Industrial map for the Carrier type ship. A Ceasan ran right through the stairs in the south-most building (bottom, right corner) next to the road. He came through the door, normally, turned left, and hid inside the stairs. [Edit:] I would take the save, but the game crashed not soon after and I had to redo this part. He didn't repeat the pattern.
  13. I just got the opportunity to test saving and loading when I noticed the glitch I mentioned. I tested this on one of those Massive ships (Carrier type). Loading seems to make the glitch lessen, but it eventually crashed anyways - albeit it was uncharacteristically slow for a Ground Combat. Perhaps it has to do with number of assets loaded into memory? Saving and loading on the Geoscape had no effect, as the glitch remained even after loading, and it soon crashed.
  14. I noticed some Civilians and local forces doing the same with the stairs. I was on a middle eastern map in a building made of beige stone, where the stairs are in the upper right corner of the house. I notice this during the hidden movement. I also notice that on a military base map where there's a class room of sorts, if I walk through the door straight to the other room targeting the middle of the room, there's a high change that my soldier will get stuck on the desk inside the other room. If I open the door first then enter, this does not happen. Kinda like he went barging in and tumble of the desk getting his gear stuck in a knot.
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