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  1. Is there a Direct Download for Xenonauts? As in, just a zip file or torrent I can download? Desura has been giving me nothing but issues when trying to get Xenonauts to install/update or even run. I haven't been able to play the game in months.
  2. Going through the stand-alone download option, the premium alpha shows as V14.1, not V14.1.1 like the standard version. Is it going to be there or is it an oversight?
  3. Title says it all, is this common? i payed the 20 bucks, and want to play, so any help would be nice, thank you, just joined up:)
  4. Hello, I'm unable to get the latest version as I'm always getting a MCF download error. Is there a workaround? Another way to get the files or something i can do to get Desura up and running again?
  5. On the latest Desura debate/bashing thread, some of us mentioned that they found good projects that they would have otherwise never heard of. So that's what this thread is about. What great stuff have YOU found on Desura? Here, I'll get the ball rolling. I haven't spent that much time going through Desura's catalog myself, but I thought Neo Scavenger was kinda interesting.
  6. Just a short rant...! Desura is doing my head in..!!! With each release of xenonauts, it stays on validating files for hours when I hit the update button. So I had to resort to deleting the game files, and install... Now since v8.2 .... downloading of files gets to around 92%... and then just sits there...! Hence, I have not played Xenonauts since v8.1.....! Tried installing 8.41 this morning, and bam, there it is, 92% downloading, and just hanging there for the last hour!!!!!!! There. Rant. Over!
  7. So I'm confused. When I launch my current build, it says "Alpha Build V13, 31 July 2012". There are hotfixes available since that date. Desura is supposed to auto-update, but does not appear to be doing so. How can I make this happen? I've tried doing a verify files, and restarting my Desura client. The only reason I'm worrying about this is because the build I have is currently unplayable due to the combat crash. This is where the game goes into combat mode (when your dropship lands at a crashed UFO), and you can't move any squad members. Thanks!
  8. Alright, I'm new to Desura. I got a message about an update for Xenonauts a few days (maybe a week, time sure flies) ago, and then just an hour ago, but when I click the bubble, nothing happens and it says I have no updates. Am I going crazy? What should I do? We're not due for a big update for a while now... so what are these updates?
  9. Does anybody else have considerable trouble with Desura? Every update of Xenonauts, I am forced to uninstall and do a clean install of the game, because, not only does the verification take extreme amounts of time, but the Update DL usually just stops at a random point. I've tried reinstalling Desura, and the entire folder is whitelisted for my security suite, so nothing should be hindering it. Yet the problem persists. Only full reinstall seems to work. PS. Why the hell was the cache for desura taking up 5gb? I only have Xenonauts on desura (it's also detected my Steam Amnesia copy).
  10. Howdi, im posting this here hoping im not the only one with this problem. I bought Premium a couple weeks before Kickstarter was launched. I installed the game via Desura, and it working fine. At some point, an update was released, but despite the fact that Desura should have updated XN, it didnt. I tried manually deleteling the install folder of XN, but it didnt help one bit. I recently tried uninstalling and reinstalling Xenonauts, but it failed to do so. I even tried reinstalling Desura, but that didnt help, too. Basicly, im wondering if anyone has this huuuge problem getting a proper up to date installation of Xenonauts via Desura going, because sure as hell i dont. thanks
  11. Hello! I have preorder xenonauts through kickstarter and i have linux mint, a ubuntu based distribution. Xenonauts seems to work just fine in wine so far. But my desura in linux cannot install windows games (unless maybe installing another one from windows inside wine?). Will the rest of alpha builds be available without needing to update from old one and through? so that i don't have to install and run through desura in wine? It seems the build 10.21 is available at least i downloaded will the others ones also be available? thanks in advance
  12. Ok, as the new guy around, I have one question: What about DRM Now, I am an old school guy who loves to pull out some of his old (and I mean oooooold) games and play them occationaly (Original X-Com, Wasteland, Bards Tale,...). With that in mind, I am ok with a serial-number I have to type in after/during install, but any kind of online activation/verification will keep me from jumping in. Note: I do not use Steam and know nothing abut Desura, so anyone can enlighten me about that download system? Note2: Yes, I have read the "How to download Xenonauts without using Desura, so I am aware that I not necessarily need it to get the game
  13. Hi guys Where can I download the beta Versions? It seems to me that I somehow got lost when you switched over your infrastructure. I've opened a Desura Account, but don't see my games anywhere... What must I do to be able to download the Beta 8? Cheers Onkl
  14. ---- (the speed increased now - approx 110 Kib/s
  15. I pre-ordered Xenonauts on 10/1/11 and I fell out of following of happenings involving the game soon after. Today I caught up with everything and I believe I missed the email that I would of used to redeem the pre-order on Desura. Is it possible to have the email resent to me or some other method that I redeem my pre-order on Desura?
  16. I decided to pre-order Xenonauts today, not knowing that Desura operates exactly like Steam, that you have to run their client in order to play the game. Since I'm against DRM on principle I would not have purchased Xenonauts had I realized this. I thought Desura was a dissimilar alternative to Steam where I could download the game and play it without using a third party client. Please let me know if I'm mistaken. Once the full game is complete, will purchasers have the option to download an actual stand-alone copy of the game?
  17. I tried to change folder with Xenonauts files but I can't. Anyone know how to do it?
  18. I ask you to excuse me if this issue was raised earlier. I could not find anything. Well... Simply put, I can't register on Desura. It's not that I have something against, no. I just can't complete registration. Registration forms asks me to enable cookies in browser while they are already enabled. Dead end. I know, I probably should ask about this issue somewhere on Desura forums or support. But why should I go through all these troubles while I'm only willing to support the game? Maybe I'm just a hot-tempered guy, but this situation drives me mad. Why there are no other payment option? Have you considered Kickstarter? Will there be any other payment in future? I would really-really love to give you money for this game. Please, tell me that there will be some other method of doing so. Because I know at least one guy who is as enthusiastic as me about the game, but most likely he will give up on this whole Desura business. And I'm sure there are more guys like him out there. Right now I would be very grateful if you help me in any way, or at least tell me that I can support the project later via some other yet unannounced means. Buy the way, I personally would like to have the game in my Steam library. Will it be possible? Thank you for your time. I wish all the best to the Xenonauts.
  19. Okay so I feel really dumb for asking about this, because it just feels like I must've done something really wrong, missed something really easy to see, or something other.... but I just can't find the forum-thread for it, or the shiny green button saying "PRESS ME", so I've given up searching. I'd rather just ask here now. So... I pre-ordered Xenonauts a good while ago, before Desura came into the picture. I played the alpha some then, but haven't really tried it since (I guess I just didn't want to "spoil it"). I wanted to try it out later when it had gotten some more fixes/changes/progress. ... And now I felt that time has come. But to my surprise, I find it incredibly hard to find any way to download the game. I mean I registered an account on Desura, downloaded the client... I hit the "connect"-button but it just tells me I don't have the game. How am I supposed to link my pre-order (done through your original paypal-system), to Desura? In advance, thanks from a complete noob (and probably moron) who couldn't find out the solution for himself. Edit: Solved!
  20. Chris, I know you're extremely busy, but thought I'd remind you to update the info on your Desura news log. It's still showing 8.4 as the last release. Not critical though. -Tim Noyce
  21. Mostly asking this because Desura seems hellbent on preventing me from downloading anything, and nothing on the support site has worked when I try to fix it.
  22. Hello to all! I have a question: if i pre-order this awesome, beautiful game in Desura, may i get the key for steam-version after it's release?
  23. Well, I went to launch Desura to try and see if some solutions would work to fix Xenonauts' sideways display, but Desura wouldn't launch, and said it couldn't update. Thankfully I made a direct shorcut to the game, but when I tried even loading desura on my browser- nothing. Just an ending loading bar, then it couldn't connect. If it is down for everyone, please post and tell. Thanks, -Wolfy
  24. On desura - but I'm a steam guy and disagree with installing other clients on my computer. I'm fine with waiting untill xenonauts comes out though. I just want to be reassured that I can get it on steam since I got it on desura
  25. Xenonauts v8.2 was the first version I've downloaded. What would I need to do to download v8.3, and future versions, from Desura when they come out?
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