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  1. i selected community in the properties and then betas tab. It needs wine to play... otherwise it just does not run. But it works fine so far. only not the latest version
  2. In linux steam version is still 0.34.1
  3. Hello all! First i would like to say that the game is very good so far! i'm impressed with the work of such a small team of developers. it tottally maintains the spirit of the original and it's better than the new xcom in many things. One of things is the music, it is amazing, and for me its one of the more important aspects of a game and its difficult to see games with good music. Well here goes my suggestions: 1. I find difficult to use grenades, they have a short range and very small blast radius. 2. There should be more explosive ammunitions, its fun! 3. the improving of stats could be different. I also get improved tu's or accuracy and nothing else. I think there could be other factors to improve strengh and bravery. 4. im only in begging of game, but i don't like how we breach the small ufo. The flashbangs don't stop the aliens from shooting in next turn, they are weak, i always find better to shoot them, so the flashbangs become irrelevant. Sometimes there are 3 aliens inside and there is no way to not get shot at. Maybe there is some tactic i haven't figured out. also many times it seems weird that so many aliens com from that small ship... its like they are stuffed in there. Also i find kind of easy sometimes to guess where they can be, maybe the spawn points could be improved or more varied. 5. I know some maps are still to improve, but some have no cover at all, specially desert maps. And i almost don't get city maps. but maybe that's beggining. congratulations!
  4. pedrog

    Thoughts of the pirate on Piracy thread

    Sorry this I haven't seen... but maybe I will pirate it from web ... its probably from some suckers like paramount or some crap corporation
  5. pedrog

    Thoughts of the pirate on Piracy thread

    well i only found this in portuguese http://publico.pt/Cultura/estudo-espanhol-diz-que-musica-esta-cada-vez-mais-igual-1558020 this study the article refers to was made by CSIC, its some spanish public entity of investingation. i tried to search in other languages but i cant maybe if you make a translation of page to your language...
  6. pedrog

    Thoughts of the pirate on Piracy thread

    Well right now it is almost in strict accordance to Adam Smith! its funny because most people never read it, did you read it? But you are living it! you should start reading if you didn't because the bussiness models you are living now is very much enlightened by A.Smith and off course have much evolved to something even more unfair. There are some passages in his books that are pretty scary, but nothing that is not happening right now. Anarchists were repressed and killed by marxists, like lenin and trostky for example. it would be a good joke if it didn't show the ignorance about the society we live in. Did you ever read Marx? Do you know the difference between socialism and anarchism or libertarian socialism? Nevertheless I will leave with a quote by Adam Smith, he's simpling guessing the own future of his ideal system. “Wherever there is great property there is great inequality. For one very rich man there must be at least five hundred poor, and the affluence of the few supposes the indigence of the many. The affluence of the rich excites the indignation of the poor, who are often both driven by want, and prompted by envy, to invade his possessions.”
  7. pedrog

    Thoughts of the pirate on Piracy thread

    Well right the market is deciding who becomes rich and starves. The market off course is you and me. But the end results of that is arbitrary. So you have artists who work their asses off and get no money because their are not commercial. If you think that's fair that somebody works and gets no money for that then it is worthless to discuss. If you don't agree that people should starve even if they work, or that art is not all about commercial then we should discuss what system we want better. Not me general, but as all we all, as in our communities. Another thing to consider is the market becomes not even longer you and me, because there is marketing, and marketing makes those who have money able to convince people to buy things they don't need (im simply quoting marketing literature). The end result of that, is a few artists getting rich, and a large majority struggling to survive, or not being able to work in what they want. Other end result is the end of diversity in art. Go see recent studies on the diversity of music for example has marketing and markets evolve? The complexity of the music is dissapearing in commercial music, it all has the same kind of sound. The same happens with games. But considering we are living in the system of capitalism the a good way not to let this commercial products to obtain such richness is not buying them or pirating them. But it should be organized boycott and organized pirating (like it exists right now).
  8. pedrog

    Thoughts of the pirate on Piracy thread

    I think if we would discuss moral issue when we talk about piracy then we have to discuss ideology. to discuss ideology in this matter we would have to discuss capitalism. I for one, do not believe i should be feeding with money people who are already rich. As I believe art is the same, commercial or not, all artist should receive in somewhat similar way. So i do believe in what chris was talking about pirates that pirate only big companies. Also don't forget most money of you goes to marketing and owners of record companies or big game distribuitors in case of games. I don't think metallica, or britney spears need to get more money specially the bloodsuckers around them. It is unjust and eventhough I consider myself non-authoritarian socialist or anarchist i will quote a democrat Thomas Jeffersson, "If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.". So i believe there is a fair side to piracy even if it damages wealth. But i dont believe we should pirate small indie games, not that i find it imoral like some say, i just think we should support them so that they could live of what they do (normally they can't) and sometimes are forced to go into commercial art, instead of exploring their ownself. Just for you to see how unfair the big companies are. Most games 99% are not even available for linux, and these big companies only would need a bit of their time to port the games. But a small companies a lot of times do, like xenonauts, even if it takes some of their time with small members working for them. Its this commercial attitude that i think should be challenged. Big companies dont care about minorities, not in OS they use, or even game tastes. Its all about money, its not art anymore! Capitalism specially in art should be challenged right way, if we want to have diversity!
  9. pedrog

    Build V15 Released!

    I think it is still not there. there will be a linux version, but in the words of chris on first post: "- Linux Version: A Linux version of V14.11 is currently being set up on Desura. From when I get back, the Mac and Linux releases should be a bit more proven and we'll keep them synchronised better with the Windows versions." Meanwhile the game works in wine (just download the windows version) and use it in wine, i played it and no bugs except for the same you can see reported in windows, maybe with very reduced framerate, but in version 14 the framerate was at least 3 times better in wine.
  10. pedrog

    Holidays & V15 / beta

    I forgot also to ask when the linux port will be available.
  11. pedrog

    Holidays & V15 / beta

    I was actually thinking it would an enormous leap to go from this version 14 to beta anyways. And has for holydays I think it will be good for xenonauts, its good to get away for a while and come back stronger push for a proper beta release. It would be cool to have again the new milestone for next versions even if not sure about them, with features to be added like you did for 3 builds to beta. Also I would like to know if there will be new maps in this 15 version.
  12. Hi! I noticed a huge increase. I am using linux and the game through wine. When a larger map would come it would be really slow sometimes like 6fps. And now its around almost 30fps. I completelly changes the game! Nice work!!
  13. That was hilarious! At least one thing good made of this argument, you are funny. but if you said you also had to put on some x-ray glasses to see that there was no bones in my argument it would be the cherry on top of the cake. But you don't respect me at all? How old are you? are you old enough to play games envolving shooting? you don't know me, at best you don't respect piracy, or even my arguments. And why Im not serious? Im Captain Hook who came in the name of pirates to just enter here to fuck this conversation? What did I say to make you so upset? I really don't get it... really!? You can think im stupid or something, but keep it to yourself, or send me a private message if that makes you happy, but stop entering into personal attacks, it can get not very pleasant if you continue. But going back to the more serious matter piracy. I don't think all people that pirate have social concerns, or are warriors against large corporations. Actually most people do pirate, if all this people were conscious about the capitalism and big corporation evilness, then I think the system would have changed already. But I think that if you are conscious pirate, if you only pirate things from big corporations and support small business and artists with what you can give , I think this is the most conscious thing you can do right now in my opinion.
  14. Well if you think EA does not care about piracy look at this exchange of emails between pirate bay and EA: http://static.thepiratebay.se/ea_response.txt Piracy mostly hurts companies more than developers or artists. Just look at statistics i send before, a lot of artists believe in piracy and most believe it helps advertise their products, all companies think it is bad to piracy. But from one point you I think you are right, piracy makes the develop DRM and other kinds of stupid systems, damaging the consumer. This is something I think you have got a point. In someway there is a sort of similarity between this and patent seeds. For example in India is forbidden for farmers to save some of their own seeds because of patent violations (saving seeds is like making a copy of the seed). In reality this is a way for companies like monsanto to keep their income, because seeds have to be bought by farmers every year. There is a civil disobedience movement who rejects this law and saves seeds even if they can get arrested. Also companies invented what they call a terminator seed, which does not reproduce after the first crop. It reminds of the attempts for copy protection. Of course you can't compare this to games, i mean this farmers are poor, their are being completelly owned by corporations, and the social implications of this are devastating, including suicides of farmers who can't continue their living. But what this comes down to, is a think the anti-piracy law is outdated. It does not make any sense in todays world. Almost one hundred per cent of people who can pirate things, I bet even a lot of people who say are against it. Music, movies, whatever it is. I don't know anybody around me who does not pirate things, except for old people who don't access a computer. This business model is absolete, that is what is taking time for companies to understand because if they have no control, then artists, developers can be on their own and don't need to be under big distribuitions. Just look how many musicians now have their own record label? before it did not exist, musicians had to fight to get a contract for a record label, who then started controling their lifes and incomes. With the age of internet and file sharing this started to change. Systems like Kickstarter are great. However imoral some people think it is, and I think the discussion will not evolve in this part, the future I think will be that all music, games will be copy free. You just have to look how things happen, the only ones pushing on the contrary are big companies because their still living in the past because they need their absolete business model, and that's the only way they make money.