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  1. So far am enjoying this build. Just out of curiosity, is it expected that when one of my soldiers are behind a building or scenery, the walls don't fade so you can at least see the soldier, especially tricky when trying to sneak down the side of a wall. Cant figure out if they are going to travel along the wall, or end up using TU's by detouring..... Cheers!!
  2. This does sound pretty interesting! is there any chance you could post up some screenshots please?? Need to get a few days off work to sink my teeth back into the game! and give this mod a go!
  3. A well deserved Holiday guys n gals... have a great time off!
  4. Sulphy

    Xenonauts V1.0 Released!

    Awesome job guys!!!! Been a long time waiting for this day! Played around 2 hours of the release, and had a glitch where i couldnt esc to get a menu, didnt get any intercept notifications... had to ALT + F4 the game... but am loving it... reloading and gonna get some more game time! Congratulations again!
  5. Sulphy

    Kickstarter Goes Live!

    You have hit the $50k mark!!!! Well done guys!
  6. Sulphy

    V10.1 Released!

    Awesome job guys!!!!!!!!! new version updated..... and gettin ready to play!!!!!
  7. Sulphy

    Build V9.31 Released!

    Wow...... had a crappy couple of days, and didnt check any updates.... just got home from one heck of a day at work..... settle down with a cold beer in the hand, catch up on the internets.... and BOOM! what a nice surprise! Good job chaps! you deserve a pat on the back!!!!!! Now to get playing...!!!!!! This is just screaming along at the moment... you guys rock! Cheers ..... *glugglugglug*
  8. Sulphy

    Build V9.1 Released!

    Awesome news... now i cant wait to get home and download! Good job guys!
  9. Sulphy

    Where is build V9.1?

    Brilliant News Chris!!!! Loving it thus far, and most definitely looking forward to the next milestones! Keep the caffeine flowin and brain juices .... erm... flowin??? U guys deserve a good holiday once this puppy hits the shelves! At least know its going to knock socks off people...
  10. Sulphy

    Build V9 Released!

    Hence it is still in alpha, and us lucky guinea pigs get to test it as it progresses...
  11. Sulphy

    Build V8.9 Released!

    Awesome! that is something i am very much lookin forward to!
  12. Sulphy

    Build V8.9 Released!

    Build 8.9 is awesome! .... only glitch i got was a civilian that was half in / half out of a building when a new mission started...! with headphones on, some of the new music in a mission was creepy as heck... great stuff!
  13. Sulphy

    Build V8.9 Released!

    That is ..... wicked!!!!!
  14. Sulphy

    Build V8.6 Released!

    It means Desura has authorised build 8.6 for download...
  15. Sulphy

    Build V8.5 Released!

    Awesome news! And for the first time... EVER, Desura actually did manage to update the game without issues! Looking forward to playing me sum more xenonauts!