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  1. What the title asks. I'd like to, if possible. I tried using the search but I couldn't come up with anything specific to my case. Sorry if its a repost.
  2. I pre-orded the game (premium edition) ages ago on Desura, but never bothered to try and connect my Desura account to this forum until now. I tried to connect through Desura, but it takes me to a broken webpage (on this site) and I can't confirm the linking of the accounts. Am I doing something wrong or is it no longer possible to link the accounts? I'm using Firefox if that's relevant.
  3. So i've been reading a few posts here and there and i'm having issue that should have fixed in 18.3 or 18.4. (Like not being able to see inside crashed ship. Sometimes in big building like the big mall. Half the time anyways.) Is it just desura breaking the game? I've bought and downloaded the game few days ago, 18.4 was already out. I've verified the game 5 times and reinstalled the game once. Did the bug come back for everyone or im just victim of desura handing out random builds? I can't play the game for 30 min without a severe bug or 2 hours without a game breaking bug (like losing all my cash trying to build the second vehicle, or air battle simply... breaking)? Basically, i'm asking if there is something more i can do, or if thats the current state of the game? EDIT: Just noticed the launcher says v18 HF1 4April, is that relevant? My enemies do barrel rolls so i assume this mean i got 18.4 HF1, or should i just ignore this?
  4. Hello, I can't seem to connect this forum account to my purchase due to an error in the form templating: I pre-ordered back in January 2012. Any help appreciated.
  5. I'm having issues with Desura. I can't install xenonauts on my computer. I had 9.2. It constantly fails after verify when it tries to download. Mcf errors i believe. Sent ticket in but it might be a while. So posting to see if anyone has any solutions. Not at home posting from my smart phone
  6. I used to frequent these forums on an hourly basis, waiting oh so patiently for beta to happen and to have more to do within the game. Somewhat fortunately my mind convinced me to forget about the game and just wait a while. I heard someone mention the game today whilst i was taking a train journey. It set me off thinking.. "Hey.. didn't i buy that game?" well, i downloaded Desura again and i'm so pleased that i did indeed pre-order it! On Desura, the game is still listed as "Xenonauts Alpha", is it safe to presume that's just a small error and that the 4.5 gb download is indeed up to date?
  7. I have slow Internet at home. I already installed Xenonauts (Desura version) on my laptop. Is there a way I can copy the installer to my desktop now without having to re-download the whole thing?
  8. I never played the original Xcom games but I really like X-COM EU. The problem with it though is I feel there is too much focus on the combat and not enough choices when it comes to the macro level of the game. Also, I don't really like how the AI acts on the battlefield at all times, making really strange choices sometimes. Personally I like the graphics I have seen so far in Xenonauts (starting your gaming experience with Nintendo 8-bits kinda does that). So all in all I'm looking for a little deeper experience than X-COM EU, will I get it with Xenonauts? EDIT: Also, I never heard of Desura before. I have quite a lot of games on Steam, any reason I shouldn't get the Steam key?
  9. may not be the best place to ask, but i'm a newb to the whole down load game scene. will i need to be online to play xeno after the down load is done? i'm heading overseas soon and will have limited internet, if any at all for online game play just wnted to know how much time to invest or to just wait until i get back to play. thanks
  10. To be honest, at first I wanted to use some other adjective than "less than optimal", but then I thought that I would probably be scolded if I started to swear. Anyway, using the Desura updater is painful (at least for me). First it takes 45 minutes or so to verify the files, before the actual download starts. Then the download stops after 25%-50% with some "connection lost" error message. Which leads Desura back to checking the files (45 minutes again) and starting the download again. And after ~3 hours this had happened three times and I gave up in despair I well aware that this might not be Xenonauts fault in any way, after all it is the Desura updater, but since this is my only game on Desura, I elected to place my rant on this forum. Lucky goldhawkinteractive!
  11. Seems like I have about a 50/50 chance of getting game updates. Why is the game saying it has an update if the update is not available on the download servers?! This happened the last time Xeno had an update as well. First rule: don't say there's an update unless the update is available on the server and all the servers. Big waste of my time. I'm wasting more of it by posting this error log. Might be out of goldhawk's control BUT they should report this feedback. Here's the error log: 13:44 WebGet: 1 Error: No more download servers to use. [60.0].13:44 Mcf Server error: Couldn't resolve host name (NULL/mcf) [Could not resolve host: NULL; No data record of requested type] [58.6] [NULL]13:44 Mcf download thread errored out. Id: 1, Error: Couldn't resolve host name (NULL/mcf) [Could not resolve host: NULL; No data record of requested type] [6]13:44 WebGet: 1 Error: No more download servers to use. [60.0].13:44 Mcf Server error: FTP: unknown PASV reply (ftp://us5.dl.desura.com:62003/mcf) [bad PASV/EPSV response: 451] [58.13] [mcf://us5.dl.desura.com:62003]13:44 Mcf download thread errored out. Id: 2, Error: FTP: unknown PASV reply (ftp://us5.dl.desura.com:62003/mcf) [bad PASV/EPSV response: 451] [13]13:44 WebGet: 2 Error: No more download servers to use. [60.0].13:44 Error in MCF download: All server connections failed. 13:44 13:44 Please check you are connected to the internet13:44 and try again or check console for more info. [59.0]13:44 There was an error during the MCF download process and it has been stopped.: All server connections failed. 13:44 13:44 Please check you are connected to the internet13:44 and try again or check console for more info. [59.0] My other similar post: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/3412-no-mirrors-on-desura?p=41114#post41114
  12. Hi there, As many others I had pre-ordered the game before desura, and for some reason could not get back to it until now. Basically the proof of purchase was acknowledged by goldhawk (hence the badge), but then I'm stuck. I have also created a desura account. However I did not receive any e-mail or desura notification, and obviously desura does not think I own the game. If I'm not mistaken , I did not receive any mail just after the switch to desura either (but it was a long time ago, maybe it went to the trash bin by mistake after all). Anyway, I've spent quite a bit of time doing research on these forums and could not find a definite answer to my problem. I apologize if the issue was already raised a couple of times, but still I'm dead in the water. Any idea before I bother Chris with an e-mail? Thanks in advance.
  13. downloading this game is the first time I've come across desura, I've never been a fan of having to be connected to the internet to play single player games but I guess that's a sign of the times. That being said it seems I can't get it to run the game again and I find that half the time i don't know if it's a problem with the game or that there is a problem with desura. what's your thoughts guys ??
  14. OK, so I suspect Desura has hit breaking point with our latest version (Build V16.1). The mirrors issue that meant nobody could download the game yesterday was caused by my uploads to the branch being corrupted. It seems that Desura is crashing when it's generating the updates on my PC, and when these files are uploaded they cause the mirrors issue. Thus we've rolled back V16.1 to V16. The Desura guy is going to upload the patch from his end tomorrow and try to get it working. It may be a minor issue causing this, or it may simply be their upload system has melted under the sheer weight of files in our game. Please just use the standalones for the next few days. We are working on a permanent fix for the Desura client, but all the solutions are a bit drastic. Essentially the problem is that when Desura updates the game, it performs an MD5 check on every file in the player's file directory to see if it needs to be updated. Because we have so many files, this takes a very long time and often causes crashes. My wider concern with this is that I think Steam works in a similar manner. It's more than possible that Steam would be having similar issues if we were using them, because games simply don't have 80,000 files in them these days. It's a result of us using a woefully inadequate game engine which we don't have the source code for, and it'll only get worse when we add in all of the alien sprites for beta. Two things we're looking at to potentially fix it up: 1) I'm talking to our ground combat programmer about consolidating all the files into a a few big single files. I'm not sure this will be possible, but if so it's clearly the best option. Not having access to the engine source code means what would be straightforward on other projects is not so here. 2) The first time you download the game on Desura is absolutely fine because the MD5 checks aren't needed. In an emergency, we can just set Desura to download a full new copy of the game every time there's an update. This is our fallback option (it also means that if the game is really stable when we release it on Steam and no patches are needed, the number of files won't be an issue). The post-install unzip system we proposed recently doesn't look like it'd help the situation at Desura's end, unfortunately. Anyway, my main concern here is the sheer number of people who don't read the forums etc and are buying the game and not having it work. It's really not a good place for us to be in, and we'll get it sorted one way or another in the near future. For those curious about Steam, I did check with them and their position is still that they'll only sell the game when it goes gold (ie. when it's finished).
  15. Desura keeps telling me there are no mirrors available, I've been trying every 5 minutes or so for 90 minutes. Is anyone else having this problem?
  16. I want to pre-order Xenonauts. Do I need to register again/separately on Desura?
  17. I purchased Xenonauts over a year a go and played it back then, but haven't since. My question is where do I download the current version and/or recover my pre-order? I might have missed a trick so apologies if this should be obvious!
  18. Let me first say that I'm sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum to be posting in. So, I paid into the standard preorder a while back and directly downloaded 14.1 (or something like that) of Xenonauts. It actually worked well and good (it was quite enjoyable, of course) so no worries there. The issue came with me trying to connect it to Desura. Namely, it -is- connected with Desura, but it does not acknowledge me as owning it. The sidebar on both the Desura client and website simply has a buy button. Is this normal, or is it just acting up on me? I was, however, more than able to link it from Desura to my forum profile. This is my first time posting on the forums, mostly because I just lurk in the backgrounds, but I wanted to get it all settled out for the v16 that's coming along. Is there any way that I can avoid having to pay for the alpha again? I wouldn't mind, as it is more than worth the money as it stands now, but I certainly would avoid it if I could. That all aside, this really is a great game! I grew up with X-Com so, after years and years, it is awesome to have something that (in my mind) is even an better build of it. So, thanks for the help!
  19. Is Xenonauts going to eventually be released with no DRM whatsoever? I'm interested in supporting this game, but can't do so in good conscience as long as it's tied to a DRM system like Steam or Desura (and, yes, those are DRM systems). I would just like to have a game I can install on a computer with no internet connection and play without having to log into any sort of account or have to worry about "product activation" whenever I buy a new computer or computer part. Is this going to be possible when the game is released? (PS: It's hard to search the forums for "drm" when that word is rejected by the forums as being too short to search for :-P )
  20. Hi All, Being an avid fan of the Xcom series I have been watching the progression of this title for a while and finaly bit the proverbial bullet this evening and purchased it. Firstly let me say that I think the game is a superb, updated recreation of the original that I wasted many hours of my youth playing when I should have been revising for GCSE's! Only one complaint. This is my first experience of Desura and its not a happy one. Its confusing, too complicated, and when I finaly worked out how to download the game after spending my hard earned cash it managed a measly 500kbs on my 60MB cable connection. Chris, im sure there hosting of the game is relatively cheap, however to coin a phrase, "You's gets what you's pays for". Rant over. Thanks for creating an authentic replica and bringing back so many memories of a misspent youth! Cudos!
  21. So, up to this point I've had no issues with Desura. I'm a premium pre-order purchaser (Kickstarter). Last night I verified my files like I normally do to make sure I had the latest 14.1. After that when I clicked "Play" and now it's demanding that I purchase the game (again) for $19.99...HELP!
  22. I am at a loss, so please, help me to understand. I purchased Xenonauts yesterday, then went to Desura to install it. After spending an hour and a half, it finally downloaded, but then had errors in the file. So, I go to uninstall it and re-download it, another hour and a half later, more errors. After a third time of uninstall and re-download, it seemed to be up and running, yet unable to get past a loading screen. So, ONCE AGAIN, uninstall and re-download... the pattern is a little upsetting, as you may imagine. Am I missing something, or is this the standard that Desura was shooting for? If this is not a Desura issue, then maybe a second question... When I was able to get the game installed (or so I thought), the game went to the screen where you select the Quick Battle and so forth. I went for full game... then the screen comes up where you are to select a base location... it's blank. No map, just a cursor that allows the movement of the mouse and some small writing about Anchorage/United States. No matter how long I allow it to sit, the map never shows, and if I select the Anchorage/United States option, the screen gets all garbled. So I guess my second question is this... what am I doing wrong? Here are some stats of my machine from Belarc Advisor... Processor: 2.20 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 Board: ASUSTek Computer INC. Amberine M 1.03 RAM: 3072 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 Graphics Driver: 301.42 Audio: Creative SB X-Fi Thank you for your time and for looking into this. It seems like a great game, at least, what I was able to see of others playing it via youtube. Have a blessed day, -kmkenpo
  23. So, a lot of people are having Desura MCF issues with the download - I've had a lot of Desura messages and a lot of emails / forum messages about it. I've had a chat to the Desura folks and they've said they're working on a patch to make the issue better, but it won't necessarily fix it completely. In the meantime, you can log into Desura and download the standalone files here: http://www.desura.com/games/xenonauts The problem is because their system isn't that great at handling LOTS of small files, and thanks to a combination of the tiles and the sprites, Xenonauts has LOADS of small files. Unfortunately this problem is only going to get worse until we hit beta (when all the units are in the game). That's what you get for using dated tech - but it's far too late into development for us to change our setup. We'll use a better engine next time around though. Apologies for the difficulties it is causing everybody!
  24. I posted a bug report on Desura as well http://www.desura.com/groups/desura/forum/thread/unable-to-download-xenonauts-premium-alpha
  25. I see some enterprising people have been bugging Desura about the MCF error issue. You can find Desura's response here, but there seems to be a three-step process. (The below is a paraphrase of Desura's guidance. Please don't rag on me for things Desura says) Step 1. Delete the cache. The cache can be found in /Desura/Cache/ . Then when deleted, do a clean re-install. If fail. Step 2. Check permissions. Do you have admin access. Wil your firewall grant access? Is your hard drive alright? If fail. Step 3. Download the standalone.
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