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  1. You should indeed listen to the TrashMan, the only thing worse then civilians burning, is the trash aflame and spreading its wonderful odor everywhere nearby. p.s. I leave for a few months and this happens. Wow! p.p.s Yes, Let this thread arise from its ashes (banked coals perhaps?) like a Phoneix! <insert evil maniacal laughter here>
  2. Yeah Steam is confirmed. Unsure as yet if you have to use it for the physical copy, but most likely yes.
  3. Ok, I think that if Chris can due to kickstarter or whatever, That doing female soliders is easily feasible. As far as I remember from xcom, you could barely tell which solider was male vs female anyways except for the death scream and base view. Oh the haircut. Bleh yeah that was the difference, Guile vs Ponytail. So, I might be forgetting how male the ingame sprites are. But I think we can get away with female baseview characters and portraits/names. And the death screams of course. Can't not have the death screams...
  4. Attempting update now. God Desura, don't fail me now Noo, Why do you fail me!?
  5. Okey dokey. Can't wait, seems like corvette might a multifloor ship to investigate. It is 2 floors high afterall. Also, I had 2 guys standing in the ship for at least 5 turns, didn't end turn till I went and killed the alien off to the NW. Is the capture ship via hold for 5 turns not implemented?
  6. Do you have to have ap reserved with the reserve slider for Reaction shots to work? Or can I just have a guy sitting there with full ap, no reserve set and it should work?
  7. If you need another solider name, throw me in the grinder Also, I noticed that your videos seem to chug and play. Assume your playing the DOS version of this? If I might suggest, try doing your setup like this guy did his LP. It ran so beautifully.
  8. I dunno, I do like the way Firaxis XCOM is implementing this. Its a hail of bullets that last until your next turn. Which makes sense. If someone walks thru were there is a hail of bullets going thru, there is a good chance of getting hit by said bullets. Which is the point. Remember, this is a turnbased game, and all these actions on our turns is.. er.. well sorta happening at the same time but not... So the action of a suppression is not just a short 3 second firing, its a long drawn out storm of hellfire and brimstone in your general direction.
  9. Cool Beans. On a side note, I've noticed you can't see what is on other levels unless you ARE on that level. For example, I can't see the top of the corvette downed ship unless my guy is on the 2nd level. And if they leave the 2nd level to go to 1st OR 3rd, I no longer can see the 2nd level view of the top of the corvette ship. And yes, I toggle the TGL RF button to see if that is the issue. Another minor thing =)
  10. So, Any Idea what the plan is for wall blocking the visual of my soldiers and Aliens? Anytime you have an entity next to a wall/building on the NW or NE facings, its is near impossible to see them. And when you are moving a solider for example down the sidewalk on the NE facing, you can't see the colored blocks denoting the movement costs/reserve left over. I would assume this would need to have a way to have walls cut away when there is someone there, but that would be too obvious when there is an Alien standing there. perhaps .. I dunno actually
  11. I honestly can't remember doing a Day mission in a long time. So Night
  12. Perhaps. I've done 2 missions now with down corvettes (Not counting my multiple attempts at the same one) and both had missing floors. One in Industrial, and one in the farmlands.
  13. I didn't know this! Thanks, at the least I can be quick about using it!
  14. I'd been wondering about this. It was annoying me to keep logging in, Thanks!
  15. Very Suspicious.