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    UFO: Afterlight

    I played probably 100 hours into that. It's a bit Play-Skool in its presentation but I really like the combat (pausable real-time). There's a bunch of mods for it, I'd recommend getting one. For $1.40? Hell yeah.
  2. Well they're both photons, so yes. That's... no. Not what happens. Long story short: if you're a photon, some things are essentially invisible to you and some are not. Here: https://www.fnal.gov/pub/inquiring/questions/mikep.html
  3. You realize that I didn't say they couldn't be directional? All I said was that they aren't line of sight - meaning they can go through walls. Anyway, my point with radio was that whatever magic powers psionic powers there's no reason for it to be line of sight -- since I have to assume it isn't happening via photons. If it _is_ photons (if you want to take the rather unadvisable step of actually explaining psionics) then you have to explain how they get through the skull but can't get through any object between the target and sender. I think if you're gonna go handwavey just do it and don't try to explain things away.
  4. Sounds silly, but I don't think this is unreasonable. Psionics should be a "HOLY HELL WTF" moment at first and then the science team should get a handle on it and then come up with armor upgrades ("Psi Hardened Helmet") that you have to build out. Also, making psionics be only LOS seems sorta silly to me. Do they operate over laser beam? Even radio waves aren't line of sight. Feels hacky.
  5. I think the decision on psionics is to a) fix them b) play it c) balance. Psionic is pretty broken now.
  6. > that they work anywhere on the map right now Oh, yes, yes indeed that's what's happening.
  7. I've said this before but I think it bears repeating: 1. You need to be able to issue orders to your soldiers that only non-lethal methods will be used on comrades who are controlled. It seems highly unlikely that people would shoot their friends the instant they became mind controlled. 2. There needs to be some sort of research tied into psionic resistance. I'm thinking it should be triggered by the capture of the alien leader. If neither of those happen I think I'll just play with the nerfed psi powers (or turned off).
  8. > not interested in any negative opinions..... will ignore them, In other words, "please join my hating circle jerk". No. If you actually had game industry experience, this post might be worthwhile. But I doubt you do, so this is just the whining of a child.
  9. Or just do status effect icons -- you know, like every other game since M.U.L.E.
  10. A coupla smacks on the back of the head with the butt of a rifle would do it.
  11. My top complaint with the Valk: I have no clue which direction I'm heading after I place my troops. That's just a bit important. Using the Valk should mean you see more of the map around the drop zone. Actually (and I've said this before) I think the map should be visible but FOW'd when you land. You just flew over the site in a helicopter -- yet have no idea where the UFO is. Wat.
  12. wcanyon

    the game needs autosave

    Do you work in tech support? Sounds like "Works on my MachineTM"
  13. I find that when I have a guy in a squad and he gets controlled by aliens it goes like this: 1. set up squad to wait for aliens to come around a corner 2. one dude gets alien controlled 3. he shoots at a squaddie 4. several squaddies shoot back, killing him Basically there's a 50% chance that alien-controlled dude won't make it to the end of the turn. How would a soldier tell the difference between someone alien controlled and someone who's just berserking? Why would people instantly start firing on their friends once the realize they are alien-controlled? As a commander I should be able to give an order that alien-controlled soldiers can only be dispatched with non-lethal means. The whole thing strains suspension of disbelief too much.