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    Build V18.51 Released!

    Hmm... i wonder if p2p was ever considered. Would of been much faster than waiting for Desura, alright...
  2. Virosa

    Build V18.51 Released!

    Working around not having access to research and manufacturing? I'd like to see that! I never noticed any flickering, good thing, if there was and would have noticed it i would have murdered puppies to the kitty god.
  3. Indeed, i don't know why Chris did it, its prolly for the nostalgia factor. Still the principle remain removing the HM in Xenonaut would mean more work and i'll go with what choice he or whatever Dev makes. Xenonaut already has enough redeeming factors...
  4. Virosa

    French Translation

    Or use a more standardized version of French. Anyhow it might not be a problem if its just descriptions and terms. Since there is no dialog, afaik, there probably shouldn't be conflicting expressions.
  5. No you're twisting what i'm saying, again. I'm saying to slam a HM screen in front was probably, originally, a simple and cheap skimp fix that was used as a short cut so there would be less coding to do to hide the fact that without that HM screen, you would be able to see camera movements revealing locations of enemies and such. Its not just aesthetics, because removing the HM screen would mean more work. Thank you.
  6. Virosa

    Build V18.51 Released!

    What Gaud says: Don't use Desura Client. I don't, its not healthy for my computer
  7. Well a compromise could be... if the original xcom was a full screen blind and it was written "Hidden Movements" then you could do a more modern version, (more pratical) screen that is more of an overlay and still read "Hidden Movements". I think this game was said to be "highly inspired by" i did not see "purposely simplified for the sake of being a clone to the original". I think the only reasons to do the later is to please the nostalgia factor of people who played the original back then(whether its a good feature or not) and that is sadly a minority of the market this game will be threw in~
  8. You got problem with NINJAS?! Sorry, i had to.
  9. The amount of rockets you can carry is already limited, i wouldn't want to -1 on that. Best is to get it working as intended~
  10. Yeah with the X% chance of hitting an obstacle on its way, lol. I've had grenadier blow up a grenade in his face because he hit a partial cover. Short of dropping the grenade at his feet, that would of been impossible~ Currently i dont use grenade because they are basically bad(unaccurate/weak) version of rockets. The point of grenade is to throw over and around obstacles and its definitively not the case here! At the very least grenades should be 99% base accuracy or something lol
  11. Yeah i dont know about sniper but LMGs are heavy, lol. It could be a good fix that the penalty is only for "heavy" weapons and having otherwise 1 item in both hand already Like having a combat shield + a pistol would definitively be troublesome to use a grenade but shotgun/rifle not really. I dont know if the value for grenade TU penalty is hardcoded but if its a by weapon thing in the xml, this would make of a excellent and easy balance mod Edit: Oh and to be able to do this for shit and giggles : Thats what i call supressive fire!
  12. Virosa

    Build V18.51 Released!

    When the AI try to digs its way through a wall to shoot you when it see you through another alien that can see you? Also, since my bandwidth is nearing cap, could someone please give me/us a green light that this is indeed stable-ish? (i mean that the turn hang, no research and such other known game breaking bug isint omni present? )
  13. There is that bug where if the battle end during the alien's turn, it CTD when you try to return to geoscape after the battle has ended. If that was the case, worry no longer
  14. Indeed. Tho i have to specify, when i mean HM, i mean blind, any variation of a HM where its transparent or allow to "see" through is what i refer to when saying non-HM. Thing is, i suspect the reason of existing for the HM was in first place to hide things such as (cheap coding of) camera giving away hints that shouldn't be given. Now that we're in 2013... well, maybe doing everything old school isint that good. I don't think proper sound and "what information you should and not should be able to gather from the enemy's turn" should be skimped. Recalcitrant dev or not.