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  1. I do very well with my troops in most situations, but I am constantly losing guys left and right in alien bases and ships. I'm curious as to what other people's strategies are for taking out the alien scum while keeping your boys and girls alive. Pic related, I'm in the game now, still contemplating if I should open that door or get back to the choppa and run away like a pansy.
  2. Hello I have been playing the game on the most recent version and found that after building my third base in the second month by income dropped drastically, due to a combo of: 1:rising costs for said bases and staff(any advice on how to manage this would be helpful) 2: having trouble in taking out UFO's (I saw several posts about air combat but still would like some tips on dealing with the fighters and medium UFO's that appear around month 3, also what is your favorite load out of aircraft per base? I use the condor, condor, foxtrot per base) leading to dropped funding Because of these reasons my income would drop to around 300 thousand a month making it very difficult to make a 4th base which leads to less air coverage and that means less downed UFO's which means less money, etc. I have played about 3 games so far all of them end in stagnation in the third month as I lose air superiority(the UFOs come in waves and I cant handle them all due to refueling times and refitting times) Also where do you place bases to cover the globe the most? currently I place my starter base in north east egypt, following with a immediate 2nd base in Hong-Kong area, then when the 2nd month happens i make a third base in america, at this point i get into a money problem as the costs for crew,planes, and facilities in all bases makes it very expensive(i keep a bunch of meat shields in each base for base assaults). i usually rush buy more labs and scientists to get faster tech (sadly you cant manufacture laser cannons for money anymore). I am asking for a criticism of my strategy, and how i can do better in any of these, either in links to other informative posts or helpful posts. Thank you in advance( and sorry for the long post) EDIT: Forgot is there anything upgrades for the foxtrot? I did some file diving and found none
  3. I tried using smoke grenades, but it seems that even if I throw it right in front of the door (before opening the UFO doors that is) it won't spread inside the UFO, so the guys who opens the door is still vulnerable. What do you guys do? Shields seem to work decently against the Caesans but not against the Sebilians.
  4. Hi all I am having some trouble when it comes time to breach a ufo. If i pop smoke on my guys then they cant hit the aliens inside. if I dont pop smoke the front guys die to reaction fire. How do you go about the breach and clear? Thanks!
  5. I've referenced in several threads now that you can completely negate Heavy Fighter escorts by outflying them, but I never really went into detail on it so here it is. The basic strat is to have enough Foxes to kill the escorted ship with a single volley, light the afterburners, and directly at it. Just before entering the Fighters' missile range pause, then order your Foxes to execute a 90 degree turn. This will give them enough transverse velocity to dodge the incoming missiles. If you time it correctly the torpedoes will also barely be able to fire (works better with higher tiers as they have longer range). If a torpedo doesn't fire, generally you can burn out of cannon range and then still get your torp off. Then simply fly straight away from the Fighter and disengage. The crash site will spawn and the fighters will despawn from the Geoscape once their escortee is gone. Here's a quick video demonstration. One of these days I'll start adding audio commentary. [video=youtube_share;oskuOx0VGzw]
  6. I used to think heavy plasmas were the most overpowered thing the world of gaming has ever seen melting any armor like butter but now that I'm using the experimental build.... *Opens the door* *Grenades the 2 sebilian guys in front of me, smoke, charge, end turn* *1 sebilian uses a grenade, 90 damage, instant kill my shield dude, another one comes from the side and shoots with a plasma cannon which used to do no damage at all, 200+(!) damage, half the squad is bleeding*... I'm fairly sure this is a lost playthrough now.
  7. what the ♥♥♥♥ am i suposed to do vs ANDRON bases? pic related http://imgur.com/6YKw7j8 i cant flashbang them, their androns i cant supress them some other way i cant open fire and eat a full set of reaction fire from THREE androns at close range. i will lose half my party. I have save scummed and tried. I cant open the door and blast it with rockets from a distance down the hallway. no rockets left, used them all on the preceeeding rooms. at BEST i can stand way back in the hall way, fill it with smoke, crack the door, then slowly creep forward pushing the smoke out. this continues until the androns are inside the smoke themself; then 1 of 3 things can happen 1. The andron moves from cover, takes 3 steps, sees my guy, stops, and uses remaining tu to shoot him at point blank. 2. the andron camps in cover, i move forward one tile at a time, when i reveal him he gets reaction fire(the same reaction fire i dont get when he walks up on me) and kills my guy at point blank 3. i use the smoke to manuver into the room, but avoid the androns, once inside i begin spraying into the smoke hoping to hit at random tiles where i think they MIGHT still be. this burns tons of ammo that i really dont have. esp if i need to do this room AGAIN on the other side of the base with the commander even using smoke in this manner is going ot eat 6-8 smokes. So seriously... What the ♥♥♥♥ am i suposed to do vs androns? just eat it up and die? if that is the case then i will just have 2 or 3 guys turn C4 on to 1 turn then rush them. itd be just as effective as anything else i am trying
  8. Hi all, I've uncovered my first alien base up in Canada (a small Sebilian base)... and duly died horribly when attempting to assault it. After the entry room and corridor there's a firing squad of aliens waiting behind a wall. I find that their reaction fire kills rifle/assault guys so have switched a rocket barrage to clear these first defenders, but the defenders just keep on coming from deeper in the base. What are your tactics to clear the first room and then proceed onto the other rooms? At what kind of tech level do you consider taking on a base?
  9. This is early game. I researched the Foxtrot in a hurry only to find out it has no cannon. Anything better than a Light Scout I can't seem to handle with the Condors. Any advice would be appreciated, or if there's a thread on this topic already point me in that direction. Thanks!
  10. Can anyone explain how to shoot down 3 fighters aliens?
  11. i have my troops set up by the door like this DOOR T-----TTT T-----TTT one of the Troops opens the door.. we see enemies we toss in smokes so they can't reaction fire at what they can't see then we toss in a bunch of stuns and move in. this is the safest way I've found to enter a UFO what do you guys think? what are your strategies? EDIT i don't bother with shields waste of space ATM. and so far i find that my troops are either snipers OR Stunners. stunners are equipped with a pistol with lots of ammo and a ton of non-lethal grenades(smokes; stuns; flash-bangs; shock ) i found no use from any other weapon types. i only use Sniper rifles and pistols
  12. I've found that what works best for me is to go with two bases, one as a "real" base, the other as just an interceptor base, built in the second month, with nothing else going on really. I keep 5-6 planes in each and I usually have only one foxtrot in each base until it is replaced with Marauder. I'm able to shoot down most of the UFOs this way. Doing this is the only way I've been able to ever get far enough to research everything AND unlock the final mission before the UFO waves and country unhappiness gets out of hand. Are people making it work with just one base? Are you guys doing well enough to sustain three bases? I haven't had much luck with any other strategy.
  13. I have made it farther in my current game then ever before. Money has become tight, with income barely outpacing expenditures; however those dang large alien bases are popping up like freaking mushrooms. North America alone has five of them. Any advice here? My central American base is just being inundated by a constant stream of alien ships, I have lost air supremacy.
  14. Well just got as far as having carriers, bombers and strike cruisers start showing up, I have a total of 9 condors with alenium and lasers and a pair of foxtrots with alenium torps. Any suggestions for dealing with the big stuff or am I boned?
  15. Hi guys. Sometimes if you are in a alianbase, some alian takes the mind from your soldier and he becames your enemie, like he is deat. So what can i do exept to shoot him of course, because i dont want to lose him. There are to optians i think, but i dont know if this work. 1. finde the alian who has take the mind from soldier and kil this alian to get my soldier back. 2. or stun my soldier and hope that after the mission he is still alive and in my team. Especially the 2. method is very intresting but i dont know if this works or not. And before I fonde out it myself i wont to ask you guys. Do you know if its work or not? Thanks for all answers in advance. Safe the wales. Peace
  16. One of the more interesting things I've seen on these boards is that there seems to be a large divide between those that feel air combat is incredibly difficult, and those that feel it is completely trivial. In the interest of bridging that divide and generating some discussion on air combat itself, I've decided to throw up this post sharing my tactics and how I win at air combat without ever taking damage from alien craft. I'm not saying this is the only way to play or necessarily even the best, just that it works 100% of the time as long as you properly execute it. Foxtrots are your friends. They render Condors and Corsairs completely obsolete, and as such are the only aircraft I build until Marauders are available. They are also highly cost efficient, and should never be down for repairs unless you screw up. I generally operate with 3 per base. We will also only be using torpedos, as they have more damage and range than sidewinders. Additionally, keeping your explosives upgraded is of paramount importance and probably the most important research in the game. Whenever a new tier is available, always always always research alien power source/reactor/etc immediately followed by the explosives upgrade (or alenium in the early game). There are really only two tactics we will use, jousting and kiting. Jousting is flying straight at the enemy at minimum speed and just killing them before they enter firing range. Kiting involves having one plane fly away from the enemy at a fast enough speed to not be caught while the other two fire and then disengage. The final element we will use is staggering our fire, which is less a tactic and more a simple mechanical skill. Staggered fire seems complex, but is actually very simple. Alien craft will always roll a set distance, however they will not roll far enough to leave a Foxtrot's firing arc and their roll will not cooldown fast enough for them to avoid a second, properly timed shot. To properly perform this maneuver versus any alien Fighter, simply drop your speed to minimum, target the fighter, and switch one torpedo to "red" (not firing) status. Then unpause and approach the Fighter until it enters range and the torpedo fires. Feel free to tap the pause key until the missile nears the Fighter and forces it to roll. Wait until the Fighter finishes it's roll, and then fire the second torpedo as soon as it finishes (pause may be useful, especially in groups with multiple fighters). If you engaged a group that includes escorts and a larger ship that you do can not safely kill with your remaining torpedos, retreat (avoiding afterburner use if possible to conserve fuel) and then return with a second wave to kill the main ship. Jousting is the simplest maneuver to perform, simply reduce your speed and fly directly at the enemy ship. Torpedos have slightly longer range than most UFOs, so you have just enough time to fire and kill the enemy ship before it will be able to fire at you. This maneuver should only be performed against ships you have enough firepower to kill, as it will leave you very exposed to enemy fire should you fail to kill it. Two alenium torpedos will kill a bomber, six plasma torpedos will kill a Cruiser. I do not remember the numbers needed to kill medium UFOs off the top of my head, and will edit them in later. Lastly, we have kiting. This is best performed after escorts (if any) have been killed off. Simply order your craft to fly in different directions from each other, and see which one the UFO will turn and chase. Have the one being chased maintain enough speed in a safe direction to avoid being fired on while the other two close to firing range and attack, then retreat all three aircraft (being careful to not have the kiting plane leave the combat zone at a time that would cause the UFO to turn around and have a new target in range). This allows you to safely fire four torpedos, which is generally enough to take out most targets in two flights (8 alenium torpedos will kill a cruiser, so you can joust on your second engagement). This takes longer and consumes more fuel than jousting, so it should only be used on targets that can not be killed head-on. And there you have it, these basic tactics can reliably get you at least until Feb without suffering any aircraft losses if you execute them correctly.
  17. How do you shoot down a Corvette with Condors and Foxtrots? I have 2 Foxtrots and 3 Condors. Suddenly a bunch of UFOs appear just before the end of October. Two of them are mediums and others are fighters, and one of the mediums is escorted. I havew never seen a medium alien ship before. So I send a Foxtrot and 2 Condors after the unescorted medium. The Corvette goes for my condors, so I send the Foxtrot to the side and the 2 Condors right at the Corvette. The latter shoots a missile and the Condor dodges it, he shoots a missile at the second Condor who also dodges it. My Condors arrive at range and shoots a missile which is dodged. I shoot the rest of my Condor missiles which hit, and the Corvette shoots back. I have no more dodges left and one of my Condors is destroyed. The other runs away having no more missiles. In the meantime, my Foxtrot comes in from the side, shoots a missile which is dodged then hits with the other missile, but the Corvette shoots down the Foxtrot which has no dodge ability. My surviving but damaged condor gets away, but I have lost a Foxtrot and a Condor and the Corvette is still flying. So how the heck does one down an alien medium ship? Maybe I should have sent two Foxtrots and 3 Condors? There are still 3 alien fleets flying around and a terror base to boot, and sending Charlie there is asking for them to be shot down by all the fighters swarming around... Henri
  18. just kidding Hello everyone, this is my first time i post here, i bought the access to the game a week ago and i couldnt stop playing it, but now, i'm concerned by some fact and i started being frustrated by some other things. First off i'm using the stable build V8 , my main problem i think is the difficulty, or rather, the Aliens tend to snowball a little too fast: I admit i may lacking of skills and the capacity to better maximize the effectiveness of my base and resources and i tend to focus on improve the main base instead of perhaps building other bases in the globe, after a couple of months, while i'm virtually with a lot of good weapons, veichles and Aircraft (manage to get both the tank and the corsair in november), i start to lose control of the Nations and starting to waste a lot of income and money because obviously i dont have enough map control and without money i can't build any other aircraft, considering i'm starting to spawn landing ships and bigger squadrons of fighters and scouts. My question is ... what i'm doing wrong ? should i focus on building more bases rather then improve my main base ? and other advice ? thanks, and sorry for my crap english but it is not my native language.
  19. How do I do it? (lol) I cant seem to figure out how to fire missiles and cannons? I can click on the weapon and it turns red, right and left clicking doesnt seem to do anything... The keyboard setup shows pressing 1-5 as firing a locked missile. I dont see any missile locks? And pressing 1-5 doesnt do anything. It is probably something stupid obvious but I havent fired off the first shot yet 8-/
  20. So crap is hitting the fan relatively early every game for me, and I could use some help. Basically my problem revolves around air combat, because once the medium sized ships start appearing I can't take them out at all. Can't get them with 3 MIGs cant get them with 2 MIGs and a Condor equipped with a laser blaster as the MIGs kite it around and I unload all of the missiles, torpedoes, and blaster ammo into this thing. So any suggestions and/or advice?
  21. Well, I have no idea how to deal with this nightmare. Maybe I missed something? Is there some special trick, or maybe "must-to-be-researched" technology, or else? I failed two games. First there were sebilians with rifles (shooting three times each across all map) and dark beasts with melee attacks. The beast got shot shot from machine gun and was still able to move. It did not even noticed rifle shots; infected two sodiers in one turn. Another time there were some blue aliens and disk robots. Maybe I could even kill some if tried to save/load each turn few times, but I'm not sure.
  22. Is there any sort of full fledged guide out there at the moment? I know this is alpha and all but I was wondering if anyone had anything they had made for themselves and would be willing to share. I'm specifically looking at research trees, I feel like I'm missing stuff but I don't know what. Admittedly this is hampered by the game crashing first week into october every game. If anyone has any guides or anything it would be appreciated. Again, I know this is still in alpha so I'm not expecting stuff that is balance related. More the hardcoded research trees and whatnot. Thanks!
  23. I've lost a few interceptors, and was just wondering if anyone has any tips for this part of the game! Thanks for your time. My craft can shoot them down when they come upon the craft in the rear, but head on, I can't seem to down them. Rolling doesn't seem to work...
  24. Clearly I am new to this Alpha and I understand that things will change and ballance out before the Beta or indeed release. However I'm having trouble with air combat, I find it almost impossible to go toe to toe with 3 fighters vs 3 of my aircraft (have used both types). I did once manage to kill 3 fighters with 2 of my own for no losses, but that was because the 3 hostiles followed on of my fighters and allowed the second to straif them all from behind. but when ever I use 3 v 3 they each follow one of my planes so I can't sneak up behind any. Could anyone offer some advice or should I resign to the fact that 3v3 will = losses on every encounter?
  25. I can get to the point where the 2nd type of ship shows up, the small scout I think it's called. They kill my interceptors and I can't seem to beat them. I understand I need a power core from one of them, or a ship that comes later? Any advice? I've tried tailing with 2 interceptors at once, but when I hit the engage button, I only get one craft. Also, does anyone know how to map something to the quick buttons? The ones that are usually loaded with flares and clips.
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