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Found 17 results

  1. What does this mod do? This mod adds a weapon to the game, the Pulse-Fire Rifle. About the weapon: Harnessing new technologies, the rifle fires erratic pulse charges of plasma that causes substantial stun and EMP damage, but lacks any killing-power. This weapon will prove useful against both biological and mechanical beings in any ranged encounter. Though the Pulse-Fire Rifle has a large range and combat effectiveness, the weapon is extremely heavy and its power cells are large. It also takes considerable TUs to fire and reload, as well as dealing abysmal physical damage. Recently added 4 new weapons that are unlockable through their own research tree (researches are currently available after Laser Weaponry). The weapons are: Nerve Blaster, Nerve Rifle, EMP Blaster, and EMP Rifle. The 'Nerve' portion is effective at stunning organics and the 'EMP' portion is effective against robotic units. Blasters are short ranged, rifles are long ranged. If used in conjunction with certain stun equipment, these weapons will prove invaluable to capture new alien test subjects! Click to download: Click here: [ATTACH]5443[/ATTACH] Just download the file, save it to your mods folder, and load it via the in-launch menu. The mod should then be loaded into your game! Future plans for this mod: -Further balancing of components and researches -Blaster images/refining of other images -Better/more defining lore I hope to be updating this mod regularly as it becomes more balanced and as I add more content! Any comments or feedback would be appreciated! Pulse-Fire_Rifle;XenonautMod.zip Pulse-Fire_Rifle;XenonautMod.zip
  2. Hi people,i'm on my first playthrough and some questions arose: I understand Androns currently aren't capturable.Is there any way to get the juicier Xenopedia entry(with bonus damage in particular) on them,or it was never in game in the first place? Shock batons kill reapers in my games T_T. Is it because they are Alpha Reapers,or something else? I don't get normal Reapers in missions anymore. Electroshock grenades also kill organics instead of stunning. Is it mistake in description,they are just EMP\Suppressing tool? Is there a point of capturing multiple leaders/officers(maybe in advance) ,or going for the specific race?
  3. Hiya I know this has been mentioned in some of the other release threads, but I thought I would put one in the bugs forum as well, so other people experiencing the bug can find it easily. I had a Caesan who I could not auto-target, and did not get injured by an alenium grenade at his feet. I did manage to get a crosshair to show up on him at one point, but my mouse pointer was not over his square. I tried hitting him with a stun baton (by clicking the UI pic and hitting the square) to no effect. One of my guys reaction fired at him, and I got the "miss" pop up. Finally I tried throwing a stun grenade, and it worked! I lost two guys to him, but got him in the end. I don't know if it would have made any difference, but the stun grenade was thrown the turn after the reaction fire.
  4. Standing on top of stunned units makes aliens blue So far, affects cesean soldiers and these flying yellow robots. It happens after highlighting them with the grenade icon, after going green (highlighted) their palette changes to blue (stunned) instead of the default one. save files where this happens: http://share.cx.com/Dcn9cj http://share.cx.com/rChwDr
  5. So here's something I was considering while playing the new v19 steam build today: Where's the stun damage indicator in the UI? I mean, the original X-Com1994 has this, when you take stun damage, your HP bar fills up with a blue color, and when it reaches the max of your current total health for a unit, your trooper passes out. So, I'm just suggesting that this UI feature be implemented, as it's something that would A) be useful to have and B) was in the original game this one is based off of, so not having it seems a step back. If it's going to need a color on the bar, might I suggest Purple? Considering Suppression works against TUs, it would also be pretty boss to have a similar effect on your TU bar too Also, while on the UI, can we maybe get a better indicator or art to let us know where borders are when we view transparent objects? Something so we know where the borders of the object are on the ground when we try to move characters around an object? Especially with objects that have funny shapes, like alien ships. In general, can we also get transparent objects to go transparent when the cursor, not the just the character, goes behind them? Right now it's really difficult to tell where exactly you're moving your characters when it's in a location "Behind" an object that goes transparent, but only once the character gets to the location. Also, if there is a blindness effect for when you use flashbangs, the player has no way of knowing it right now. I understand that flashbangs cause high suppression, but if there is also a blindness/lowered accuracy effect (which I would expect there to be), there is no indication of this effect taking place. Some kind of color overlay on a character that is blinded (black or grey over the head is common here) would be especially useful.
  6. So I was just wondering, the Electroshock Grenade is meant to work on both organic and Inorganic aliens? I've never been able to stun any of the robo aliens and also I've only ever been able to stun a Ceasan Commander never anything else, not sure if its a bug or they are purposely immune for now? got 6 nade hits on a Sebillian commander in one turn, he was still alive and ran off. also just a thought, when you have an alien you want to capture, there's nothing more stressful than the reaction fire hitting or almost hitting them, do we not think there should be a way to mark that target so they don't get accidentally killed
  7. hi guys i have noticed that the stunning granades & missiles are really too weak..it's absolutely needed to enhance them(not as the v 18 stable here was too strong but a half way....)with some aliens they are really pointless (i have thrown 15 stun granades to a sebillian guard and he laughed in my soldier face
  8. A few features/ items that are in the game, but I'm just not using. Does everyone else use this stuff and it's just me, is it balancing that prevents it from being as useful as it should, or is it just not very useful? Shotguns - I used to use these in industrial maps. But those have been replaced. I occasionally used them for UFO breaching. The grenades mean I don't have to any more. They used to be handy for taking out Sebillians, but the Sebillians aren't as tough any more. Pistols are far more useful for suppression. High Explosive - I've never used this, so it's not just this build. Hardly any aliens use buildings in my games and UFO hulls can't be breached. Stun Batons - I have never used these. Why would I get anywhere near an alien to stun it, when I have nifty stun grenades and stun rockets. Even in 19.4, where the stun damage looks to have been reduced, it's worth the wait, rather than get a Xenonaut shot sneaking up. Aircraft cannons - The upgrades are more useful, in that it's either use them or go back to base and rearm. But the initial cannon doesn't get used at all. Flash Bangs - I find that between normal grenades, smoke grenades (that I've used less in the last 2 builds) and definitely stun, that I never have to go near these. Vehicles - I've not used these for several builds now. In 19.4 I'm focusing on base building at first. The first few months are much more successful. Vehicles and garages are expenses that I don't have if I want to get 3 bases up and running. That's personal choice, but I've not felt the absence of extra scouting or protection in several builds. Stores - I've not looked at this tab in the first three game months (or the vehicles one as per above). I'll only start looking when I'm upgrading the cannons on the Condors for the other bases. Manufacturing - It is used, but only barely. Since early armour and laser weapons can be pretty much skipped, I've built 2 Foxtrots. I built 4 Gatling lasers (but I'll possibly skip even those next time round). Not mush for 3 months. Infinite weapons, ammo and auto upgrading missiles don;t help. But the lack of necessity to have extra weapons and armour in early combat is probably the real reason.
  9. As the title says i would suggest the following (and i think technical not hard) to add in future Xenonauts builds 1. add a reaction strike to the stun bat much like the reaction fire from firearms meaning: a xenonaut equipped with a stun bat can reserve TU for a reaction strike, same as when a xenonaut can reserver TU for reaction fire. then when the xenonaut with the stun bat does this and an alien walks in an title next to the xenonaut (except the SE(south east) S and SW title) the xenonaut strikes the alien (and hopefully stunning it) 2. on the soldier screen in the barracks you see the soldier track record, like total missions aliens killed. but what i miss is the "total aliens subdued" number. this makes soldiers which have the "stun job" kinda look like rookies even the did 20 missions 3. the aliens are a superior race, but what i noticed is that aliens don't make use of grenades. not sure why cause in my opinion every race should be able to see the gains from throwing a high explosive device to the enemies. i can see the cons from this in game but then again losing 0 xenonauts on normal difficulty can reflect my 'pro' skills but i doubt that and the alien grenades should be more then just explosives, think of smoke + stun grenades wouldn't it be logical the alien want to capture some of your soldiers, to gain Intel (where is your base what kind of weapons do you use?) 4. sebillian should gain a melee attack option, the xenopedia mentioned that the are very strong melee combatants and that there to "bulky" to handle firearms effectively, wouldn't it make more sense that a sebillian if he had the option would close in and bash a human on the head? i like to hear what you guys think about this
  10. Is he important? Because the stun gas doesn't affect him. If he is please don't spoil how to capture him.
  11. I found that smoke grenades are simple, you through it, smoke come up. But for some reason when I shoot a stun rocket, it does nothing and only the next turn it starts to blow smoke. Is this normal?
  12. I realize that this is rather late to be asking this, but is there currently some way to gauge stun damage? I don't notice any way, though I could be wrong. It makes it difficult to maneuver with smoke if I have no way of telling how much a soldier has taken.
  13. It seems flashbag/smoke does not work on aliens anymore, or am I missing something?
  14. I finished the stun weapon research, but unless I missed something (are they in the workshop instead?), all I can find is the stun baton, not the grenades.
  15. It seems that a frag rocket to the face is enough to KO a Sebillian guard. Admittedly the research project currently reads as "####" but hey! alien scum! Captured! Only thing I will say that I don't think aliens turning a lovely shade of azure blue when stunned really works for me.
  16. I honestly don't think that a collapsed alien turning blue communicates very well that I've stunned it. Sure, it communicates something. Perhaps it's out of breath. Or I've inflicted some kind of status change on it. But it doesn't really say (to me) that yup, I've stunned that dude. Perhaps an icon with a few animated stars would do the job better?
  17. Where did the smoke/stun grenades went, they are out of the game?
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