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  1. So I just got to a Terror Mission and I wasn't able to get to it. In X-COM, if memory serves, the Skyranger could go anywhere in the world...eventually. This is not the case with the Chinook. Was wondering if that was intentional. Mainly, it serves to increase the costs by necessitating more than one strike team. EDIT: Now that I think about it, I might need to check to see if the Chinook was fully refueled. Now I'm not sure it was.
  2. V19.6.HF2 Recently I have found really annoying feature. Chinook and Shrike both have same range and it's not enough to reach anywhere on map where you need them. My base is in Middle East. Alien base is in top-west America. As I can't transport soldiers and chinook to another base that is closer (CTD while assigning soldiers to transport while they are not in first base), I can't reach that alien base. It's sucking money out of America and I can't do anything to stop it. The same problem would be with terror mission or crashed UFOs. And relocating people and transport to different base just for single attack and then relocating them back would be pain even if it worked. The obvious solution to that is increasing transport range so they can reach anywhere on globe. So far, they can reach *most* of it.
  3. SNIP - Well apparently I have something else going on. After reverting the aiprops.xml to Vanilla (after fully reinstalling the game did not help), I am still getting a 'pending animation' issue (seen in Dbgview tool, but not the InfinitLoopFix tool - since it is not an infinite loop, just a permanent wait state). Oh, well, back to manual testing of all files. One thing I can share, so this is not a total waste of a thread is that with the reinstall I was able to test a theory and it makes the game load faster on my system. I re-partitioned one of my HDs and formatted it to NTSF/512 (not 4096) so that it would not assign large blocks to tiny files. So far my mission load times are much faster (about 1/3 the time). So for all modders who will be constantly loading and reloading to test changes, I strongly encourage you to try it. It will work best with fully unpacked PFP files, so either get the unpacked version, or unpack them yourself. Just remember to install any patches/fixes after, even if you did it before you unpacked the PFPs. EDIT 2 - Apparently it was the config.xml. I forgot that I changed the min chance to hit from 1 to 0 expecting a CTD due to an 'out of range' variable, if 0 was not allowed. Apparently this is not the case. So do not lower to 0. I have it set at 0.1 and it seems to work. I will update if this changes. Cheers!
  4. So after remembering that I can actually throw a baseball more than about 15 feet I'm not happy with it. I should not have to run up to a guy so he can shoot me for two full turns before I can throw a grenade at him.
  5. You guys may already have this in mind for future changes but just in case you don't...., The "Accuracy" stat in the weapon descriptions aren't needed. They are just redundant, more work for you when you change weapon stats, and I'm sure confusing for many players unless they've all modded the game and understand how soldier and weapon accuracy work together. To make things all-round easier, the only stat really needing a value shown for weapon accuracy and range is one that will differentiate weapon damage/accuracy drop-off ranges between the weapons themselves. I'd suggest an "Optimal Range" stat. Just change "range" to "Optimal Range" and delete the "Accuracy" stats all together in the weapon descriptions. Optimal range would essentially be "props range" in the weapon xml. That and the soldier's accuracy is all players need to know in relation to accuracy and range on weapons. Another nice thing is that you'll never need to touch the accuracy numbers in weapon xml's again(accept for fine-tuning if needed). Just like you have it now, you could just leave them all the same and only adjust ranges seeing as how it would help in keeping weapon balance in check too. If you all had this in mind already then just ignore this post. If not, then I hope it helps.
  6. I recently ran into the problem of having a terror mission spawn beyond the range of my chopper. I had a small outpost with a hangar but no living quarters. I was hoping that my chopper would be able to fly to the base, stop for fuel, then continue to the terror mission, but if that's possible I didn't see any way to make it happen. As far as I can tell I would have needed living quarters and I would have had to transfer my troops and chopper there in order to extend the range. I'd love it if small refueling posts could be established around the globe to extend the fighting range of my troops, particularly early on when I don't have the resources to construct fully armed and staffed bases all over.
  7. Hi all, Long story short, my Chinook was unable to reach mission site in Russia - from base located in USA. IMO it would be better to have worldwide reach for Chinook - simulating ability to refuel in flight or use military airbases for refueling.
  8. Having been a US Cavalry Scout (forward reconnaissance) for some years, I have some suggestions regarding tactical intelligence - otherwise known as battlefield comprehension. I also realize that gameplay may not allow for these ideas, but I'd like to point them out for consideration. Number one, and most important: Vision is not the only sense that a person has. If a ~experienced~ soldier (or an enemy) hears movement or weapons fire, they can reckon force and distance reasonably accurately. Indeed, a trained tracker will immediately be able to spot or smell (ever smell atmospheric plasma? It's wild!) where an enemy soldier has been, night or day. I don't advocate turning the game into a full-immersion, nit-picking, bogged-down experience... but I think that each soldier should have some kind of "gut feeling" or "sense" of tactical movement outside the range of their vision (Green chevron for known friendly. Red chevron for known enemy. Yellow chevron for unknown?) ... which brings me to... Number two: A target that is identified as hostile or friendly may be out-of-view, but absolutely no soldier in their right mind would ignore or disregard them. Instead of defaulting to "Hidden Movement", there should be some very basic indicator of the direction of an identified civilian behind friendly lines, a denotation that a particular noise or movement is unidentified, or that an obvious enemy is leaving footprints and clear echoes in a particular direction. Giving the good guys the ability to do this would remove some of the challenge of the game, but giving the aliens the ability to do this as well would return that challenge, and multiply it threefold. Number three: As a counter-balance to number two, combat is wildly chaotic. Given that the Xenonaughts are trained and hardened soldiers whom don't break at the first sign of automatic fire, it doesn't mean that they can necessarily identify a friend from foe in obscure visibility. In thick smoke or twilight conditions, most of the aliens are humanoid in basic appearance. A soldier would have to get closer, or throw a flare, or even get shot at, in order to identify an obscure figure as a hostile. Number four: Friendlies. They're your friends. In combat. If a local farmer has a shotgun, and is willing to help out, then it makes sense that said farmer will go off into the fog of war and either get killed or kick ass. On the other hand, if you land in a highly militant society, they should be able to engage your uber-commandos in radio contact. Perhaps they're not interested in following your orders, but they can at least report what they're seeing to you. Any local force engaging the alien enemy at the same time you are should have some level of shared intelligence. Low levels may give some non-visual indication (#1) of what they think is going on. High levels will share what they are seeing over radio, even if they're not members of the XNs. I'm totally open to the concept that this might be a nightmare of mechanics. I'm also totally open to rebuttals or better ideas. In fact, I welcome them.
  9. I was under the impression that the Charlie range had been made unlimited, but there is currently an alien base that I cannot get to, as my charlie runs out of fuel first.... I miss something there?
  10. This seems very weird to me. I just tried out moving closer to an enemy with one of my soldiers with an assault rifle in burst mode and the percentage stayed the same. Then I moved closer with a sniper and at the same amount of precision, the chance to hit dropped from 79% to 39%: Are those likely bugs or is it supposed to be like that? If the latter is the case, can anybody tell me why?
  11. I dont see why humans have such short eyesight (even in daylight) ive spent many missions geting gunned down as i exit my dropship by enemies concealed by the fog of war. im sure there is a reason for this but it seem unrealistic and gives aliens an advantage they shouldnt have over humans, expecialy when they out number, out range and out gun you... (reptiles for example generaly have poor eyesight but in this the xeno equivalint can see further than a veteran sniper....)
  12. Did they not make the Charlie have a global range? I swear they did, but it just crapped out on me 2secs from anchorage form the middle east.
  13. This isn't me complaining that some things aren't in the game (I know it's in alpha), but rather, some things that I've seen and maybe you guys might want to do differently. A) The chinook having a VERY limited amount of fuel. So limited that it can't reach very far terror sites. I don't know if you did that intentionally or not (to be more considerate of where you place your base?), but it's going to make it very hard to get anywhere not on your continent. B) I don't know if this is a bug or not, but my game keeps crashing when three fighters try to ( I assume; all three of the little triangles are over my base) I guess, base assault? I'm going to start a new game and see if it's an isolated incident. C) The way the chinook lands sometimes restricts the armored car from leaving the craft. Maybe make those side doors big enough for it to go out? Or maybe make sure the chinook lands more than 3 tiles away from the walls of the map?
  14. This is a minor, but rather important quibble I have right now. Unlike the Skyranger, the Chinook doesn't have global range, which means in the first couple of months, there is a very high likelyhood that a Terror Site will pop-up in a place you can't respond to at all and it costs you a ton of goodwill from the funding countries. This can happen sometimes 4 times in a row. With the chance for air interception now by hostile alien fighters, Chinooks should be given global range and use the reason of in-flight refueling or stopping in airports or FOBs to refuel. If a player is willing to risk their team in a slow helo with no escort, that should be the chance they take.
  15. Title said it all. A Chinook can't reach Siberia from Italy? Fair enough. Please let us know that in the UI.
  16. Finally got past first 2 missions without crashing! YAY! Couple of frustrations Terror site in Australia.. Base is in middle of America. Chinook won't make it there with it's fuel. I take no death or losses from it. (and given the text, I sort of thougth I would have taken big losses on the screen) It even talks about big diplomacy negative from all countries but real effect. My frustration, I think whatever mode of transport we have should be able to make it to all the sites. That was a basic in the original. 2nd point of frustration. Dodging enemy craft. I can't seem to hit them at all with missles. THe little fighters outrun migs and others.. I chase them around for a while but never get them. When I finally run out of missiles they will turn and fight and sometimes I will get them. But never any crash sites. (it is in october) 3rd point of Question.. I have tons of aliens floating above my home base.. I send ships out all day and chase them around.. if I catch them in combat they still get away. Should these guys be hovering over my base and a pack of 5 groups of aliens just hanging around *MY* home base. I also can't tell if my missle base Is actually doing anything. What is the range on that thing? 100 yards 4th statement I really don't like the air combat but that is just me 5th statement. I love everything else about the game. I wish I go along far enough to see some technology trees. Working on Energy weapons right now but it does look cool. I really like the ground combat and the options. I need to equip my people. I am not much of a shotgun guy I think the full game will be great. Just need to work on the tuning. A very decent alpha
  17. expecially at the begining with limited funds ect. , i think the order of aircraft repair should be as follows: reload armanent, refuel, then repair damage. currently the order is this reload armanent,repair damage,refuel. fight my reasoning for this this ammo(without this no reason for other 2) fuel (without fuel plane crashes and it dosnt matter how damaged plane is. also, usually tracking down an ufo can deplete fuel and usually u need a quick turnaround on flights to try and destroy as many as possible) damage(like anything else a lightly damaged plane can still take out many ufos if you have superior tactical planning) my main problem is im having to wait for planes to be fully repaired before i can assign them becouse they lack the fuel to fly the missions. next: fighter frequency. while i enjoy killing ufos the current deployment of ships is stupid(in my opionion)*on easy* while i understand still in alpha testing, (on easy setting) 1 you get nothing from downed aircraft and every fight you might lose an aircraft costing you lots of cash 2 while it is an easy setting this is latest ship deployment that i recieved in game v13 jul 7-9 1979, []=same time groups : [3 fighters,3fighters,fighter,light scout] [3 fighters,3fighters,3fighters,light scout] [3 fighters,3fighters,fighter,fighter] [light scout,light scout] [3 fighters,3fighters,fighter,light scout] while id admit im struggling with current fighter screen crashes here is what i think the game should be giving either [light scout 2 fighters,light scout 2 fighters,light scout,light scout 2 fighters] or [light scout,light scout,light scout,3 fighters*for cover*] my most fun of this game and original xcom is ground combat,aka killing aliens. although i do like the air combat experiance i do hope it gets shifted to a more varied ship and not have so many fighters and light scouts *note: i do not have a long timed game due to current problems with alpha and cashflow,but im working on it one other suggestion, even on easy it cant hurt to throw a few uncommon large ships for you to try and shoot at/lose aircraft(if yer dumb enough to) i do know the basis for small ships first due the them changing their own but dont they still need to test their changes on larger craft? they might not land or (whatever else u can think of) but with unlimited resources would they not just try (skeletal manned ships with little or no equipment) to test changes-giving you a chance to try and shoot down. *to me a ship flying through the air doing nothing causing no ground harm giving a change of pace in ship size is better than having to shoot down 200 light scouts and 1000 of fighters<--trying to avoid -rep (mabey make less frequent alien raids per month??**at least for first 2 months when your getting knack of game and trying to build up initial bases and money{{initial money could be adjusted if needed for different dificulty settings and the slower ammount of events}}) note: to offset far less fighters or no fighters early on make it so not every scout can be a salvageable crash ex. the same ammout of damage to 10 scouts(over land) causes 8 out of 10 scouts to be destroyed. short range of helecopters, i think the helecopters should have a larger(dbl-triple) flight radious(given they can be shot down and have no weapons) this would allow you to respond to far away terror sites and crashes but would be vunerable to appearing ufos. and the way any ufo can take out the copter thsi would force you to assign air cover from various outposts without needing men,armements,ect at every base(which is costly). the limit would then be time needed to get there,protection and number of alien sites you need to destroy. note: an easy way to implement this is making it one of the first upgrades you can research to apply to your helecopters so that you can reach most alien sites. (*so that with 3 well placed and built up bases you can reach any terror site but would require multiple air bases to defend from attacking ships) end of suggestion(sry for length) ***************i do know at this point some or all of this may be impossible at this point in game development****** my 2 cents.... note: v13 current problems with game(for me) 1. bug with ground vehicles 2. personel glitches(various,many)(soldiers,scientists,workers) 3. overlaping text/$ ammounts(most notable on personel screen) 4. cdt- after recieving low fuel rtb screen 5. game deducts wages before monthly fund deposited(causing inadequete funds) 6. after 6+ continuous loads from same save point started getting game errors(mostly in air fight screen) causing cdt 7. running planes out of fuel in battle fuel counter goes negative before plane crashes
  18. I only played the Kickstarted demo, and have not had a chance to really test out this new one. However, a detail that gets me is how far you can patrol and protect at the early stages. You can barely send a F17 outside your radar range, forcing you to immediately create a new base and wait half a month for it to be operational just to protect another small sphere of influence, unless you want to risk an area giving up funding before the first month is over. I haven't played X-Com in a while (I bet I didn't notice the Alien attacks outside my radar range because that game didn't have those nifty news bulletins) but it just seemed that you could cover a good part of the world without problem. And your transports could reach just about anywhere! Would there be some way to increase flight time and coverage while balancing remaining combat fuel when the fighting actually starts? Or perhaps even have the increased fuel be a research upgrade, so a player could choose between having two bases or one better equipped base. I enjoy the thrill of fighting off UFOs on nothing but fumes, but I want to get there first. Perhaps a patrolling mechanism could be added, where an interceptor would follow a set path and return to base with barely no fuel, refuel, and set out again? It gets tiresome to keep being told "Interceptor low on fuel, return to base?" over and over, and it breaks the flow of the game. Also, on the subject of aircraft; escorts. It's getting sad seeing a group of fighters shoot down a transport plane. Can escorts be assigned to them, like I escort my chinooks? Right now, the best I can do is send an interceptor squadron as far as I can along the transport route, then have the second base's interceptors meet them. I LOVE the idea of UFOs shooting your transports down (maybe now people won't move their scientists and engineers between bases at the end of the month) but you need a fair way to defend against it. At least until a battleship drops into the atmosphere to blow your transport apart.
  19. Would make it easier to quickly discern whether a UFO is worth pursuing or not is all, and could also help decide where to place the initial bases (to cover as much landmass with the initial Chinook as possible). Being able to Toggle radar wouldn't hurt either as the coverage is essentially useless information once the bases are placed (except for UFOs leaving the detection range, but that is a corner case anyhow).
  20. I was looking through the Wiki on game mechanics, and I found something odd in the damage formula. Damage Dealt = Weapon Damage * (1.0 + Damage Coefficient * 0.01) * (Weapon Range / Range To Target) * Diffculty Level Multiplier; If correct, that Weapon Range / Range to Target part of the equation will give you a massive damage boost at close ranges. Can anyone verify that this is the correct damage formula? If so, has anyone noticed even the lowly pistol becoming exceptionally deadly at range 1? Various weapons should be getting an 8-20x damage boost at range 1 vs. their standard range if this formula is accurate (because the range is 1, and the weapon range for most weapons is at least 8 - and it's 30 for the machinegun). Whether that's overpowered or not is certainly up for debate, but before having that debate I'd like to know if this is accurate or not.
  21. I think the Chinook should be 2x as fast and have fuel to reach 2 times the current range it has now. It is a very limited aircraft at the moment. and you can almost never reach a self landed ufo unless you spot it the very instant it lands so that means keeping the geoscape at 5 min speed and staring at the screen for a hour.
  22. Hi all, Still playing through as much of the game as possible before coming into the forum and hoping to contribute to the game in some way. However, it keeps ocuring to me that it would be nice to have a hold-TAB-to-show movement range display. IE select soldier 1. hold TAB down Shows movement 'bullseye' of available spaces to move - in green, yellow for currently selected reserve shot, red for not reachable. release TAB, back to normal view Did do a quick search and couldn't see anything. Sorry if its a duplicate suggestion. Just think it would aid in planning movements for troops. This is where someone tells me not only which forum thread it was mentioned in, but that it's already implemented...
  23. This is something that has been itching at me for a while, and I figured I'd see if it bothered anyone else. The aircraft ranges in Xenonauts are currently greatly inferior to those of their X-COM cousins. Take a look: An X-COM Interceptor from a base in the Northeastern US can get this far around the world traveling east before needing to refuel: An X-COM Skyranger can go this far east and then hover on-site for ~12 hours: A Xenonauts F-17/MiG-32 squadron can go only this far east from a base in the northern US before needing to return to base to refue And an Xenonauts Chinook can only get this far east before needing to refuel: Regardless of the relative sizes of the games' maps, this is a serious problem as it greatly reduces your ability to protect other funding nations. Plus, it's just plain frustrating, and I feel it also contributes to the percent of UFOs which escape, which feels much greater in Xenonauts than X-COM-another source of frustration. This seems like an easy fix, so I hope it's changed during the beta!
  24. This occured to me when I was playing Xenonauts, and had sent my chinook to the other side of the world, which caused it to announce halfway through that it was low on fuel (which it was). Now while I should have seen that coming, I think it would be useful if the geoscape gave more useful information regarding aircraft range. There are a few ways I can see this being done: Firstly, if a mission target is too far away for the selected aircraft(s), the game should prevent the aircraft being sortied, but only against stationary targets (because moving targets might come into range while your aircraft are en-route) Secondly, there could be a new mode which shows the ranges of various aircraft overlayed on the geoscape map. I am not quite sure what exactly is the best way to do this, but I think it would be useful to be able to see how much of the world a planned base could defend.
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