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  1. The standalone version on Desura requires a total re-upload? If so, why not just release HFs via torrent (private tacker)? I have started on a mega-mod so I am not in any hurry, just curious. I do not know Desura that well. Crashes are a bit more serious than bugs. Since you are adding more content/changes on each successive build, I thought you would be layering onto a stable platform. I would hate to try and track CTDs through an ever-changing system. GL!
  2. Yes. Backup and then edit the Config.xml with a text editor, changing these values only: <MoveSpeed>300</MoveSpeed> <StairsMoveSpeed>180</StairsMoveSpeed> <VaultMoveSpeed>24</VaultMoveSpeed> <TurnSpeed>0.2</TurnSpeed> Triple all the numbers and it will be much faster. If you essentially want to remove animations, just add a zero to the first three, and change the last to 1.0.
  3. Xintrosi - Not sure where you are getting that from (possibly the book)? Based on the game, Xenonauts was just formed and is considered 'fully funded'. Cursgerven - The portal for the Avengers was based on the placement of the Stark building. The only real convenient aspect is that the Hulk did not take out a few floors when beating Loki half-to-death.
  4. Gravitons are spin-2 bosons, and bosons are their own anti-particles. If you can get two of them to interact with each other, they self-annihilate. Of course that would be a neat trick if they are truly massless, unlike the photon which has a virtual mass. Anyway, compared to other aspects of the game (e.g. lighting, AI, physics, transparencies, render order), this is not much of an issue. As for how an Invasion would really be carried out: You obviously have not played the game until the end. The reason for the limited invasion is well explained, and is plausible (which was a very pleasant surprise in this type of game - especially compared to the Firaxis nonsensical ending). Since this is not the modding section I will not drop any spoilers.
  5. I thought it was more stable than that. I will have to reinstall 18 then, as my modding needs a stable platform. Thanks SR!
  6. The 'dummy' is light and hollow, so there is no back-pressure for the round, only elastic deformation. Try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-X2nokZuzA (Jump to 5:26). Even this is not as much damage as they would do to a person/alien, as the target is lightweight (though it is solid and has feet to stabilize it), but you get the idea. Slugs have massive penetration capability on plate armor (even ceramic) which is why we trained with them for breaching in the military. They are considered interdiction class weapons at short range and with a Sabot variant slug, even tanks can be afraid - though I would not want to take a shotgun to a tank fight. Are the grenades hard-coded to this new type, or can we mod them back to normal? If you are going to keep this style, then there is no reason not to give timers like on the explosives (and like XCOM), and let us set the detonation time (0 = immediate, 1 = end of the turn, 2 = start of next turn, etc.). Good to hear about the aliens shooting through walls bug being somewhat fixed. Does that include the elevation firing (usually upper firing at lower levels) or just same level attacks?
  7. It should be, as any changes would need to be bug tested to be classified as Stable.
  8. Unless the game really changed from V18 to V19, it was difficult, but not impossible. Half the UFOs are shot down over water, so there is no recovery mission. By the end of the game you can easily have three recovery teams, with extra (trained) soldiers to replace wounded units. If you do not want to recover Lt. Scouts, you should follow until over water and then shoot it down. The aliens drown, and all is good.
  9. It depends on the 14 missions and if they showed any progress. What kind of UFO are you breaching by mission 14?
  10. I upped their HPs, TUs, and armor so they can take a few shots. The same old issues as the original XCom games, with tanks taking up space in the transport, and do not earn progression keeps them for base defense (if I ever see a base attack without having to farm one). I would suggest making alternate versions, with different characteristics. Such as a spotter tank (excellent sight range, weak armor, medium weapon), or mobile armored platform (medium sight, medium weapon, good armor). That would give tactical reasons to replace units with tanks, though it could easily imbalance the game until alien grenades are used*. Max, your inbox is full. Not sure if you received my last two PMs about your mod? *I am still on 18.51 until I get to plasma weapons to make sure all my changes (from last week) have worked, and then I can finally update. Who would have ever thought finding a few hours to play would be so difficult?
  11. SNIP - Well apparently I have something else going on. After reverting the aiprops.xml to Vanilla (after fully reinstalling the game did not help), I am still getting a 'pending animation' issue (seen in Dbgview tool, but not the InfinitLoopFix tool - since it is not an infinite loop, just a permanent wait state). Oh, well, back to manual testing of all files. One thing I can share, so this is not a total waste of a thread is that with the reinstall I was able to test a theory and it makes the game load faster on my system. I re-partitioned one of my HDs and formatted it to NTSF/512 (not 4096) so that it would not assign large blocks to tiny files. So far my mission load times are much faster (about 1/3 the time). So for all modders who will be constantly loading and reloading to test changes, I strongly encourage you to try it. It will work best with fully unpacked PFP files, so either get the unpacked version, or unpack them yourself. Just remember to install any patches/fixes after, even if you did it before you unpacked the PFPs. EDIT 2 - Apparently it was the config.xml. I forgot that I changed the min chance to hit from 1 to 0 expecting a CTD due to an 'out of range' variable, if 0 was not allowed. Apparently this is not the case. So do not lower to 0. I have it set at 0.1 and it seems to work. I will update if this changes. Cheers!
  12. Just to confirm EFD's reply, that will stop the explosives from turning everything to a stain on the ground (wrecking the bodies and weapons they are holding).
  13. Snip - got it sorted. Thanks for the tip Max!
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