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  1. If you do get a bunch of people on the same distro, you should just have them all test it. More testing never hurts.
  2. The downside is that you can do better by sending your own troops, and you're far likelier to get alien technology and goods if you did it yourself. The particular balance can be fine tuned, but overall, missions done with auto-resolve should resolve in your favor. Why? Because if you sent your own troops and did it yourself, there's a very high chance for any given mission that you'll recover the UFO. This is a much lower chance of making that recovery successful. You also aren't training your own troops or (usually) obtaining alien technology. Less risk, less reward. Getting 'significantly reduced technology' is already in there. Most encounters will get you none. For the rest of it, if you make the system too harsh then nobody will elect to auto-resolve battles, and while I must again emphasize that this is a feature I don't want at all, if it's going to be implemented then it should be implemented in such a way as to make it something people might actually use. If auto-resolve is worse than doing nothing at all (as might be the case if you always lose rep), then nobody's going to use it.
  3. Well, here's an option for you - Authorize local force intercept. You tell the local forces 'Go ahead, deal with the UFO', whether it's in the air or a crash site. No need for the player to send out their own interceptors or troops. For UFO's in the air: 90% chance UFO escapes into space, no effect. 4% chance UFO destroyed or generates crash site, nation rating goes up 50% of what you would get if you shot down the UFO yourself. 6% chance UFO shoots down aircraft, nation rating goes down equivalent to a minor bad event. For crash sites: 10%: UFO captured. X-Com gets technology / benefits as though it completed the mission well (but not as much of a nation rating boost since the nation took care of it). 80%: UFO destroyed during battle. X-Com gets no alien technology, but you do get a minor nation rating boost (about 10% of what you'd get if you did the mission yourself and did reasonably well). 10%: Disaster. Aliens hold off ground forces until rescued by other aliens, nation rating drops as a moderate bad event. That way you can 'auto-resolve' by telling local forces to engage, and while most of the time you'd do better if you did it yourself, they'll do reasonably well. You could tie X-Com's research into these chances for success, so as you discover technologies you can improve the chances that ground forces have a positive effect. The key is to generally allow auto-resolved battles to turn out in the player's favor (because, really, most player-resolved battles will resolve in the player's favor) - that way it's not suicidal or harmful to choose to auto-resolve something, but to also always make the rewards less than you'd get if you did it yourself, thus providing incentives to not let local forces take a crack at every UFO. All that said, I personally would rather see the main effort focused on just making combat interesting enough in both air and land that it's something I actually want to engage in over and over. A feature like auto-resolve would be handy every once in awhile, but maybe as an extra if there's time towards the end of development. If the game feels like there's 'too much combat', that should mostly be balanced within the game itself or make combat awesome enough that it's just plain fun, and people won't mind doing it again.
  4. Oops! Fixed. Must have copied in the wrong URL entirely for that one. Thread has been updated with the latest bugs. Thanks to Spinaljack we were able to replicate one of the very odd ones that caused two air combats to occur simultaneously.
  5. Something like that is too difficult to add at this point, and honestly given the length of time a human-controlled turn would take, this would make combat really slow (albeit more challenging). But it's probably not possible to do at this point, as it adds a whole new realm of work in network connectivity and all that.
  6. Yeah, those are armed, and sometimes they'll damage one of your aircraft. I think the damaged aircraft possibility is a pretty likely explanation for this one.
  7. You can delete posts, just edit, then click delete and confirm. Also I agree, there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to switch out loadouts on an aircraft that's refueling or being repaired.
  8. The devs main focus for now is to implement all the features they want to include in the game, after which they'll go back and work on fixing the bugs, so it may not be for awhile. If you want to play a more stable version for now you can see if you can still get the Kickstarter build, that one [10.2] was more stable than the current version.
  9. Yeah, what you needed to do (and maybe couldn't because the crash site was taking precedence from the click menu) was click on the Chinook and choose 'select new target'. The real issues here are likely twofold: 1. Right now if you click on multiple objects (like a UFO and a squadron occupying pretty much the same space), the game just selects one of them, but you may want the other. X-Com would pop up a little menu to ask you which one you wanted. 2. It would be nice if you could re-order intercepts from interceptors already in flight, so clicking on the crash site would enable to you send an in-flight chinook there, or clicking on a UFO would send an in-flight interception squadron there. As is you must select the squadrons and designate its target.
  10. If this is happening, there's obviously some code that's forcing a miss when you shoot a target, because the normal 'random' bullet trajectory doesn't go off by 90 degrees- it's more like a 30-degree arc. If they removed whatever code is forcing the 'random' miss bullets to go out of that arc, then they'll still hit the giant stationary object that you're next to, which ought to be fine. As Spinal noted, the code as-is doesn't prevent you from just hitting them anyway, you just have to target a square rather than the generators themselves.
  11. Yep! Works great. I sent two squadrons to intercept the same UFO, turned the game speed up to maximum, and got two intercept windows (where I hit 'engage' on both). At first it didn't look like there were two combats going on, but I hit retreat and when the first one ended the second one was going on behind it. I'm calling this one replicatable. Bug hunt over, well done Spinal.
  12. Nice find. Confirmed and replicated. Just set the missiles to not autofire so you can pause and shoot once you're in range. Instant CTD.
  13. Thanks Spinal - that sounds like a great plan. I'll try it out, hopefully today, and if it works I'll mark this as repeatable.
  14. Right now you can't re-intercept from a unit already in flight by clicking on the target - you need to click on the unit in flight and choose 'select new target', then click on the crash site. That said, maybe you could add the idea to the suggestions board.