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Found 16 results

  1. So after some reading of old post, I understand that the player isn't going to get psychic powers in Xenonauts, which is fine for balance reasons, as I get that such an ability can prove gamebreaking considering the focus on tactical combat of the game. However, there is an implementation of "taking control" of other non xenonaut units that I think would make sense and improve the game quite a bit. Basically, in order to increase the tactical ability of your squad, I think it would be incredibly useful to be able to order civilians around during battle zones. Essentially, what would happen is when you select a xenonaut and you move your cursor over nearby civilian (there would have to be a "speaking range" where the civilian can hear your selected 'naut) instead of a targeting cursor, you get a little speech bubble cursor and a percentage of success. If you click on it, you expend TU to tell the civilian what to do for that round, and you get temporary control of said civilian. This would allow for our 'nauts to do things like escort civilians to safer locations, and more importantly, to safely get them out of the line of fire or move them into a position so a medic can heal them if they are injured and bleeding. However it would be at major costs and be tricky. Namely, ordering a civilian would take a LOT, if not ALL of a Xenonaut's TU, so you're effectively sacrificing one character's movement/use to puppet another one. Secondly, it wouldn't always work, because civvies are panicked and running around like scared chickens when aliens are about. So there would have to be a success check, ideally between the bravery of the 'naut doing the ordering, and the civilian being ordered. Something like having a ratio where the Xenonaut's bravery must be 50 - 100% over the civilian's in order to have a moderate chance of success, and at 150% over the civilians, it's a strong chance, while at 200%, it's an almost guaranteed success (for this theoretical exercise, I assume the civilians all have very low bravery values). Civilians would also lose bravery just on sight of alien forces, and so could easily panic and lose control anyway, so it can be a lost cause. Also, while they aren't armed, they should have the ability to "hunker down" and hold position unless further ordered, so you can essentially put them in a spot that seems safe (like insider your chinook). Additionally, I'm assuming that local forces have higher bravery values than normal civvies, so it should be very low chance that the player can take control of armed civilians (Though still possible in certain situations). Again, the big advantage of this proposed feature is that the player can get a bit more tactical control of the battlefield vis a vis the civilian population. Also, it does just sort of make sense. I mean, I understand people freaking out when ET is lasering up their city with superheated plasma, but when the cavalry arrives, most people will listen to the higher authority and do what they say in order to save their own necks. It's not a 100% thing of course (hence not making it automatic) but it is something that could prove eminently useful in lots of tight spots. Because really, wouldn't it just be nice to tell a civvie to "GET DOWN!" so you could fire at the alien behind him? I know I think it would be.
  2. I just thought about that, sometimes, if a civilian or soldier gets one or more kills there's a chance you'll get a prompt asking if you want them to join you. Sometimes the local forces could have some kind of rank even, like corporal or sergeant. Might even be possible to get their country to be from the area where the battle took place. Any thoughts?
  3. Has anyone seen the local guys actually shoot lately? It seems to me that they aren't shooting at the enemies, even when they have an opportunity.
  4. I see you're preparing friendly AI soldiers So I have the following suggestion, that to me seems a cheap way of varying/spicing things a bit: How about having a probability of encountering unfriendly (aliens allied) soldiers when doing any kind of mission inside a territory of a country controlled by aliens? It is just normal to expect that an alien-allied country, sends help for their extraterrestrial fellows when they're in trouble. It could be a raw 50% possibility to keep it simple, but ideally for ufo recoveries the probability of enemy soldiers appearing should increase with time: the more late you get to the ufo, the higer the possibility that the "alien rescue squad" is there. Alien bases instead (when they are placed in an alien-controlled territory, of course), could always have enemy soldiers; but this may conflict with the flavor you want the alien bases to have. (Missions in those territories would then be more difficult/dangerous, it is a wanted thing). Aaaand If you want to exaggerate, you could have human-only base raids: basically an alien-controlled country sends an airship full of soldiers to invade one of the player bases, instead of having the usual ufo full of aliens. Sort of like in X-Com Apocalypse, where the corporations could autonomously attack a player base. Though I don't know how Xenonauts works with the matter of base invasions, and this last portion sounds way less cheap to implement than the other one. Thanks for the attention.
  5. Okay, as I've been playing through there are a couple ideas that occur to me that'd make dealing with the AI-controlled humans a lot more pleasant. 1.) Especially for the terror missions, it'd be awesome if you could give the civilians and local forces general orders -- things like "get behind us" and "protect those civilians!" It'd allow you to play the terror missions a lot more like the new XCOM, but without magical civilian invulnerability the second you get close to one. As you sweep through order all the civilians to take shelter by the dropship, and order the local forces to cover them. As it is now (and I know the AI is being improved), the locals don't do anything that makes sense to me: If I were a civilian, with some freaky aliens to one direction murdering my family, and some heavily-geared humans waving me toward them on the other, I know which direction I'm heading (Hint: It's not towards the aliens). Similarly, I'm sure the local forces would be ecstatic to receive orders that both feel really important but are relatively safe. "Oh, just guard these civilians while you go do all the real work, allowing me to come through alive AND with all five extremities intact? Sounds good." On crash site missions being able to give some general orders to local forces would also be nice: Things like "Stick near us, we could use the help." This would be even nicer with the other suggestion, which is: 2.) Add 3 bars to each region, probably hidden from the player (or possibly one global set, but it doesn't seem much harder to do one per region), that track three aspects of the local military: Numbers, Equipment, and Command chain. Then, those three bars are consulted during the random generation of local forces on missions. Numbers and equipment are obvious, they'd control how many troops there are and how well they're equipped. Command chain would be more complicated, requiring a bunch of AI things (but they could probably be repurposed from alien AI code), and the higher that bar is, the more coordinated and communicative the local forces are. At high levels they're more willing to listen to Xenonaut orders, rather than haring off (either in suicidal bravery or abject cowardice), and might even share important information. Yelling out "Sebilisian to the north-west!" for example. Possibly also giving some scouting intel at the very start of the mission (crashed light scout has a default 4 troops, so they might say something like "We saw two Caesans leave the vessel, and one Caesan corpse inside" so now the player knows there are two or three active enemies. Keeping it useful but vague would be really nice). These three bars would each be governed by different things: Terror missions would have the strongest effects on the Numbers bar, with sweeping successes kicking it up a lot as recruitment swells and complete failures causing it to plummet as morale drops and desertions are common. Equipment would be benefited by shooting down and clearing UFOs, as the troops scavenge what the Xenonauts leave behind, and possibly also arms sales of some sort. The equipment bar would slowly drop, and any local force TPWs would take a heavy toll on it. (If someone survives they call for pickup which means the gear is recovered: Nobody survives and the stuff is abandoned.) Command chain would be best kept high by maintaining air superiority, which means shooting down UFOs, even if you don't clear them on the ground. Especially preventing the alien fighters from hanging around, and the UFOs that create those "events" on the geoscape. Generally preventing the aliens from getting a foothold would allow the humans to establish and maintain their command chains, so that bar would naturally rise (and the aliens would have to actively beat it down). The bottom line is that landing in territory for terror or ship capture would start to reflect how well-protected it is. Land somewhere that's got all 3 bars low (trying to reclaim the region, for example) and you've got no help, or it's scattered, scared, and ill-equipped. Land someplace well-established and guarded and you'll have a squad of heavily armed locals report to you, give you the preliminary scouting reports, and allow you to order them about as an auxiliary force. They might even send help for base assaults. (Side note: This general functionality also seems like it'd be very useful if Chris wanted to up the scope and scale of battles without horribly outnumbering the Xenonauts or upping the squad size to something like 15+tank. By having "a squad" of humans that are given imprecise orders, battles could be roughly doubled in size without overwhelming the player.) I know a lot of this is probably too ambitious to be added this late in development... although there may be potential for a later mod adding it in, I suppose. EDIT: This was originally not intended to be this long. Sorry for the wall of text, guys! (I'm not sorry, that's a lie.)
  6. Arctic mission. I know (die to some previous fun on similar maps) that there will be at least 1 alien just out of range. So, I choose a shortcut through a building to get a better position. except I can't as the civilian is completely blocking my way. But he wasn't alone. This is when I try to leave the building. get out of the doorway! Gah!
  7. So, I saw a post that mentioned escort missions, and it got me thinking: How could there be a system to order civvies around? Get them out of your hair, save them from being cut down in a crossfire, etc. I thought of one, and instead of posting it all to that same thread (where it wasn't entirely on topic) I decided to post it here. So, the commands would all involve the civvies going "somewhere else", whether it be in a direction for a distance (think vectors, direction and magnitude), to a point (like our troops are controlled, by clicking the destination), to the chopper, or whatever. Once a command was issued, the civilian would have a % chance to follow the order, otherwise they would ignore it (if the % chance fails horribly, they could even become panicked or something). Morale would play a part in that % chance, so how you are doing in the match, what ranked officers are present, etc (normal morale stuff) would play a part in how cooperative they are. The system I had in mind for the soldiers actually issuing the commands could be put into/assigned to a "weapon/item," like a megaphone.(This would eliminate the need for the devs to add a new universal action that troops can do. I think it would be simpler.) The megaphone could be more effective the higher the rank of the user is, meaning that if a major issued a command, the % chance for them to follow the command would be better than if a rookie gave the order. Another bonus with giving orders requiring an item, is that not everyone could give orders whenever they wanted, making it more of a specialized role that really requires you to want/need to have the civilian move. This is because you would need to switch your weapon to the megaphone to use it. That way it could be somewhat auto-balencing, meaning you couldn't just issue orders willy nilly. As for the actual command system (like, what the orders consist of and how you give them), I have 2 ideas. The first (I'm calling it the Vector method) could be something like: use megaphone, click on civilian, pick a direction (north, NE, east, SE, south, etc.), then choose how many steps/squares to move (1 step, 5, 10, or all their TUs will allow.) So, "head north for 5 steps" would be the idea. If they ran into something/someone while moving they would just stop. Another way to issue orders (I'm calling this the "Pick a Destination" method) could be: use megaphone, click target, then click where you want them to go (basically just like how you would control your own troops). There would (obviously) be a limit to how far they can go, based on TUs. (They would probably have less TUs than Xenonauts, but now that I think about it civvies may already have TUs incorporated, seeing as they move around and do stuff.) Either way the orders work, there could (maybe should) also be a "Hide" button (stay away from enemies, find a corner out of the way and sit there) and a "Get to da choppa!" button, where they would head in the direction of the chinook, until they arrived (I haven't figured out where they would be in relation to the chopper once they arrived. Maybe they could just be "hiding underneath the belly", and simply vanish. Otherwise, they could block motion around the chinook, and that would be bad.) This could get them out of the way of the firefights, and maybe even allow them to be brought with you if decide to abort the mission and high tail it outta there (leading to less points lost for civilians killed. Maybe positive points even, for saving them.) Using the megaphone would use up TUs, like a regular item. There could be more TUs required for the more precise "Vector" or "Pick a Destination" commands, whereas the "Hide" or "Get to da choppa!" commands could require less TUs, as they would require less time to say. I really have no idea if this could even be implemented, and am not really expecting it. I just think that it could add a very interesting and potentially very useful facet to gameplay. Please comment on how good an idea you think it is, and please explain why you think so. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I've learned that the game will contain friendly, armed NPCs (law enforcement, other soldiers(?)). Is the design already finalized - so how does this feature influence game mechanics ? For example, do the friendly NPCs attack the aliens by themselves etc.? Anyways, I like the idea very much, since it adds more variety to the game. Thanks.
  9. Guys, What if civilians could be armed during terror missions or missions in populated areas? There is an alien invasion in your town. You panic, pull out grandad's double barrel rifle and shoot at anything that gets too close to your house. Including soldiers, local forces and other civilians. Thoughts?
  10. Since Chris likely has an idea set for AI mechanics, this is unlikely to be added to the game. However, I will put this idea out anyways incase the plans are not finalized, or for a future mod. Cilivians under an alien attack would most likely listen to the people trying to save them. Therefore, I think civilians should be under the control of the player as well. Civilians in the sight range of a Xenonaut unit should be able to be given commands in the same way as a soldier. They would also have Health, AP, and Moral. Moral would go up when around friendly units, slowly go down when left alone, and quickly drop when an alien is in the civilians sight. Civilians could be commanded to go to a certain location, or to stay put. When a civilian panics, they could do one of two things. They could either freeze or run in a completely different path. If a civilians Moral reaches 0, they would no longer be influencable by the Xenonauts
  11. Currently, when you finish a mission with allied soldiers present, they're denoted in the end-game statistics as "Allied forces". My suggestion is that you actually name them by, based on the country or region in which your forces are deployed. For example, if you were fighting in the US it would say "US Marines", "US Army soldiers", or "SWAT operatives", if you were fighting in Norway it would read "Norwegian Army soldiers", "Heimvern soldiers", or "Beredskapstroppen/Delta operatives" etc. Just one or two strings for each country or region, and then the game doing a check for where in the world the fight took place. I don't know how long this would take to code, but I think it'd be a nice mod idea, at least. Little things like this can heighten immersion so much.
  12. Hello everyone, new to the forums, but i had i suggestion for the game. Seeing that Civilian casualties actually matter to your mission score. I think being able to contain or direct civilians to a "safe" zone while on the battlefield would be useful and add a new mechanic to the game. Maybe at the expense of AP as in zip tieing or detaining civilians just so they dont run into danger. or even have it where you "sacrafice" one of your own soldiers by having him setup a quartine or safe zone which creates that soldier into a "beacon" of types where civilians in his sight would run to him as if the soldier were calling them to safety. This request for this feature isn't at the top of my dream list if you will, but i do believe it would add a new dimension of realism. I try to picture the scene of an Alien fighting force landing in on a heli, dismounting it, setting up a parameter then bounding forward directing humans to the land site as they secure the area.
  13. I'm relatively curious about a few things. First off I will state that I am very impressed with what you have so far, especially for an ALPHA version. Seriously, the foundations are laid and the scaffold is down, and what's coming up just looks great. But here's some questions: 1. Will there be hats for TF2 in the Steam version? (Top priority question) 2. How afraid are you of piracy? Is DRM even something you are considering? Or do you view it as more free advertising? 3. Is there a wiki up and if not,do you plan on making one in the near future? 4. Will missions feature armed civilians/militia/police at any point in time? And if so, would these be hostile to both sides (depending on relation with the nation)? 5. About how many varieties of aliens are you shooting for? 6. Will you be adding additional varieties of human/earth weapons to the final version? (like say, AK-47s and FALs for other assault rifle choices, or new categories of weapon like grenade launchers and sub-machine guns) 7. How many types of vehicles can we expect? I found the Hunter to be of limited use, will things like helicopters/MBTs be deployable at some point? Finally: 8. What kind of press exposure has this game received so far and how much would you like to receive? Also one more suggestion I randomly thought of: Why don't you put Balaclavas and combat gloves on your soldier sprites so the whole "Everyone is a white guy" thing isn't very noticeable? Bonus is that they now look like faceless spec ops guys which is what you would expect to see.
  14. i was thinking mabye if you bace is attackted your dropship grabs sienticed and engeriners and gets out. would be a text thing to explane why only solidgers are at the bace and i also saw some one on king arthurs gold with the name gold hawk but when asked didnt know about xenonauts (if you dont know king arthurs gold(kag) type wtf is kag in to youtube )
  15. I was reading about Geo Allies in an earlier thread, and started thinking about civilian allies during the battles. For example, when doing a terror mission, having a few brave, AI controlled civilians attacking the aliens with dropped weapons. Maybe even having the civilians taking potshots at you due to combat inexperience and nervousness, and wondering if the gunshot you heard was from an alien or a "civvy".
  16. Hey Guys, Maybe someone already mentioned it, but I was unable to find anything like this, so I post. Terror missions in original UFO had a common problem of stupid civilians wandering aimlessly, being shot down by everyone. No need to make them smart or anything, it's just you could add a small extra feature. It would be great if any civilian who detects a Xenonaut on an adjacent tile would receive an order to proceed to one of (random unoccupied) tiles inside a craft. After reaching the tile (and relative safety) you could, just for fun, switch the aimless roaming back again, so the player has to consider sending one of the operatives to keep track of the whole flock inside the craft. Looks like a simple trigger to add tons of atmosphere. PS Yeah, and I'd also add 0-3 random civilians on UFO crash site / UFO landing maps. PSS Sorry, this probably shall be moved to Feature Requests
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