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Found 12 results

  1. Hey, there's something that I've been finding irksome. There are two screens for your soldiers: one for hiring and firing; and the other for class and equipment assignment. This is fine. When I assign classes to soldiers, I do it based on their stat values relative to the other soldiers. So I'll end up using the barracks screen to compare, using the spreadsheet with the stat sorting on. The class which each soldier is given is listed next to their stats. You cannot, however, change their class from that screen. Instead, you must then remember the name of the soldier in question whom you wish to reassign, then go to the loadout screen and change their class from there. A fantastic improvement would be if you were able to assign class directly from the barracks screen, by means of a drop down menu in the class column, or some similar method. Thoughts? edit: I see that I actually am late to the discussion. Someone else has already brought this up. You should go to their thread for your input.
  2. This will save lots of clicks, because "set default loadout" is used once per equipment upgrade and needs 1 click, while "equip default loadout" used for each soldier of same class and requires 2 clicks.
  3. Is a loadout menu planned before base defence missions? I found myself several times in very bad situations, where most of my solders had rifle role. This is a problem if you have a lot of manufactured armour and weapons that are simply not used, and one also does not have any role variety in the defence. The largest problem is the stripping of the equipment once a soldier returns from hospital - and becomes rifle role - thus a lot of elite soldiers are equipped with useless guns, no grenades etc...
  4. I don't get the point of making it so you have to click 'Equip Default Loadout' when you change Roles. It's tedious and only slightly faster than simply deleting the weapon/ammo and switching them out.
  5. I've looked up the F-16 and according to the specifications, it can carry 6 Sidewinder missiles. I'm going to increase the ammo count on the Sidewinders to 3x on each wing, when I get Xenonauts running again. However, I didn't find the missile counts for the MiG-31, but it should be able to carry at least 2x Sidewinders on the wing tips and either 2x or 3x Sidewinders in the middle pylons, what do you think? Also since I didn't find an equivalent for the avalanche missile, I don't know how many of these should the MiG-31 carry, do 2x Avalanche missiles in the middle pylons and 1x Avalanche missiles on the wing tip pylons or no Avalanche missiles on the wing tips? EDIT: The Avalanche equivalent would be the R-33 (russian) or the AIM-54 (American)?
  6. Soldier kits are just standard equipment sets that players can customize to fit their needs, and will make equipping your soldiers a snap. Set up the kit, then just apply it to all soldiers set to use that kit, and voila - you only need to do the equipment management for one sniper to have it take effect for all of your snipers. I think these are planned in some form, but I have some ideas for their implementation. 1. Have a customizable default soldier kit that soldiers can revert to if there aren't currently enough stores to re-equip their standard equipment (this kit should be restricted to infinite items only). 2. Let players create / name their own kits as needed rather than providing a default set. Players will already want to customize the default set, so you might as well go all the way.
  7. from what i have hear and read on the forums and building destroyed or dammaged will also be damaged or destroyed on the base screen now i wonder is it posible to re-equip your soldiers before the combat meaning that for exampel in my default chinook setup i have one guy with a bazooka but since this will be a base defense and i want to avoid damage too my building can i re-equip him to a rifle before the fighting starts:confused: i know base defense isn't implemented yet but this is just something i'm thinking about with the only reason i dont want that bazook cuz if i use it most likely with the x-com acuaracy style i'll blow out half of my hangar's walls instead of the alien have a fine day
  8. I remember in the Original X-Com you could not only load up your soldiers with the gear they'd typically need on a mission but you could also leave some gear as backup on the drop ship. This was a really cool feature as it would allow you to adjust your tactics mid-route. Say you loaded a bunch of explosive rounds and Gatling guns on a terror mission- you could always grab those extra rifles on the Drop-Ship floor right before the mission started. This of course also assumes that Xenonaughts gives you a load-out screen right before the mission starts. The gameplay also benefited from this in several other ways. One of these ways was if a solider ran out of ammo he could always fall back to the drop ship to rearm. One of my favorite experiences of this was when you first ran into the mutons (or in the case of Xenonaughts, alien vehicles!) and had to send several soliders back to the ship mid mission for extra hand grenades and rocket launchers.
  9. Is there any way to change the numeric designation of your troops? I typically operate with two squads, each having a sniper and machine gunner and whatever else. Ideally, one squad would be 1-4 and the other 5-8, but it doesn't work out. When I put them on the Chinook, the troops have a number assigned down at the bottom and I don't see a way to change it.
  10. When you hire a bunch of new recruits, they all come with the Assault rifle, medkit in their backpack, ammo clips on the belt...etc. I always put medkits on the belt, remove the extra ammo clips, add a couple grenades. Hiring 16 soldiers requires something close to 100 keystrokes to do all that. It would be nice to have a New Recruit Template system where you can set the default soldier equipment...It would be even nicer still if you could set If-Then conditions based on a soldier's stats (high AP/STR soldiers get equipped with MG or rocket launchers, high Accuracy soldiers get precision rifles, high morale get shotgun and grenades, etc.)!
  11. I'd like to see option to removal whole equipment from soldier in base by one click. EXAMPLE: Maybe somebody mentioned about it already....
  12. Equipping soldiers for their various roles in my army used to be quite the chore in XCOM-Apocalypse. That was the most boring and time-consuming single task. Like in Xeno, soldiers would (kind of) remember the equipment between missions but they did not automatically replace the consumeables like grenades. Luckily this is done automatically in Xeno because the FAQ says that we "won't have to re-equip them every mission". That implies that there is already a system to save the soldier's equipment as a template. Otherwise the game wouldn't know with which items the soldier went into the last mission. There oviously is also a system to equip a soldier based on that template. So... this could be improved with a tiny bit of interface. On the soldier inventory screen there would be a button for "Save Equipment Profile". When pressed, it prompts for an icon to attach to this loadout and possibly a name. It stores all currently equipped items into this profile. All assigned loadouts would be displayed as icons on the equipment screen. Pressing one icon instantly equips the soldier to match the new assignment. If this cannot be completed (items missing) some error beep is played. Right-Clicking the icon pops up a menu to delete / update this profile. Equipping 5 soldiers for a mission would go like... cursor left / right to switch through the soldiers, one click each to equip for the desired role. No clicking / scrolling through equipment lists. Just you... grenadier, you... sniper. As a useful feature for tac battles, the loadout icon could be displayed in a corner of the unit portrait, designating the currently assigned role of that soldier. If that icon were also visible on the sortable soldier list I saw in the video, the player would have an overview over every soldier's role / equipment without having to check them all personally. And if the icon is listed there, a right click on it would pop up a list of available loadouts so one could equip soldiers directly from the soldier list without even having to enter the inventory screen. A similiar system could be used for interceptors but since I don't know what flyer equipment there will be, I can hardly guess how useful it would be to re-equip them for specific missions.
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