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  1. So say we all!
  2. I remember in the Original X-Com you could not only load up your soldiers with the gear they'd typically need on a mission but you could also leave some gear as backup on the drop ship. This was a really cool feature as it would allow you to adjust your tactics mid-route. Say you loaded a bunch of explosive rounds and Gatling guns on a terror mission- you could always grab those extra rifles on the Drop-Ship floor right before the mission started. This of course also assumes that Xenonaughts gives you a load-out screen right before the mission starts. The gameplay also benefited from this in several other ways. One of these ways was if a solider ran out of ammo he could always fall back to the drop ship to rearm. One of my favorite experiences of this was when you first ran into the mutons (or in the case of Xenonaughts, alien vehicles!) and had to send several soliders back to the ship mid mission for extra hand grenades and rocket launchers.