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  1. This is about the current/maximum health/TU/morale bars in the ground combat main panel. Their current order is health (red), TU (green) and morale (blue), but I find this order unnatural and occassionally confusing. The problem is that they are not in the logical order of importance - the most important is definitely the TU one, as TUs are the most often used and checked, and they matter whenever a soldier does anything. But the TU bar is the middle one and so it is somewhat "hidden". It has already happened to me a number of times that I just quickly glanced at the bars and got the number of available TUs wrong. Moreover this is inconsistent with Geoscape, which lists them in TU/health/.../morale order in both Barracks and Soldier Equipment (and Barracks also calls TUs "APS", but that's a nitpick). Therefore I think the bars should be ordered in the more natural order: TU, health, morale.
  2. Now that we are in beta, it's time to drag up all those suggestions you guys have made over the years on minor improvements for the ground combat interface which Chris replied to with "Remind me again in beta" Obviously, no balance change suggestions here, there's already a thread for that. What I'm looking for is the kind of small tweaks or new features that would make the ground combat interface more powerful to use and/or would make it easier for the player to engage with the game; these could be things only a crazy pro would use, or stuff to nudge new players in the right direction. A couple of mine to get started: Reserved AP bar shading - this would make it so that when you reserved some AP for a soldier, a portion of their AP bar would be coloured differently (gold perhaps?) to indicate this. This would occur both on the "big" AP bar visible when the soldier is selected, but also on the small quick select soldier portraits just above the UI. This will make it clear at the end of a turn if a soldier has AP left because you just forgot about him, or because you reserved it for reactions. Display explosives radius - as it sounds, just show the blast radius of explosive weapons as some shaded tiles when you are aiming them. So let the ideas flow! Really simple changes can often make a huge usability improvement so don't be afraid to suggest things that sound trivial.
  3. Been playing for 2 days now, keep up the good work. I'd like to see a return to simpler and smarter controls in combat. An example of this is the TU reservation panel. Instead of a slider showing all options in the game with some greyed out, how about the mechanic used in X-com with buttons. And you only see the buttons for those options you have. Clicking is a lot easier than positioning over the slider, holding the mouse and then moving up or down. The analogy I can give are games you play where you have to log in and on the title screen you have to click on the password field before you can type it in instead of having the cursor already there. It's a small step, but when you do it hundreds or thousands of times it adds up. Imagine a game you log into 4 times a day, it would get annoying fast. Thing along similar lines for all other controls. Oh, and make the scroll bars wider too. Mousewheel doesn't work too well, it scrolls down the list and changes the selected soldier/item. And the current bars are so thin (I play at max res) they are hard to catch.
  4. Hi there, I have found the game really by chance and since I love X-COM I decided to give it a try and was surprised by the GUI design. You have GREAT in game art why not the UI ? This is done in 20min (yeah have no time ) and yes I`m GUI artist Hope you like it and btw I have used elements from your rifles design - they are lovely@ full res image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2v4Mb5m9-EeZ09qR1RPSm1yUDg/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Here's a preview of how the new UI will look. This is more to keep everyone in the loop as to what we're up to rather than to solicit much feedback at this stage. The UI has gone through enough concept iterations now that we know pretty much what works; in fact in this iteration we've stayed much closer to the present design than previous designs have. The main changes are: 1) A consistent topbar across all the screens. This improves on the current design which only has 4 tabs on the Geoscape, and vastly improves on the previous "immersive" concept which would have awkwardly used a sign on the wall for navigation. It means that the navigation buttons and the date / money information is all in a consistent place on every screen, which is key from a usability point of view. 2) We've implemented a tabbed "speech bubble" menu type on most of the screens. This has two advantages - it keeps the UI clean as we don't have to have all the information on screen at once (the player can just click to the desired tab) and also it adds more character to the game. There's now a chief on most of the screens, which involves you in the organisation a bit more. 3) It looks a lot nicer. Our painted background are nicer than our previous ones and you can see more of them than before, and the light background works better than the dark one we currently use. It's just much more coherent than before. Some of the art is placeholder. The topbar name is the same on each page because there was no need to update it, plus the background art repeats on the right-hand side. I can't be bothered to go into details on aspect ratios, but if you have a 16:9 monitor you'll have the ideal experience from the game. If you have at 16:10 then the actual playable area will remain the same, but there'll be a band of background on the left and right of the screen that will be hidden. So, here's the UI: Laboratory Screen: http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/3_Research_1610.jpg http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/3_Research_1610_2.jpg Workshop: http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/4_Workshop_1610.jpg http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/4_Workshop_1610_2.jpg Barracks: http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/5_Barracks_1610.jpg http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/5_Barracks_1610_2.jpg Stores: http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/6_Stores_1610.jpg http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/6_Stores_1610_2.jpg Soldier Equip: http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/7_SoldierEquip_1610.jpg Vehicle Equip: http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/8_VehicleEquip_1610.jpg Aircraft Equip: http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/9_AircraftEquip_1610.jpg http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/9_AircraftEquip_1610_2.jpg Base Screen: http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/2_Base_1610.jpg (this does not yet have a painted background, it's just a layout!) There's also the Geoscape and Xenopedia screens, which are not yet complete. The Geoscape is being concepted up at the moment. Here's the current concept for the Geoscape screen: http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/Geoscape_normal.jpg http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/Geoscape_zoomed.jpg EDIT - if you want to come up with your own alternative concepts (as I'm not tweaking these concepts any more) then you can download the Photoshop files for the UI screens here and have a go: http://www.xenonauts.com/devfiles/finalUI.rar
  6. would be nice to have a one click possibility. I need the option to equip the default set far more often than setting it. It would be fine if you just switch the positions, so that you need to enter the menu for setting the new default (would be more of a save confirmation too by the way). Another suggestion on the fly: in the hire and fire screen for the troops (dont know the name there at the moment) it would be to be able to use the multiselect for assigning to the airships too. Because if i want the rookies to train some ranks i could easily select all troops to be unassigned, and then the troops i want to fit in the airship. and one not so important suggestion: Marking wounded soldier names in red is great! I would also like it if there is a color (green maybe) to show the soldier which is currently customly outfitted (not like the default for the given class).
  7. You really should add some borders or distinctive colors/style to all the "clickable" action text and frame some of the information sections a bit more. Sometimes it's hard to tell that "clicking" on some text will actually do something. Also, the colors look too "white" to me and too much alike. Everything is so close to white or grey that it "washes" out the screen and makes everything look the same. The layouts are great though.
  8. Currently it appears in the center of screen, much lower than button that shows this menu. If menu would be closer to button it would be easier to notice it and would require less mouse movement to click on it. Also maybe add some sort of background to it and somehow denote that all other equipment controls are disabled?
  9. 1. Soldiers' assigned roles need to be visible - and ideally, also changeable - on the personnel management interface. It's the screen where you can best compare your soldiers' attributes, and thus their suitability to a given role. It would, if soldier roles were displayed, also be the more convenient screen for putting together strike teams for missions compared to the soldier loadout screen, where you can't compare soldiers' stats at a glance or sort them in any way, and must switch between the dropship soldier list and idle soldier list depending on whether you want to add or remove soldiers from your dropship loadout. I like to have a certain arrangement of roles in my squads, and right now I have to append role designations to soldiers' names in order to keep track of the roles everyone currently has, which is a bit of a pain in the ass (especially so the more soldiers you have). This change would make managing large numbers of soldiers much more convenient. 2. It would be convenient if you were able to sort potential recruits according to their attributes when hiring soldiers, like you can with soldiers that are already present at your base. 3. Less important than the above - more of a "nice to have" thing rather than a fix for a significant annoyance - but it would be useful if you were able to assign tints to your soldiers' uniforms according to role, to make it easier to identify everyone at a glance during tactical combat. 4. Up to 16 soldiers can fight in base defense missions. However, you don't have any choice regarding which 16 will fight - it's always the first 16 in order of recruitment (or possibly order of transfer to base, haven't tried that). It can be smart to have more than 16 in a base in order to ensure you have a full defense even if a squad is on mission or got wiped, so it should probably be changed - you should either be able to choose at the start of the mission, or there could be a "base defense" assignment given to idle soldiers by default until it has the full 16, with the option to remove and add soldiers manually as with other assignments.
  10. So here's something I was considering while playing the new v19 steam build today: Where's the stun damage indicator in the UI? I mean, the original X-Com1994 has this, when you take stun damage, your HP bar fills up with a blue color, and when it reaches the max of your current total health for a unit, your trooper passes out. So, I'm just suggesting that this UI feature be implemented, as it's something that would A) be useful to have and B) was in the original game this one is based off of, so not having it seems a step back. If it's going to need a color on the bar, might I suggest Purple? Considering Suppression works against TUs, it would also be pretty boss to have a similar effect on your TU bar too Also, while on the UI, can we maybe get a better indicator or art to let us know where borders are when we view transparent objects? Something so we know where the borders of the object are on the ground when we try to move characters around an object? Especially with objects that have funny shapes, like alien ships. In general, can we also get transparent objects to go transparent when the cursor, not the just the character, goes behind them? Right now it's really difficult to tell where exactly you're moving your characters when it's in a location "Behind" an object that goes transparent, but only once the character gets to the location. Also, if there is a blindness effect for when you use flashbangs, the player has no way of knowing it right now. I understand that flashbangs cause high suppression, but if there is also a blindness/lowered accuracy effect (which I would expect there to be), there is no indication of this effect taking place. Some kind of color overlay on a character that is blinded (black or grey over the head is common here) would be especially useful.
  11. Hello, when we select aircrafts in the intercepting tab, I think that the color of the selected aircrafts vs the unselected one is too similar --> it is hard to see if the desired aircraft are really selected. I think you should change one of these colors.
  12. I prefer a sniper/assault combo for my retrieval missions and have gotten a bit tired of having to scroll back to the aliens after my sniper shoot. While using the "press alien to centre" function on the red/yellow alien heads works its a bit bothersome at times. What id like is a keyboard button to press to centrer on aliens and preferably toggle amongst them.
  13. So, I've now accidentally lost/nearly lost a few air combat missions as a result of forgetting to set missiles/torpedoes to standby and therefore launching them all immediately when coming into range (and, obviously, missing their targets!). With this in mind, I'm wondering whether it wouldn't make sense to have them set by default to standby rather than to fire. Since the air game seems to be mostly about timing missile attacks, having them set to fire by default seems somewhat pointless in any case as many alien craft will easily avoid an uncontrolled barrage. Furthermore, I think there's an argument for claiming that, as things stand, air combat might be more difficult for new players by virtue of them assuming that fire-at-will is the best way to proceed as it is the default (at the moment, the very first lesson of air combat is to turn all missiles off until you're ready).
  14. So, basically, you know how the grenade quick-slot works? You right click it, and you can select which grenade to use. Well, how about we extend that to ammo types as well? Obviously, we can do that with the quick reload slot (for rockets, at least, right?) (If we can't, we should be able to. I simply can't remember at the moment. ) So, we have (or can have) the grenade quick-slot functionality in the ground combat GUI, simple right click popup box. But then, what do we do for the main issue, equipping our troops with them in the soldier load out screen? Simple, we do the same thing! Simply right click on the ammo in the equip screen, and you can select a new one that will then take the old one's place, until you right click it again and swap it for yet another one. One idea, we should have the weapons in the load out screens be equipped empty as default (with a big red EMPTY sign over the gun icon so we don't forget to load it). This would allow us to load rocket launchers with whatever rockets we want initially, and if we have multiple ammo types we can select whatever ammo type we want to be loaded into the gun. Plus, this makes sense from an in-universe point of view, doesn't it? I mean, we don't store weapons in an armory with the magazines loaded in them.
  15. For example, when I want to attack a UFO, hide the dropship from the list. If I want to land on a crash-site, hide the fighters from my list. Or is there a reason to allow it I have not thought of?
  16. I seen some screen shots recently that looked like it could add some interesting content to the game but seems to be removed, why ? Info stats for aircraft in lower right hand corner; - Overlaying debris trail from crashed ufos;
  17. I'm surprised this isn't in already, but I'd really like to have a 'live' display of the AP cost for the selected unit as you move the mouse pointer around (along with the tile you are over being highlighted). Kind of odd that currently you have to click on a tile before you even see an AP cost, and if you can even get there. Besides being a bit inconvenient (having to repeatedly click, then cancel out the path, over and over, as you analyze your movement possibilities), you also run the risk of accidentally double-clicking and having your guy unintentionally start moving. I'd much prefer a highlighted tile under the mouse pointer as you move it around (like in the original X-Com), and an AP cost displayed 'live', instead of only after you click.
  18. I can't read text on the GUI on my asus x5di laptop screen. It's simply too small. Am I getting old ?
  19. Since I did not yet notice any way to judge whether a soldier is wounded on the Equipment page, I am frequently going to the Personnel Management screen to assign people to and from the transport. Since this screen lists what armor the soldier is wearing, why not make that field selectable so that I can remove the armor from those who are wounded. (An alternative is to make the wound conditions obvious on the equipment screen.) There may be other, similar enhancements that could be made to that screen to further streamline management.
  20. Hello. At last I get steam early access and tried this great game (didn't saw any build of xenonauts before steam release), played few missions. I have very good impression, except GUI fonts sizes! I use 14" 1366x768 laptop (i know it is not not a gaming hardware actually, but i am not a gamer) and simply cant read this tiny fonts. Did not have any font size issues with any other game of soft before on this screen. For my (not ideal) eyes it is real pain to read anything in xenopedia or geoscape gui. It is incredibly small fonts. Smaller than i ever seen in any game before. Any chance that text size will be adjusted in future releases? Thank you. Please excuse for my bad English not native for me.
  21. Maybe add a small button right next to the plane icon to go directly to drop ship management screen? Won't add that much space and will be a nice little addition.
  22. Is it just me? I click the numbers for a soldier or press 1-8 and the map centers around the selected soldier. But very often e.g. the soldiers are to the left and I want to see the right side. And I click the numbers because I know "2 is the sniper"... So I wish there was the option to turn off the auto centering and to have a dedicated hotkey for centering, or centering only if soldier is out of visible area...
  23. Bugs aside, you don't need to make enough laser weapons or armour to equip every soldier (at least not right away). Of course, it's also very costly to make that much armour and weaponry. What I find myself doing is making 4-5 rifles, and 2-3 each of the other weapons, plus enough armour to equip an entire squad. If your soldiers get wounded and removed from the ship, they are unequipped--all well and good. However, if I want to rotate troops through for experience, there's no simple method to return their gear to the stores. It would be handy if the personnel screen offered a button to remove all gear. Another option might be unequipping troops who aren't assigned to a ship, but that might be annoying if I actually had enough stuff to equip everyone.
  24. On soldier screen U can sort list by TUs, Accuracy, Strenght ect. I think ability to add/remove also armour and allocating to dropship will is a good idea too. For example I would like to take soldiers on mission with highest strenght. Its easy to sort them on soldier screen but its impossible to add them to dropship stright away.
  25. When you prepare to throw a grenade and moving cursor from tile with alien, grenade aiming mode switch off. In [v18] trouble still presents. Why I think it is a trouble& Imagine a situation: 9 aliens standing as a 3*3 square group You want drop a grenade at central alien (to hit all 9 bastards at once) - and it's totally impossible! Of course, situation with 9 aliens is my fantasy, but it is still annoying when alien on a cursor's way (not grenade's way! No influence on %% to-hit!) impede grenade aiming. Possible use-case is when you deciding which alien of two you have better chances to hit: - Click on UI grenade icon, aim first alien, see percents - move cursor (lost grenade mode) - Click on UI grenade icon second time, aim second alien, see percents - first alien was better! - move cursor (lost grenade mode) - Click on UI grenade icon third time, refraining yourself from indecent words - and only then click to throw. To me, it's not how it must be What do I suggest: grenade aiming mode must switch on and off just like non-alien shot mode. You click grenade icon, it became highlighted and highlighted until: a) you throw a grenade or b) you click grenade icon again or c) you switch to another soldier, end-of-turn, inventory mode etc. In other words, grenade aiming mode switching off only after click or keyboard command, but NOT as a result of mouse moving.
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