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  1. [v1.04 - Xenopedia]: There does not appear to be an entry for Heavy Drone. When the research event for the heavy drone wreckage is triggered, the Xenopedia displays a blank entry and the cursor lands on the F17 entry. It could be that something is amiss with the trigger and the entry simply does not populate. There was a very old entry from 2013 about this in the bug forum about an incorrect event tag in the code, but that was the only other entry I could find (I searched for "heavy drone").
  2. While there is certainly an argument for not knowing what is going on inside of buildings, or exactly where MOBs are on the battlefield, the terrain fog is a little off-kilter, especially given the incredibly short sight distance portrayed in the game. I know, it's a game (and a small, indie) and all that, but it just strikes me as wrong for a game designed in the 21st Century. But even Firaxis' reboot of the original X-Com IP forgot that we have satellites and photo recon and all kinds of surveillance stuff. JA2 did a much better job, using full view of maps overlain with FoW sight templates. My suggestion would be increasing the sight distance, but making it harder to spot enemies if they are not moving or in concealment. Implementing a mechanic like that might not be feasible at this stage of development, as it would be a substantial redesign. Something to think about for future expansions or newer versions.
  3. On high priority missions like terror missions, I do not see any way to easily judge the lighting conditions when I am going to land at the target site. If I dispatch a chopper, and it is dark when it arrives, if I redirect it to loiter and wait for dawn, the mission fails and a nuke goes off. What is happening is that just before I launch a strike, I save the game, and if the strike team makes contact at dark, I just reload the game, delay the launch, and do it again until I land in daytime. (The night missions, absent night vision gear, are that annoying). I'm not sure if there is already a way to give more information to allow better timing of launches before I click the Launch button.
  4. Since I did not yet notice any way to judge whether a soldier is wounded on the Equipment page, I am frequently going to the Personnel Management screen to assign people to and from the transport. Since this screen lists what armor the soldier is wearing, why not make that field selectable so that I can remove the armor from those who are wounded. (An alternative is to make the wound conditions obvious on the equipment screen.) There may be other, similar enhancements that could be made to that screen to further streamline management.
  5. Strong suggestion for night missions: Generation II night vision devices were available in 1979. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_vision_goggles
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