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  1. Are these compatible with the expirimental build? Or only the stable ones?
  2. As the title says, even when the alien is in full view of my troops, including at point blank range, and firing upon the poor succker, the "Hidden Movement" panel still shows up, completely blocking my view.
  3. I noticed the exe isn't set to be large address aware, meaning it's still limited to 2gb of memory. Any chance this is causing the problem?
  4. Just to confirm, this is a visual change only, correct? No messing with weapon stat values or anything?
  5. I've noticed this too. But if the soldier steps a tile closer, it becomes "revealed" to them. Something wonky is going on with updating their viewrange with the new light source I'd wager.
  6. Yep, confirming this bug. Also as a sidenote, you really shouldn't be able to hook a shot into your guy on the direct left of the shooter
  7. Was thinking that Like all military outfits, the Xenonauts would have some kind of song they'd sing. I was wondering what you guys think it would be. I had an idea in my head of doing a modified "Blood on the Risers" lyrics, changing it from being about a paradrop to a terror mission of course. Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?
  8. I tend to just give nicknames on units that reach Sargeant or stand out for various reasons.. Gives the important guys some more personality, especially since the names are always based either on their Actual name, or on a defining moment for them (IE Dipshit McGee in X-Com, who managed to kill 4 guys with a badly aimed cannon shot, and for the next 10 missions untill his death managed to accidentially kill at least one rookie each outing.)
  9. Nethack, but only if you're being a real man and doing it through telnet.
  10. ASCII all the way. Then again, I remember Nethack, so maybe I'm just used to ASCII in all its glory. Also maybe we should make a DF thread in Off Topic instead of using a hijacked thread.
  11. Well this is the guide I used to learn back in the day Also I see we've completely derailed the thread, quite fitting, seeing how often threads on bay 12 derail.
  12. Id say that wouldn't work because of the Cold War theme, since E Pluribus Unum is printed on American money, and I don't think the Soviets would appriciate that being on their joint task force's ledger. Cold war was kinda unreasonable like that. Just my two cents
  13. Ugh last time i tried any outside activity in DF, Badgermen decided my fort was a cool place to hang out at. I've never seen a dwarf reduced to so many peices. I was finding fingers and toes everywhere.
  14. Is it considered rude to vote for multiple games? Because I already voted for Kenshi Oh well too late now, +1 to Xenonauts as well.
  15. Still dont have it 11PM East Coast America EDIT: Nevermind, didnt see all the posts, forums were being dumb and only let me see to page 6