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  1. I haven't played for ages and haven't been keeping up with the development. I think the Steam version may be a good chance to see exactly what I have missed from this amazing game
  2. The unit I was fighting was called a 'Fighter.' It had no sprite and made no attempt to move or attack. I destroyed it, after combat the game froze. I validated my files and started playing again, the same thing happened. These were with two different saves. Since those two occurances though, I have not seen this odd occurance again.
  3. This is awesome! Great update, will be playing Xenonauts again now
  4. The arrow should be clickable too, I often find myself struggling to click on the soldier themselves (especially when close to a wall or at an odd angle)
  5. I have had this a few times. It seems to me that the amount of scientists that are extra comes from the amount used in research. Ie, if I was using 20 scientists to research something then I end up with an additional 20 when the research completes. I will try and reproduce it now...
  6. The game crashes way too often and my saves end up repeating the crashes. Making the game unplayable for me but stability will come quickly and regardless buy it and give the devs funding. What I have seen, I love
  7. Title says it all really. Clicking them is clunky and I never know which one is which ¬_¬
  8. Creepy! Great Novel, although his other books are better.
  9. In nearly every game I have played: I have named a character after John Blackthorne, the protagonist from James Clavell's Shogun
  10. I would make a tutorial mission completely seperate to the main 'New Game' option. Similar to Rome Total War. I also think Tooltips are fine though. I have been learning the hard way (never played X-Com) and tooltips would be appreciated!
  11. Yeah I have been having the same problems!
  12. I have come into this habit of naming the Sargeant you get at the beginning after myself. I die alot
  13. It seems to happen after a long play session. Also it only seems to happen in Iron Mode, I was wrong when saying it occured to general Autosaves. Also, a typo in my signature... how foolish of me Corrected!
  14. The game crashes in the Geoscape usually after Ground Combat or Aerial Combat. When I load the Auto-Save, it will instantly crash with the notable occurance that the time and date do not display. This obviously breaks any Iron Mode games I am playing. Otherwise I have to keep backtracking saves. So the game is basically unplayable.