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  1. Books? Why didn't you ask in the first place: - Asimov, Foundation Saga; a bit dated today but still good. Pretty much the first space saga ever, but no space battles and such. - McMaster Bujold, Vorkosigan-Saga; again a space opera with a lot of adventure and a lot of humor (no ist not comedy). Not all volumes are transferred into german so I recommend the original english versions. - Niven, Ringworld trilogy; The first three volumes are mandatory, don't know the later ones. SciFi meets a bit Fantasy of sorts, but no magic, don't worry.... - Pratchett, Discworld series; Don't know if you like that fantasy comedy. But please, if you want to read that, DO NOT READ THE GERMAN VERSION!!! The translation is horrible! The jokes are poorly transferred at best. Character names are translated or changed to have a different meaning (wtf!?) and sometimes even differ from one volume to the next. - Herbert, Dune series; I know only the first 6 volumes, where the stories of the middle volumes lag a bit in quality but still very interesting. These are only the series (serieses?) with more than two volumes. Know/have a lot more. Just PM me if you want more SF/Fantasy recommendations.
  2. Yes that was the pilot I meant. I don't know why that was shown in german TV, but I guess it was just because it existed and had anything to do with the series. Carelessness of TV people. However, the "press the topmost stars" scene is so very present in my mind. But you have to know that each and everything in german TV is translated (dubbed?) into german language, so each foreign voice has its own german voice (nowadays they try to have a similar sounding german voice to the original). And no, this does not mean that the translation is done properly... Therefore I didn't know how Spock and the others sounded back then.
  3. Ja genau Pixelbrei, sehr treffend. Hatte mir vor ein paar Jahren X-Com Apocalypse für n paar Euro in der Originalpackung für PC gekauft, weil ich Apoc auf dem Commodore Amiga so gern gezockt hatte (auch wenn die letzte Mission verbuggt war). Musste man natürlich per DosBox installieren und spielen. Freute mich riesig drauf. Als ich dann aber gegen die ersten Krümelmonster-blauen Wuschelmonster-Aliens kämpfen musste wurde mir echt übel und ich habe das Spiel sofort beendet und deinstalliert. Sicherlich kann man das Spielfenster sehr klein machen damit die Klötzchen auch klein werden, aber nee. Das war für mich der Zeitpunkt an dem ich mir selbst sagte, dass ich so 'nen Brei nicht mehr spielen werde. Tolles Spiel, damals, nix mehr für mich heute. Been there, done that. Darum verstehe ich auch den ganzen Hype über diese neuen Klötzchengrafik-Spiele nicht. Minecraft, Prison Break und sowas...bäh wie hässlich. Etwas besser sollte das dann wohl doch sein heutzutage.
  4. I cannot remember what was the very first, but I have two early memories about "Raumschiff Enterprise" (Spaceship Enterprise) how it was called in German TV. I learned that it was called "Star Trek" only many years after that. Yeah, the stupid habit of renaming original titles for german television...back then (1980s) everything had to have a german title, now everything has to have a "different english title" than the original...stupiditiy squared. One memory is the submarine fight-feeling of "Balance of Terror", where the Enterprise and a Romulan vessel played hide and seek without communication. Although I didn't know what that feeling was back then, but I liked the atmosphere. In Germany this episode was called "Spock unter Verdacht" (Spock under suspicion)....gaaah. The other one is, I think at least but can't remeber for sure, of the pilot with Captain Pikes where Spock had to "press the three topmost stars" on a panel to open a door.
  5. Ja, genau. Xenonauts ist nicht Xcom2012. Es ist eine Invasion von Außerirdischen mit überlegenerer Technologie. Bedeutet am Anfang halt, dass ein paar Soldaten sterben müssen bzw. man sich auch mit kleinen Erfolgen begnügen muss, bis man sich angepasst hat und den Außerirdischen Paroli bieten kann. Bei Xenonauts kommt das taktische und strategische Spiel sowie die Entscheidungen die man trifft vor tollen grafischen Effekten, bunten Videosequenzen, cool animierten Soldaten und simplen A-oder-B-Entscheidungen. Sorry, wenn das zu negativ klingt...mich hat Xcom2012 immens enttäuscht, aber ich will das hier nicht ausbreiten. Tipp meinerseits: Wenn Dein Spiel immer schief läuft und Du kein Land siehst: Ändere Deine Strategie und Taktik. Tote Soldaten sind übel, aber es gibt immer neue, dafür sind es Soldaten. Benutze Schilde, Scharfschützen, in Gruppen vorziehen, gegenseitig Deckung geben, langsam vorrücken (vorrennen = schnelle Tod)..usw. Trotzdem kann ich nur Selgald hier selbst zitieren:
  6. Gaming may bore you suddenly and then maybe for some period of time. If that happens, either stop playing alone and group up with some friends (real life friends or net friends) to experience games together to have more fun, or stop playing for some time at all and do something else. Hobby, sports, real life - but here I have to agree with Comm. Pancakes, especially on Dialog options and yeah sory for this crappy community - may be one thing. For me this bored-out time happens from time to time. What helps me is to be absent from gaming then and doing some creative. As far as I know you (homepage and so) I guess this may be something for you as well.
  7. Finally....Container you can walk and land on with fyling suits. This annoyed me right from the time I hovered with flying suits over it. Thank you Skitso. And your palette-made-stairs look really great.
  8. Hello together, as a fan of turn based games (TBS) I stumbled over a new game that might be of interest to some of the community. The game is called Darkest Dungeon and it is in Early Access-State at Steam. It is a rogue-like dungeon crawler RPG with a small portion of village-building strategy. It has 2D hand made grafics with minor animation and in general a dark atmosphere all over. You have to conquer some dungeons with a group of characters that you can choose from a pool. The characters need to be leveled and trained for abilities and outfitted with weapons and other stuff. In combat your 4-people group stands eye to eye with a 4-people group of enemies and hits, spells, heals and so on are exchanged. In the dungeon map you advance by clicking a path tile where the next combat or loot-able item lies (beware, it can be a trap). An interresting thing is that you need light inside the dungeons. This controls difficult level as well as your stress-level. The darker it is the tougher the enemies but the better the loot and reward. But then, the darker it gets the more stress your characters have and can't last long inside the dungeon and need to rest in your village, so that you have to take someone else the next time. This mechanic of bringing "light into the darkness" and also the overall game reminds me a lot of the board game Thunderstone which I like a lot (see here). Darkest Dungeons is already playable and comes with a lot of content even now, although it is in early access only. If you want to see a preview of the game I recommend the .I am not affiliated in any way with the game or the company or whatever and just wanted to share this here. Homepage of Darkest Dungeon Darkest Dungeon on Steam EDIT: Oh, damn...I haven't seen that Max_Caine had this already covered.
  9. I found it extremely helpful to have one or two "base defense" roles, for instance "Shield guy with pistol and grenades" and "Rifleman with whatever". I never sell my old equipment so base defense gets this. If you only have a few special weapons like sniper or heavy guns, simply don't give them to base defense, so they are available to the dropship crew only. Additionally, if you assign the base defense soldiers back to the dropship deciding on the stats only allows giving them their best fitting role and not their former job. By changing the role you can raise other stats with a couple of combat tours, with some limitations I know. But this is personal play style I guess. Hey why not use use "Base Sniper" and give them old model weapons so a sniper stays a sniper. And yes...stripping soldiers of weapons and armor each time I want to change the crew would make me mad too...dragging & clicking items back and forth...gaaah.
  10. Had seen this warning yesterday. Today everything is fine. Seems to be fixed.
  11. I have now played with Satellite Reign for a couple of hours. My opinion up to now: partly great, partly lacking But as it is still early release and the game tells that to you more than once, this may be the cause. Also I may not be as used to the game with only the limited time I put into it. Just FYI: Satellite Reign is NOT a turn based system. The graphics look amazing, lights and their reflections on rained pavements and puddles, the overall washed down cityscape reminds me very much on the movie Bladerunner (which I love). It is a bit too colorful in my opinion but this is only a minor point. Everything looks out of one world, i.e. your agents, civillians, vehicles, enemies (cops) and the usable scenery don't stick out of the non-usable scenery. Sounds are nice and atmospheric, the radio talk is repetitive after some time, but a valid information. Interaction with your agents is a little cluncky in my opinion. For instance; it is not visible if your sniper can actually snipe from a certain position and if he can use the cover he is crouched behind. Also, if I have clicked a target to attack and this walked out of vision, does the sniper attack it when the target gets back? Same applies to normal combat. One agent was crouched fighting with one enemy, was shot at, hid behind cover and...did nothing further. Hmm? Possibly a bug. I wished there was an icon to tell me that the soldier has a current target. The AI is using cover and try to flank your agents; nice. The hide and run game with cameras and enemies to reach a terminal to hack and disable the cameras is also quite nice, but then again sometimes the agents seem not react to a running command despite having enough energy for it. I haven't used any upgrades, augmentation or other than the standard equipment. Either because it is not implemented yet or I lack the money, which you get by hacking ATMs to siphon small money rates. There are already different missions in the game, but only tried the first one so far. There seems to be more than one solution to tackle a mission, so you have a certain freedom of how you do it, either by brute force that has to be fast with the called backup forces that appear after some time or by cunning tricks and minimum aggression. Did not try a lot of the "non-combat game" which is hacking and scanning the surroundings. But it may be a big factor later as all civillians and enemies have names, health, job description and so on (mostly place holders so far). Maybe there is more to it than only scanning, but I don't know yet. The game menu to see map, mission and soldier equipment/augmentation looks nice but minimalistic at the moment. It is sometimes not clear where you find the needed information and what you can do where. Result so far: Great visuals with "Bladerunner"-appeal. Combat is tricky sometimes, due to wrong tactics or some strange agent behavior which may be related to bugs (or my stupidity). More information would be great for helping the player understand the game mechanics a bit better than using trial and error. But then this is early access, and as I learned from Xenonauts - my first game I followed from early steps to final release - a lot can happen along the way. Overall the "Syndicate" feeling is already achieved, at least for me.
  12. I have preorderd Satellite Reign (downloading it right now). When I played it, I will report. Have played it on my Amiga back then. Didn't like the grafics at that time as it reminded me too much on C64 games (...the better-grafic games), but the concept was very interesting. Never played the follow-ups. See Satellite reign hompage and at HumbleBundle it is still in early access.
  13. I think there is one in the Community Edition.
  14. Metal, everything but Black Metal (music ok, vocals no-go) or too crude Death Metal (if I can't understand the vocals then thanks). ...and a bit Rock and Punk, ...and rarely Dark Ambient, which I guess counts for the electronic branch. But all this only after I am fed up with the game music.
  15. Unfortunately I can't tell, as every time I see this leader he is crouched before he throws the grenade and the weapon not clearly visible. My guess is it is an alien plasma rifle/battle rifle maybe a pistol but I doubt that. No plasma cannon, no sniper and not the carbine version, all those are too large. I will keep my eye open for this.
  16. , MetalCanyons Let's Play shows this behaviour. He's playing the vanilla version with no mods.I have experienced this shapeshift behaviour for some time now, since beta V19 I guess. Lots of people have reported that also. Besides the wraith that seems to shapeshift into a red-shirt Caesan, there is a Sebillian leader (helmet and armor) in terror missions that will always shapeshift into a lessser echelon Sebillian. The weapon changes too, both for Wraith>Caesan and SebillianLeader>Sebillian.
  17. You are right, there are same occurences in vanilla graphics. I just wanted to hint my opinion here, like I said not a severe thing. It just looks as if the new cars have had a better polishing run than the pick-up car. Maybe you can do something about this before you do a lot of rendering and painting work. Or you make a huge load of new cars, so that the original ones stick out because they look so blunt.
  18. Looks great already and I can only applaude your work. However I think something is wrong with the cars. I can't actually make out what it is, maybe it is only me, but I think they look too "shiny" or the contrast level is not correct when comparing with other stuff in the picture. It is only a bit, but they would stick out in a map, at least for me. But maybe it is only because they are new or have curved sides.
  19. As far as in Xenonauts now (at least in 50-60%): Between your own feet.
  20. Habe nix mehr von Selgald gehört/bekommen. Also kein Plan, sorry.
  21. Ilunak has something here. Though, I like the text and the overall look of the vans (Ford Transit right?) a lot. But the warning lights are really too modern. Here in Germany you see lots of english expressions everywhere, even mixed with German text. It's called "d-english", a term for germanized english, a lot of such expressions creep in to spoken language too. Kind of stupid really, because english expressions are meant to give an aura of "modern", "fresh" and "young". Yeah and this for a couple of years now...sigh; how young and fresh can something be if the same expression is used for 10+ years. Also, 1979 I guess there weren't many delivery services of "pizza" or other around here, be it with text or an image, however that is not a big issue. Not many know that anymore Ambulances also look different in other nations and have - at least here - changed a lot since 1979, but again not a big issue, change "ambulance" against a "red cross" sign and everybody new what it is, regardless of general van colour. Old Ford Transit German Ambulance Yeah they were ugly! "DRK" means Deutsches Rotes Kreuz = German Red Cross Old Ford Transit German Fire Department That are the warning lights of that area, at least here.
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