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  1. I can recommend Halfway, good game.
  2. Hm Ironcast is not the kind of games I like ^^
  3. Some new suggestions guys? Bored again ^^ Played Pillars of Eternity, its fun.
  4. Geraten, ewig ^^ Einfach zu wenig Zeit da
  5. Ich schau mir das über Ostern mal an, hab seit Montag wieder Uni ^^
  6. @jares, du hast alles wie im Anfangspost beschrieben installiert? Die Übersetzung muss an erster Stelle stehen, damit sie gegenüber anderen mods "dominant" ist.
  7. I know E-Mail games, but I am impatient, so those kind of games would drive me insane I am trying to find a tabletop or D&D group, but its not easy to find one
  8. epsionage is more complex, most things are the same but more polished. If you liked GalCiv2 you will like GalCiv3. But its still early access and not finished yet.
  9. I am playing GalCiv3 Early Access, its fun, but I find it easy to play.
  10. I know gog great site But I bought Master of Orion 1 and 2 many many years ago The emulation is for my Android device, because there is no port of those games to android. With aDosBox MoO2 runs on Android, but sadly without sound (was not able to get it working... yet...)
  11. Since iam one of the old xnt devs, I would say yes ^^
  12. Already played most of the RTS games I know ^^ I also like 4x games, but still there is no game that can beat Master of Orion 2 Hmmmm I really should try to use a Dos emulator on my Android tablet with MoO2
  13. Yes hmm maybe? I think no.. really no ^^
  14. I also read books about human anatomy, medicine and physics. So I think you cant make any recommendations to that ^^ Also I read funny books sometimes, yesterday I bought What If? from XKCD, its funny.
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