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  1. Despite this they behave like the latter, replacing Alenium munitions and being infinite in number. This isn't that much of a problem, but they remain in the engineering menu which is a cause for confusion.
  2. So don't let your gun run so hot that your magazines start cooking off. Pretty simple solution. We see this IRL with machine guns. That the consequences of this are greater is only an issue if you consider that risk, which can be mitigated against by training, is greater than the benefits, which if they are being used is presumably not the case.
  3. Dude, conventional weapons are literally based on explosives. The propellant charge is usually the most volatile part of a gun, even if the shells themselves are high explosive. Also, grenades. Especially the rocket propelled ones. Those things are anything but inert. Actually, it occurs to me that Alenium grenades likely function on the same principle that 40K lasgun detonations do: a powerful battery being overloaded and detonating as consequence.
  4. I presume the "magazines" (batteries?) are being overloaded so as to explode. Possibly catalyzed with a conventional explosive, strong impact, etc. Not actually familiar with this part of 40K but I'm thinking of contemporary issues with lithium-ion batteries exploding, only multiplied thousandfold since the energy density is obviously far greater.
  5. Late reply but I just got back into the game. The doorway issue does seem to be fixed. Grenades can be thrown through them along the same angles of fire that guns can. The issue of shooting around corners is still present though, so tall cover has much larger blind spots than it reasonably should have. I'm picturing my soldier leaning around the corner to fire, thus having a ~90 degree firing arc, with a blind spot directly ahead of him, and to the left or right if the tall cover extends far enough. Hopefully what I'm asking for is clear enough.
  6. They can be inherently more powerful than eachother, just not in all aspects. Gauss weapons succeeding ballistic weapons and having great kinetic energy and penetration works, having plasma weapons be a mix of thermal-AoE and kinetic impact works. Laser weapons being purely thermal but having high accuracy at the cost of damage drop off over range (atmospheric scattering). These are just ideas but you can probably see how it would naturally lead to each line of development getting its own niches to excel at. Also, even if these lines are parallel they don't need to be evenly distributed along the tech tree. There could be extensive gaps where one class of weapon is getting a lot of rapid development and is overtaking others. E.g. when laser weapons are first introduced they could quickly begin to overtake your ballistic weapons, only for the ballistic weapons to start becoming more competitive later, when thermal resistant enemies start showing up and new ballistic technologies become available. Hopefully I'm being concise here. I might be able to literally draw out what my proposed tech tree might look like to better illustrate it.
  7. For training one very interesting idea I have is rotating your most experienced soldiers into training to give an efficiency boost. Think US pilot rotation during WW2. By rotating out your most veteran units they can pass along their knowledge to the next generation, thus ensuring that their own experience is not only retained past what would likely be their death in action, but is also distributed throughout the next generation of soldiers who will be joining/replacing them. I would also suggest that training be logarithmic, vs actual combat which is linear. This would be such that actual experience is always superior to training, but only marginally so at first. So between learning more about the Xeno threat via your science teams, and rotating your veterans into training roles, you can push back your diminishing returns far enough that skilled replacements are reliably available.
  8. This is related to grenades being very... odd... in their behavior, especially with regards to throwing them through doorways . Doorways also block your field of fire more than should probably be the case, although this has more to do with a lack of proper side cover, where you peek around the corner to shoot. These were major issues for me and prevented me from playing the game for a while, so have they been addressed? And if not, are there plans to do so?
  9. Firm agreement here. Rather than being linear there should be parallel lines of development which occasionally cross over.
  10. You telling me that tracked death ain't grounded? Seriously though, power armor is way more out there than a mere tank.
  11. Is this a case of missing content, or do I just suck? Because at this point I simply don’t have the capacity to down most of the alien craft, and not even a trio of Foxtrots with alienum torpedoes is cutting it. Shouldn’t I be unlocking a new interceptor around this point?
  12. Also arc shots. I wanted my guy to lob a frag at a xeno from behind a wall between them, but apparently grenades are all fastballs since there was a 100% chance it smacks into the wall in question. There is also an issue with doors, where grenades can't be thrown inside them. Although this is an issue with all weapons, since the game doesn't allow you to shoot around cover, only over/through it. Definitely a problem to look into fixing.
  13. How about have X% vanish into nothing, the remainder either passes through the armor to cause normal damage, gets converted to stun damage, or causes damage to the armor itself, with the ratio between the three varying? That's how I would handle it anyways.
  14. Looks like they killed all the Civies, which is a loss condition. Sounds BS if it was only 3 turns, but that's pure imbalance, not a bug or anything.
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