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  1. Is this a case of missing content, or do I just suck? Because at this point I simply don’t have the capacity to down most of the alien craft, and not even a trio of Foxtrots with alienum torpedoes is cutting it. Shouldn’t I be unlocking a new interceptor around this point?
  2. Yeah, I know, cheating and all that. But it would improve my enjoyment IMO so... yeah.
  3. Fritz1776

    Grenades both thrown and fired?

    Also arc shots. I wanted my guy to lob a frag at a xeno from behind a wall between them, but apparently grenades are all fastballs since there was a 100% chance it smacks into the wall in question. There is also an issue with doors, where grenades can't be thrown inside them. Although this is an issue with all weapons, since the game doesn't allow you to shoot around cover, only over/through it. Definitely a problem to look into fixing.
  4. Fritz1776

    In the Defence of Armour

    How about have X% vanish into nothing, the remainder either passes through the armor to cause normal damage, gets converted to stun damage, or causes damage to the armor itself, with the ratio between the three varying? That's how I would handle it anyways.
  5. Looks like they killed all the Civies, which is a loss condition. Sounds BS if it was only 3 turns, but that's pure imbalance, not a bug or anything.
  6. I think LoS should be more of a bubble than a cone. A really stretched oval facing wherever your guy is looking, with 90, 120, and 180 degrees being where you have your long, medium, and short cones of vision respectively. Strikes me as the most realistic take.
  7. And now it works. Yeah, this is a weird one.
  8. I've been having this issue. Will try a fresh reinstall, but launching in window didn't work, nor did repairing the files.