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    Bug and crash

    Hello guyz. First of all im frnech so sorry for the mistakes in english. I come back to you because, i have the same problems with xenonauts 2 . You can see the windows that often open on the left side of the screen with the red inscriptions (linked screenshots). It happen when i move soldiers, trow a grenade or load a save. Sometimes when i have a base in russia and i launch interceptor, they're flying in the opposite direction of the UFO. Can you help please ?
  2. neme971

    Over chrashing

    Okay, how can i get the good version ?
  3. neme971

    Over chrashing

    Yeah i could, but where is the save folder please ?
  4. neme971

    Over chrashing

    Hello,1 - I'm trying to play xenonauts 2, but during the fights, there are a lot of bugs ... when I throw a grenade, there are lots of red writing that appear on the left of the screen, and the game crash and quits. It does that sometimes when we start moving, when one of my soldiers moves or when I attack. It’s also rarely done when I want to load a game in the middle of a fight.2 - Some of my interceptors (leaving a base in Russia), set off in the opposite direction to the alien ship for no reason ...Than, i need help because i can't play. Best regards
  5. hi ! i'm french and i really love this game, and i want to know if u will make a french version of this game. i couldn't inderstand all of the reasearchs information on xenonauts 1 , i dont want this happen in the xenonauts 2. thank you.