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  1. It seems that the damage type between the laser and accelerated is different? I will check this out.
  2. Several players, (myself included) seems to find the accelerated weapons "Kinda" useless. The Accelerated weapon feels like a weaker gauss weapons from TFTD, costly but will give you an edge while you farm other research. In TFTD, Gauss also provided you with a backup weapon if your harvest went poorly, however it was not required. The weapon was decent, but required more luck than using a sonic tier weapon to bring down an enemy. However, the Gauss could carry itself through mid game well enough to make it to the endgame. It's main advantages was to free your research for interceptors and armors, while costing very little resources. you could then sell the advanced weapons looted from the battlefield to improve your infrastructure. However, at this time, the accelerated weapon (the equivalent of the gauss rifle), is sub-par to the laser while being expensive to make. While i'm at 40% completion of the game, there seems to be more weapon research available. However ... I wondered how to make this asset still relevant, Here is my tought: -Make the accelerated weapon replace all the basic rifle and guns. -Like the interceptor research, having the research + the upgrade made in the workshop would provide you with the weapons in infinite quantities. Why this could be a good idea (Imho)? -It is very expensive and resource consuming to make the laser weapons and the accelerated weapons. Making both weapons in enough quantities is a big expense that has little return. -Making the accelerated weapons infinite, could provide you with improved weapons for your other bases that can be filled with reserve soldiers, while making the game asset more useful and flexible. -It would help managing several base inventories and make the defense of your other bases cheaper than using laser weapons and a bit easier than using conventional weapons. Making base defense more diverse and engaging and relevant. If you defend using soldiers it take less space than using laser/plasma defense ... but you got to have the grunts armed. -If you send rookies into a mission, you can equip them with accelerated weapons and not care as much if you lose them. -If the player lose a lot of advanced weapons in a mission, and he has researched the accelerated weapons, he can be back in the fight quickly using accelerated weapons while he build back his armory. -It could give more real choices to the player. ie: if a player want to defend his bases using soldiers (quicker to move than building defenses), he can do it while knowing that later he can improve his guns slightly by upgrading the general armory with accelerated weapons. Tell me what you think!
  3. Let's share our tough about the accelerated weapons! @Vitruviansquid @Irishguy117 @Novadea
  4. My opinion on the SMG SMG compared to Assault rifles (ie: SMG VS the backbone): -Lower energy per bullet -Less precision and less range. -More bullet shot per autofire. -Wider spread, under autofire, -Wider spread under normal fire. (ie : If it's a miss, there is more chance to hit further from the intended target) -Less reliable max damage output under auto-fire. -Quicker to deploy. (Reaction fire and units being more mobile since they can move more tiles before being fired upon) -Smaller weapon size. -Similar magazine capacity and size. SMG compared to Handguns: -More bullet per mags and bigger size of mags. -More precise -More control, and autofire (two hands) -Require two hands -Bigger size/weight -Great damage potential, but with large margin between min and max potential. -Snap shots and aimed shot cost more TU. SMG compared to Shotguns: -Lower energy per bullet/pellet -Lighter and more agile (Lower TU per snap and aimed shots, but use a lot of TU for auto-fire) -Better accuracy at max range -Similar max range -Greater spread under autofire/Pellets (risky to use) -Under autofire, similar max damage potential but with less accuracy (Make it useful in those point blank shots, or as a suppressive weapons) Weapon property estimation (imho): -Range: Same as a pistol (would keep the weapon used for close range and room sweeping, keep the rifle very useful) -Damage: Same as the pistol (Would keep the weapon coherent within it's energy bracket) -Accuracy: Better than a pistol (+3?, so it's more precise than a rifle but can't replace it) -Spread: Very Low accuracy in autofire, compensated by a high number of bullet being fired. Choice have to be made in regards to your team mates. Arguments: -Could be used on an agile unit that you don't equip with a shield, trading great defense for a bit more offense. -Thus SMG unit would more offensive at the cost of the shield. -Since it require less % of the unit TU compared to a rifle, you can move more square while keeping the capacity to shoot a bit more accurately -Provide a tool that can be used to suppress ennemies (ie:win the fire exchange) while using a high mobility unit. (ie: Flanking). -Could provide an autofire tool with a lot of mobility but less so than a pistol. -More ammo per mags than pistols at the price of inventory space. -Slower reaction than a pistol and more time unit to activate it, but faster than a rifle. -Range similar to a pistol or a shotgun but with better accuracy in snapshot or aimed shot. -Deadly as a shotgun, but to a single unit per round and could require a reload for each use of the autofire? -A shotgun is deadly for two enemy units in the same round while keeping it's potential in the next round. However, the SMG could be deadly to one enemy and require a reload sooner. -Less reliable max damage output than other weapons in it's range bracket because of spread, however great MAX damage potential. -Could make a weak unit in strength and TU more offensive than with a pistol. -Could make a Strong unit carry more tools while being potent in close range. Tell me what you think
  5. Hi, I read on the discord that there was a need to talk about the SMG. Well, here is a thread to debate about it and maybe help the dev.
  6. I have been following the latest improvement on Xenonauts 2 and I'm quite happy with how the 1st one and the new one has evolved.

    I'm an Old timer who played all the x-com games and most computer titles who use the genre.

  7. Nice video of the Shotgun history http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZigVi1q6F4Q&feature=related
  8. Self censure because some thing are better left not said.
  9. Indeed, I loved to have some of them. somtimes I would marry them with a team mate. It's the 70's folks. Time of change!
  10. 1993- 2004 I feel that in 2005 and up, games get so commercial and empty. I feel like i'm searching for a great game but never find one while in th 93/04 period, you just had to pick somthing at random and it was a hit! I truly lost my illusion when microsoft bough Mechwarrior and killed the franchise.
  11. 1-) X-Com 2-) Master Of Orion 3-) Wing commander 4-) X-Wing Alliance 5-) Operation Flashpoint (playing Arma 2 Atm)
  12. Yeah, ok let's say it DOES cost something but not much ... Don't feed the trolls, don't feed the trolls ...
  13. I included blast shape in the idea tread for the blaster launcher. See in first page. Dial a yield? Like 911 call to these coordinates? Dual yield? Nah, it's already a monster of a modding project there. I'm not even sure if it can be done and I know i'm not qualified to code it. Might help in other areas tough, but not coding. Havent touch that in over 12 years now.
  14. Sorry for my useless post, wil read harder.
  15. Maybe making a simulator for the commander to practice a little. Like a muck up town in wich the Xenonauts fire on soldiers from the base rooster. Or an arcade console in wich you fight aliens UFO using pre-generated aircraft. A little like wing commander. Gave you a basic of the mecanics.
  16. Do you play AI war? It's a great Indy, cost nothing and worth a ton of fun.
  17. As such, here is a basic concept of the weapon as I see it: The BL spawn a unit named [blasterBomb] wich is controlled as a player unit. Ennemy units react to [blasterBomb] as they would with any player unit. I think an average % to hit would be good. When it is destroyed, it explode in a large radius, destroying object and tiles alike. Persitant "radiation" damage could be implemented in the zone affected. The destruction of the [blasterBomb] is trigerred by the player, [blasterBomb] destruction by the ennemy or end of turn. Using the BL means a score penalty when the bomb explode (unit killed). To enable the self destruction of the [blasterBomb], the unit could have several properties like low healt and bleeding damage. The unit should be blind. Time units should enable it to travel far enough not to kill the shooter and close enough to require soldier placement. Probability of self destruction each time a command is issued after the first one.
  18. Excellent point! Also, there might be a point in having an disposable drone that cost around 25k. So the soldier keep being cheaper that way Yeah, I loved my rookies, especially thoses I named "plasma fodder".
  19. Theres might be a compromise in wich the silhouette for any unknown units is the same. Lets say a larger Civilian shadow. While you don't know what is on the other side you can still know something is there. Also seems to me that the wall should be black where it have not being seen. Maybe linking the wall texture to the tile in front of it in case it's face has not being seen. In fact, only the wall having an unexplored squares facing the player would need that. This should help, you would not need to redo all the black sprites for each units (lots of work there).
  20. I agree partly about the blaster launcher and completely about the Psyonics (even Julian Gollop agrees). However, BL were intended as a "skip" the mission without too much penalties.
  21. Really nice, should help with the visibility issues. I feel that the top of the box lines should cover the units.
  22. Sems to me that the math are wrong. It could lead to exploits. Let say I keep a small number of soldier. I make them super elite by scum saving. Now, I'm ready to recruit all the rooster and they are way over the average. A normal player could fall on a slippery slope with average soldiers. Btw I don't see how ths idea improve the experience. Maybe just hide the soldiers stat when you used all your normal pool for the month?
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