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  1. Be careful with the term "shill" as well, because in the US it can mean someone who endorses a company or product to an extreme for money or compensation, while trying to hide said compensation. Often times it's used to label people who vehemently defend a product to an extreme extent against all reasonable criticism.
  2. Chthon

    The game is mocking me!

    Just hope that unlike me, when you encounter your first leader unit, he's not an Andron... you can't stun and capture Androns, so I was stuck having to wait for another opportunity I was extremely annoyed.
  3. Chthon

    Ideal Radar Layout

    Looks to me that it might be due to the fact that it'd completely overlap coverage (almost) and radars are one of the more expensive items for both initial cost and upkeep.
  4. Chthon

    Ideal Radar Layout

    From the looks of the image it's illegible as always. I wish they'd fix the fonts there
  5. It may sound realistic, but standard procedures for clearing rooms and buildings in the military rely on shock and awe. You sneak up to an entryway so as to leave the enemy unsure if you have arrived or not, then burst through all at once. Such mechanics aren't possible in a turn based environment, at least looking at exactly how you'd do it in real life, but hopefully the enemy not only isn't expecting it at that moment, but is completely surprised by it. An example procedure that is often used or altered for regular use is a 4 man clearing team. First all four stack up on the door against the building. Then a silent cue is given to the 4th man to move up and prepare to kick the door in. He is there to cover the door to prevent an enemy from getting the jump on everyone else as well. Then another silent count goes down, with the kick happening on the last count. The first 3 go through the door after the 4th kick it, and the forth follows through after. Each moves to their trained corners of the room, searching for threats and shooting any that enter their field of fire as they go. This is repeated for every room in a structure. Unfortunately it doesn't work so well in Xenonauts since the aliens don't ever seem to get surprised and are always expecting you. This forces me to adapt my tactics, but that's not necessarily a bad thing either.
  6. It's a limitation on how they implemented the arcs. Everyone throws at the same arc regardless of the situation. If something blocks that arc, then it does not check another arc. For the longest time I didn't realize you can actually throw objects onto roofs because of this.
  7. I do a lot of autoresolves, but if I feel that I could down a UFO and the game gives me a 6% chance, I say BS and down it myself. Autoresolve has it's uses, saving time and what not, but is not a replacement for true skill in the air One of my teachers way back in high school taught us about vectors using a pen and paper game where we would use vectors to "dog fight." Each turn you could increase or decrease the size of your vector, or you could turn your vector, both up to a certain degree. The object was to get into a tailing firing position on the opponent. I feel the air combat minigame resembles that a lot.
  8. It talks by itself? It's one of those singing carp plaques that activate when you walk by?
  9. Chthon

    how do you close doors?

    Sometimes the opening mechanism seems broken. Particularly with one door in the landing UFO. Just watch for a special icon, you have to actually click on part of the door frame for it to work. You also need enough TUs to turn towards your mouse + 5 to open/close the door.
  10. I found that out the hard way once, when I engaged one. I had no chance to deal with the suddenly upgraded escorts, but I was determined to at least knock the big man down. They also persist in damage from one engagement to the next. I've taken many down through multiple engagements, and am very careful with noting when my planes are rearmed during waves. You still have to escape with your skin however or you lose your planes. However it still leaves the mission even if you get all shot down.
  11. I try to distract them with the condor, while the foxtrots move into range of the corvette and shoot it down. Shooting down all 3 isn't necessary, so once I've done that, I escape. The escorts will escape into space allowing me to take or airstrike the mission craft.
  12. Chthon

    Questions on Soldier Stats

    I don't know about the config files, not having played with them, but everyone that watches me told me, you have to overload them. Maybe it changed at some point and the game config files never were updated to reflect that?
  13. Chthon

    Questions on Soldier Stats

    You have to push them further and gain a penalty to get them to go further than that I believe. I always go one or two into penalty land unless they have low TUs as well.
  14. Chthon

    a couple of questions

    Actually it won't. When a unit gets mind controlled, they do so at the start of their next turn, so they always get a full turns points to spend. The only defense is if you suspect someone will get mind controlled, which is a feat in and of itself, then have the unit drop their weapon at the start of their turn.
  15. Batteries can kill off many of the invading aliens before they arrive. If you'd rather have a lot of scientists or engineers at a base, but only a few soldiers, base defenses could be the difference between you facing 40 invading aliens and 3.