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  1. And big devs too. If you use MP3 you'd have to pay copyrights. So everybody goes for OGG.
  2. Une finalisation serait la bienvenue si vous en avez le courage. Une fois finie, la traduction aura besoin d'être vérifiée, et Chris pourra l'incorporer au jeu. Ce qui serait fantastique ! :-)
  3. Est-ce que quelqu'un a le courage de finir la traduction ? J'ai rapidement parcouru les fichiers, et ça m'a l'air plutôt pas mal. Quelques fautes ici et là, mais rien de bien méchant. Bravo pour le boulot en tout cas !
  4. C'est super de traduire le jeu les amis! Bonne nouvelle pour ceux qui ne parlent pas l'Anglais. Chris pourra peut-être la mettre in-game si c'est propre après l'avoir fait corriger par quelqu'un du métier ? Affaire à suivre.
  5. The problem here is that it is impossible to satisfy everybody. Some people love the interception music, some don't. Same as for certain passages of the other tunes.
  6. Thank you ! I'm glad you like it !
  7. Well, Aliens are invading the world. Not a really happy end to that.
  8. Toutes mes félicitations Aaron ! ;-)
  9. hum, ok, i'll write Chris about that. Thanks ! And yes, only 2 GC music for the moment. GC 3 coming soon. NC 1, 2 & 3 will be changed a bit as well.
  10. There are 3 Ground Day musics, and 3 for the night parts. Not all are in the game yet, but they should be played randomly. Day when its day, night when night. In the current build, you should have random plays between day 1 and day 2. If not, then you've got a bug. I'd be curious to know if other people get the 2 soundtracks to play randomly. Last time i tested the game, it worked. But that was a couple months back...
  11. Si, sono nato in Italia (Venezia), ma lo parlo come un Francese ( e non lo so scrivere bene!). ;-)
  12. Io penso che Xenonauts va meglio. Tradurre il gioco si, ma il titolo, non lo so... (si si, arrivo un po tardi)
  13. Thanks Knightpt, i'm glad you are enjoying the music! ;-)
  14. Hey GizmoGomez, Yes, you are correct. Though we didn't talk with Chris yet about a bundle. I guess we'll see that once the game is launched. I didn't figure out the price yet for selling the soundtrack on my own, but it will be cheap. I still don't know how much music i'll put in yet. I'll look at all that once all the music is done. The best option would be to have the possibility of including the music in the game, so you can have more diversity. I will think of something. ;-)