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  1. I can not find any place that talks about the difference between these two cover notations. It feels like grey cover has no meaning, the % to hit chance does not adjust at all whether or not you sit in "grey" cover for the accuracy that it shows. Add to this that yellow cover does work(at last in some cases) and you have strange disconnect, where standing behind a wall from one angle gives you 100% cover, but if you mirror the scenario suddenly the 100% cover becomes 0%. This seems too massive for it to have come up nowhere before but I see no record of it being discussed. And it seems to have existed even in the base version of the game. Makes me believe this is a core problem with the engine or what is the explanation here? Edit: I tested many of the tiles in the average city map, and I can understand most of the cases where you get "grey" cover. But the two cases that I just can not fathom is the car blocks(the 1 tile long chest high walls often lining the side of the roads), which give yellow/green/yellow from one direction, but only grey/green/grey from the other. how are they not identical from both sides? And it makes them utterly useless from one end because all it takes is two steps to the left/right and suddenly the block of pure concrete is non existent. The other case is Full walls, which seem to always(not counting corners or other cases where something else interacts with them) Give Yellow cover from one direction, but grey from the other. (which is what prompted this topic in the first place) I just really can't figure out the reasoning. Why would hiding behind a wall from the south side or the north side change its effectiveness to protect you?
  2. I think I know the answer but it would not hurt to ask and be sure. Is there any gain in doing a terror mission(or any negative to not doing it) in a region that has already left your protection? Being that you can't "get back" a region, and you cant get more then 0 dollars from them, I assume the answer is no? Besides the XP and money you get from recovering items, obviously.
  3. Not sure if this should be posted in the CE or here, being that there are no plans to further patch this game(right?), but as I have not played the CE I am not sure if they already fixed it. Anyway, here are the things I noticed now that I am playing the game again. 1. The Xenopedia prices for the Hunter(and I assume for all the "tanks") are wrong. Hunter says it cost 30k but when you build it the price says 60k. 2. There seems to be no way to check the stats of the vehicle weapons.(Neither the Xenopedia nor the equip screen tells me their stats) 3. It seems like the Hunter's rocket launcher does not get upgraded with Alenium explosives. (Visibly there is no change, and damage wise it seems to do less then a default rocket launcher with Alenium explosives) Non of them are a big deal, but I might update the topic as I run into more things.
  4. As I am preparing to get back into the game I was playing around with the solder roles after reading the manual and tips and remembered you could right click on soldier role images/names to change them from their default. This is very useful but to my knowledge is documented nowhere in the game, I think I only found out about it after many hours of game play when someone mentioned it in my stream. This should probably be mentioned in the game manual.(I know the game is old and this might not be updated again, but bringing it up for the record of it) P.S. Thankyou for changing the default loadouts, finally no more handcramps. (:
  5. Want to say, I used this and it works for windows(at least on the map I used), but there are still some objects it does not work for(example is the buss stops on city maps, they still give 0 cover(and I assume can be broken). Could this also be applied to the glass 'walls' in the alien bases?(which block 100% first shot, then 50% after, I find they should always block 50% as they are glass, and the AI actually gets really confused(and easily exploited) by this.(most notable in command rooms, where you can close in on the AI by staying behind the glass ad then breaking it in the turn you are ready to gun him down) Edit: Also, thankyou. I very much appreciate this mod and it is a major improvement(even without the things I mentioned above being implemented) and pretty much the only time I have broken the 'I won't install mods for my insane run' rule.
  6. Anyone willing to make this change and put it out there? It be awesome.
  7. <p><p>Hey, just a quick question, did you ever do an LP of Xenonauts on youtube back in the day when it was still in alpha? Trying to remember who's LP I watched.</p></p>

  8. Glancing back at this topic, is the whole german discussion started by me? *shrug* if you don't like my accent you don't have to watch. I was just answering the title of the topic.
  9. I aint no expert on this and I don't do modding, but: A founding region withdraws when the founding of the region reaches 0. aka, if you wanted to make them withdraw faster you would need to make the UFO 'event's do more impact on founding.
  10. If you prefer that, sure, but that seems just as weird.. there is still half a wall to hide behind... the soldier shouldn't hang out infront of the window like he was in some picture frame, he would shoot through the window, then duck.
  11. I am sorry, but reading it in that wording.... now I want zombie Xenonauts....
  12. If someone can throw the minor change out quickly I really could not care less about the whole shooting through the glass thing.(I would prefer if it all simply was in the broken state from the start, but staying the not broken state is fine with me.)
  13. I don't know anything about modding, but any chance someone could take the time to look into the 'no cover' glass objects and giving them a slight alteration so they acted like normal cover? IDC if it breaks the cool looking 'shooting through glass' effect, just allow me to stop shotguning every single window I see.. it is rather sillly. This should be 'easy' I believe? After all, middle east part of the maps have windows which don't have glass, and those work like windows should.
  14. I agree the window thing is rather obtuse and I think you guys( the developer) would have been better off just not putting glass in the game. I know that sounds weird to think about, but you didn't need the fancy looking glass that breaks the game in some form or another.(and it does) I still love the game, but I think that was a the wrong call... at least it makes for a lot of jokes on stream.(Let's repair that window so we can hit the alien easier.)
  15. I can add that 2 turrets(even plasma) certainly won't shoot down a UFO reliably, out of 4(maybe 5) times they have never done it... I am considering going with 3 this game and hoping for the best.(problem is, even if you got a good squad in your main base and it gets attacked, aliens in base attack missions tend to be really well equiped and you'll losses will stagger and throw you off your game.(that is on insane)
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