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    Greetings all, A little preface here on relative skill level: The issues I want to talk about get more obvious and more of an issue the better a player is, hence this preface. This is sort of an inverse of "Get gud". However, it may appear I am asking to make the game easier in general, that is not the case. I would like the game to be harder if anything, but at the end where it makes sense for it to be hard and not at the beginning where it doesn't. More on that later... A note on my own skill level: I've completed pretty much every decent strategy game on the hardest possible difficulty, that includes games like: XCOM (The originals, terror from the deep excepted as I never got into it), XCOM (The Remakes), Jagged Alliance (even the awful reloaded one), Panzer General, Peoples General, etc. Also, some hard realtime stuff like EUIV (One-tagged the world), Shogun II total war (Impossible Ironmanned it), etc. I also have a youtube where I do hardest possible turn based Ironman campaigns, though that is mostly battletech. If your interested in that or simply want to verify, you can find it at www.youtube.com/TheEdmon and I hope you enjoy it :). My two key issues with XCOM type games are thus: 1) In the early game no-one seems to know there is a war on and it determines everything. 2) Win-More, Lose-More gameplay. The early game: Most of these turns based games are won in the first 6-10 hours and the rest of the game is just a walk to the victory screen, provided you don't make some critical mistake. But if you are winning hard enough, early enough, the odds of a critical mistake drops: 1) You win early missions with no losses and get more stuff. 2) So you have more money to expand, upgrade and research faster, with no losses to replace. 3) You are powering faster than the difficulty curve due to the above and can afford more coverage (when applicible). 4) You win more easily, due to your powering, which leads to less/no future losses and more money. 5) The cycle repeats, with your A-Team carrying you to the victory screen often without any losses at all. Dont you know there is a war on? The early XCOM game has this weird tone, situational as well as gameplay issue. You start off weak, barely any better or the same as a standard military of the time period. Then the game pretends like other militaries don't exist or are unable to mount even the slightest defence. So, where you are and what coverage you can get early is all that matters. This means that (often randomly), the game is determined by how much of the early hostiles appear near you (so you can deal with them) and is a race for you to power up as quickly as possible so you can protect the earth. The game balance revolves around this, making it so that you can get more ahead very quickly because you are 100% of the force being exerted against the aliens. That 100% can be vastly different between a good player and an excellent one, let alone a weaker casual player. You are totally and 100% critical in the early game, so balancing that early game becomes very difficult. I have always thought a good way to solve this problem would be to have the player be more like 10% of the force in the early game. NPC Military, coverage, airforces, etc. So what if we do this instead: 1) NPC's have military bases, airforces, coverage just like you do. 2) There is a lot more alien activity in the early game, but NPC militaries can barely handle it. The scramble interceptors, shoot down hostiles, airstrike, etc. 3) You can place your base to try and protect a country with a weak military, like africa, or place it where activity is high to protect a stronger NPC so they are useful for longer... The early game then consists of a world at war against the aliens and actually holding it's ground. You are there, to shoot down what appears in your general area, steal technology, go on missions, etc as usual. But you are not 100% of the fight, more like 10% of it. Of course, as the game goes on, your technology improves and so does the aliens. But your human allies do not. So in the mid game, they start to lose and some very badly: 1) You can see NPC bases and interceptons getting crushed. 2) Gaps appear in earths defence, relations sour. 3) It becomes clear that you must fill in the gaps, protect your allies, etc. You can afford to make the general alien presence that much more, when there is a lot of NPC defence around to handle it. Taking the pressure off the early game. In the late game: 1) NPC presence is all but gone, now it's all down to you. 2) Difficulty can be much higher 3) You've had time to put coverage in place, but the pressure you are under can also be higher than in a normal XCOM like difficulty curve. In conclusion: The early game matters too much, player skill level cannot effectively be balanced for, due to the snowballing effect that is caused by the player being 100% of the force against the aliens. The tone is also odd, where is everyone else, don't they know there is a war going on? My thought is to try and shift this to the mid game, while also fixing the weird lore and tonal issues. What do you guys think?
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    By the end of this month everyone who backed the Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter will have their Steam / GOG keys and going exclusive with Epic wouldn't involve taking them away, so using that logic I'm assuming you wouldn't actually mind us signing an Epic exclusive deal? Everyone would have got what they paid for and no promises to backers would have been broken ... but in reality I think there'd still be a big backlash if we did so. I personally find the whole Epic Store debate quite interesting. In principle I like the idea of Steam having more competition, because whilst overall they've been a huge boon to independent developers, they represent about 90% of our sales and yet our only contact with them is one guy who probably replies to our emails less than half the time. Having a competitor to keep them on their toes and make them more responsive to what users and devs want from them can only be a good thing - but then having games be exclusive to just one platform is kinda annoying as a consumer (although Battle.net / Origin / UPlay / whatever have been doing that for a long time so it's hardly a new phenomenon). Anyway, I suspect Snapshot were offered more than enough money to make the backlash they are facing worthwhile. I think it's a very dangerous thing to break promises to your backers and I can certainly see why people are angry, but everyone has their price and if there was enough money on the table then I could also see how that would be tempting for the dev team.
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    Closed Beta Build V6 has now been released on Steam, GOG and Xsolla. Note that this build is only available on our new Experimental branch so you'll need to switch over to get this update (instructions on how to do that here). As usual, please note this closed beta is only open to Kickstarter backers and people who have pre-ordered the game via Xsolla on our website. This is a major update for the game that contains a number of significant new features. We're currently working on getting the remaining "core" systems into the game as fast as possible, so many of these new features are still largely untested. This is why we've set up the Experimental branches - this new build may well be full of game-breaking bugs, but we're extremely busy with feature implementation and so we won't be able to put out a hotfix as quickly as normal. Having V6 on an experimental branch means people can switch back to V5 if they want a more stable experience, so we're not forced to drop what we're doing to patch the game immediately if there are problems. Be aware that you're probably still not going to have any idea what's going on with the new air combat because we've not yet had time to add tooltips into the game (they're coming soon) so there's no way to view the stats of any of the combatants or the weapons. Given the air combat is now based more heavily on percentages like Hit Chance, Evade Chance, Range etc this means it's still largely unplayable unless someone has explained what is happening in advance (although reading the changelog below will help a little). Key Features: Air Combat Update: there's been a substantial update to the air combat. The new mechanics are explained below in more detail. Alien Psionics: certain ranks of Psyon now have access to the Mind War psionic ability, which they automatically use every turn. The mechanics are a bit different from the X1 psionics and are explained in full below. Soldier Assignment System: there's now a central soldier management system that ensures soldiers can only be assigned one task at a time (e.g. if they're on a Strategic Operation, you can't then deploy them in combat). Strategy Upkeep / Funding Screen: your personnel, aircraft and base structures now have upkeep costs. You can now access a preview of the Funding Screen from the Geoscape at any point, which also gives a breakdown of all of your predicted income and upkeep costs. Crash Site Airstrike: the "airstrike" functionality from X1 that allows you to receive a cash bonus in exchange for removing a crash site from the Geoscape has now returned. New Artwork: we've added new art to various screens. This includes everything from strategy screen backgrounds and new UFO artwork to additional alien combatant models and new energy weapon projectiles. More Alien Variants: the crews of alien ships are now more varied, with each alien race now have multiple unit variants like in X1 (i.e. not every alien is a generic soldier, so some of a UFO crew will be lightly-armed non-combatants that fly the UFO etc). There's also Elite aliens with better equipment that start appearing later in the game. Air Combat Update: Air combat now auto-resolves rather than requiring you to issue all commands manually, which makes interceptions much faster and less fiddly Your interceptors have AI that will automatically attempt to close to the appropriate range with the UFOs and fire weapons, but the player can also manually issue orders if they choose Weapons will auto-fire if the interceptor is range, but fire permission can be toggled off by clicking the weapon icon on the new interceptor status panels on the right of the screen. Weapons now have % hit chances, and combatants have a % evade chance. The weapon first rolls to hit, and then if a hit is scored the defender rolls to see if they can evade. Weapons also have an Evade Modifier which controls how easy they are to evade. Torpedoes are powerful but have a 2x Evade modifier, making them ineffective against Fighter UFOs that have 50% base Evade score (giving them a modified 100% Evade vs torpedoes). However, they are much more effective against cumbersome UFOs like Destroyers which have a base 0% Evade score and are unable to dodge even the slowest weapons. Alien Psionics: Alien psionics are now in the game in the form of the Mind War ability, which several types of Psyon and the Praetor-equivalent possess. Each alien with the Mind War ability will cast it against a random Xenonaut each turn. Line of sight is not required but each Xenonaut can only be hit once per turn. All Xenonauts affected by Mind War are flagged at the start of the player's turn. At the end of the player's turn, Mind War is resolved. This is done by comparing the Psionic Strength of the attacker to the Bravery of the defender, along with a random element that is added to each. If the attacker is successful, the Xenonaut is panicked and will drop their weapon and flee. If the attacker beats the defender by more than 30, the attacker scores a critical success and the Xenonaut is instead Mind Controlled. The defender will receive a bonus to their Bravery equal to their Bravery multiplied by their remaining % of TU - so if you don't spend any TU on a soldier, they will receive twice their normal Bravery in the defence roll. Strategy: General - we've added a central soldier management system that ensures soldiers can only be assigned one task at a time (e.g. if they're on a Strategic Operation, you can't then deploy them in combat). General - there are now monthly upkeep costs for your staff, aircraft and base structures. These are deducted from your monthly funding each time it is received. General - there's new strategy / air combat art for four of the early-game UFOs General - UFOs now contain a wider range of possible races, and each race has a larger number of possible variants with different weapons and armour General - we've added support for sorting items in the Research Projects / Engineering Projects / Base Stores list General - added a little more writing for some of the early-game research reports General - prevented saves occurring while the game performing tasks that would break saves (this fixes a bug where users would end up with corrupted saves) Geoscape - a preview of the funding screen can now be accessed at any time, showing your predicted funding per region and also giving you a breakdown of the upkeep costs of your organisation Geoscape - the X1 "Airstrike" functionality has been added to the game, allowing you to pass on doing a crash site mission and receive cash instead (if a Crash Site times out without you completing it, you're automatically granted the airstrike cash) Geoscape - Strategic Operations now take less time to complete if you assign more personnel to them Geoscape - clicking near multiple interactive objects will now give you a pop-up allowing you to specify which object you'd like to select, as it did in X1 Geoscape - landed UFOs now function correctly, although right now there's no difference between a crashed and landed UFO in gameplay terms (there will be in future) Geoscape - there's been some visual changes, with an updated layout more akin to X1 and some new art. Geoscape - Alien Bases now start undetected and can either be detected passively (you have an increasing % chance each day to detect the base), or can be detected by flying an interceptor over the base Geoscape - Infiltrator markers spawned onto the Geoscape by Alien Bases now spawn in same region as the base Geoscape - hovering over a region now displays the region name and the Relations score rather than the "health bar" that we had in previous versions Geoscape - lines in the log are now linked to the events on the Geoscape like it was in X1 (i.e. hovering over a log message should highlight the appropriate object on the Geoscape, etc) Geoscape - improved the performance when there are multiple UFOs flying around at high speed Geoscape - the notification you receive when completing a base structure now correctly displays the building name, not simply "." Geoscape - fixed the Bomber UFO icon being inverted Personnel - Soldiers still appear in your personnel list immediately after being hired, but their status is now set to be In Transit for 3 days. Personnel - Soldiers now have starting stats ranging from 35-65 in each attribute, rather than 45-55 Soldier Equip - soldier medals are now visible. This system needs some additional work before it is finished, but the (placeholder) medals that currently exist are working. Soldier Equip - clicking the soldier portrait now allows you to change the soldier in that slot Dropship Equip - this screen is now capable of supporting additional types of dropship with different troop capacities and so works slightly differently now: The soldier portraits are now shown in a horizontal row beneath the dropship and are numbered by hotkey, and they no longer re-order themselves when you move units around in the dropship. Holding down shift when you move a soldier icon over another soldier icon around will swap the hotkeys of those two soldiers. Hovering the mouse over a soldier portrait will light up their soldier icon, making it a little easier to see which icon belongs to which soldier. The soldier assignment menu now marks the soldiers that are already assigned to the dropship. Ground Combat: Specific ground combat items now recover items on the strategy layer (assuming they survive). The UFO power cores are now the only source of Alenium in the game, so be careful not to blow them up! UFO crash site maps are now roughly 50x50 for all UFOs rather than expanding in size as the game goes on - clearing a bigger UFO is already much more time consuming than a smaller UFO, so also enlarging the map as well made for very long missions. The Overwatch toggles on the new GC UI now work correctly for each weapon (so you can disable the Primary weapon if you want to reaction fire with the Secondary instead, etc) Reloading weapons manually in the ground combat soldier inventory should now have the same effect as the quick reload button in all instances We've redesigned several of the UFOs, updated their interior layouts and added a number of new props Two new armoured elite Psyon variants have been added to the late game Added new projectiles and impact effects for the Plasma and Fusion energy weapons Fixed a number of animation issues for the humans and Psyons (made shooting snappier, fixed some flickering in the run cycle, etc) Laser Weapons now have updated inventory artwork Alien Magnetic Pistol and Alien Fusion Pistol now have 3D models A number of visual updates on the Farm biome Civilians now have more biome-appropriate clothing, although they are still placeholder Some improvements to the roof-hiding system, although there is more to do here Some improvements to the way the camera tracks alien activity during the alien turn, although there is also more to do here Bugfix - Terror missions should no longer freeze at 99% loading Bugfix - fixed a hang where you couldn't complete a mission if one of your soldiers was stunned Bugfix - fixed several mis-set assets, including train cars that units could walk into and some windows that could not be seen through Bugfix - fixed some missing move tiles Bugfix - fixed an issue with C4 giving the player multiple detonation crosshairs with incorrect detonation costs Bugfix - fixed a bug where crouched units would appear to be standing if you loaded a save game
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    Hello everyone - we've just gone into June and there's not been much news coming out of Goldhawk HQ recently, so I thought I'd write a quick forum update to keep everyone informed about our progress. We released our last update just over two weeks ago, which was a big hotfix for Closed Beta V5 and fixed quite a few of the stability issues we had in V5. Since then we've moved back to adding content and features to the game. We've already finished up a few features that will be in the next update such as the Crash Site airstrike mechanic that was in the original Xenonauts, the recovery of strategic items from specific ground combat tiles (e.g. a UFO Power Core grants you Alenium unless you destroy it), and the soldier management system that means you can no longer assign soldiers to multiple tasks that should be mutually exclusive (being in an airborne dropship, being on a Strategic Operation, being wounded, etc.) However, we're also starting work on some bigger tasks. We're updating the Air Combat to make it deeper but at the same time less fiddly - we're doing this by adding some new mechanics, but automating a lot of the clicking the current air combat requires you to do. Although you can pause the combat and issue your interceptors detailed manual orders if you choose, the new model of the air combat will automatically play itself out in the same way that the air combat in the original Xenonauts did. However, as the combat is now turn-based there's less reliance on split-second timing on your pauses. Anyway, I'll explain all the changes in more detail when the next major update arrives! As you can see from the example above, we're also working on adding new art to the game. In recent months we've brought on some new freelancers to start painting up the final art assets for the game and this is starting to bear fruit. These are some of the final art assets that are working through the pipeline: Strategic UFO Artwork Strategic UI Backgrounds (in full 21:9 glory) Weapon Inventory Art Alien Autopsy & GC Corpse Art Soviet Town terror maps This is being coupled to some new gameplay content as well. We've created some new props for the UFO interiors so they're more interesting to play through, and I've updated the UFO crews so there's a better sense of progression through the game - the alien crews get bigger and better equipped as time goes on, and once the larger UFOs start appearing you could be facing Psyons, Sebillians, Wraiths or Androns each time a combat mission spawns. The balancing isn't final by any means but it's another step closer to being finished. I've also taken some inspiration from what we did in X1 with the UFO crews, and added several new variants of each alien. For instance, there are now unarmoured Sebillian non-combatants (pilots / engineers / etc) that spawn inside UFOs and only have pistols, rather than every Sebillian being a well-equipped soldier. This process is more complete for some races than others (the Androns in particular are short on variation) but once some of the new alien variant models start appearing I think we'll have a more varied set of aliens than we did in the first game. We'll also hopefully have a bit more of the writing done by the time the next major build arrives. The tech tree is starting to solidify and I'll be starting to put more attention into the research reports now we have more idea of how things might slot together in the final game. There's some other cool things in the works but I'm starting to run out of space so I'll save them for the update announcement. Sorry for the lack of communications on the forums recently; unfortunately I've just been working too hard to spare the time!
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    I don't think we'd be given the chance to have that kind of deal, even if we wanted it - we're not as sexy a game as Phoenix Point, who have already signed a lot of deals with various parties for a lot more money than we have. So I doubt there's any risk of us ever becoming an Epic exclusive!
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    The development of Xenonauts 2 has reached a major milestone today, as we are releasing our first Closed Beta build to our Kickstarter backers. This is the first time anyone outside the dev team has played a build of the game that contains both the ground combat and the strategy layer linked together (although the first build is intentionally *very* limited in content). This closed beta is only open to Kickstarter backers who have backed the game at the £25+ tiers. If you're one of those backers, Humble will send you either a Steam or GOG key at roughly 11AM PST today (28th November). If you're not a Kickstarter backer, I'm afraid you won't be able to buy the game until our Early Access launch around March 2019 - we're not allowed to sell those private beta keys. Please be aware that the primary purpose of the closed beta is testing. The early beta builds are not going to be fun to play; they have deliberately limited content and will probably have quite a few issues. If you want a fun and playable experience I recommend you wait until the Early Access launch in just over three months! Finally, please don't stream this build - the game is not yet ready to be shown to the public, and even if your viewers were impressed they can't buy the game yet. Once the game has released into Early Access you'll be able to stream it without any restrictions! Features & Feedback: This build contains all of the key strategy systems, but only allows you to play on the Geoscape for one week. We want to find out how well the fundamental mechanics are working, so please try as hard as you can to break the game. We're particularly interested in the following feedback: Does the game work properly on your computer? How is performance on the different graphics settings? Do the graphics / UI display correctly on your monitor? Are you getting any crashes? Do all the strategy game systems work properly? e.g. Do your planes intercept and shoot down UFOs properly? Does building structures and managing staff on the Base screen work properly? Do the dummy research / engineering projects work as you'd expect? Is the ground combat <> strategy link transferring the data correctly? e.g. Are your soldiers bringing the correct equipment to battle? Is the correct ground combat map being loaded, with the correct aliens and UFO and civilians etc? Are the correct items being recovered from combat? Is soldier experience gain / death in combat being correctly brought back to strategy? Does saving and loading work properly? Are any parts of the UI confusing or difficult to use? Is there anything that's particularly annoying and ruins the experience for you? etc We've simply not had time to work on the game balance or spend much time iterating and improving our new mechanics (e.g. the Air Combat and the Base system), so please wait a few more builds before giving us feedback on those topics. We'll be asking your opinions and suggestions on the new stuff once we've had time to develop it a bit further. You should also assume that most of the re-used art you see from the first Xenonauts is placeholder art. We're going to start adding the missing research art during the closed beta and there will be a final UI and art pass on the game during Early Access when the mechanics are more settled and we know the final UI layouts for the various screens. Where to report issues and give feedback: Simple bugs: you can press F11 to send an in-game bug report, or report them here on the forum in this thread Crash bugs: if you've got Error Reports enabled in-game, we'll get some useful info on what went wrong. But it also helps if you can tell us in this thread what you were doing that might have caused the crash. General feedback: posting this up on the forums is best, either in this thread or in a new topic in Xenonauts-2 General Discussion We're not sure exactly when the next build is going to be, as it's somewhat dependent on how broken Beta Build V1 is - if there's major crash bugs in the game we'll probably try and hotfix them within a day or two, whereas anything else is likely to be rolled into a larger build that will be coming in around two weeks from today! EDIT - a few updates since I originally posted this thread: The bug reports we recieved were so useful we released a hotfix the following day that addressed a bunch of crashes, changelog here. We now have a dedicated sub-forum for bug reports, so please post any bugs in there! Please read the bug formatting rules first though - it makes it much easier for everyone to see if a bug has already been reported!
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    After more than two weeks we've decided to close the poll about our X2 Base Mechanics. The results were as follows: The voting pattern for this survey stayed fairly consistent from the very early stages of the voting up to the current level of nearly 2,000 responses: 50% were in favour of the old X1 mechanics, 40% thought the developer should make the decision, and 10% were in favour of the current X2 system. As the stated position of the developers is that switching back to the old X1 system would be better, the results overwhelmingly support the old X1 mechanics over the current X2 ones. As such, we're planning to immediately start work on implementing the old multiple-base system with the goal of getting it functional before we launch into Early Access. The specifics of the system will be as follows: All bases will have a construction grid upon which you can build base structures All bases can house aircraft and radars We will support X1-style base defence missions where you fight in a battle in a replica of your base, barring any unforeseen technical issues that prevent this The X2 system where you can assign scientists / engineers to specific buildings will be retained Dropships will fly around the map like they do in X1, and can carry out multiple missions in sequence (and be shot down) etc Your organisation will be able to build multiple dropships Staff and items will be global resources, so you can assign your staff to structures in any of your bases and your soldiers to any dropship The decision to make staff and items global is not necessarily our final decision on the matter, but we're going to see how the global setup plays before we make any further decisions. Making staff and items specific to each base is going to require a lot of coding time, is going to force the addition of a lot of new UI, and is going to react in an uncertain way with several game mechanics we're still experimenting with (like Strategic Operations). We'll therefore be making a decision on that issue later in development once we have a better feel for how it will affect gameplay. I hope the 10% of people that voted for the X2 mechanics don't feel too let down by this change, and I apologise if anyone bought the game on the premise that it would have the X2 base mechanics only to find they are now getting a game with the X1 base mechanics instead. Really, all I can say is that having tested both models I genuinely feel like the X1 mechanics are the best choice for the game. Thanks for reading!
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    This is the heartwarming developer story of Space Pirates and Zombies, an Indie game with a quality which is beyond AAA level in terms of actual gameplay. Enjoy. https://www.minmax-games.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3152&sid=00c24490c435faad69a4295f43b253a4
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    Teleportation was a solution to the terrible 1-base decision, since you had to reach every apart of the globe from 1 location. If multi-bases are in, then teleportation is not needed. I despise teleportation, not only because of narrative and world-building reasons and the the massive can of worms it opens, but because of the mechanical implications. (Also, Stargate turned to trash, the only thing saving it was good cast chemistry and banter. And the elder race tropes are in my opinion generally terrible - anything that treats science as magic is) X-Com games have NOT been just about squad-level tactics. If that is what one is after, there are many games that do it a LOT better (Jagged Alliance 2 for example). Planning and logistics on a grander scale are - to me - the defining aspect of X-Com. Hence, when such is trivilized with magitech teleportation that makes logistic utterly irrelevant (base location does not matter, travel time does not matter, local resource managment does not matter) it leaves a poor taste in my mouth. Also, having a single base, a single point of faliure is a really bad idea for any military group.
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    Yeah, so this discussion sort of explains why we shouldn't try to implement multiple dropships right now - we need to nail down exactly what that means first. If the personnel that can be assigned to the dropship remain global, multiple dropships becomes a far simpler task (in some ways it's actually easier than having to special-case the existence of a single dropship but still allow it to be replaced if shot down etc), but I'm not sure everyone would consider that a valid implementation.
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    I agree with Bobit. I can't really wrap my head around why it would be good to limit the player to one dropship. First of all, the possibility for multiple dropships exists in X1 already (and is useful in X-Division at least), second I want to lead a global (para-)military unsurgency operation, not a squad of comically overpowered popcorn cinema heros like in FiraXCOM, and multiple cells are definitely part of this, third I always find it bad if my decision space is artificially limited, and fourth it may make it harder for modders to take that limitation out again, so why not just allow it in the first place? The rest sounds sensible though. Energy need as a limiting factor for base growth sounds good, but I would also be okay with an energy-less system like X1, where money and the base size were limiting you. If the energy system does something unique there, go for it.
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    Today we're releasing a second hotfix for Beta Build V4 from last week - there were quite a few crashes left in the game so we've taken a bit of time out to fix the worst offenders. Hopefully this will be a much more stable experience for everyone to enjoy. Changelog: Fixed a crash that would occur at the end of the first turn of any combat mission that contained an alien with a shield, as the AI previously wasn't set up to handle it. Fixed a crash that occurs at the end of a ground combat mission (this was related to the soldier fatigue system we'll be introducing soon). Fixed a crash that would occur if you took a Laser Rifle or Laser Shotgun into battle (turns out I'd accidentally set these to regenerate HP rather than ammo). Fixed an issue where the soldier assignment list for Strategic Operations would not display correctly on non-16:9 screen resolutions. Fixed an issue where aliens would sometimes go into a T-pose for a few seconds when crouching or uncrouching. If a soldier is killed in battle, their slot now remembers their equipment so you can easily replace them with someone new. Personnel screen should now show the correct TU values for soldiers, rather than the values they had at the end of the last turn on their previous mission. Added a missing move path preview tile for a soldier making a diagonal move onto the bottom of a ladder. I think those three crashes accounted for most of the crashes people were experiencing in the game, but please let us know if you experience more crashes. I'd rather not spend any more time on hotfixes unless there's more big crashes we don't know about... but we'll see what bug reports come in and make a judgement on that. Incidentally, the bug reports over the past week or so have been really helpful - we added a lot of content in this build and it wasn't practical for me to test it all, so it's been great having you guys keeping us informed on what doesn't work properly
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    This is honestly the first time I've ever written a topic on this forum so forgive me for any inconvenience I might do. Idea: In the first Xenonauts game your interaction with your squadrons was merely maintenace and logistical services (such as re-arming or exchanging armament, decommissioning aircraft and obviously purchasing and researching new types of aircraft). What if you were able to interact with the pilots of the interceptors themselves, just like a regular soldier, each pilot belonging to the Xenonauts project would have their own feed and info such as names, nationalities, past military services and so on, but pilots could have their own set of skills and capabilities for the commander to take in consideration, some of these could be awareness, vitality (or endurance), survival and cunning. So, would pilots come as more of a challenge or benefit to the player? Well it would be a mix of both, having unique pilots with different pasts and personalities would challenge your capability of management and taking advantage of those same personalities during interceptions, a commander that is capable of selecting the correct individual for the specific task has an advantage over any other aircraft in the air, but it is this same individuality and instability that might pose as an obstacle for less "seasoned" commanders who were used to similar aircraft with exactly the same statistics. What would be the assessments and dangers of having fully interactive, individual pilots? Well to start off, there can be as many skilled pilots as there can be incapable individuals, it is up to the commander to see which skills are more important for his/hers fighting style, pilots would also occupy space in the barracks just as any other regular soldier; there would also be the "unfortunate" instance of brilliant pilots dying due to a streak of bad luck or just a mission that wasn't well planned, but sometimes pilots could survive a crash landing and this could bring a good opportunity for a new type of ground mission, search and rescue. To finish this off, I'd just like to thank all who took their precious time to read my suggestion and I'm sorry if I committed any mistakes regarding the template of the topic or the fact that I might've accidentally mentioned something that someone else already said. Addenum 1: Skills? Awareness: Situational awareness is actually a skill that should be practiced by the player him/herself, but again... Pilots would be required to be extremely perceptive of the environment surronding them and dictate the future of the decisions and options they might take while conducting a mission, pilots with high awareness would be able to dodge and take evasive maneuvers faster than other pilots. Vitality (or endurance): Pilots should take intensive training regularly, individuals unfit to the task wouldn't be able to resist as much shock and G force as trained pilots would. This skill dictates the pilot's chance of survival in case his aircraft is shot down. Survival: Survival training will guarantee the pilot's capability of self management and tending to personal needs in an hostile environment, not to mention that the pilot will most likely be hunted down by search parties conducted by the enemy, thus revealing a catastrophic scenario of capture or even death. A pilot's survival skill would determine the time he would be able to survive alone in an hostile environment until he is rescued. Cunning (optional): At last, a pilot should be an example of ingenuity and wisdom, either from tunning with his own aircraft to meet his needs and extend the efficiency of it's systems to the capability of saving fuel during flight. Addenum 2: Downed pilots? Yes, there would be a chance of survival of your pilot if his/her interceptor was shot down by alien craft, this would be determined by the vitality skill or just a random chance. After the pilot was downed, the player would have the option of risking his men to conduct a rescue operation on the pilot's known crash site, just like a regular mission the player's squad would spawn in a corner of the map and scout the crash site looking for the downed pilot, depending on how fast the player managed to conduct this operation would determine how many enemies are present on the map, the player's objective would be looking for the remainders of the downed aircraft expecting the pilot to be nearby, if the player managed to find the pilot there could be two situations: situation 1, the pilot would be in a good health condition and able to return back to the helicopter by himself or controlled by the player, the pilot would have a pistol for self defense and his/her skills in combat would be randomly generated (so pray for good AP). situation 2, the pilot would be in a critical state requiring the player to carry him/her back to the helicopter.
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    It'd be best to hold off on any judgements for a while longer, as the two areas you're talking about (the base and the air combat) are the areas where we've not yet implemented our ideas in full or playtested them very much. We'll be discussing the base mechanics in more detail with the next update in 2-3 weeks.
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    Welcome to the forums. We regularly get requests about making pilots into chracters in their own right, and there's lots of ways they could be implemented - from a detailed system like you're talking about to something simpler that just gives a plane a bonus if it shoots down enough UFOs. I guess for me the biggest potential problem with any pilot system is that I don't want to add any extra clicks when a player launches their aircraft, so any pilot system would need to consider this. At the moment you click on a UFO and then pick the planes you want to try and intercept it, and they launch from the base and start chasing it. If you were forced to choose the pilot for each of your planes every time you launched them then I think the player would quickly find the pilot system a chore, because you launch your planes a LOT. That means I've naturally got a preference for the less complex pilot systems, one where you could for example glance at a plane and see that your pilot was Rank 3 and decide to launch that plane instead of the plane that has a Rank 1 pilot. Having to look up the stats of your individual pilots to see which is better each time you think about launching a plane seems like it would be a lot of hassle, so I think I'd prefer something that clearly marks which pilots are "better".
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    Hey Chris, thx for this topic.. as i gave many years to X-Division, i want to share what i wanted to create for my dream X-Com style game.. X-Division's main point was about the "enemy" rather then the player even there is tons of additions to the player side. So i want to explain my thoughts one by one.. Enemies..: 1. Variety.. many and different enemies.. as the game got "phases", the player needs to see different mechanics/types of enemies with every phase.. not just with more stats of the same things.. when the player go to the next phase, he should react to new ones as "wtf is that"... he should reconsider his tactics, game play.. he needs to find new ideas to win.. for example, at second phase, i gave power shields to ceasans, at third phase i gave them big bossy xenomorphs.. i tried to add totally new enemies at every phase to surprise player base, then at next phases i added new abilities to the old ones when they updated.. aliens which moves underground... 2. Harder.. all the Xcom style games got the same difficult problem.. the game starts very hard, you get even at mid, and later its cakewalk.. because you got better weapons and armors to resist enemies even they got more stats.. it should be balanced. I tried to balance this within the phases. As the X-Division is much longer then base game, you have some time in a phase enough to simulate the game itself. At a phase, you start very weak. You try to catch aliens, try to survive rather then winning.. then you got the tech and starts to match with the aliens.. then later if you got enough high level items, you can fight and win against them. BUT when you pass the second phase and you start to react with "WTF", you feel weak again.. because they are an alien invasion army.. they are better then you, they should be.. and you cannot surpass them just in some days.. 3. Horror.. this is an important point too. You need to be horrified when you saw them.. it could be the shape, it could be the weapons, or maybe size.. but you need to feel fear.. I feel that at Terror from the Deep.. at that deep sea missions with dart weapons, i feel very weak when i saw that crapman.. i still hate them.. so i added xenomorphs and some more to the game.. they fit so great.. who would not fear when they see a big xenomorph queen?.. I added side robots to androns.. robodog, roboreaper, roboREX.. i added them a repair abilily which you need to kill it again before it's fully repaired.. we hidden them into the boxes as sleep state to wake up late at mission, when you feel just safe as you think you cleaned the map already.. XCE, solver and charon added hiding mechanics to game which is so great to create this atmosphere!.. Possibilities are so much with just some code tricks.. i hope you consider to add them to next game.. 4. Bosses.. for a tough and fearsome enemy, you need to have bosses.. big ones.. even an ultra mega skilled caesan with a huge weapon, would not enough to consider an ultimate enemy.. so i think at least 2x2 sized enemies are MUST.. look to all Xcom games.. new xcom, old xcom, project phoenix.. people are to be excited to see them.. to fight against them.. 5. Gadgets... game should have some nice inventory items for special things.. an energy shield for 360 defence with own HP.. something for hiding.. something for teleporting.. something for more stats, night vision, heat vision..this is not for only players, it will help to create much bigger variety for aliens.. 6. Dodge mechanic.. for fast aliens or fast melee soldiers.. everything should not relay on more damage to survive.. like a weak caesan with tons of HP to survive at late game (they should have really power shields) or a reaper which is just flesh but can stand against plasma cannons.. Players..: 1. More type of weapons with more abilities.. the game engine should allow every type of weapon combination.. like shotgun, flame thrower, grenade launcher, one shot launchers, mines (which i never use).. more shot options.. auto-shotguns, miniguns, multiple rocket launchers, energy based unique ones (like you got 30 energy rounds at your magazine, you should able to use a special laser shot witch consumes 10 charge from 30.. same weapon could have a autofire option for 1 shot 1 charge and single shot for 1 for 3 charge.. so you can have a heavy laser which can melt armor, or a sniper with autofire ability.. this is my dream for energy weapons but any of the xcom games done this..).. 2. Different type bullets for same weapons.. a weapon should able to use different kind of bullet types with different damage types.. 3. Balanced melee fighting system.. cool melee weapons with some unique abilities.. combined with special armors.. there should be a reason to carry a blade or knife when you can just spam shotgun.. could be combined with stealth mechanic.. 4. Unique weapons per weapon types.. lasers can have gattling minigun, plasma can have a short range cannon with aoe... Plasma based laser magazines.. acid bullets.. blabla.. 5. New weapon versions for every phase.. every phase should have its own grenade, rocket, plane, magazine types.. so player should choose some of them for research in limited time.. 6. Randomized research.. this is great for replay value.. new xcom got this right.. old xcom got it right.. you get something and when you research it you get something new.. with possibilities.. like you got a caesan weapon officer alive, at every research you can learn one type of laser weapon.. some surprise, hard to get, low chance researches.. why not?.. please at this mechanic to modding at least! 7. One time manufactures.. able to erase manufactures at modding.. same to research.. a research or manufacture should able to lock ro release another manufacture or research.. 8. Vehicles.. at least small mechs with human pilots.. could be used as heavy armor with "unique" weapon branch.. they should able to use at least 2 weapons.. Game..: 1. More Phases.. at least 1 more then x-1.. 2. Non-Ufo missions.. random missions which you got different goals without ufo.. ---------------------- Those are main reasons for X-Division and some of them could not be happen because the game did not allow me.. I hope those helps.. thx!
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    Hi guys, I a a former Navy SEAL and K9 handler. Feel free to find me on instagram @devinek9s. Having used K9s overseas and know the history of special operations using them in Vietnam, I believe it would be a awesome addition if we could utilize K9s for the game. They move fast, while running full sprint almost impossible to take a aimed shot on. Able to detect hidden enemies and explosives/booby traps, which leads me to another topic, there should be mines, or booby traps. Claymore mines for ambushing aliens. They are able to subdue enemies and kill. Want to capture a alien alive?, have the K9 latch on to them while you move in and stun them. I would be more than happy to help in any way I can, I am not a computer developer or programer, Im just a guy that has gone overseas with a K9. Other features would like to see Night vision goggles Sneak/Walk/Run Skills: computer/science/medical/sneak/hand to hand combat/....more Training: ability to train you soldiers without sending them into combat aka a training school Bio upgrades, drugs, DNA something that makes your soldiers better artificially GEAR!!! need better options for weapons and gear. Ability to add scopes, lasers, grenade launchers ext ext. These are supposed to be the tip of the spear and the national guard had a better arsenal than these guys in 1979. Let me know what you think is realistic enough to put in the game. John
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    When it comes to base defense missions, it's a feature I care the least about. You could make a battle outside of the base or a simple attack mechanics (e.g. power of attack/defense and assessing losses). Sometimes a UFO could land nearby and those would be like missions with higher difficulty levels. There are so many more important features that I wouldn't even know which to start with. Thus, I think adding this functionality would be a waste of time.
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    I have been reading everything and i think these features would form the best game: YES - to a single main unattackable base. This would house ALL personell, including soldiers, scientist, engineers and other possible specialists. This base will be mainly responsible for power management and other, global upgrades. YES - to multiple (possibly infinite ) secondary bases which house radars, hangars, laboratories, workshops, possible generators, and all other, "real" tangible buildings. These are attackable bases and aliens can and will be able to attack them. Making them small, operatable bases with interesting building layouts, eg. being able to place corrdidors, and defensive structures in addition to the main buildings will make for more interesting decisions. Secondary bases are essential if you want to get any research, manufacture or other project done. It houses hangars for the aircraft which are essential to shoot down UFOs, and the planes have real range limitations ( at first - similar to X1 ). Since they are small players should be expected to place at least 2 - 3 right at the start, maybe make one science and one engineering base preloaded for the player to place at the start of the game. YES - to location specific boni/mali for secondary bases. One country can give a scienc bonus, and an aircraft range mali. YES - to boni for specialised bases, eg. building 2 workshops beside each other grants a +10% work efficiency and total work space - for each additional workshop. When scientist/engineers/specialists are working in a secondary base they are physically transfered there. This means the omnipotent teleporter array will have to leave a port open to that specific base - which consumes energy. Energy is mainly transfered from the main base, but smaller generators can be build in that specific base to relieve some of the stress, but only in that local base. The open port can only be filled with energy from the main base. More about that in the image below. If a base gets attacked, you will get asked whether or not you want to send in a team to defend your secondary base. YES - to global personal and storage. The main point of having more than 1 dropship is to have a bigger gang roaming around. X1 had the problem with your rooster actually being distributed over physical bases, which led to a lot of micromanagement, but having a single main base housing all your soldiers, and sending one team to defend a base, while having another one doing a small crashsite is not different from having 2 dropships - just with the added bonus of easier management, global soldier selection, item management, and equipment screen. YES - to possibly infinite dropships, or rather open teleporter arrays. Each open teleporter spot requires energy, and needs to be open as long as the ground combat is out there and fighting. So if you want to send out another team through the teleporter ( and also guarantee a way back in case of abortion ), you will need to pay the additional energy for each and every team. To avoid exploitation of the system, rerouting power can take between 24 - 48 hours ( so you cant just quickly power down something else to get a triple team ). And dont give me that "But why cant we send another team to the same mission ?" crap. X1 didnt allow for 2 chinooks to land in the same mission, and there wasnt an explanation for that either. Here is an original idea: I would like for ground combat missions to take up actual time. So lets say every turn is 10 minutes on the geoscape. You play for 12 turns and the mission takes up 2 hours. Once its finished you get teleported back to "when the mission started" and the geoscape will have an icon with "Team A fighting Crashsite - 3". You can resume normally, while already knowing the result of the fight. In this time you can potentially take on another mission, as long as your teleporter has enough energy. This idea would include the ground combat mission day - night state to change accordingly to the real geoscape time, eg. you can start fighting during the day, and after some time it starts to dusk. Now to the side/top view issue. In this setup i wouldnt mind it running either way. If you have confidence in your engine providing a good vertical firefight than make everything a side view. If you are not, than keep the fight horizontally and make the secondary bases with a top down view. The main base can be a side view, it looks quite good that way.
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    Yes, Unusually Ruthless Reuban is my brother You're probably playing it wrong. Since you have 8 million starting money, use it. I do it like this: Day 0: First base: build Workshop, Lab, 4 Hangars, Garage, Living quarters. Recruit soldiers, scientists and engineers Build 4 additional bases Day 5: First base: Order 3 Condors and Chinook Day 10: First base: Recruit more scientists and engineers 4 additional bases: build at least 3 Hangars each, 1 Radar each. One base get also Living Quarters and Garage. Day 15: Locate AWACS and Chinook into one additional base. Also some Condors from first base go to one additional base. All those additional bases also buy 1-3 Condors each. Day 20: Radars are ready. From this on, 5 bases with radars so... Stunning Sebillians with sticks only sucks. Use Stun gas and/or Shotguns. Also there is no much need to stun Sebs early, as 5 Caesan guards are enough for 8 Fox armours. Older save from my current campaign: Version: X-Division Difficulty: NG+2 ("Veteran") Date: 9. October (just about when first Terror battleship arrives) Current equipment: HE Alenium rocket*20, Precision laser MK-1*4, Laser pistol MK-1*9, Laser minigun*4, Incendiary grenade *20, Chemical grenade *60, Alenium grenade*40, Fox*8 Special materials count to manufacture all of those: Fox 16 Alloys+32 Light fibre, Laser weapons: Pistol*9, Precision*12, Miniguns*24 Total: 61 Alloys and 32 Light fibre. Not problem at all since capturing Scout gives around 10 Alloys + more from disassembly. So that is very manageable. When it comes to research, I made some compromises. Only Division weapon I have is Heavy machinegun (for Hunter). Concentrating on Lasers, just finished researching Advanced lasers. When it comes to Light fibre count, for 8 Fox armour you would need only 5 stunned Caesan guards. It seems I didn't stun any Sebillians so far. What I wrote is possible with rapid development. Looking back I had 7 bases running on mid November. 9 bases on early January (2 bases are named "Factory" and "Laboratory", those names tell all about them). You may also ask how I could have 9 bases already. Current date is 26. January. I have total 86 Hangars on my bases (aircraft count is less than 40 though). I have shot down every ufo since start of October (except two heavily escorted Landing ships, no need to shot those down anyway). Like I said, if you say what I wrote is not possible, you're playing it wrong.
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    Thanks for the post. You're right that none of the modern X-Com sequels including Xenonauts have got the horror feel of X-Com quite right, and it is something I'd like to bring into X2. The game you linked in that video isn't necessarily a feasible way to do it though; shadows and lighting are very complex things to get right and games like Xenonauts don't translate well to that sort of setup for several reasons - firstly, it's very important to be able to see which tiles are visible and which aren't, which might be kinda tricky if you have eight to twelve soldiers each using powerful torches like in that video at the same time. Secondly, using light cones also doesn't work very well on a tile grid because things tend to look very jagged due to the shape of the tiles and the fact entire tiles have to be lit up or dark, not just parts of tiles. Thirdly, I suspect people want a game like Xenonauts to support both day missions AND night missions, so we can't get too hung up on specific light effects even if we wanted to. Finally, environmental destructibility and fancy lighting don't tend to play nicely together. To be honest, the original X-Com did horror very well without all the fancy lighting effects. Playing a mission even in broad daylight could be very scary so I think we need to concentrate on trying to bring the horror in in other ways.
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    This is a planned feature, yeah. It's already semi-supported in the beta. Dagar - you now always have a "lifesigns" for each UFO and ground mission, and any alien you've autopsied will be recognised and appear in that list.
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    Shields, when equipped, are held in the wrongest possible orientation: Horizontally, bisecting the soldier. When fired on by an alien in their front arc, they protect the solder from taking damage by crashing the game. output.log recording_4.rec
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    Yup, you're correct you couldn't prime grenades in X1. We had that functionality on the C4 but not on grenades. I'm not completely sure we'll add it into the game if I'm honest - that's not really how modern grenades work. The timer on the C4 has also been replaced by a remote detonator that I think works better overall, although I'm willing to listen to anyone who wants to make that argument that the old priming mechanics were superior. The elevation level controller is part of a wider discussion we need to have on how the roof hiding / elevation change camera control works. The old X1 mechanics are one option and I think I probably prefer them overall; giving the player manual control over the camera level and with a button to toggle roof hiding on and off (although some is handled automatically). The current mechanics are more like those used in XCOM where the roof hiding is controlled by whether the building is centered in the middle of the screen or not - if you point the camera at a building, the roof melts away automatically. My technical director is convinced he can make the current system work better and that it'll be superior to the old mechanics, and I suspect I'll give him some time to try that before I make a final decision (potentially also letting the community give feedback). The predicted TU cost is something that was in X1 too, yeah - we will be bringing it back for X2 before release. For the base management stuff it's very much WIP as to how units are going to be hired in the final game right now, so don't worry about that yet. Yes, you're correct soldiers don't have strength and it is intentional - there's been a long discussion on it in one of the inventory threads I think, but the premise is to stop so much endless loadout fiddling after every mission. Adding Strength back in is a pretty easy task though, and potentially I'll decide to add it back in but make the progression work differently instead. TBH it's kinda hard to have much of an idea of how much effect removing something has until you can actually play the game and see if you like the new way of doing things, so I'm just going to see how the balance develops and reassess my decisions as development continues.