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  1. Sounds like things are developing well. Is this a good point to give another shout-out for more mission types and secondary objectives?
  2. I had a go at suggesting this during development for X1, but it didn't seem to go very far. So I'll try again for X2
  3. Right you are!
  4. In the grenade menu there was a breakdown of the TUs required to throw, with the total being 19. But in reality 36 were required. Perhaps this mismatch is a bug?
  5. (Might just be my eyes, but is that a double space before "The degree of physical harm..."?)
  6. These are seriously good! Very impressive.
  7. I’ve been thinking about the abduction missions this morning and came up with an idea – could be good, could be bad – but putting it on paper (so to speak) may spark some thoughts. To go back to the core issue: the early game in particular features too many similar missions that become tedious. The proposed solution of abduction missions would alleviate this, but having them timed encourages a very high-risk approach that could result in significant Xenonaut casualties that would be frustrating for the player. So here’s the (admittedly radical) idea: a mission type where you control local forces. Hear me out… A military base in a friendly nation is being attacked by an alien force. There’s no time for the Xenonauts to send a squad – the attack is underway. The friendly nation’s government are requesting that the Xenonaut’s commander (that’s the player, of course!) takes command of the troops that are already on the ground via satellite link-up. In effect this would mean that the player is controlling a large number of rookie troops with basic equipment – think shotguns and pistols, maybe lasers a little later. These troops are essentially expendable, as they’re not Xenonauts and won’t have progression. That means a player is more likely to engage in high-risk tactics in order to repel the attack within a set number of turns. (Perhaps if the base hasn’t been successfully defended in x turns, it’s going to be bombed). If this mission type is primarily for early-game then it can be gradually phased out and explained as human alien-detection methods improving to such an extent that alien sneak attacks are no longer possible. Pros: adds more variety; no AI changes needed; only existing art assets required; should be relatively easy to implement; allows timed missions without the frustration; no potential for truly devastating game-ending Xenonaut losses; successful mission reward can simply be a relationship bonus from the relevant country. Cons: no Xenonaut solider progression; controlling other forces is a significant departure from a core gameplay aspect. But then again, having expendable forces every now and then early game could help new players, and would reinforce the fact that Xenonauts are elite. Just imagine a mission where you have 15 expendable soldiers with shotguns, defending a base from a horde of Reapers, and if you get completely slaughtered it won't result in a rage-quit...
  8. This is a (potentially) relevant thread about mission variety and rewards: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/1940-Mission-Types-and-Secondary-Objectives
  9. That would be really useful.
  10. Just two very minor things... 1) The Hunter machine gun image doesn't quite fit into the weapon box on the ground combat dashboard. 2) Some of the corners are visible when I guess they should be 100% transparent. (Screenshot attached) Apologies if this has already been noted!
  11. Apologies if this has already been reported. My squad have a Light Scout cornered, but are unable to open the door to gain access. The door icon is there, but clicking doesn't do anything. Maybe the aliens have learnt how to lock their doors... Also: could someone please tell me how I can take a screenshot in-game? Print Screen just takes a grab of my desktop at the time. Thanks!
  12. It's Microsoft Word 2010. I'm searching for a free trial but for some reason by internet connection has just become verrrry sloooooow, so you're probably better off just Googling it Edit: this may be what you're after? http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/business/office-online-microsoft-office-365-for-small-businesses-FX103037625.aspx?WT%2Eintid1=ODC_ENUS_FX101785584_XT104019732
  13. I was just playing the latest version and noticed some typos in the Alien Invasion text. I found it in the assets folder and have made an edited version in Word, as track changes is very useful for that sort of thing. Could someone please tell me if it's possible to attach the file to a Forum post? Thanks! Edit: Tried uploading a screengrab, in case that's useful. p.s. The text is very well written, so I'm being quite picky! But I guess that's needed at this stage. I proof / edit scientific texts as part of my job, and am happy to help such a great project as Xenonauts.
  14. Just downloaded the update via Desura, and no crashes yet