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  1. Depends on the mission of course, and balancing, but some initial ideas include: Improving relations with a particular country. Cash bonus. Stash of equipment (e.g. 10 packs of C4 or equivalent). New Xenonaut recruit (could be a high rank). Unique weapon (maybe just an existing one but with improved stats to avoid new artwork). Armour. Revealing location of alien base. Research boost. Instant research on a particular alien species. Temporary manufacturing time reduction. Preventing a country from defecting for x days (buying you time to reduce panic). Temporarily stopping UFOs flying over a particular region. Gaining more AI allies in ground / air combat in a particular region. New scientist. New engineer. etc.
  2. No worries, I know you're busy! I take your point, but I think that the different mission objectives (or hoops to jump through, if you'd rather ) give variety. How you go about those objectives is still down to the player's strategy, which I agree is a big strength of the game. So I don't think you're losing that strength. I just read in the "Geoscape Strategic War" thread that you're considering VIP Assassination missions -- thumbs up from me -- but you seem to be debating against that idea with your logic here. Unless of course I'm missing something! That's a very good point, and well made. I think you're right. So, why not run with the idea and do make them new and interesting by introducing new criteria -- tied into the lore. * [Defend something] -- defending a landmark in a friendly country that the aliens are trying to take over. Defend it for x turns while the aliens attack. Maybe you can even position your troops to begin with, rather than them starting in the chopper. * [Destroy / reach something] -- A terror site mission where a high-ranking Ceasan is mind-controlling humans to attack you -- killing the Ceasan releases the humans so you win the mission. * [Destroy / reach something] -- A mission that occurs in a country that the aliens have taken over, so they have unlimited reinforcements that come in waves. You need to destroy an objective (data store, research lab, whatever) and then escape. * [Protect VIP] -- Rescuing a scientist from an alien-controlled territory. Locate the scientist and escort them back the the helicopter. Just four ideas off the top of my head. The player isn't focussing on killing all the aliens, but the missions fit into the overarching narrative. (I hope, maybe the storyline has changed!) If the lore is an obstacle for making cool player experiences, maybe tweak the lore? I think these kinds of missions would help the feeling that the war is developing, rather than every mission basically being the same. This is the main thing that I think would be really neat though. As an aside, it could even lead to a skirmish-mode of the game, where you can play one-off missions. Choose a map; select an alien "army"; choose a pre-made human force, or you customise the force; choose different criteria (e.g. "humans have ballistic weapons only"). I think that'd be awesome. Personally I could see me playing that kind of thing more than the main game! Especially if modders make custom maps with interesting scenarios. I get that some of these ideas -- especially the mission type where you're controlling local forces instead of your own troops -- are quite a radical departure from tradition with these games. But if they're used well, I think they could really spice things up. Thanks again for your reply, would be keen to hear any more thoughts you have on the matter.
  3. I still think it'd be great to have some of these ideas considered!
  4. I'd be keen to hear Chris' thoughts on the ideas I suggested earlier in this thread, if at all possible
  5. Oh yes, well found! "Posted May 13, 2012" -- even further back in the mists of time than I thought!"
  6. I regularly check these forums but rarely post; this thread’s title did make me take notice though, because I’ve been thinking along the same lines for a while. I bought into the earlier bold ideas for X2, and although they may have eventually proven to be unfeasible, I do feel a bit disappointed every time something is “rolled back”. Still, I’m sure Chris and co. will make something awesome. I suggested some ideas a while back for X1 that didn’t make the cut, but in the spirit of positive contribution, will throw them into the hat again My main idea is to have a new mission type where you’re exclusively controlling local forces. The situation could be something like an allied military bunker is under attack by aliens. There’s not enough time for the Xenonauts to get there, but there’s a radio link set up so you (the player) can command the local forces. Imagine controlling a large team troops armed with basic weapons (rifles, shotguns etc.) against a horde of Reapers. It could lead to great Aliens-esque missions. The odds of your team all getting wiped out are high, but in contrast to regular missions, it’s not a game over / rage quit situation if that happens. There are a lot of ways in which you could use this kind of a premise. Maybe if your troops hold the base’s hanger for x turns, then your main Xenonaut troops turn up as reinforcements and take the fight to the enemy. Or if the aliens take the radio room then you lose contact and it’s mission over. Basically, I think this could be a way of mixing up the gameplay as a sequel arguably should, and adding more variety in a way that hopefully isn’t a huge burden from the development side of things (i.e. it would use existing assets such as character models). Separate to this, secondary mission objectives that crop up unexpectedly (e.g. rescuing a civilian and carrying them back to the chopper) would add more variety to core missions too. I made a huge list of options in a forum thread what must have been literally years ago, but can’t find it now!
  7. Ogilvy the Astronomer

    Xenonauts-2 January 2018 Update!

    Sounds like things are developing well. Is this a good point to give another shout-out for more mission types and secondary objectives?
  8. I had a go at suggesting this during development for X1, but it didn't seem to go very far. So I'll try again for X2
  9. Ogilvy the Astronomer

    [V1.0] Grenade TU requirements

    Right you are!
  10. In the grenade menu there was a breakdown of the TUs required to throw, with the total being 19. But in reality 36 were required. Perhaps this mismatch is a bug?
  11. Ogilvy the Astronomer

    Ufo Mission Analysis

    (Might just be my eyes, but is that a double space before "The degree of physical harm..."?)
  12. Ogilvy the Astronomer

    Ufo Mission Analysis

    These are seriously good! Very impressive.
  13. Ogilvy the Astronomer

    Abduction missions plan

    I’ve been thinking about the abduction missions this morning and came up with an idea – could be good, could be bad – but putting it on paper (so to speak) may spark some thoughts. To go back to the core issue: the early game in particular features too many similar missions that become tedious. The proposed solution of abduction missions would alleviate this, but having them timed encourages a very high-risk approach that could result in significant Xenonaut casualties that would be frustrating for the player. So here’s the (admittedly radical) idea: a mission type where you control local forces. Hear me out… A military base in a friendly nation is being attacked by an alien force. There’s no time for the Xenonauts to send a squad – the attack is underway. The friendly nation’s government are requesting that the Xenonaut’s commander (that’s the player, of course!) takes command of the troops that are already on the ground via satellite link-up. In effect this would mean that the player is controlling a large number of rookie troops with basic equipment – think shotguns and pistols, maybe lasers a little later. These troops are essentially expendable, as they’re not Xenonauts and won’t have progression. That means a player is more likely to engage in high-risk tactics in order to repel the attack within a set number of turns. (Perhaps if the base hasn’t been successfully defended in x turns, it’s going to be bombed). If this mission type is primarily for early-game then it can be gradually phased out and explained as human alien-detection methods improving to such an extent that alien sneak attacks are no longer possible. Pros: adds more variety; no AI changes needed; only existing art assets required; should be relatively easy to implement; allows timed missions without the frustration; no potential for truly devastating game-ending Xenonaut losses; successful mission reward can simply be a relationship bonus from the relevant country. Cons: no Xenonaut solider progression; controlling other forces is a significant departure from a core gameplay aspect. But then again, having expendable forces every now and then early game could help new players, and would reinforce the fact that Xenonauts are elite. Just imagine a mission where you have 15 expendable soldiers with shotguns, defending a base from a horde of Reapers, and if you get completely slaughtered it won't result in a rage-quit...
  14. Ogilvy the Astronomer

    Abduction missions plan

    This is a (potentially) relevant thread about mission variety and rewards: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/1940-Mission-Types-and-Secondary-Objectives
  15. Ogilvy the Astronomer

    Ground Combat UI improvements

    That would be really useful.