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  2. Update: loading this save with "reset seed" option solved the problem. The alien turn ended well after it.
  3. It's okay for some missions to only be challenging if you go for "extra credit" such as taking hostages, training experience. It's not the vanilla approach but it still makes for an interesting fight, and it means that missions don't have to involve random oneshots against otherwise easy enemies (see: xDiv phase1 seb flamers) to stay interesting. You're probably right though, it would be better to adjust campaign length/difficulty from the start than to later decide it's not worth playing.
  4. A side note: It would be nice if test build had some cheat to force aliens turn end via some hotkey. Its not the first time I see this bug with alien turn hang on terror mission - it was in v11 or v10 already (dont remember exactly but I reported it then) and it prevents me from further testing of the game then and now again
  5. In city terror mission where adrons and those flying disks first appear the game hangs during alien turn Screen and save are attached here auto_groundcombat_turn_1_end-59.zip
  6. Cool thank you very much Ruthless Reuban for the help on game speed and dropships, very nice !!
  7. Ruthless Reuban

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta (1.00.11)

    That is called randomness. Alien crews are quite random and so some things happen faster than others depending on RNG. Playing - difficulty I just got my first Wolf armour manufactured and it's 1.st November... Basically you are not Guaranteed to get virtually anything on fixed time. It depends on RNG and your actions. First alien terror mission might happen when Ticker is high enough, and that is around early October or even late September depending on how much UFO's cause havoc. Generallu I try to play Luftwaffe tactics (so much airplanes that I can shoot down almost everything) but first terror UFO is nearly impossible one. As for every crash site and terror sites too, X-Division has same mechanics original UFO had: targetting site with at least dropship mean site does not disappear. Quite easy way to avoid night missions on hardest battles. So theoretically that first terror site could be active forever, you just need couple of dropships. If you want air coverage back after XXX turns, check xenonauts\assets\mods\Charons Changes, Psi, Sounds\config.xml For reflex shots, remember weapon's Reaction modifier too. Heavy weapons suck on reaction shots (0.1 modifier). Also shield wearers have fixed modifier IIRC. Defender: xenonauts\assets\mods\X-Division\vehicles.xml and VEHICLE.LIGHTTANK Geoscape speed: xenonauts\assets\mods\X-Division\gameconfig.xml <!-- GEOSCAPE TIME SETTING CONTROLS -->
  8. Playing two/three 30-hours campaigns with less tactical combat, instead a long 80-hours one with lots of combats. That, and being more strategic, are the points! I love ground combat, that's why I supported the game, however I wish the campaign would had less interruptions. I don't know about you, but when I have already 40 hours in a campaign I start to cheat (loading / saving) because I don't want to lose all my progress or I am lazy to continue it with 'more of the same'. Ironman isn't the solution for me for a long campaign that you can lose in just one or two battles. Ironman is the solution for me for a short campaign, tho!. Airstrike is welcome, but doesn't risk your soldiers and it doesn't allow you to get some resources. Of course, special missions like capture an alien should always be played.
  9. Hello, I have played around 50 hours now, I initialy ran 2 or 3 campaigns to familiarize with the game, difficulty NG +0. Each time I stopped after 2 or 3 weeks. Now I am playing a Campaign NG +1 and reached the first Week of October. What a surprise when the first Terror attack happened the 2nd of October. I will come back to it later, here is a quick personnal review. 1 -- Theme Campaign -- I am really not sure if Something like that is even incorporated but theme Campaign came to my mind when my second Campaign had almost Psion Caesans on every missions (the purple ones). On my current Campaign as I said I reached the first Week of October, and still never met a single Psionic user, Strange. Again, I am not sure if it's related but on all campaigns except the current one I had unlocked the Asierus aircraft almost the same time the Foxtrot (very early yes). On my current Campaign, still no Asierus the first Week of October... 2 -- Game mechanics -- End of september I already researched the laser weapons, and I had enough alien alloys to build 2 sniper rifles, 2 pistols, a minigun and a rifle. I had as well a Defender tank with Pulse canon fitted. Hopefully I would say, because the first Terror ship appeared 1 or 2 days later, the 2nd of October… I really didn't expect that so early ! of course without Asierus, only some F-17s and 2 Foxtrot, no way to take him down. He finally land in Vancouver. I launch a Chinook from North Africa base, where my best men and laser weapons are. The chopper finally land in Vancouver... Do you know that around 09:00 in the Morning in Vancouver … it's actually the night ?? Very very nice… my first terror mission, and at night… anyway the first part of the mission is really good, stress and everything as the dogs attack, and Andons with drones behind. I saved only 4 civilians but got only a single man injured. God bless my laser snipers and minigun… Now the second part of the mission, where the hunter becomes the pray… took my like one hour real time to cautionly advance during "night" and find the remaining alien forces. And what forces, this Hub thingy they called it, with his own bloody minigun almost killed another soldier. How the hell my men are unable to throw a grenade above a car I will never understand, but now that I watched the video on the previous post I should make some tests. Yes I want to throw that grenade right on the guy that is stalking behind the car but no, the car block 90% of the line of sight… of course !!! Watching those robot dogs running throught my men without a single one reacting just pissed me off. Description I got later from research dept says those dogs are running as fast as a trained man… It's even more pissing me off when they just kill a civilian next to you, then cross the street, kill another one, then run away… without a single move from my 3 mens (around 80 reflex)… As a side note, I play on Ironman yes, but I changed the vision cone of my units to be more realistic, from 90 to 120 degrees. I changed as well the one from the vehicles. I couldn't find the Defender tank in the armor file… that's a little annoying, so if someone knows where to change it, I would appreciate. 3 -- Game speed -- I never use more than x2 speed, and it is sometimes even too fast, I would really love Something between x1 and x2. For a precise intercept I launch my aircrafts in manual mode on an intercept vector, as the base game use a dog curve wich is all but efficient. If there is a setting I could change I would appreciate as well. thanks Very very good Mod, I hope that Xenonauts 2 will be at least as good. A wish list would be prone position, stealth, and experience stats for the tank pilots as well.
  10. It tends to be the case that games that go from 2d sprites to 3d are looking worse afterwards. That said, who was playing Xenonauts for the visuals to begin with? That does not mean that your criticism is not valid, I have some grudges with the presentation as well, but let's face it, this is no FiraXCOM, and that is exactly why we are here.
  11. I agree and I think this is a valid criticism because the devs chose this engine / graphical style over the old one specifically for better graphics. Sure it's in beta but eh, much of the art seems implemented.
  12. Bobit

    How many bases do you build?

    Haven't played much X2 but the main incentive to make more bases than needed for radar coverage is usually so planes start their interception closer to the UFO. So you do it in X-division but no Xenonauts 1. The big thing that makes the airgame suck in most XCOM-likes is the lack of any difference between countries, or even opportunity for countries to change over time. So it's very prone to optimal solutions which never change.
  13. Last week
  14. On trying to commence combat on a specific Destroyer Borealis Logging map, the game crashes. Savegame (warning - takes forever to load): auto_strategy_before_combat-69.json
  15. Here are some more 99%'ers in case there are similarities between problem savegames which could help tracking the issue down Terror Mission: user-20.json Observer crash Mission: user-9.json
  16. If I construct Interceptor lasers, the game freezes then crashes. Savegame (3 game hours before final construction): auto_strategy_after_intercept-68.json
  17. Sgm. Buck Reed was Mind Warr'd, paniced and dropped all his kit. When trying to get it back I could transfer the LMG and med pack back to their proper places, but not the ammo to the belt or the backpack: Savegame (Reed has full AP at this point): user-18.json Pic: :
  18. I can't click on any alien fightercraft that have been detected. Savegame: user-7.json
  19. Max_Caine

    How many bases do you build?

    Can't comment on that - only got as far as March/April.
  20. If a soldier is affected by Mind War, but you kill the Psyon before the soldier can take their turn as an enemy. the Mind War flag on the UI will stay throughout the rest of the battle. Savegame: user-5.json
  21. I would be interested too. As you can see there is still lots of people playing this game yes and thank you for your mods. If 1.00.11 compatible I will definatly use them
  22. The most important thing at the core of any of these games is that the missions, ground combat and tactical gameplay is fun, if you get that right the game will be fine. I just hope we get a bigger selection of enemies than X1 and that we also get more varied AI with those enemies to fight against. Evolution is fine. Essentially this is a chance to take what worked with X1 and just make an improved version of that. The graphics and rotatable camera look like big improvements, I just hope there will be a new forces to fight against and the AI will be unpredictable and put up a good challenge and behave well - and that the game will be replayable due to that.
  23. Rusknight

    How many bases do you build?

    So how many bases do you have total late game?
  24. Max_Caine

    How many bases do you build?

    As far as interceptor bases go, I add one more to fully cover australia and move the other base a little further up. Given the shortage of scientists and engineers, there doesn't seem like there's a need to create a dedicated factory or a research complex - you can add those on to either the main base or as extensions of the satellite bases as needed.
  25. It seems that 3 can be enough to cover all regions (but not for 100% of their territory) Base 1) Africa 100% + Europe 100% +west part of USSR Base 2) North + Latin America (60% of both) Base 3) East part of USSR + Asia +Australia (60% of them) Is it enough indeed or am I wrong and what is the optimal number of bases then?
  26. Xeroxth

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    That's great to hear. Hope for the best for you guys.
  27. Thought maybe this could be useful to someone.
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