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  2. Great, glad to hear it. Yeah, sometimes an out of date file can cause all sorts of issues!
  3. A shame. Any idea why my game would not be producing logs? I tried reinstalling, removing my games/xenonauts 2 etc, no luck.
  4. Thanks. Unfortunately I can't reproduce this, and without the logs it's tricky to know what's going on. There's another minor crash we're planning to patch out in a mini-hotfix that doesn't break save games that might fix this though, so maybe if we're lucky this won't reoccur...
  5. Thanks, good spot. I've looked into this and the grenades are correctly producing stun gas, it's just that the smoke is using a lit shader and there's no sun in the underground maps - so all gasses are displaying pure black. Our artist has just vanished off on holiday for December so we'll have to look at this in the new year, but we'll get it sorted.
  6. Yeah, probably. I'll ask the coders about it tomorrow.
  7. Oh that's weird that it pressed low res, seems to be because of the forum embed, so here's a link! https://i.imgur.com/ffRas1Y.png
  8. Thanks. Have you got the high res version of that image? Without the log files maybe being able to read the red text might help us figure out what the crash might be.
  9. I re-installed the game, and no longer have the issue. I have had the game installed from the first release version, so perhaps that had something to do with it...
  10. Siniestro

    Hidden movement overlay

    Thats good to hear! Thanks for the replies!
  11. I tossed a stun grenade on a wound reaper and a frag grenade (it landed 2 squares north-west in current perspective from where stun grenade went off), and the moment it exploded the game crashed to desktop. Sadly I do not have the logfile, my game doesn't make them for some reason, but I did manage to snap the error with a screenshot: Also attaching closes in time save auto_groundcombat_turn_10_start-163.json
  12. Screenshots in chronological order: https://imgur.com/a/THgKai5 In first screenshot before throw, in second after throwing one stun grenade, and then after lobbing the 2nd stun grenade (you can see them disappearing from the access inventory on right hand side), and the cloud they create seems to be of a smoke not stun grenade. Not sure if it's just visual or actual game confusion. Attaching save too, soldier used to try: number 1. auto_groundcombat_turn_9_start-161.json
  13. Yes that is all good if you are interested in air combat, I am not so I only do auto resolve, as I am only interested in the land combat, that is what brought me to this game in the first place.
  14. Ugh. That's just the feature being misimplemented then. The escorts can't exist without the main UFO so they'll disappear from the map if the combat ends after the main UFO is destroyed, but the combat shouldn't end instantly - you should actually have to escape. I'll note it down and get it fixed.
  15. Thanks. So weirdly this save doesn't crash for me if I load it up in the Steam version of the game - it runs through the alien turn without any problems. I tried it three times and I had no issues. It definitely crashes for you every time? What happens if you click the "Reset Random Seed" button when loading the save?
  16. I just intercepted destroyer with 2 escorts and decided to try something else by fitting all 3 interceptor with torpedoes and setting them all right onto the destroyer. To my surprise as soon as the torps hit the destroyer and it went down, the air combat has abruptly ended with victory (even though the two alein escorts were still alive and mostly untouched) and the escorts just dissapeared of the map. That doesn't seem right, as this means as long as I can get the torps out on target, the escorts do not matter much, unlike if they were to continue chasing my planes down. Attached save just before interception. auto_strategy_before_intercept-44.json
  17. Since that I've tried scrolling with wasd and directional keys, holding mouse, nothing happens. Anything else you would want me to try? Re retreat speed, they do seem sluggish on retreat, though can the low fuel be cause of it?
  18. That does sound very weird, yeah. Unlike X1 the boundaries of the map are relative to the UFO, though - so if the aircraft and the UFO are travelling at the same speed and in the same direction then the aircraft will never escape. But an Angel is quicker than a Destroyer so I'm not sure why it woudn't have been able to escape ... I think maybe retreating planes fly more slowly perhaps. Just to be clear though, you're saying that you can't see the entire battlefield by scrolling up? You should be able to do that. Maybe the air combat doesn't handle 21:9 resolutions very well.
  19. Guys, this forum is for discussion of the bug in the thread title (and it doesn't need to be discussed any more because it's not a bug, it's just that we haven't properly implemented the AI yet). It's fine if you want to talk about the AI behaviour in general, but please do it on the X2 General Discussion subforum - general chat here just gets in the way of me trying to see which bugs are causing people problems!
  20. Chris

    Hidden movement overlay

    Yeah, as geno mentions you're not the only person saying this is a problem - and as it's clearly annoying a lot of people, it's something we'll be working to fix for the next build. I'll post up a thread for people to post saves where the camera does stupid things so we can make sure important stuff isn't being hidden by the HM screen.
  21. geno

    UI/UX discussion

    Fair enough. What are your plans for the geoscape UI? Specially for show the terror level in each region. (btw, did you consider to show mockups about this kind of stuff?)
  22. This is a weird one, I have an alien that was in stun grenade gas cloud, then took some hits, and now is showing as valid target for shooting, but the alien itself is not taking any action. The other alien i knocked out with batons do not react like this, so there is something weird going on. I wound up batonning him into a stun. Attaching save of when the stuck alien shows as target user_stuck_alien-14.json
  23. geno

    Hidden movement overlay

    The HM screen appearing when you can see the alien is a known bug, it's not intended. Devs are aware of the current state of this and eventually will figure out how to improve it. This has been discussed a couple of times but we don't know exactly what's the plan.
  24. MrAlex

    Lift Button

    This partially solves the problem, but not completely. What if another soldier or alien is standing on the other side of the teleport? Will the teleport place 2 or more soldiers in one cell?
  25. Who knows? Maybe if we leave that pile of bolts there long enough it'll coalesce into an interceptor. It's the only way to explain how the DC-10 came to exist.
  26. Now, in most missions (especially terror), protecting civilians is a real challenge .
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