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  2. With less resources to start with, it will take a lot longer to build bases and have the kind of force that will keep you in-touch with the game. New players could become disinterested in the game sooner, and move on to other slimier produces. All games need to have that fine balance between changing and winnable, so as to build up the fan base, for the next incarnation of this game. Levels of difficulty need to be put in, to cater for different skill levels.
  3. ^THIS. Please. Given that the aliens are generally on the bulky side, it makes sense that they'd want a punchy pistol. Maybe not a Deagle, but one of them smaller magnums. Maybe instead of tiering the pistol, just have ammo upgrades and sidegrades? Laser burst rounds (energy type), plasma fueled rounds (increased range), smoke rounds (drops a line of smoke on the way to the target), etc
  4. It's a good point, but if I do that then I pretty much close down the pistol, because the SMG then does everything you could want out of a secondary. I've been experimenting a lot with both SMG and the pistol and my personal conclsion is that the pistol can be a viable secondary but to compete with the SMG it has to be able to do things that the SMG can't do. I haven't fully locked down the pistol yet, but I do have a number of changes to it which makes it more viable. Increase damage from 12 to 20: This is the damage the pistol did in X1, similar to the rifle. This upgrades the pistol to a magnum .50 Action-Express. The kind of weapon you take around bear country. The boost in damage is necessary because the pistol is single-shot, so every shot that hits has to count. Decrease snap TU cost to 10%, and aimed to 20%: The hallmark of primary weapons is they don't have a TU cost below 22-25% for the lowest cost shot. Secondaries can back this up by being cheap to shoot so complimenting the more expensive primary. Reduce ammo count to 7: If I boost the damage up and reduce cost of shots, then exactly why am I using a primary again? By halving the ammo count per magazine, you gotta be more careful about ammo conservaion, something you don't have to be with the primaries. Reduce magazine weight to 0.5: In tandem with the reduction of shots per magazine, you need to carry more of them so reucing the weight makes the pistol a more attractive weapon.
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  6. I like most of your ideas and even to some degree this one. But not entirely. When I'm not save-scumming (or before I call the turn a failure and do so) I'm usually using the SMG as a way to get my snipers an extra shot in trying to finish off the alien before he can execute one of my soldiers (or a civilian). And for that mode you DO need the ability to shoot single shot (or at least less). Perhaps instead it should have light burst and full burst only? Perhaps 2x shots for less TUs and 4x for "full" TUs?
  7. Not a fan of the armor changes yet but I very much expect I will be in the long run once you finish building all of what you talk about in that thread. I thought it was too low before these changes. So yeah now it's WAY too low. Especially since you critically need those scientists and engineers. Well and money now too... If your starting weapons didn't absolutely suck wind I would agree. And if you could spend less than 50 months to research and build replacements (ok 2-5 for the first level of them, but still a long time) ditto. At least with the converted weapons (and save scum) you can do enough damage to survive. Sure you often can't hit the broadside of a barn for the first 50 reloads, but you can at least do damage when finally you do hit. (Obviously again I'm exaggerating for effect, but still.) See #1 As expected, no sweat. Frankly, I can understand reducing the supply of the engineers and scientists (and money). I don't agree mind you -- not at all -- but I understand. Both sides actually. I too am better at using my own software than the average user, what seems merely "harder" to you will seem "crushingly impossible" to a normal user. You do need to take that into account. That said, especially once you get around to re-implementing difficultly levels this actually would be a GREAT idea for that... perhaps 3 engineers/scientists on baby-easy, 2 for the middle level(s), and 1 for impossible. And similar tiers on money.
  8. I don't know if this is intentional, testing out crappy ideas, lack of sufficient UI explanation leading to my misunderstanding of things, or a bug. Probably some of all of them. I built a foxhound and it literally was ON TOP OF the alien ship before the missiles locked on and fired. In x1 the Foxtrot (or whatever) would take time to lock but it was a LOT less than the time it took to reach firing range on the alien craft, so you could still fire without getting the ship shot to pieces. (And frankly, that was the ONLY reason I ever built them. They sucked otherwise. But for that period between the dodgy probes and the later ships that needed a "real" interceptor they were quite useful in this role.) Similarly the sidewinders now have an excessively long lock-on time (vs. none for x1) and they don't even start the countdown until you are already in range. Which also means the alien has shot the hell out of your ship before you can fire. I wouldn't mind this as much if you could still order two or three baby-interceptors at a time. But with the achingly slow ability to slloooowly build ONE fighter at at time also in this build, it makes the fact that air combat is impossible to get through without damage a real pain in the butt. Not so much for the first combat. That's annoying, perhaps, but seems realistic at first and almost seems cool then too. But I quickly realized it's a massive downside because there often won't be time to repair the ship before you have to send it after another alien. Which means cumulative damage. Wash rinse repeat boom no more interceptor... and not even close to enough time yet to build the new one(s) you need before the NEXT wave has spawned. If this is something that needs to be fixed by research, well... ok, that at least would explain things. Maybe a project after the first air combat where your pilots say "shoot man our weapons aren't locking on fast enough we need you eggheads to improve our tech". But otherwise, I can't see any logical reason for you to not even try to lock on until they're already blasting the crap out of your fighter. NO fighter jock in the history of the world does that. Not at least a "jock" that is sufficiently skilled to survive a standard takeoff and landing, at least. Maybe you don't succeed in locking on. Maybe you miss when you fire. But you at least start trying the millisecond you become aware of the enemy. Short of cloaking devices, this is WAY before you are in their range (and vice versa). Hopefully this is just testing crappy ideas out and this will be "fixed" (or at least explained) at some point.
  9. Thanks. I'll ask the coders to take a look at the logs.
  10. Weird. This doesn't seem to be a problem with the Destroyers themselves, so I'll ask the coders to take a look at what's happening there.
  11. OK. Yeah, this is definitely happening in the save game you've attached but I suspect it's just a variant of the known "weapons in backpack don't bring ammo" bug. I think the fix for that bug which we have planned in may well fix this too, I hope.
  12. Oh, I see what you mean. Yeah, I can reproduce this - we'll get it fixed in the next build.
  13. I'd like to take a moment to talk about the weapon I use the very least, the submachinegun. The submachinegun could be a great secondary weapon to compliment pretty much any primary except perhaps the assault rifle. The problem as I see it is that there's nothing the submachinegun does that isn't done already by the primary set. The current statline has't changed pretty much since v1, and all it is at the moment is a cut-down version of an assault rifle. Some of it's biggest failures are it's expensive to use, easy to miss with and doesn't give enough bang for your buck. It's generally better to have a medkit and rely on your primary than get some use out of the secondary. I tried out a lot of different ways the submachine could compliment primary weapons and retain the feel of a submachinegun, and came up with the following: Remove all options except burst, and give the burst 4 shots: Most primary weapons have a single shot mode already, with the exception of the LMG. The submachinegun shouldn't be trying to compete with primary weapons that do a job probably better than the SMG can do. A burst fire of 4 shots slots alongside al primary weapon types, but won't directly compete with the LMG that has a higher ROF. Reduce the damage to 12: This ties directly into the first change. The original damage a submachinegun can do is 20. Improving the burst to 4 would make 20 hella OP. Reducing it to 12 wil give a maximum damage of 48. Testing you generally see damage between 20-30, depending on how many bullets hit the target. Increase accuracy to 65: After lots of tweaking, I found that the current burst accuracy of 45 is too low, but 70 or higher made the SMG too effective compared to primary weapons. An accruacy boost of 65 made the weapon more palatable and in the hands of skilled operators, deadly. Reduce burst cost to 20%: This is the biggie. The biggest change I made was to drastically reduce the cost of firing the weapon. This change is what makes the SMG favourable - it's now a cheap way to put a lot of lead downfield. In theory a solider standing still could empty the magazine and spray 20 shots everywhere. In practice, you're likely to get 2 bursts out in-between moving and using the primary. A soldier with an LMg as primary and SMG as secondary can use the LMG first then blast away with the SMG. The reduced damage makes the cheap shots less effective than it first seems. Verses Sebillians, it's takes a lot of fire from an SMG to put one down. I found that generally, using the primary first then folowing up with the SMG was the preferable option, but I could be proven wrong on this point. Reduce suppression damage to 5: It was importnat to drastically reduce the amount of suppression damage a SMG did, because it ws cheap and fired lots of shots. Dropping it from 20 to 5 seems drastic, but a burst now simulates what suppression damage it did anyway. Reduce range slightly: Primary weapons (with the exception of the shotgun) should have the lead on the SMG with regards to range. The submachinegun is supposed to compliment them after all, so I droped it from 16 to 12. This out it ahead of the shotgun, but ehind every other weapon. Reduce reload cost slightly: This altered SMG is the weapon you are most likely going to change mags for, so it made sense to reduce the cost of reloads slightly to compensate. I dropped it from 25 to 20. The sum total of all these changes makes the submachinegun a rapid, close-quarters assault weapon, lacking the punch of the shotgun or assault rifle but more than capable to tearing up targets with a hail of bullets. It's best paired with the LMG or the Sniper Rifle, but can go with any primary. Below is the modified version of the SMG, if anyone cares to give it try: ballistic_smg.json
  14. This is a Raid with Andron/Gundrones. During the battle the game inexplicably CTD's, which is very annoying because even though I had ballistics my K/D was 3:1 and against Androns that's damn good! Output log detalling the CTD... output.log And savegames closest to the CTD groundcombat-160.json groundcombat-161.json
  15. That way the Elerium transports are actually worth using
  16. It´s similar to the old X-Com Storages. But the Alloys are better managed 5:1 (Xenonauts) instead 1:1 (old X-Com).
  17. Mr. Shark

    [1.65/X.CE V0.35.0] X-Division 1.00 Beta

    So this feels dumb, I forgot the simplest solution, to reload a slightly earlier save. This was after I did a complete reinstall exactly how it specified and still got the crash again.
  18. I would guess that GH wants to differentiate between the number of items is in stock and the amount of space those items take up. EDIT: Yeah, I'm pretty dang sure that QTY * STORAGE = amount of storage space that is taken up by that item line. There seems to be enough space to include the figure, so could that be included?
  19. Can anyone tell me how stores are supposed to work? I have figured out that "STORES QTY" is the amount of whatever actually stored, and STORAGE is...? It can't be the storage capacity, because (see screenshot) the STORAGE number is less than the number actually stored. The STORAGE numbers increase in some kind of progression, from Alloys to Corpses, but I don't see any logic to it. Thanks in advance for any clarification.
  20. It´s like the same what Terrorists do in our real World too. Such Terrorist People ignore Local Forces, Police, Military etc. and attack the Civilians, which are the least. In Terror Missions the Aliens have the Mission to kill Civilians and Police / Local Forces. They ignore your Soldiers, so you have to hurry up to save the Local Forces as well as especially the Civilians.
  21. I've done quite a lot more combat since it was introduced in v9. As we're now on 9.3 would like to give some gaeplay related criticisms. 1) There needs to be some kind of visual trigger why a missile doesn't hit a target. An aircraft doing a flip, or a missile lock signal failing, or something just to show that a missile was evaded, otherwise it looks like a bug. 2) At the moment when I run out of fuel for an aircraft, it crawls towards an edge while the ufo runs rings around it. As the escape boundary is locked to the relative position of the ufo, my aircraft keeps changing direction and can never get closer to the exit. 3) I would suggest upping the top speed of falcons and phantoms - the ufos they can overtake are 5x faster in air combat than they are on the strategy screen, and it makes air combat horrible.
  22. In X-1, within air combat, there was a button that allowed you to flip or turn your aircraft to avoid the alien missiles, but not in this version of the game.
  23. Ruggerman

    Modular Armour System

    Will you be able to tell them a part on the battle field, or will they be pink?
  24. I agree with Ruggerman: "Early Aircraft are just shot out of the sky, before you have a chance, to go into ground combat.." I had been using AutoResolve (AR) before 9.2-3 because most of them ended in a ufo shoot-down, and the more combats I can get into the better it is for judging balance and hunting bugs in the main missions of the game. Now (9.3), however, I am shot down almost every time with AR & I quickly lose all my aircraft. Also: THERE ARE NO ODDS LISTED to be able to decide on whether or not to use AR--is this supposed to be different than X-1? Maybe I missed a discussion on this. In desperation I tried using air combat, and find it fussy (trying to turn in repeated tight little circles when I'm close enough to fire, taking forever to get close enough because I'm slower) and have had no better luck. Also, it seems impossible to break off combat: the ufo tracks me down and shoots my fleeing, slower aircraft. I still have some balance concerns about the plentiful amount of smoke available. I carry lots of smoke and throw up a screen when I come into LOS of an alien. The aliens, sooner or later, always wade into the smoke and can't do any long-distance kills on me unless I have been careless. I do understand Chris' point about not much AI for the aliens, so I'll look for smarter aliens.
  25. It was a terror mission with the map that looks a bit like a town center with some stores, a walkway, outdoor tables/chairs, etc. First time I had that particular map for a battle.
  26. erutan

    Modular Armour System

    If I'm reading this correctly there's the 5 slots/types of modular additions, then you'll be able to upgrade them. If there's only going to be two of each type (not for example 5 types of chest armor) you could simply have a 2x5 grid for choosing items instead of a 1x5. It wouldn't be that difficult to do and there's not really enough items to justify a drop down. I like having the old items around to be sold / b-team feel, the one issue would be how it juggles "falling back" to a lower tier item when higher tier ones run out (3 soldiers in a sniper preset, but only two upgraded visors), but it could default to using any lower tier ones on the lowest ranking/stat soldier in the group as a sort of best attempt at B team loadouts. You run into UI issues showing soldiers that have an incomplete loadout potentially, but there could be a yellow marker or something if someone has a lower tier item and red if they're blank/out or something.
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