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  1. @Chris @Alienkiller both of you are aliens. We are in the forum called Early Access.......... It's obvious i am talking about after release, not before. Did i say anything about streaming/recording right now?
  2. I guess you gonna be the first one watching my gameplay and literally nerfing everything that I abuse/exploit xD.
  3. Sorry @Chris- I don't had much time lately to do testing, but i am planning on doing Commander+Ironman Difficulty + No Damage Run - ofcourse it is gonna be possible to record and post videos on youtube?
  4. You got steam acc to share?

  5. Save and screenshots below: user_captured_sebillian_brute_not_showing_up_on_interegation_research_tab-63.json
  6. Save and screenshots below: user_alien_sibelian_leader_t_pose_save_reload_animation_bug-60.json
  7. @maxm222There is still a lot of Abuse/Exploits that i discovered, kinda hard for me to share all xD.
  8. user_alien_sibelian_officer_t_pose_save_reload_animation_bug-58.json
  9. Save and screenshots below: user_alien_sibelian_brute_t_pose_save_reload_animation_bug-57.json
  10. Save and screenshot below: user_alien_wraith_officer_t_pose_animation_bug-55.json
  11. Alien Plasma Cell visual/animation how is it look like: Now compere to Alien Small Plasma Cell in terms of visuals: It's like someone edited it in Paint and made that thing smaller - no idea how else to describe it. Be honest that visual looks poor. user_alien_small_plasma_cell_visualanimation_vs_alien_plasma_cell_bug_or_intended-54.json
  12. Save and screenshots below: user_wraith_scientist_t_pose_animation_bug-53.json
  13. Screenshots and saves below: user_drone_exposion_destroy_items_but_bodies_still_visible_animation_bug-52.json
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