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Thread: [V8.1 - Startup menu] List of avaialble screen resolutions is empty

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    Quote Originally Posted by opivyh8su View Post
    Also - can you provide the name of the engine manufacturer? I can try poking around to find launch options from them to see if we can have params that force one way or the other.
    I believe it to be GameLab as Chris has mentioned on several occasions that they are using the engine from Diner Dash

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    The engine used is playground created by playfirst who own the diner dash series of games.

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    Same problem here, at home I have a laptop with an ATI HD5650 running in 64bits Win7 and all is ok with the resolutions available, but at work with an Intel integrated graphics in Xp I only receive two weird resolutions to select, some screenshots:

    As you can see, my native resolution is 1440x900 and I have to choose between 1024x1280 or 1050x1400. I know it is a playground sdk issue and I'm trying to find a workaround, but until now I haven't succeed mainly because I can't found any settings file where these resolutions are stored.

    I will try to update the graphics card or tweak some options, but an integrated chipset is a pain in the neck solving these kind of issues.

    Edited: Solved! Disabling rotation in the intel "advanced" settings works:

    Maybe this bug should be included in the bug list thread with this workaround...
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    Quote Originally Posted by viik View Post
    HOORAY! I've fixed it.

    I've tried setting different resolutions on my laptop, changing color depth, aspect rate corrections and it finaly worked after I've switched off "Enable rotation". So for everybody who has the same issue, try switching off screen rotation support in your videocard/firmware settings.
    Had the same problem and eventually found the same solution. This also fixed the problem of having only a few screen resolutions to choose from.

    Build: V14.1
    My graphics drivers: Mobile Intel(R) 945 Chipset
    (For Intel Integrated Graphics Accelerator)
    My Laptop: ASUS Eee PC 1005HA-PU1X-BU

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    Add it into the workaround thread in case anyone else needs to sort it.
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