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  1. Chris and rest of the team: Congrats to be in Steam!!! I haven't check the forums the last two weeks and it has been a shock to open today my Steam account and see the game in the shop page. I love this project and I'm very happy to see the goals been reached. Regards.
  2. Hi, I want to share my opinion with all of you because I think piracy is a very interesting in topic in games industry. First of all, I'm an active pirate, I'm used to download cracked versions of all AAA titles that interest me. I know that is unfair for the developers, but I don't have enough money for all games and gaming is for me a style of life more than a hobby so I like to try out every game that attract my attention. Said that, for general games and if I like the game, I ALWAYS buy the game when the price is right for me. Some examples: I've just finished the ACIII campaign on cracked version, because I think 60€ is too much for a game that lasts 2 weeks on my hard drive, but a few weeks before the game was launched I bought AC1, 2 and brotherhood with DLCs (one topic I don't want to discuss here) for 22€ and some cents. There are others AAA games that I know I will like so much and will play a lot time, and in these cases I usually support from the start the developers buying or preordering them, for example XCOM:EU or Football Manager Series from S.I. These are games that I know won't dissapoint me and I like to make an effort to support the things well done or just that things I like so much. For indie developers and old games that I cracked in the past and know are cheap (like in GoG or Steam) I usually buy them when there is an offer, or in cases like Xenonauts I like to buy them in the alpha stages in order to get involved in the process of games that can be great when launched. Sorry for my english if my explanation is poor, but in resume I just want to say that I feel bad when I play pirated versions of games and make clear I always try to support developers when I think there is a good balance between what they offer and what they ask for their games. Not playing a game because I don't want to buy it when it is launched never has been an option to me, because I love games in a manner that it's not possible to me to do that, hope you all understand my point, and Chris, please, don't be too rude with me, I love your game, I think you are a good team, and because of that, I have payed for be part of your alpha stage, but I think you could understand that others games/developers have an attitude towards the users and some price policies that just don't feel right.
  3. Great job! These screens look very good!
  4. Good luck to all US Commanders out there... we, Europeans, are... the very third gaming world. -sick- By the way, one question for you, lucky people, is there a manual .pdf in the installation dir when released? If we can't play, and don't want to be spoilered by streaming videos, I think some of us can at least read and think about how this game and Xenonauts will change our lives
  5. Hi all, I've had a lot of work last month and I know I'm late with the 15.1 maps, but here there are! Updated first post with the maps with ALL chinook orientations. Enjoy them.
  6. The joke in Europe is the 1$=1€ conversion... for me it's the only Steam drawback.
  7. Thanks for the answer, I will wait to see what price will have the special edition in Spain to make a desition.
  8. One question here, did you receive the key steam at the moment, or you will receive the key when the game comes out? I see as a good option GreenMan but I have the concern about receiving or not the Elite Soldier DLC purchasing the game this way.
  9. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want, I'm glad to know that people are enjoying my maps. Regarding terror missions I haven't made any town map yet, maybe this tileset will be the next to be included in the generator, when this occurs I will see if they work correctly inside the main campaign.
  10. When you shoot down an UFO and it receives severe damage, usually it appears on fire, just check the text before the mission. If you open one of my maps (or one of the default ones) via notepad you can see that there is no parameter controlling this kind of things.
  11. First of all, thanks to post about the maps. I've corrected the links (Farm were Ind v14, and Ind the old ones). About the alien placement, its all about the game not the maps, and with the missing second floor I suppose it's related to the submap. My generator place submaps randomly so if there is something wrong with them, will be there
  12. Hi people, I'm back from holidays, returned to work (sad) and to the xenonauts level generator (fun). Updated maps for v14 due to the changes in the industrial submaps, I will try to add the new ones in the coming days to have more variety, so expect an update soon. Also, I have removed the large parking lots in these maps to make them more "intimate". Hope you like them, thanks to Goldhawk to make the submap names more useful and enjoy Xenonauts and the X-com videos from PAX (Wow).
  13. Hi all, I've done the Farm Maps and updated the Industrial ones to correct a few things. Hope you enjoy them, a lot of hard work done to make them at least correct. I have done some submaps in order to have the most possible nice maps, and it was easy thanks to the quality of the tiles of this game. In the proccess I have made some cleanup in the generator code, and added nice features like pseudo-random roads, size variable sectors and some, darker, ones that help the maps a lot. Other thing that I have changed is that there won't be anymore lightscout layers on others ufo type maps, so to test them in quick battle you have to edit the levelsetup_quickbattle in assets to give it the proper spawn. I have updated the first post with an example link. The numbers have changed also, now you have 350 Industrial maps, more or less, and 303 farm maps. Hope you like them as I'd like to make them. Please post your thoughts about them if you want, I appreciate so much your feedback. I will on holidays the next two weeks so I will be back to work on September 3rd, meanwhile I will continue to check the Forum and, of course, playing Xenonauts.
  14. Same error also in quick battle. I'm was afraid of it being an issue with my maps (I'm testing my farm maps now) but it seems to be a somewhat random error because same map works some times and doesn't work others, without suffering any change meanwhile.