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  1. Could a bonus for point-blank shots be added? This was a bone of contention in X1 as it felt "unrealistic" for a soldier to be in either the adjacent tile or a few tiles away and have a low chance to hit.
  2. So, out of curiosity, I clicked on the Input tab in the launcher for the first time ever. Chris, I think you need to take a look at it, because there are keybinds for actions like "jump", "fire 1",, "fire 2", etc. etc. I'm going to try pressing some of these buttons in-game to see what happens, but those keybinds should be removed and replaced with Xenonaut specific keybindings. EDIT: Pressing the keybindings from the input tab didn't do anything so that's useful to know. Some comments on the animations re. the Psyon grunt (or minion or whatever - the lows rung in the totem pole, you know what I mean). the shoot animation does a double-take when processing - he lifts his arms, then it snaps down again and then lifts again. Could that be fixed up? Also the shoot animations for the alines in general seem fairly rough in comparison to X1. That is to say, they seem to be lifting their arm and the bullet comes out without the arm(s) seeming to aim, as if their weapon is misfiring in the process of being lifted.Also, could you reintroduce the point blank bonus to-hit that was in X1? It seems silly that both myself and an alien can stand right next to each other and miss! EDIT 2: Have now discovered the .json files and am pleased to report that itinerant modders fiddling with the stats doesn't cause any issues. Personally would have preferred a greater degree of separation of the data from the code, but you takes what you gets.
  3. Been a few builds since I last tried it,so some opinions. 1) Movement actions feel as if they should be faster than they are. The general poise and gait of both the Psyons and the humans suggest they are running from spot to spot, but the speed which they do that doesn't suggest a running pace, more a jogging pace 2) Dead aliens and humans can ragdoll a bit which makes death humorous, when the arm of a dead human spazzes out. Is it possible to make them slump without spazzing? I bet it isn't. 3) Human feel a little "floaty" when running, that is to say the impression is given that their feet don't seem to quite touch the ground. This is especially obvious when they are running in profile to the observer/player 4) It's hard to tell who still has AP and who doesn't without clicking through each solider, as this isn't updated on the UI on the left hand side. 5) Much easier by sight to work out where I can get a solider to stand. 6) No crashes throughout the run-through. Will try for a TPK and see if that causes any problems.
  4. Thix, I'd suggest reading the initial feedback thread. I had problems with the wealth of detail, and I wasn't the only one!
  5. It's not accessible from the gog website. It's only accessible from gog galaxy.
  6. The boxed version was a Kickstarter exclusive. As in, it was never going to be produced OUTSIDE of Kickstarter because digital delivery is hella cheaper than making and producing box version (that's what publishers are for). I strongly doubt there will be a boxed version outside of any Kickstarter that Goldhawk intends to run and it really depends on what the cost and how easy it was to do for Goldhawk last time as to whether they do a boxed version this time.
  7. 1 comment has been moved to the correct thread for giving feedback. Please make sure you give feedback in the appropriate thread, the thread is linked in the above post.
  8. I would disagree. I had originally set it to "Fastest" and it was a muddy blur throughout (menu screen, loading screen and combat). Giving it a higher setting made it sharper.
  9. Had a chance to try it this morning, and I whacked the graphics quality up to Beautiful, see if that did anything. Well, if anything it ran smoother than last time! @Chris, when I was referring to the yellow in the last build I found that the left-hand team UI turned yellow for the selected trooper it masked the AP bar. Doesn't do that for this build.
  10. So, this'll be a good test for old hardware, as my PC is ancient. (Perhaps Father Christmas will bring me a new one). Intel Pentium G6950, Radeon HD 5770, 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM running Windows 7. Tested at "Good" setting, 1920x1080. Run alright, actually (quite surprised at that). No super noticeable framerate slowdown, camera panning around the map is a bit slow and any animation which goes off-camera is also noticeably slow. The animations are responsive if a bit juddery. Some comments. Constantly wanted to zoom in. Seriously, I want to be able to pan in and out. Also, while it's nice to see that there's more scenery, the general wealth of background detail makes looking for pertinent information (such as the facing of walls) sometimes difficult. Perhaps some better way of keeping necessary information (wall facings) more obvious than background scenery is needed or just less background scenery. Soldiers are back their old X1 tricks of shooting the cover in front of them! The AP bar on the left-hand team UI disguises the currently selected soldiers AP bar, which is annoying.
  11. While Goldhawk does not have a publisher, it did have a budget - the number of people who either paid in the Kickstarter or bought the game. That represents a finite number of zots that can be spent on the game, and all the zots were spent on bringing the game, 5 years in development, to reality. At this point Goldhawk had two choices. 1) Spend whatever zots it got from sales on Xenonauts. 2) Spend whatever zots it got from sales on developing a new game. Spending what you have left on further development of the only game in your stable is an incredibly risky idea. You're betting the farm that more people than those who already bought the game will be attracted to it, and you're also betting that the people who bought the game will be invested adequately enough to by DLC for the game. This may be true when the game is hot off the presses, but as time passes, interest in the game itself wanes. Without DLC NOW NOW NOW from the moment the game is released, it's difficult to maintain interest. Take PayDay 2. It was release din August 2013. The first 2 for-pay DLC packs were in November, then January 2014, then May 2014, etc. etc. In addition to that were persistent free updates in-between each for-pay DLC pack. The budget and development structure of PayDay 2 was set up from the get-go to squirt out DLC very quickly (in development time) to maintain interest in the face of any competition (read: everything else). It's clear that landing Xenonauts was a monumental task which was budgeted and designed as "produce a complete game". Goldhawk has no publisher to ask money from to make DLC, nor it appears to have the infrastructure to rapidly support Xenonauts, given that a fair part of the original development team went bye-bye either during or after the game was released. So Goldhawk's survival depends on either developing a stable of games which can support it in lean times, or hyper developing a single game which supports everything that Goldhawk does. A stable of games spreads the risk of studio collapse due to one game failing. Which, if you were a responsible founder who likes game development more than he likes working in an accountants' office, would you choose?
  12. There's an interesting discussion on dlc and game budgets on ask a game dev. Here's a snippet from it.
  13. I'm sorry Charon, but I can't help you with your original question. I've never had a copy of Excel, and I could never get any of the free Excel-like spreadsheets out there to work with Xenonauts, so when I modded a Excel-to-XML file, I always used a text editor. That's my only experience of editing such files, so I can't advise you how to edit a file in Excel.
  14. Hi cyllan. I'm afraid these pictures of Steam Workshop are not helpful as they don't show the error you are experiencing. Please could you tell us which version of the game you're running - Community Edition or Normal edition. Then please show us a screenshot of the launcher, and the error message that the launcher shows at as close a point as possible to where the error actually occurs, along with a step-by-step walkthrough of what you do before the error is experienced. This allows someone else to walk through the steps you do to see if the error can be reproduced. (This thread is going to be moved to bug reports)
  15. It's been a while since I've modded - I'm rusty now. However, I did write a guide on MODMERGE which might help.