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  2. Hm, other than more mod-compliance and more complete... I think variety is needed. Like say the HWPs (as I like to call the ground vics) need secondary weapons even if its simply a MG equiv. A solid secondary (or secondaries if you want) so you don't use your primary all the time would be a decent idea.
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  4. How is the archive ¿_¿
  5. 20:40 - Charon: the point is that every time a base gets successfully raided the countrys relationship bonus gets set to the value which gets defined in the gameconfig EDIT: instead of only when the country is lost. Mind that only the last base in that country should count as retaking the country, not that every single base in a country has the possibility to retakea country. Thx
  6. The moment you abort a mission it disappears.
  7. I'm not sure how else to phrase this, but say I take one dropship from base A to a terror site or something like that, then I realize it's too much and pull them out, but I still have a full dropship of guys from base B. If the guys from the base A ended up killing 3/12 aliens or something, would the second dropship have to face 12 or 9? Will the aliens be in the same positions and will the destroyed cover still be destroyed? Will the map be the same? ty in advance
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  9. More mission and objectives variety should be a priority for you guys. Xenonauts 1 is an amazing game but it becomes samey rather quickly because almost every ground mission plays the same. Rescuing, sabotage, assassination, defense...
  10. Thanks Chris.. I'll try to dig it out
  11. Yeah just email your Desura proof of purchase to and I'll send you a Steam key.
  12. Hi guys, Sorry, wasn't really sure where to post this.. apologies if this is not the best sub forum (mods feel free to move as appropriate). Basically, I purchased Xenonauts ages ago through Desora who I only just noticed are no longer around. I still have the game installed, but I'm now looking for a way to save or move it in future as I have no way to redownload it anymore. Is there a way to find out if I have a steam key, or is there a way I can save the game for if when my computer gets replaced or eventually blows up? Any advice/guidance appreciated! libs
  13. --- --- (( I'm trying out for change to let the screenshots be automatically sorted to the bottom of the thread-post; if the image-previews do take too much of space, I'll do the thumbnail-resizing again on my next possible post; there were just so many images to preview this time. Apologies for also the images getting messed up chronologically speaking; it's a mess-up due me not paying attention. But hopefully they'll still show the spot / bug in question.)) Seems like I've been able to dug up more or less old bug here. Or at least I believe so. Anyways, Carrier-UFOs seems to have this invisible edge(s) Harridans are more than happy to exploit for their advantage (they are available symmetrically on both sides of the UFO, as shown in the screenshots). You can see it on the screenshots (especially with "shadow-spot" and "splats" on them). (( EDIT: There is also more or less identical spot "front" of the Carrier-UFOs the Harridans can exploit, as shown in the newest screenshot; I unfortunately was not able to find the spot with my mouse-cursor. Just to clarify the screenshot: The Harridan stood on that spot and threw a grenade at the solider that were under its feet (you might spot a tiny grenade-thing under the shield-soldier). )) Screenshots are also included inside the ZIP-file alongside the save-files. Download: Xenonauts Harridan Inviisible Carrier Edge Mod-list has stayed unchanged since my latest bug-report:
  14. I am having a problems with the Tutorials in Xenonauts. When the messages pop up I am unable to scroll through the dialogue box to read all of the material. I have included a link to a video showing the problem.
  15. Thanks for reporting this. I'll try to find the roof tile responsible for this.
  16. Got a fix for this and the similar buildings on desert and tundra maps in the next Xenonauts Fix Pack update.
  17. This bug is caused by some "ground tiles" (all tiles that are designed to be walked upon) not correctly using the damage overlays that ground tiles are supposed to use. Ground tiles are hardcoded to always block LOS and z-level movement in all tile states (default, damaged and destroyed) because they're not meant to be destroyed normally like other tiles, and instead have damage overlays applied to them. You can properly destroy ground tiles by collapsing buildings, but there's some bugs with the whole building destruction system that can cause buildings to not collapse. I'm working on fixing the building destruction system for the next Xenonauts Fix Pack update, along with this particular issue with some ground tiles having faulty settings for their damage overlays. The "invisible" reaper zombies might be related to a bug with the collapse system and ground tiles. Sometimes collapsed ground tiles create a weird tile state that causes units entering it to become "invisible" (only visually, they're still treated as normal). I couldn't figure out what causes it and it happens randomly. It's probably a bug in the code itself, so there's nothing I can do to fix it for the Fix Pack. In my experience that particular bug should mostly affect flying units though and they become visible again after touching a ground tile.
  18. 2 examples of a single research.
  19. Xenonauts 2? Hell yeah. Looks really nice I like all of the graphics options, and it plays really well. Will there be zoom? What engine are you using this time?
  20. I like to hear this. Map randomisation is very important for replayability. In X1, when playing different misions I recognized the same buidings/structures (and I learned the best way to wipe out enemies inside), and this made that X1 loses fun over the time. Fortunately, great map modders like skitso gave more fun to X1. Enhaced 3D graphics of X1 is another succesful choice. The image posted is beautiful. I prefer playing on it rather than playing on new XCOM1 and 2. Another point that you should take into account is to create a decent AI, sufferinng some casualties in our soldiers. You did a nice job in X1 on this area. Good luck!!!
  21. Probably you missed some specialist. You can check the researches.xml file at Xdivision folder. Yes you can hit them with anti missiles.
  22. Hi! Is there a tech tree that I can check? Heavy fighters and light cruises have started to appear and I'm stuck with Asierus and Foxtrots and can't defeat them at all. I think I've captured every single type of alien, including chieftains, and I still can't research a new kind of aircraft. Am I missing something or maybe I'm not supposed to defeat them until I capture the aliens in the bigger ships? Also, what's up with those drones that the extreme landing ship sends? Can I take them down with anti-missile?
  23. No talking, I'll just upload the minipatch to Steam
  24. We don't want to add your XCE files to our mods because it's not right, unrespectful and confusing. So when you return here, we can talk some possibilities around fixes and have a clean xce version..
  25. I don't have access to that now. Check gameconfig.xml, there should be a section with a variable for it. xenonautBaseRetakeInterval, or xenonautBaseRetakeWindow, something like that. Possible that I missed adding it to the modding guide and so it's only as some note somewhere I of course do not remember the finer details but the idea is that a lost Xenonaut base turns into an alien base, and then if you attack that base successfully within X hours (defined in the xml), you get the base back. Personnel are killed and airplanes destroyed though. This is a good idea. I suppose it's also a good idea for one more small release that is only bugfixes perhaps.
  26. Are we talking about retaking xenonauts bases ? I have never seen such a thing, anywhere, and im sure we wouldnt have missed such a point in our whole development. Where is the code ? And how does it function ? +1.
  27. I don't remember that your minipatch repaired the retake country with that. As charon said, we worked really hard even we lost 2 member (MIA)... We are waiting you publish a version which is working with the new content officially.
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