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  3. OK! Then it can be done so that the call of a help is possible only after the death of some soldiers or after a certain number of moves! And I understand that you can not make a call from anywhere in the world but only in the radius of the nearest base! It would not be plausible if the help flew to another continent! I apologize for my English) maybe not quite correctly I write) I communicate through the translator Google)
  4. The development team frequently takes screenshots or gifs of issues we're experiencing in the game to help the coders debug potential issues. Some of them made us smile, so maybe they'll make you guys smile too! We'll update this thread over time, posting any new gifs in new posts but also updating the original post. WARNING - there is a lot of large files in this thread, so be careful if you've got limited data. Alien Takeover: Guess we could use this as the loss screen! (missing texture bug) Dance of Death: I have literally no idea what's going on here, but it's strangely mesmerizing... Dead Man Walking: So when we first enabled hit points, we unfortunately forgot to remove player control of dead units. Death From Above (and Below): We've got a debug mode that does 1000 damage to the cursor target. Unfortunately, it would sometimes overpenetrate the target and also destroy the ground. Dual Wield: It seems this sneaky Psyon wanted double the normal firepower. After taking heavy casualties, the Xenonauts started accepting pretty much anyone. Drone Strike: While we were preparing our slides for the Rezzed presentation, the Psyon Drones started T-posing for some reason. Who said being an alien was no fun? Space Garden: this was an early incarnation of the main menu screen failing to disappear when you loaded the ground combat. The result - a beautiful orbital garden! Landscaping: continuing with loading errors, the Xenonauts apparently decided their Command Room needed some landscaping. Bone-itis: Our first attempt to put death animations in the game went badly, but watching your troops die an agonizing death turned out to be pretty funny. kill.mp4 Danse Macabre: Another issue with the death animations made for some more light relief in the office. Frolic: The dastardly alien plan is revealed - they've come to frolic in our meadows! Psyon Infiltrators: Our artist did a mockup of how he thought an alien infiltration team might look. WTF? This is an example of the kind of random bug we need to deal with on a daily basis. Retinal Detachment: Movable eyes are useful if you want to render a cutscene, but they do sometimes cause issues of their own. Xenonaut Officer: This was a quick attempt to add a uniformed Xenonaut officer to the main menu command center screen. You can probably see why he didn't make the cut. Epic Death: sometimes (not often) the freeze-frame feature captures something that looks awesome rather than awful! Confusion: The best part is the unhelpful team-mate in the background... Fragdolls: I can't help but notice the poor Psyon Drones come in for a lot of punishment ... they travel all this way only to end up collapsed against a fence! Trick Shot: Inverse Kinematics is great ... until it's really not great. Windmill: Think sneaking up behind an alien is a good idea? Think again! (This is another issue with the inverse kinematics at short range)
  5. Glad you're enjoying it. There's still plenty more graphical improvements and gameplay improvements for us to add, so it's nice to know that people are having fun even at this relatively early stage!
  6. Yeah, it wasn't exactly naysaying that was the problem - criticizing the ideas put forwards was fine provided people engaged properly with them. Anyway over the past few days I've come to realise we did indeed gain some rather useful feedback from the various threads. I'm still inclined to keep the threads closed until playable versions of some of the mechanics discussed start arriving, because I guess most of what there is to be said has already been said ... but we did read the comments people made in all of the threads and our ideas have evolved and changed as a result of many of them. Maybe it was all worthwhile after all?
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  8. If it be useful to anyone, I tweaked building.xml from this mod. I think, in this version mod is more balanced. buildings.xml
  9. Building and Salaries
  10. I'm enjoying the demo although I'm getting absolutely creamed. The graphics are beautiful. I had most of my squad until I had to assault the UFO but I've learned some lessons. The new RTS games are ok but I've always enjoyed the simple turn based strategy games the most. They aren't just a test of how fast you can click and how many units you can rush at the target. God bless Goldhawk! Can't wait until it is released.
  11. Not the naysayers, but those who missed the point of the thread.
  12. I thought I came up with a couple of decent ideas too. Shame the naysayers won. Ah well...
  13. Oh - you'd like to be able to call in additional Xenonaut soldiers from your base that would arrive at the battle after a delay? That is not a planned feature, but it could be possible. It would need some kind of disadvantage, otherwise players would just call in extra soldiers at the start of every mission and then do the mission with 2x the normal number of soldiers.
  14. No, do not use planes fighters, and call a few soldiers to help) or is it also not fair?)
  15. Glad you enjoyed the mission and thanks for the general feedback; we'll take a look through your bug reports and investigate them. On the quoted point though, you should already be able to press Spacebar to stop a soldier mid-move just like you could in X1.
  16. It would be kinda unfair on the aliens if you just blew up them up with fighter jets instead of using your soldiers, wouldn't it?
  17. Hello guys! I was thinking it would be good to have the opportunity to call for help during the battle on the ground from its base, from remaining fighters that would be flying for any number of moves! Is it possible to implement this? Thank you!
  18. These changes would turn your game into the official one, just a suggestion.
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  20. Thank you! Now everything is clear.
  21. Yup, I think Jagged Alliance 2 is another classic that could do with some modernisation so it's definitely on our radar (it's not entirely a coincidence that we've included a Tropical biome and a powerful portrait generator this time around). But we've got to finish X2 before we start thinking too much about anything else, so we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves!
  22. Hi! I'm really pleased with your product. Seriously the Xenonauts is awesome. I really like the cover system, how it works with the gameplay. Also i like a lot the art in the first Xenonauts, the drawings are great. But, as much as i love the first Xcom, i also like a lot the game Jagged Alliance. And i was wondering, if in the future, could you analyze the posibility of revival this game. It would be great if you could reuse your xenonauts's 2 mechanical and the graphics to make that awesome game, live again, maintaining as much as possible the details of the original game. Just as you did with xcom. Thanks for taking the time to read.
  23. Oh man how I love the free camera rotation!!!! I am spamming WASD to pan and QE to rotate all the time now. Zoom in/out via mousewheel would the cream now. Could only play one game, but the map was great. This ground combat felt exactly like the original X-COM (1994 version for all that don't know what means "original"): team spreads out, enemy contact, focus, suppress, take down, move further, cover ground and watch those corners!...great. One Sebillian hid and lured my team to come out of cover, killed one of mine before he got nailed. Great tactical feeling. But now to my observations: Although nothing has changed here, now I really would like to be able to change the end tile my soldier is moving to after I already clicked somewhere else. I misclicked two times now and ended in the wrong spot. Yes my fault but, yeah. Also a "next-soldier" or a cycle button would come in handy. Clicking the icons is great, but I don't always know what icon is which soldier. I always forget how to use the Medikit in this demo. Is it possible to have the all the key descriptions somewhere in the options too, not only in the launcher? Now pictures as usual: Shotgunner is against rocks (red arrow). Can see two aliens, although hidden behind rocks. Possibly because end of weapon is inside rock. Shotguner has the rock not as an obstacle, rifleman behind him does. UFO interior becomes visible. Edge error? Left: It is not easy to target the alien when it is at the door frame. The actual crosshair appears only just above it, a littlebit fiddly. Right: Although very near it is impossible to hit. Only option is directly in front line. See text in picture... And again I forgot the rec file: recording_8.rec Oh by the way, a couple of rounds inside the UFO, the game crashed to desktop.
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  26. @vasig Let me take at your modloader order ?
  27. You can use OBS tp record stuff. The battle scanner counts 11 aliens + 9 infected humans * 2 ( yes, parts ... gross ). That is after the battle is over. There is still enough room for 11 aliens.
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