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  2. I kinda like PSI as it does prevent the issue of juggernauting. Your soldiers become so powerful that nothing can stop them. Now, in the original X-COM games, you could get PSI which instead completely skyrocketed the juggernauting. You could defeat any mission without even leaving the ship. That was all kinds of broken. Xenonauts took the route of only giving the aliens PSI and this was better. In addition, only I think about a handful of alien types got PSI at all (Ceasan Psion, Ceasan Officer, Ceasan Leader, Preator), which meant that it was a relatively rare occurance and a rare challenge. Something I think could be added is to give PSI a range limit. Perhaps not for something like a Preator (it's Aura of Dread should accurately hit the entire map) but for any other PSI user. Just let this be slightly longer than sight range, or perhaps even shorter, forcing aliens to close distance before using PSI (mind you (sorry), you can still use PSI through walls). All in all, I never thought PSI was *that* much of a problem in Xenonauts. It was an added challenge, and it was relatively rare.
  3. So...basically the title. I just bought the game for the summer sale. I was a huge fan of the original Xcom, and liked the reboot, but felt it was missing the open endedness that made the original special. I have been playing an ironman game, without problems, for several hours. Now the game hangs on the next turn during hidden movement, every time. It just sits there indefinitely on 14% CPU usage(i7 4.4ghz) I can't even end the process; have to sign out of windows. Is my save totally corrupted? I don't have backups to go back on, due to playing ironman. Is there a fix for this, or have I hit the strategy gamer's worst nightmare? I am worried that if I start a new game, the same thing will happen hours in. AutosaveIM2017-06-26_03.49.34.sav
  4. Many things were planned for XN2, including replacing individual fighter with squadron, and switching the whole geoscape to turn based. The later will obviously affect many aspects of the game, including at least the interception phase of the air combat. If I recall correctly, the original idea is you'll match a squadron to a UFO before you end the globe turn and let it play out. There were some discussions on how to add depth to it, such as putting SAM sites on the globe which let player choice to intercept early with strong squad or intercept later with weaker squad. The actual resolution mechanism, or the mini-game itself, has not been discussed much however, perhaps because there are too many unknowns on the globe side. There is also the possibility that the experiments don't work out and the fund runs dry and Goldhawk decides to fallback to cloning XN1, which I expect to include the air combat. Either way, I expect air combat to be something decided later rather than earlier.
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  6. Make a proper bug report, saying "the same bug" doesnt help me. Save often and regularly - like in all games. It doesnt mean you cant play an voluntary ironmann, just dont load the saves. I presume with the same bug you mean counterattacks from melee aliens freeze the game. As long as you dont load a save melee reactionshots work fine, but we could ask everybody here if they would rather want to see Melee reactionshots or a more stable game - its up to you guys.
  7. Thanks for the recommendation wasn't aware of this fact. I will start a new game when your next release drop, for the moment i have the same bug than juvilado who occur quite often. (Counter attack sometime freeze the game.) So when you play on light ironman (Only one save at the start of each ground mission) it's a little bit frustrating.
  8. Those were 2 different UFOs. Countermeasures are: Dont immidiately engage when UFOs start spawning, wait around 18 hours to make sure that every UFO spawned Never send out your chinook first. Ideally engage the coming UFOs first with fighters, interceptor UFOs will get attracted to them and you will know that they are there If you have a lonely UFO landed and want to raid it send an squadron of fighters to the crashsite first, alien interceptors will get attracted to them and you will know that they are there The rest is just risk management and the difference between an experienced player and someone who still has to learn a lot.
  9. Are there any details about Air combat yet. I've heard that they will expand the feature but haven't heard or seen anything definitive yet. For instance, will it be behave like the minigame in XN1 still or will it expanded to be a turn based combat between the player's squadron versus the alien in a map similar to ground combat? Also, are there any thoughts on implementing recruitable pilots feature for air combat? If player's could recruit, level up, and give perks to pilots, it could potentially create some interesting strategic options. For example, if a player had several planes that where unavailable due to repairs or rearming, a player could add a pilot to the plane to reduce repair/rearm time via skill perk. Or a pilot could provide stat bonus the planes like reduced fuel consumption or a leadership buff. I was really impressed with the air combat feature in XN1 and I'm looking forward to what Goldhawk will do for XN2 so any info would be appreciated.
  10. Please disregard or delete this post as i had the mods in the wrong launch order, hence why it was not working properly
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  12. And of course, just to be exact, I had the three downloaded files on the same folder ( old dog here, knows what he's doing ).
  13. Yeah sorry hard to explain this clearly. so this is what happen: I send a chinook to a landed ufo but before that he was escorted by a fighter who appear who landed with him. Just after finished the mission a fighter just pop out of nowhere on my chinook and shoot him down killing most of my mens. ( escortrampage.sav on my previous post) I don't know if it's the one who were escorting or if i'am just a bad luck brian. Should have just ignored the landed ufo? (killing an escorted ufo at start is near impossible) Thanks!
  14. There is not much to translate yet. What you are writing is very confusing. Escorts of UFOs dont independently shoot down chinooks, if you get attacked the main UFO attacks. Ofcourse you have the option to shoot down the escort before the main UFO lands, just engage in an airfight and shoot the escort down. its currently not possible to increase view with weapons.
  15. Hello -do you need some help for a french translation eventually? -IA of the civils have strange behavior. I don't think it's a good idea to just sit in front of the ufo door. (Save 1) -An ufo interceptor pop just after a i cleaned a landed UFO and systematically kill my precious chinook, look like it was an escort i dunno if it's intended for now i think we can say "GG" after only 2 fights. If it's intended can we have an option to kill "landed" ufo interceptor before sending our chinook ? (Save 2) -Talking about realism, don't know if it's have been proposed before, can we start the game with some binoculars to increase detection range? (Maybe at the cost of an action or you must equip them in secondary slot) Thanks for this mod, just at the start for the moment but look like promising. idiotcivil.sav escortrampage.sav
  16. Could play a single combat. First time with X2 for me that the game crashed. Played with Fantastic Settings at 1200x800 fullscreen. After an annoying combat, see below, opened the door of the UFO. The usual guy stands at the door, hit him with a burst, he turns but nothing else. Killed him with a target shot. Way is free now, see alien behind an UFO structure. Threw grenade, the little click sound comes as if the grenade lands in front of the soldier, the alien hit sound comes, the alien screaches, the throw animation comes, the explosion comes and takes away some UFO walls. Game freezes for a second and is gone. Was amazed that the grenade didn't got stuck on the door frame, but the other result is not better now. Other things: - When switching from soldier to soldier the tree view level is always switched back to 0. I don't know if this was so before, but I would like to have it keep my settings. - In 90% of the cases grenades and launched grenades can't get over cover in front or past rock least this is my feeling of it. This picture represents a couple of things: - Sniper at the bottom right hit the cover in front of him (yellow circle) twice and the soldier with the red circle near the bullet path towards the alien once. - The Launcher next to the sniper at the bottom hit the cover in front of him (yellow circle) twice or thrice. It worked great in reaction fire though. - LMG at left edge had one burts on target, hit the rock in front of him and the soldier (red circle) too, killing the poor chap. Nothing hit the alien. - Three Sebillians at the origin of the blue arrows shot at the two soldiers but luckily hit the bushes in front the most of the time (Ok, the right guy died later). The hit sound of the bushes is the hit sound of rocks and are withstanding. - The cover-problem continued until the UFO door was opened. And here is my log file: recording_5.rec
  17. Excellent!!! Thrice!
  18. A lot of people seem to have problems with the installation - guess what we are working on. Cheers
  19. Gentleman, obviously absolutely in love with it. Been playing your mod since first version, and when I saw 99.4 coming out, I took the plunge. My one and only problem is that part 3 of the three download files, when I try to unrar it ( doubt it is a verb ), it claims part3 is incomplete. Whether true or not, I have not seen the vehicles.xml and the vehicles_gm(?).xml inside X-division folder. So, in resume, did I miss anything installation wise? Should I use a different Unrar software? Playing with Wine on Mac osx . HAve successfully installed and played all previous versions of X-Division. Can you help?
  20. Yeah, an early research project would be OK. That system in in the wiki is actually quite deadly because it uses proximity fused mini-grenades, so you shoot over enemy cover and the grenade detonates above or behind the target. It basically negates anything but a pillbox or covered foxhole as cover. Even buildings aren't safe because it can be set to fire through any window or opening and blowup inside. But you are right about the small size, it wouldn't destroy much cover. However, it would be a great stun gas, mine, or poison gas delivery system and it could still destroy cover fairly quickly because it can fire MANY explosive rounds quickly and that adds up. The rate of fire is important. I'm guessing, but I imagine a direct hit from a 25 mm explosive round would probably blow a two or three foot hole in a brick wall. I imagine some alien upgrades would also up the explosive power of the weapon eventually.
  21. We have revised the armour system, introducing armour classes with very specific features and roles to take on. You will be able to try them out in the next version.
  22. Yes. it is a terror unit. Too excessive ? Thats terror units for you, i think thats a nice touch.
  23. Hmm, yeah, that's potentially not too far off the sort of thing that we want - although a 25mm grenade is getting pretty small. I suppose we could always make it an early-game research project too, that way we can frame it as being a new type of weapon rather than an existing one and explain it on our terms (in which case it could indeed be the Heavy Launcher as Shoes suggests). Yeah, grenade launchers do have flatter arcs than thrown grenades - but you can still fire them over walls to hit units out of direct line of sight. It's just the angle is more limited (albiet with longer range).
  24. Is this an invisible andron? I don't think so... it later transforms into grey box then robodog or so... By the way... WTF? Andron transforms in box and then in robodog? too excesive IMHO
  25. I don't know. I think semi-automatic grenade launcher have always had a lower arc than hand thrown ones. I haven't watched much demo but those I saw are pretty direct shots.
  26. EDIT: Didn't read the thread thoroughly. My bad The download link is just directing me back to the forums page. Is there another place this mod file is being hosted?
  27. I think I found a real life equivalent of roughly what you want: My other thought is you don't have to give it a name that means anything specific. You could just call it the XA40 or some other designation that means nothing specific other than a model number. That way people won't expect it to act in some specific manner. You can simply describe what it does and how to use it. That way YOU set the users' expectations instead of the other way around.
  28. I wonder if calling it the "Heavy Cannon" as an homage to the old Xcom game might be enough. It won't fit in the lore of Xenonauts, but that might draw less ire than a grenade launcher not behaving as the user expects.
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