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  2. Still hapening as of v0.34.2 HF. Tried launching as administrator in case it failed to update a file by permissions, no effect. What worries me is that the mod priority, important enough to generate a dialog, is in fact not being re-ordered at all for the current session, and no idea what the effect would be if this is left in a bad configuration. Note: this is out-the-box. No additional mods, just Community Edition.
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  4. I, after reading all in topic think, that teleportation from any point is... not the best solution, neither from view point of realism and Cold War setting nor from tactic and strategy. Possibility of instant moving strike team must be at least very good explained, and it shouldn`t be raw teleportation, that available all the time. In tactical layer... how will be swap back unction implemented? I may just have heavily injured soldier and just press "swap back" button and (s)he will instantly be moved to silent and friendly medbay of nearest (ranslocator keepeng) base? In strategical... well... I can`t see how jumping between locations may look any fun for me. It`s same boring and annoying thing as turn-based geoscape.
  5. What about relays for the translocator? First when you have good enough relations/infiltration in a region, you can build a relay in that region. As researches progresses, gain access to aircraft-mounted relays and finally, orbital translocator relays.
  6. No travel time would explain why Xeno arrives faster than any local forces - even right in a military camp - and can intercept the aliens before they assassinate that VIP. "It gives us an excuse to add unique mission conditions" - PO "Potentially it could also be used to travel to alien planets" - PO "We can make a translocator much better at transporting biological matter than metal (for) a much tighter limit on equipment loads relative to (body weights)." - Jan 26 The turn based geoscape may not make it through and X-2 may fallback to a realtime globe, and adding dropship complicate things. Translocator works equally well in either system Loot recovery can be done by a clean up team (more chance for the operation division to shine). If we are using translocator this should be pretty minor. Baby wakes up, have to stop here. You think any of the EM Drive theories is holding water? I don't, really. The thrust is true, though. Independently verified by multiple countries, which is pretty good science nowadays when the norm is unverifiable. I guess I wasn't very clear with my last post. When I throw EM grenade that shocks organic units, again and again (and see them give off pretty blue lights!), why should I care that some theory does not hold water? Oh and beware of that ufo reactor, soldiers and pilots. It puts off 9 times as many energy (assuming 100% conversion) as required to lift a UFO and make it fly at fighter speed, in form of deadly radiation. I won't guess why teleportation seem to put you off much more than violation of known physics. We have different scales, and I accept it as a gut reaction and something that should be considered for the system.
  7. I hope pilots, engineers, scientists and other staff get their own perks and stats too. Also, what about a commander customization system for both humans and aliens?
  8. You're wrong. Professional soldiers often shoot without crouching, especially when on the move or in close quarters. "X move should be automatic" - No. NEVER. EVER. Never take control from the player.
  9. There's ways to deal with this - in X1 a skilled player could win several air combats in a row with no damage. Also, the UFO's didn't really fly inteligently on the geoscape and loitered too long, making interceptions easier. So all you have to do is give the alien AI a boost - escorts would peel off an intercept your interceptors, would try to buy time, craft would try to run from you, or towards friendly forces, etc...
  10. I'd say atmosphere is important to gameplay, but whatever. So let's look at it from only the mechanical standpoint - the translocator adds what exactly? No travel time and snap-back. That's it. No travel time is not a positive in my book, at best it is neutral. Snap-back is a strange "mechanic" that you don't need a translocator to have. Frankly, getting back every soldier you sent and all equipment doesn't seem like a great thing mechanically either, as is greatly removes the risk and investment in the equipment. The only other argument I've seen for it is that it explains the Xenonauts small numbers - but that's not an argument about game mechanics, that's lore, and there are other solutions that cover that. I just realized I have been confusing Xenonuts plasma gun lore and UFO:AI plasma gun lore. Just FYI - never been a fan of plasma sniper rilfes, I have always advocated for them to be short-ranged. Also, there are theoretical ways to contain plasma, and we have managed to do that already. Not nearly good enough for functional plasma weapons, but the physics support is there. There is none for teleportation - not even a theoretical framework that can hold water. So just because I'm willing to accept X doesn't mean I'm willing to accept Y. That's like saying " you accept elves in fantasy! Why not accept farting lightning or the magical land of sentient dragon dildos?"
  11. Couldn't this be addressed by having automatic ammo stocks? Your idle engineers would automatically produce ammo (no resource cost?) up until a certain stock that the player can define. Or perhaps having a specialized ammo fabricator facility that produces all ammo types at a steady rate? Either way, if you set up 100 AP rifle magazines, 50 energy cells Mk1 and 20 energy cells Mk2 at the start of the game, all you have to do is check your stock every now and then and leave an engineer or two idle.
  12. I guess you COULD end up with some approximation, but it will require a lot of programing, testing and duct-tape solutions - and it still won't reach the same level of control and reactivity. the problem is that trying to make a TB system that will have all that is a huge waste of resources and time better spent elsewhere. TB can work in a lot of places, but here is seems a very sub-optimal choice.
  13. Version 0.9 This version should fix the predator spirit, and comes with a good selection of 40mm grenades. Due to system limitation, the grenade launcher will be armed with rocket by default, and can be armed with rockets in base. Fortunately, the soldiers are smart enough to replace any wrong loadouts with normal 40mm grenades, so it won't break the game. And after missing the pump from a pump action gun (I didn't know what pump action mean! Now I know.), the next mistake seems to be that the 40mm grenades are all grenade and no cartridge. In the past few days I have been wondering why 40x53mm looks so long and slim, unlike the name. I guess I won't redraw them now, just use some imagination. The original plan of 40mm flare and flashbang has to be bagged, again because of system limitation. For flashbang, suppression seems to be weapon dependent, not ammo. For flare, it simply doesn't work and I'll try to file an issue. During some light test, I find that the 3x3 area is a bit low and cannot reliably destroy cover at mid range. So I slightly increased the radius and accuracy. Reload cost is also slightly decreased since I didn't take into account the belt / backpack cost. Switching ammo is still a pain, and I don't think I want to reduce the reload cost to zero, so it does not turn out to be as versatile as I hoped. But it is still a fun weapon. Let's see how imba (or useless) the instant grenade turns out to be.
  14. I know some people could take or leave the Cold War setting of Xenonauts, but for me it's a major draw. It emphasizes some of the themes of the original X-COM, namely the technological disparity between the humans and the invaders, and the distrust among world governments. To really take advantage of the setting though, I do think the Geoscape needs to get political and introduce a new theme: the possibility of humans wiping each other out before the aliens get a chance. The idea of the player's organization being a bit shady is also a great addition, and opens the door for another great theme: moral greyness. In general I'm also in favor of a meaty opening game wherein you're limited mainly to human tech but might be able to see some progression within those constraints (for example, upgrading to a better traditional ballistic assault rifle before moving on to the first one that incorporates alien tech). The fact that some people have seemed to interpret the "Shadow War" as a distinct stage from the rest of the game is conducive to that. I'm imagining the term "Xenonauts" referring not to the overall organization but just the player's Military branch, with the Operations branch being just as powerful (an overall name for the whole group that's intentionally generic like "The Organization," or something vague while slightly menacing a la Mass Effect's "Cerberus Network" might work well). The Operations head may refer to herself as a "diplomat" but they're actually up to a lot more over there, much of it shadier--in the vein of the Men in Black or the like. You mentioned assassinating leaders, and while I think the implication was those leaders that had been compromised by the aliens, why not also leaders you know are human but are stubbornly getting in the way of saving the planet? What about installing your own agents in world governments that are stubbornly refusing to understand the threat humanity is facing? The tactics might be a little too reminiscent of those the aliens are using, but if it's in defense of the planet it's justified ...right? And how did this effective, globe-spanning organization rise up so quickly to deal with the invaders? While the organization is currently occupied with repelling the alien menace, there might be gentle hints dropped throughout the game that suggest it existed well before we met ET, and perhaps with some less noble objectives. Maybe you get access to more of their style of "diplomacy" by upgrading/expanding Operations facilities in the base. So you're a small but powerful, secretive and sorta shady organization trying to convince Cold War governments that the biggest threat to humanity isn't Communism, Capitalism, or global thermonuclear war, but invaders from another world. You need as much support as possible of course, but if it's going to be set during the Cold War then the real emphasis needs to be USA vs. USSR, NATO vs. Warsaw Pact. Getting the support of one of the superpowers would be very difficult, but once you have it it might be easier to convince non-aligned regions (and even more convincing if you can get the superpowers to come together for the cause). But if you have the support of only one of the superpowers, particularly in the early stages when the alien threat isn't abundantly clear, might not the other superpower see your claims as some sort of enemy plot to distract them? Or maybe in order to convince one superpower to support you you had to give up some advanced alien tech that you'd captured... what if they decide that sure, they'll help with the aliens, but first they're gonna use these neat new toys to wipe out their ideological rival real quick? (Sacrificing your captured tech in that way could also tie into the interesting concept of rival anti-alien forces mentioned by another poster, but to me that seems like the territory of an expansion rather than the base game.) A World War III fail-state in addition the Successful Invasion would be a perfect use of Xenonauts' Cold War setting. I'd also like to see a mix of NATO vs. Pact small arms, like the mix we see with aircraft in the first game. It would add to the "world coming together" theme, would let players mix-and-match variants of the weapon types that suit their playstyle (Does my machine gunner use an M240 or an RPK? Is my standard sidearm the Beretta or the Makarov?), and it could play into the politics of the Geoscape. For example: you spend money to buy new assault rifles from the USSR, which increases your influence with them, in turn making future weapon purchases from them cheaper. But if you make too much use of that and end up with your squads entirely kitted up with Kalashnikovs then the USA might start seeing your organization as an arm of the Soviet military and thus be less likely to support you. Similarly, only protecting the airspace of the superpower you're already on good terms with could make it seem like the whole "alien invasion" is actually just an elaborate ruse to disguise hot conflict within the Cold War. It would all be a balancing act. I think the player should be able to choose which set of small arms they start with, which would include a starting bias toward one of the superpowers. There could be a third set of weapons available at start (either as an option or mandatory) which would consist of weapons not found in the arsenals available from the superpowers (outdated or knock-off weapons). That would allow the player to start off without the bias toward one superpower, and since it could add another layer of weapon progression to the early game I'd personally be in favor of it being mandatory. Those are a few ideas but I'm sure there are lots of other interesting possibilities. Even if you don't go with my particular suggestions I still very much hope you go in a similar direction with tone, themes, and mechanics. I'll be playing it anyway, but it'd be great to see Xenonauts-2 fully capitalize on the Cold War setting.
  15. That makes some sense. Thank you for the help.
  16. Realtime with pause is not a form of turn based. It gives you time to think, like turn based, but this is where the similarity ends. Not saying TB is bad by itself. e.g. Micromanaged is common in either system, with different foci. But switching side is a big and rare change - see Apocalypse, Interceptor, and Enforcer. Are they good game? Not bad on their own, if you ask me, but fans hate them and they failed to attract new fans. (Interceptor is noteworthy because it keeps all the "essential elements" of X-COM - build base, research loot, make guns, p0wn enemy, get fund, repeat - at a time when space fighter sim is the trend, but fans still left en masse.) @Dranak Yes, I considered (and wrote down) that as an option. A single R&D queue with no team penalty seems to fit the streamline idea better as explained.
  17. It seems like a novel solution to the problem, but will it be fun to players to have to manage their ammo supply? I see the value in having to choose "Is this mission worth using my best weapons on?" from a design point, but I'm not certain if it will be fun or not. At a minimum, I would suggest having unlocking them provide a moderate amount of ammo supply, so you can start using them right away and then choose whether or not to invest into more.
  18. Yes electric discharge can stun or even kill people. No EMP blast is not electric discharge. Even the massive EMP from a nuclear blast will not stun you (the blast wave and the radiation may) the way a taser, socket, or lightning does. Yes graviton if exist should carry some kind of very very very weak forces - the weakest of all four forces and not by a few order of magnitude. No it is a force carrier not a force manipulator/container. No we don't use gravity (graviton) to contain hot plasma. And no graviton won't shield the plasma from the atmosphere. "Plasma is short-range stuff" indeed. Imagine repeating these chain of thoughts (simplified) on every three sentences (by my gut feeling) of each article in the xenopedia. Yes there is a scale. Your scale and mine seem to be based on considerably different resolutions of the fundamental law of physics. Which I accept. I think your reaction on the translocator is valuable, as it is my opinion that yours reflects the gut feelings of the average players much more accurately, and their money is worth a lot more than my individual money. Just explaining, by invitation, my scale and why I settled to binary in this regards.
  19. Or if it's a "shadow war" scenario, the aliens could simply choose to not do terror attacks.
  20. I believe Chris has said the current plan is to make the air combat turn based as well, and less about micromanaging individual planes and more high level guidance. Obviously that will require playtesting to see how/if it works. @Sheepy Newer civ titles just let the overflow add to your next project, if needed they could probably adopt a similar system here.
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  22. Hi Chris, First, I love the way X2 is developing. Second, I have a request to cater for Australian Cold Warriors (i'm 65). Back in the 1960's an Australian children's author named Ivan Southall created an Australian version of Biggles, called Simon Black. Simon was a WW2 era airman who, after the war, developed a rocket-powered aircraft called Firefly. The aeroplane had rotary blades in the wings powered by electric motors so could take off and land vertically, the main rocket engines were of a secret type, and the whole aircraft was produced by an Australian Govt secret facility and the only country which could field them was Australia, by the RAAF.

    I would love it if, should the player set up a base in Australia, the Firefly is made available as a special aircraft. Maybe with marginally better capacity than the "standard" fighter in the game?

    Actually, as I write this I am thinking Why Not have country specific fighters for the UK, USA, and Russia? eg setting up a base in the UK give you the Electric Lightning, in the USA, maybe the Starfighter, and of course a MiG for the USSR? Each country could have slight differences between the aeroplanes (not too much so as not to bugger up play balance) but maybe enough to male a player prefer one country to another to get better tactics?

    If you like the idea and want some artwork for a Firefly, let me know. BTW, Ivan Southall's relatives live near me, I dont think there would be any problem getting their permission if it was still needed after all this time.

  23. Personally, I dont like the idea of a translocator. It just doesn't fit in with my conception of the game's Cold War era. Kim in Australia
  24. I had to retreat. I lost half my team in that mission and the others were badly wounded.
  25. I have also had the experience, also in some very early versions of the game. There was a time when terror missions were basically Chinook defense missions because every alien would just rush towards it. Note you still have your 8 guys in that picture though! In the original X-Com, there'd be four bodies lying around...
  26. Yes. I experienced that in Xenonauts. Not nice. Androns and discs everywhere. Me constantly retreating direct from the start. Total desaster, "Judgement Day" like.
  27. Sorry all, chasing rabbits here. I'm used to stock where these yellow events generate an actual research opportunity, while in CE it can just be a "Know your Enemy" entry without any effort. Thanks for all the responses though, lovely to see such an attentive forum :)
  28. LOL I have an old 50 Hz CRT monitor from my Amiga here, do you also support that? It will not take that much broad space on your desks, more rectangular though. It comes with SCART interface. just kidding, couldn't refrain me her...
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